Monday, November 16, 2015

David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford Update - November 16th 2015: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government

For those who are interested, David Wilcock left some brief comments on the latest Fulford update regarding the Paris attacks. To read that update, see the below linked article. 

Related Benjamin Fulford - November 16th 2015: Paris psy-ops is part of ongoing moves towards world government

Here is a comment I left on Fulford's report:
I did a quick search for aftermath photos of the shooting. There are a few to be seen, but nothing is very clear. Ben’s point about there being very little amateur footage is valid though. It seems implausible that not a single person squeezed a tweet or Instagram photo off, that seems unlikely, but this is pure speculation on my part. 
Here’s the article I found on Daily Mail with aftermath shots.

Source - Benjamin Fulford

[David's first comment is a response to the following.]

Comment by philalethes on November 17, 2015 @ 1:02 am

What happened to D. Wilcock’s new article he promised last week? did the Blue Avians lay an egg?

Comment by dwilcock on November 17, 2015 @ 1:05 am

Now Phil, be nice. I didn’t realize when I was working on my article that all this other stuff was going to happen. We are in a super-critical moment here.

Ben’s data is very intriguing and useful. The only “swing and miss” I see in this is that France’s government was not responsible for these attacks, and the martial law was self-preservation against the real villain, which he goes on to identify later on.

I am feverishly working to put all of this together while also being at my Gaiam job in Boulder and doing more episodes of Wisdom Teachings, where I am exposing how all of this Cabal vs. Alliance battle is working.


Comment by dwilcock on November 17, 2015 @ 1:15 am

Sometimes WHEN you write is as important as WHAT you write.

This is not just “ordinary” stuff. The battle is reaching its decisive moment.

The Paris attacks are part of a tapestry that got much more intense ever since the Russian airliner was shot down.

So chill out!


Comment by dwilcock on November 17, 2015 @ 2:09 am

No one has ever told me what to do. Never once has anything I have said on any show been censored or deleted. The only restrictions are no gratuitous sex or violence…. so I am not going to show images of porn or dismembered bodies.

Of course the Powers That Were grabbed some shares of Gaiam as soon as it was publicly traded… that’s what they do. 2.84% of Vanguard does not constitute control. They knew their adversary was making shows on this network and they almost certainly did this deliberately so people could “expose” me. “OH MY GOD, LOOOOOK!”

If my own dreams and research contradicts what any insider tells me, I go with my conscience rather than blindly parroting intel. Some of the dreams I have had are very amazing, including two missile dreams before the “test” over Southern California.

Regarding breaking it up into sections, you may have a point there… but then again it is very important to keep the story intact since the narrative is so complex and different from what most people think they know.


[This article will be updated if more commentary of interest is released.]



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