Friday, November 27, 2015

Corey's Finally In His New Home, David Wilcock Site Experienced a DDoS Attack | Corey GoodETxSG

A very short update from Corey a few days ago is listed below. He is apparently at his new home and plans to have working internet up soon. 

I've received all manner of questions and theories as to why Corey hasn't been active lately. Some of them even went as far as to say he's given up on any effort to post new information. I think in light of the fact he has been dealing with a major move and a death in the family, this explains his absence of late. 

Hopefully, once he gains some stability the much awaited part 2 of his report will be released.

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with other text in black

If you do not already have a Gaia TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (November 25th 2:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance I just finished reading David's new article. It is worth the time to read the full article. We spent our first night in our new home finally last night. This will take a major amount of stress off of me. I will have home Internet installed early next week. Thank you for the condolences on the passing of a family member in the last week as well as the prayers and donations. This was certainly a rough patch that we had to face and navigate through. Other than a few post replies with micro-updates in the couple of posts below I have been pretty much dark for weeks. It has sidelined me long enough though and I should be fully back up and focused on all of the work we have to do 100%... with so much is going on right now with the various Earth and SSP Alliances as well as their "Opposition" know as "TPTB", I cannot think of a more important time to get things taken care of that are distractions and focus on these major issues that are playing out both in the background and infront of our eyes.



The downing of a Russian airliner, the "heart attack" of the founder of Russia Today in DC, the stunning UFO-like missile test over LA, the Paris shootings and the Turkish attack on a Russian warplane may all be signs that the war for Disclosure is reaching its climax.
At least six different insider sources are telling us the Alliance has reached a huge decision: They have finally agreed to move forward with Disclosure.
Disclosure involves a tremendous release of classified information that will utterly change everything we thought we knew about the world today.
This may include some sort of official announcement, in the not-too-distant future, that non-terrestrial intelligent civilizations are visiting Earth.
A short-term initiative is already being implemented now -- while the longer-term initiatives of how much to tell us, and when, are still being negotiated.
All five of these highly unusual and violent events occurred AFTER the majority of our insiders leaked this new intel to us... independently of each other.

Only the Old World Order "Cabal" group is now opposed to Disclosure. And, as usual, they are using terrorism to try to stop it -- against Russia and France.
These attacks may be intended to bully Alliance countries and create fear, so they will hopefully rethink their decision to release the big secret.
Regardless of the secret and deadly war now being fought, the weeks and months ahead could finally produce some very exciting changes.
So many things are happening all at once that we feel it is important to summarize what we know in one single investigation.
[PLEASE NOTE: You may post excerpts of this article on your website or social media, but please link your readers back to this original as updates may occur.]
[UPDATE: Three hours after publication, we got hit with a tremendous surge that crashed this site for about seven hours. The server told us it looked like a DDoS hack attack.]

[David's article has a lot of great information for the adept and the novice alike. For example, he demonstrates how HSBC was found culpable for allowing money laundering to take place that ultimately funded ISIS. Apparently part 2 of this article is where he indends on covering the extraterrestrial disclosure narrative.] 

Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance FYI/About being down... I just spoke w/DW and he is working on getting the site up. Possible Denial of Service attack but not confirmed. There is a huge amount of traffic hitting his site. He will make an update about it once he gets everything worked out with his web host. 


[And as many of you know, David's site appears to have been hacked. Here is what David reported.]

Three hours after posting the article, we had already reached nearly 15,000 views and 1800 Facebook Likes:

It was right at this point the site suddenly died. Everyone who came got an error saying the MySQL database was down.
Our webmaster got a letter from our host that included the following text. Details have been omitted so it doesn't make it any easier for future attackers.

As a valued customer at ___, we wanted to alert you that ___ Shield has detected a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your system and that our anti-­DDoS protocols have been initiated.
As you may know, ___ Shield is a premium service using the latest in technology from ___ and ___.
Because you are a valuable customer, we are mitigating this attack using ___ Shield free of charge as a one-­time courtesy.
At this time, the attack is fully mitigated and your server is online and fully functional.
We understand how important your business is to you and, as such, we have notified your account managers to assist you in adding Shield to your account at a discounted rate to ensure you're fully protected in the future.

Our site was NOT online when we got this letter. It immediately went down again. The Shield did not work. So we are not going to pay to use it.
It took seven hours, a significant hardware upgrade to a RAID array of SSDs and paying more monthly fees to get this site up and running again.
Yes, the article was popular, but this appears to have been a combination of high traffic and a Directed Denial of Service or DDoS attack.
And, uh... Happy Turkey Day?
Maybe I've gotta work on that one. Let's just give thanks!

[David's site appears to be back up and running without issue. It was refreshing to see the awakening community rally to get the data out despite a possible attempt to suppress it. I think this goes to show us that the divided awakening masses can work together once a goal of mutual import has been recognized.]

Facebook Update (November 25th 7:00pm):

Unsealed Alien Files 1952 wave
Posted by 1 Million people who believe in Aliens & UFOs on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Facebook Update (November 25th 7:30pm):

Unsealed Alien Files The space force
Posted by 1 Million people who believe in Aliens & UFOs on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


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