Sunday, November 8, 2015

Corey Goode: Negotiations for Disclosure, China Canceling Debt, SSP Alliance Pushing for Full Disclosure, David Wilcock's Comment

Corey hasn't been as active lately, due to the fact that he has had to relocate his family for security purposes. 

This was a huge burden for him to bear on top of all the other responsibilities he's taken on. As such, I'm going to post updates as they come out, until such time as a normal flow returns.

Here is one Corey shared from November 3rd along with a comment from David Wilcock. 

It appears that there is a push by some of the Earth Based alliance to have their "100 years of power." They want a partial disclosure because they feel full disclosure would be too much for the people to handle.

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with other text in black

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

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Facebook Update (November 3rd 2015):

Sphere Being Alliance China is Canceling the Debt of the World’s Most Impoverished Nations 

- In the thread below the topic of China came up and how it ties into the Earth Alliance and recent moves and negotiations on a partial disclosure as well as their taking over a new financial system for 100 years. They call the 100 years a transitional period and think a full data dump would be irresponsible and dangerous... MANY in the Earth Alliance believe a One World Govt. is inevitable and just has to be done ethically/correctly by the "Right People/Groups"... 

There is quite a lot of negotiating going on behind the scenes right now and much of it has to do directly with some signs we will be seeing in the financial sector very soon... signs like this maybe? This a slightly different version of the debt/slave "Babylonian Money Magic System" that we are currently living under. The partial disclosure will depend on what is finally negotiated and agreed upon in these secret meetings going on RIGHT NOW! Where is our seat at the table? When are we going to be asked for our consent? 

Many will be happy with the erasure of old debts, some free money and to hear that there is advanced technology available to them as well as proof of Aliens... The rest of us who KNOW what else there is to disclose will not stand for this, which will force the new global govt/financial system to come down on us... This is speculation but we in the SSP Alliance and some of the Earth Alliance groups that are hearing about these backroom deals are very unhappy. We are told the ball is in our court but how do we play this game when we have no players on the field? Some think any disclosure is a step in the right direction and that like pandora's box once they crack it open all will come out anyway... 

We have quite a lot of meditation and prayer for a positive outcome in these negotiations right now... Our joint co-creative consciousness is all we have to battle back right now. The opposition has managed to fragment the esoteric community with infighting so well that we first need to begin healing fractures and work together and stop being naive and letting them manipulate us as they have since the 1940s when Ufology was born and immediately infiltrated and controlled (using their favorite tool opposing belief systems/UFO Religions). 

I have so much to document and catch everyone up one over the next few days while I am also dealing with the new home thing. Making time to document or spend time giving DW updates has been almost impossible... seems like all of these things have been occurring by design.



[In my view a full disclosure scenario is the only way we can truly begin to move forward as a people, anything less will just create another false paradigm that would later need to be reconciled. The same is true for a new financial system. Even if it's 100 times better then what we have now, if it's still based on secrecy, debt and interest it will similarly be only a token gesture. 

Humanity needs the whole truth available to us so we can manage life with complete knowledge. This will of course come with risk as we lack key knowledge and understanding right now, but true freedom always comes with the possibility of error. And it is in experience itself, where consciousness explores right and wrong, as a result of encountering missteps, that learning and evolution takes place.]

China is Canceling the Debt of the World’s Most Impoverished Nations 

This sounds like encouraging news on the part of China. Perhaps there is nothing nefarious going on; however this is the same nation that has been committing human rights violations as a matter of public policy for decades, not to mention systemic environmental pollution.

What impact this could have on the global economy is unclear, but this seems to be part of a grander economic plan developed in the past. 

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- Justin

Source - The Higher Learning
Since the 1990s, a major part of Chinese foreign policy has been to invest in developing countries around the world.

Comment by David Wilcock:

LOL... Corey is telling the truth. Though I have other sources, I do not know anything more about all the intel he has gotten than the rest of us do from reading this page. He mentioned "the new home thing" and that is indeed a major part of why his life has been total hell. Now is a time to help him if you can. I gave him a generous donation recently because of this situation and my desire to see the information flow freely. So hang in there, buddy, everybody is rooting for you!

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