Monday, November 9, 2015

‘Mysterious Light in Sky’ Spotted Over California | "UFO" Was Most-likely A Missile Test

A UFO was spotted in California on the evening of November 7th 2015. To be clear, anyone that sees an object flying in the sky, that they cannot readily identify, is seeing a "UFO". The term simply means unidentified flying object. 

This object strongly resembles many other UFOs captured by enthusiasts, usually ascribed to extraterrestrial craft. But in this case, the object captured is most-likely is terrestrial. The media was quick to report that a missile test was taking place and the FAA also diverted flights from the area in question, although they did not clearly state why. 

We offered an analysis of a similar event in Russia from earlier this year. Many of the analytical points raised for that sitting directly apply to the California object. See the below-linked article for the analysis

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While I would like nothing more to suggest that this object was a genuine extraterrestrial craft, I cannot ignore the evidence at hand. This is a great example of how an unbiased line of research usually leads to a conclusion that is the most accurate. But if we seek only to confirm what we want to believe, we fool ourselves in the process. 

The truth, sought after with a whole heart, is the core ideal we can strive for to empower ourselves with accurate knowledge, and at the same time we avoid the consciousness blocking effects of false belief.

- Justin

Source - Ancient Code

This is not the first time people around the United States grabbed their cameras and rushed outside to capture the incredible phenomenon on video. The mysterious bright light appeared in the sky above California and caused panic among citizens who were unable to understand what the mysterious and odd light in the sky was. A recreation of the movie “Independence day” and ET knocking on our door? Not likely according to official reports.

According to statements from the Orange County sheriff, the mysterious light thousands of people saw travelling across the Californian sky was in face a naval test fire made from the Californian coastline. According to Aviation officials, reports were issued regarding possible US military activity.

Online, you can find numerous videos from people in California that managed to catch the phenomenon on video where you can see a bright flare rising high, moments before a wide and bright blue cone-shaped flash emerges. Dozens of videos follow the object as it moves through the sky.

Interestingly, the FAA (m Federal Aviation Administration) issued a statements where night-time flights arriving and leaving LAX (Los Angeles International) would avoid flying over the Pacific Ocean west of the airport.

While the FAA left out the actual reason that caused them to implement the flight change, they did indicate that military activity would take place in the area for two days.

While Ufologists around the world are speculating and cooking up dozens of ‘otherworldly’ theories, media in California has ‘confirmed’ that the mysterious slight actually originated from an unarmed trident missile which was fired from the USS Kentucky NAVY submarine.

During the night of the sightings, hundreds of people from California called the Police to report a “UFO” sighting. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the police were inundated with calls from people reporting flares, missiles, nuclear bombs, and comets in the sky.

A similar sighting occurred not long ago over the skies of Florida when people saw a nearly identical UFO light up the skies.

Ufologists firmly believe that we are not looking at a military missile in the video. According to them, the mysterious sighting over California and Florida is “Alien” technology being tested, while others believe these could very well be portals appearing all over the world.

So far the official explanation is that we are looking at a military exercise that has been interpreted completely wrong by most individuals who rushed towards social networks claiming to have seen the ultimate UFO over California.


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