Monday, November 23, 2015

Mini Update Coming, Part 2 Still Being Worked On, Negotiations for Disclosure Ongoing | Corey GoodETxSG

This is a short set of Facebook updates from Corey recently. Apparently he's still adjusting from his recent move to a more secure location. In addition, he had a death in the family on top of ongoing SSP Alliance activities no doubt. 

I received several inquiries as to why Goode has not posted his part 2 update. Some have even suggested that he got a full-time job, and as such has abandoned his effort to update the people on disclosure. I cannot confirm any of these speculations, but based on what he shares below, it appears he's just had life complications like any other person

Corey did mention that he intends on releasing a mini update shortly. Apparently the Paris attacks several weeks ago caused a flurry of activity behind the scenes that may play some part in his upcoming report.

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with other text in black

If you do not already have a Gaia TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (November 16th 2:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

Beyond Belief – Shadows of the Cabal (transcript)

George: I hope you had the chance to see my first program with Corey Goode, a whistleblower spent 20 years n Secret Space Program. If you haven’t seen it, right after this one go back and look for it in our "Beyond Belief" files. You won’t believe it!

Corey, welcome back! Good to have you again.

Corey : Thank you.

George:You know, you startled me in our first program, because it is scary to think that there’s truly a government program out there that would capture our kids at age of six, and start training and manipulating them. Who came up with this idea? Did you ever find out?

Corey : I have no idea, the genesis of how that got started

George: Brilliant, I guess.

Corey : Yeah, it is, yes.

Noory: How many people do you think, are involved in the program now?

Corey : I would have to completely speculate.

George: A thousand?

Corey : Many thousands. And I don’t know how pervasive it is at this point. I just know that this is how they get the majority of people in their deep Black Ops Programs down here, and their operatives inside these secret Earth Government syndicates, and in the Secret Space Program.

George: Is this a Worldwide situation?

Corey : Yes.

George: The Secret Governments all over the place?

Corey : Yes.

George: So, you’ve got on one faction, this Cabal, the one-world government people, the Illuminatis type, that have been running a Secret Space Program for a number of years. And then you’ve got a group of people like you that have basically said: Enough is enough. I’m getting the word out. What finally drove you to that decision?

Corey : In 2011, after I had seen many whistleblower recording videos, and from seeing them and listening to them, I knew what they did in the programs. And I knew what they knew. And each time, I saw them walk right up to the very edge of the big stuff, and then lift the leg up, turn around about face, and walk the opposite direction.

George: Were they afraid? Scared?

Corey : Under orders. Afraid. They maybe were brave till they got to a certain point, and then received a threat to someone they love. Any number of things could have happened. I was getting frustrated because there was a lot of information that I knew these people could be getting. I started on an internet forum. I opened up the username GoodETxSG, which everyone knows is the pseudonym I went by at first. And I slowly start filling out the situation, would release tiny little bits of information here and there, and they finally started releasing more, and more, and more, to where it started getting the attention of a lot of people.

George: Well planned out.

Corey : Yeah. And then finally, I was approached by a member of the Secret Space Program Alliance, who goes by the pseudonym of Gonzales, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales. Not his real name. And he said I was requested by name to start releasing certain information to the public as a representative. And that I would be afforded a certain amount of protection as long as, I guess, laws of karma kind of thing. I don’t cheat on my wife. I don’t beat my kids. I don’t tell lies. I don’t do this kind of stuff to invite things.

George: Negative energy and stuff like that.

Corey : Negative energy onto myself. And that’s been difficult because the haters come at you, and you want to fight back. And anytime I’ve done that, I’ve opened myself up.

[I had the chance to watch the two episodes Corey did with Geore Noory on, what is now, Gaia TV. They are a good overview of his history and work for those unfamiliar with the shear volume of information he's been putting out over the past year and a half.]

Facebook Update (November 19th 7:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

[I offered some commentary on the importance of critical analysis and objectification on this article. The first section of the below text are my comments in green.]

The ability to receive information and discern whether if it is true is an invaluable skill in the age of deception we now find ourselves in. Insights or gut feelings can point us in one direction or another, but only an objective investigation has the power to produce a high-resolution determination of validity. 

If intuition and emotion are broad strokes, then analysis and contemplation are the razors edge of a fine point pen, both of which combine to form an image within the mind. 

The artist must gain a clear picture of the thing they are rendering within their mind, before attempting to reproduce it in some material form. Similarly, if our task is to validate an idea, premise or notion, it too must be clear observed. How can we hope to judge a thing on it's merits if we have not gained a complete picture of what it is. 

Although the term objectification has now become synonymous with intolerance and bigotry, it was once used to indicate a metaphysical process of data distillation. We can think of this as a type of mental alchemy, wherein, a prima materia of a suggested idea or belief is put through a process of purification.

In this case, the writer is analyzing the work of secret space program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode, who claims to be in contact with highly advanced beings, as well has spending over 20 years as an Intuitive Empath. Goode's claims are extraordinary, and as the old saying goes, extraordinary evidence is required.

Related Articles on Corey Goode's Work

But in Goodes case we have no such evidence, and as a result, many have chosen the seemingly easier path of dismissing everything he claims without investigation. But can we simply abandon claims that are not easy to validate? I think not. There were many extraordinary claims verbalized by individuals throughout history, and in many cases it took hundreds of years to validate what was being said. Therefore to assert that any claim which cannot be validated immediately must be untrue, is decidedly illogical and not a valid process of determining veracity. 

Herein lies the work we each have set before ourselves, to perform our due diligence as stated truth seekers and reach beyond what feels comfortable by entertaining ideas when evidence is scarce. 

The following is an excellent example of how one can use objective processes to make a prediction or conclusion about a notions plausibility. The key behind this is to honestly place all available evidence on the table and then draw a conclusion. The more evidence which is held in mind, the more likely a conclusion is to be accurate, but always must we remain objective, meaning, we must never mistake our conclusion to be absolute. Absolute conclusions require absolute knowledge or omniscience, and since our knowledge is ever increasing by way of experience, so does the accuracy with which these conclusions are drawn. The more we know, the better we become at discernment.

The skills demonstrated below can be used for all ideas, beliefs, and claims, which if applied personally in one's life, produces an internal stability and sureness of being that can never be taken away once cultivated. This is what I like to call intrinsic knowledge, which empowers consciousness to see the truth and not just believe it or accept it blindly. 

- Justin

Source - UFO Digest 

Corey Goode - About


By Ryan Jones

(Copyright 2015, Ryan Jones - All Rights Reserved)
Corey Goode has shaken the Ufology community by making claims as a purported former Secret Space Program (SSP) operative.
When assessing a new source of information, especially when firm background information on the source is unavailable as in Mr. Goode’s case, the first order of business is a correlation analysis.
Corey Goode’s primary contact, David Wilcox, has done a good job of pointing out areas where Goode’s testimony is “in sync” with his other insider sources. But because those sources (of necessity) must remain unidentified, objective researchers must do their own correlation analysis based on whatever information is available.  In this case, the correlation base will be entirely open source video.  Even with that restriction, the results were more impressive than anticipated.
If the reader hasn’t seen or heard Corey Goode speak, below is a 45-minute interview summarizing his testimony.  When hearing the source’s own voice and reading the subtle clues of body language, every person has their own built-in “lie detector” that we use to protect ourselves from used car salesmen, politicians, and the occasional government disinformation agent.  After watching Mr. Goode’s testimony, if he is a disinformation agent (which unfortunately must be retained as a possibility), he is certainly convincing.

Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance FYI, I will be posting another mini update shortly to give some info on developing information. 

I gave David Wilcock a briefing a week ago and another short one again today while working through the stuff I have going on. 

On top of all the other mess we had a very unexpected death of my wives step brother. It has literally been a major cascade of negative greetings and normal life that has all popped up at once. In addition there is quite a lot going on with the Earth Alliance, factions within the SSP Alliance and the competing agendas of other groups who are negotiating and planning our futures out for us with out our input. More on that later from my mini-update that will be released before the Part 2 article that will actually be quite long and just be the conclusion with no waiting around for part 3 etc... 

Things have been rough but we are alive. I don't know how to thank those who have donated energy and money to help us deal with this move and multiple security issues. We were very moved and shocked to see 2/3rds of the total costs covered by all of you who were feeling generous and STO. I will go into more of the security issues once we are moved and settled and I have finished all of my updates and have finally started to work with artists. I have two that I am pretty much setup to work with. 

I had a couple of hundred other artists and non-artists email me with "Paid Gaiam Project" in the subject line. This has caused some confusion because many of them have nothing to do with the art project. I have a couple other people that sent me emails, I looked at their work and will be contacting them and sending their info to Gaiam soon so they can sign contracts and get setup for payment arrangements. 

David Wilcock is still working on his new article. He was about done with it when the Terrorist attacks occurred and subsequent flow of intel began to come from all of our sources. I believe he is working in the new information into his article now. 

There is so much going on in the background with all of these groups we have discussed and in some cases disclosed that to say this is a fluid or dynamic environment would be putting it mildly. More to come, thank you for all of the emails and support. 


Comment by David Wilcock:

The news is very, very Goode. That is the important part. The Cabal move to attack Paris has caused me to write a much more in-depth investigation.

Further commentary by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Things may not be playing out exactly how many wanted but there is some significant movement. Most of it is indeed very Good. Some of it is a bit troubling from the perspective of the SSP Alliance and some "Ground Crew" or Earth Alliance groups. The negotiations may lead to a type of initial disclosure as just one thing that is being negotiated in the background. Though I agree with DW that once they open that box just a crack the entire box will blow wide open. Too many people now know the extent of what would be a full disclosure event that the alternatives that have been apart of the negotiations between the various Alliance groups and the syndicate groups that are either looking to make a deal or are looking to fight to the last minute and are using WWIII scenarios to hold various regions and certain layers/levels of groups hostage to the process. This has some very excited about an imminent disclosure while others (Mostly in the SSP Alliance/Some Earth Alliance Groups) see this as a "potential" for some sort of disclosure in the not distant future if the Dominos all fall in the correct direction. 

TY for the input DW... Look forward to your in depth article. 


Facebook Update (November 20th 9:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance There is reason to remain positive and take the time to stop and revisit how far you have come.
Interesting video below. Some may identify with the content more than others.




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