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COBRA | Update and Interview Transcript for November: Disclosure Maybe Before the Event, Ascension vs Enlightenment, and more

Here is the COBRA interview with Rob Potter for the month of November.

There were several points in this interview I found compelling. COBRA's description of enlightenment is similar to hermetic philosophy and the mystery schools of old:

COBRA - Enlightenment is simply an experience of realizing who you really are. It’s a re-connection with your own true self and enlightenment does not mean that you’re completely free from all personality, that you’re free from all of your emotions and thoughts and beliefs systems. It simply means that on a deeper level you know who you are.
If light symbolizes awareness and wisdom, then enlightenment would be the state of profound self-awareness leading towards self-mastery, acting wisely and in harmony with truth, more so than acting without knowledge to create chaos. 

COBRA also mentions that there is a plan for disclosure  before the Event, currently being discussed by the Resistance Movement. In the past, COBRA has said disclosure would happen after the Event. Possibly this push for disclosure before hand is an attempt to prepare the unawakened to receive more of the whole truth. In my view, this is a sound approach, as disclosure done in the right way, could provide a holistic conceptual foundation for many of the difficult topics to nest into. 

Receiving too much truth without grounding it into a holistic body of understanding can cause trauma because the mind has not created a proper foundation for meaning yet, as such the meanings produced can be wild and disturbing, But, the more holistic and all-inclusive pre-existing knowledge is, the easier it is to receive, process and understand new information. For example, to one without spiritual knowledge, the world seems like a random and chaotic place, but who has developed even a basic spiritual perception, seemingly random events are perceived as having a purpose. 

One last point I'll mention is the issue of China pushing for their 100 years of power and a delay in full disclosure, as revealed by Corey Goode. COBRA says that alliance does not agree with this stance, and is seeking a full disclosure scenario, echoing Goode's statements regarding the SSP Alliance. 

Thank you Rob and his team for putting this together. 
- Justin

Source - The Promise Revealed

2015 November 12 ~ Cobra Resistance Interview

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Christmas Season Specials
Nov 2015, Rob & Cobra
Intro – Peace unto all that listen to the Victory of Light radio show and peace unto the planet.  We’re in a time of great change and this information coming forward is only knowledge.  Reach into your heart and your inner voice and do not cling on fear and don’t worry about every post or every single little bit of information that flashes across the blogosphere.
Use discernment.  Listen to your inner voice and connect to your feelings and then unify your thoughts and feelings in a positive intent with unconditional love and forgiveness as your by-words, the golden rule of the master Yeshua, the Christ, and all the great saints and sages who have brought forth the message of peace and love in the world.  It is a great honor and pleasure to do this show.
I want to thank DaNell  who is doing such a great job of transcribing.  She has lots of transcribing duties now, lots of Cobra interviews and she continues to produce in a wonderful selfless way.  thank you so much DaNell.  Rique Seraphico, as well and always for your wonderful edits and ability to make Cobra and I sound so good.  Also Neotech has taken over the YouTubes and I hope to get a link to one of those and put that on my site as soon as that comes up.
A little personal update.  I have moved to Maui.  I am taking production classes.  I will be creating a television show here.  Looking for possibly a production media expert on Maui who might be interested in working with me on the back scenes of production in helping me put in the slides and pictures and the final product of these TV shows.

Luis Maertens

Also I’d like to mention Louis Fernando Maertens, who is now in Laughlin, Nevada presenting at that famous annual UFO conference. He is sharing his message in the USA once again.  I’m really feeling his message is going to be shared worldwide because it is so important.   I’m going to be with him here in Maui at the end of February.  We’re going to do three amazing days in the sun kissed shores of Maui and on Haleakala.  We’ll have some more information up shortly.  You can see more about this Solar Activation on Haleakala here.
We also have a summer conference with Luis planned.  This will be a more intimate association intended to bring about preparation on an individual and spiritual level for open contact.  We will be working directly with the guides and the cosmic masters in radiation activations in the Mt. Shasta area and on the mountain it self.  We’ll be doing that for sure.
Here are some excerpts of Louis’s amazing experiences from 2 of his 5 books. These two have been translated into English. Please do read carefully the loving messages gifted to you here.
Here are free excerpts of Louis’ books.
The first book is called Runa Antillis ~ Magical Secret Base of the Andes.
Here is a link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book. Runa Antillis Excerpt
His second book is called 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays .
Here is another link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays.

Cobra and Red Dragon Interview

Also we’re hoping to move forward in a positive direction in awakening people in many ways in understanding what’s going on in regards to the positive efforts to bring about understanding of the new financial system.  I have an interview that just wrapped with Cobra and the Red Dragon ambassador. It was in this interview where they asked each other questions and we acknowledged our unity to make things better.  That will be available in transcript form only shortly after this Cobra interview on this same Cobra interview page.
I thank you all for your support. We do appreciate your help in donations to keep this site and my effort running.  There’s a lot of people that are helping out to make this happen and your support with any purchase of a product helps us. I am not necessarily a businessman, but I do have to keep things going here and by offering products I truly feel are of benefit is how I keep a roof over my head.
I do have Cintamani rings now available on this website.  A lot of people were losing them and having issues so we turned them into rings so you can always keep them with you.  I think we did a wonderful job.  There’s a talented craftsman in Thailand who put together some rings.  We’ll need your ring size and the region of the country you live in when you make your order.  Check those out.
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But I took a blood test previously and I’ve been wearing it every day and I’ve already felt some results, so I’m really impressed with this product and I feel honored to share this laser therapy with people as everyone knows I love lasers and crystals, violet wands and plasma field energies to help us connect to our luminous self so we have our own experience.
Love to you all.  Thank you all so very much.  Victory to the light.
Check out those upcoming events on our website if you want to join us this February or this summer.  I do have another event possibly planned at the end of summer.  I am really hoping Cobra can be there. I’m kind of reserving three days for him a little bit later at the end of August.  If Cobra can’t commit, we may add another show besides Louis in July. Mt. Shasta at the end of August.  I do look forward to those events coming up.
God bless you all.  Victory to the light.  Here comes our brother Cobra.

Cobra interview

Rob –  OK, ladies and gentlemen, it’s pleasure to be here again on the Victory of Light radio show.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  We have another special interview, our monthly interview with Cobra.  This is November 12, 2015.  I’m here on Maui.  We just wrapped up a transcript-only interview with Cobra and the Red Dragon Ambassador and Louisa of the Goldfish Report.  It’s kind of a joint interview.  This will be a transcript only.  It will be coming out in five or six days after the Cobra interview.
This interview will come out first, so keep an eye out for that on this page in a couple more days after this is released.  It’s a very interesting interview with Cobra and the Red Dragon Ambassador sharing their ideas. We, of course, want all the light workers and those of positive intent to unite.
Speaking of unite, peace unto this world and to all of you in your homes here.  These are very interesting times.  Much of this has been prophesied and spoken out from the beginning and the end times in some of the Dead Sea scrolls and actually in the Bible.  They talk about Cog and Magog.  Cog is continuity of government of the Americans and MahGog is actually representing Russia. It has been prophesied that there will be certain elements coming up into Europe as precursors to change and I guess I’d like to start my questions, Cobra, with you on that vein.  First of all, welcome to the show.  It’s pleasure to have you here again.
COBRA –  Thank you, again, for your invitation.  It’s a pleasure to be here.
Rob – Well, wonderful to have you.  I was speaking a little bit about Cog and Mahgog and the Russians doing their thing. Now we have this orchestrated invasion of sorts – kind of of a Muslim thing which some people think is a real invasion.  Obviously for the most part innocent people are fleeing horror in their country. There has been some reports out recently that Interpol has stopped some fake passports that were going to be given to some mercenaries and things of this nature.  Can you speak a little bit about the ongoing situation in Europe and is this getting worse?  Is this getting better?  Are things calming down?  What’s the situation there now?
(This interview was done before the Paris false flag attacks by Archons in the Black Nobility.)

COBRA – The situation is getting a little bit better because finally people are beginning to realize what is happening and they have been starting to take some action and also the Russian actions in Syria are actually triggering one part of those refugees returning back to Syria.  So the situation is getting a little bit better.  And also our meditations have helped a little bit.  But the situation is far from being resolved, so we would need much more action, much more energy support.
Rob – Yes, I hear that there are some people actually who are returning to Syria now.  They feel that things have calmed down a little bit.  Is the firefight over in Syria or is it still on-going, or is it pretty much a mop-up and clean up operation now?
COBRA – The project is still going on in Syria, but people now for the first time in many years see a perspective.  They see a future.
Rob – That’s wonderful.  Do you think it’s safe for some of the refugees to return now or not quite yet?
COBRA – It is safe for some people for some parts of Syria to return, but it is not yet safe for everybody to return.
Rob – Can you speak a little bit about the general sentiment in Europe now?  I know this varies from country to country and individual to individual.  I’m sure that media is roiling things up. I’m not into watching mainstream T.V. or the European Television. Can you give us a percentage of positive people or are there a bunch of them who are, you know, kind of like an American red-neck, cursing other races and people or calling them  towel-heads or the other naughty names that they should not call their brothers and sisters?  What is the percentage of acceptance and awareness of what’s going on?  Or is there a circling of the wagons, so to speak, amongst the people, not the governments, but the people?  What’s your feeling on that?
COBRA – Basically both things are happening. People are beginning to understand the situation.  There is a lot of fear present and there is quite much of misunderstanding.  There is a lot of naive optimism and there is also a lot of hatred, which has been suppressed coming off of the surface.  But there are also many people who have balanced perspectives and are actually quite surprisingly good in understanding what’s going on.
Rob – Well that’s wonderful and I really think that’s good that there’s a lot more awareness coming on.  For those of you in Europe who are listening, please be aware that we are all brothers and sisters.  We’re all children of the living loving Creator, and if we look upon each other and practice the golden rule and do unto others and in the face of sour reaction we return love and forgiveness, that’s the way we’re going to heal this.  Cobra, there have been talks in regards to Corey Goode and Ben Fulford has mentioned some things and we talked about this a little on the Goldfish Report, but I’d like you to allay people’s fears about 100 more years of the financial system being held over to the elders as far as the disclosure process.  These people are obviously part of the old school Cabal.
COBRA – Not all the groups are part of the old school Cabal, but there are many groups which have been put on the backburner because the Cabal was having their time and now they feel it’s their time.  But in reality what will happen is that all the groups on the planet will have to align and connect with the higher vision for this planet that is abundance for everybody and full and complete disclosure.  There are some Chinese interest groups, it’s true, that want to delay disclosure, and there are some groups from other parts of the world that want to delay disclosure.  This is not going to happen.  They can manifest a delay of a few months, but not 100 years.  It’s not going to happen.
Rob – Yea, I agree.  I thought that was pretty ridiculous.  And I agree with you that the spiritual forces at some point will see that things take place.  And this is the conundrum.  We talked about this previously.  We have a situation where we have all these different factions with all these different ideals moving forward.  How does the Resistance and the Galactic Forces intend for this to come down and to an explanation?  Eventually does higher spiritual force interpose itself into the situation and declare like a teacher at the front of the room, ‘Tap, tap, tap world, you guys must come together in a unity here and come to some sort of a consensus on universal transparency and abundance for the planet’?   With all these people in different areas in secret societies going on, where does the meetings come forward?  If we can’t get this done on the human element down here, it seems so far apart. What is the plan of the Confederation and the Resistance to really bring this in to end all this bickering, so to speak, for power and control and allow the universal principle of abundance and allowance and allegiance to each other to come forward in our financial system?
COBRA – OK.  What will happen is at a certain moment, when it will be safe enough, the RM will simply give quite substantial intel to certain people on the surface and this intel will be released for those certain people on the surface and this will change the rules of the game, because suddenly this intel will be out there for everybody to see.  All those groups which are now having their back door deals, this will no longer be applicable because things will change and one intel release of that nature can change the rules of the game for everybody.
Rob – Very good.  So this intel will actually, for some of these individuals who are perhaps learning some personal agenda’s, they may actually in the light, in the revelation of this new information amend there actions and their viewpoints towards a higher cause. Is that correct?
COBRA – No.  What will happen is that people will. . . Understanding of the masses will be such that those manipulations will no longer be possible, because people will see through them.
Rob – Yes.  A lot of people see through a lot of the situations.  Here there’s a lot of people who believed 9-11.  I mean the percentage is pretty high that there is something going on there and nothing’s happening.  Is this part of our revelation of open declaration of the Resistance Agarthan Network or the Confederation?  Would that be part of that?
COBRA – I will say that there will be intel about the extraterrestrial life, and when this comes out, no group will be able to delay disclosure much longer, and this, of course, will have serious implications in the financial system.  So many things that are now possible will suddenly not be possible any longer for those groups.
Rob – Yea, it’s going to be very interesting how they’re going to do this because I guess it’s a top secret operation, but at this point in time so many people would react in fear with the control of the mainstream media.  This comes after the arrests, correct?
COBRA – No.  This can happen before the arrests.  I’m not going to go into details, but there are some plans to do certain things before the arrests happen, before the Event. because it is simply taking too long and the Resistance would like to push forward for certain things happening before the Event.  I can not give any promises, but they also have had enough.  They don’t want to wait any longer. They want to trigger certain things sooner.  I will not go into details, again, how this is going to work, but certain plans are on the way.
Rob – Well, that’s good news.  I always kind of thought like I made a little showing.  This could put us forward some of the military guys that are on the fence that are getting information about this.  It could let them get another level of understanding of the reality of this, yes?
COBRA – Yes, of course.
Rob – OK.  Let’s see, we’ve talked about Syria; we talked about the financial re-set.  There’s obviously been some big changes in announcements going on hitting the mainstream a little bit in regards to the Chinese coming together with Taiwan.  Can you give us any overall comments in the financial system and some of the changes and progress going forward?
COBRA – OK.  This meeting between China and Taiwan is a double-edge sword.  It can be a good thing, but also, unfortunately, it was also an attempt of China to gain more control over Taiwan, which is not good.  So again, the situation can also have good consequences in the long term.  We’ll see.
Rob – Everything’s a double-edge sword.  We’re going to go right into the questions.  We seem to be random anomaly month with a lot of people.  We’re going to start off with the first question.  This is an interesting historical question.  I’m not really familiar with Grecian history, but various historical sources, this is the question, talk about the positive influences that the God named Zamaltos (?) has had on the Thraxian civilization.  Do you know who Zamaltos (?) was?  Is he a representative of the Agarthan or the Confederation?
COBRA – This is just a legend from late Atlantean period as most of the Grecian God’s were actually beings of light that were bringing awareness to that late Atlantean period and this is the same situation here.
Rob – OK.  I get a lot of questions on this and we’ve kind of answered it, but they’re pretty persistent so I kind of want to put this to rest, and for those of you asking this question, this will be the last time we’ll ask them.  Who was the civilization living under the surface of Bucegi mountain Romania, in the Carpathian mountain area?

COBRA – This is a very old, I would say, base of a certain extraterrestrial race that have created it.  And it includes a time capsule and this has been discovered by the Romanian Secret Service and then taken over by the, I would say, U.S. Cabal and has been suppressed.  Thankfully, part of this intel has been released through some of the books you can read. The Transylvania Sunrise is the first one and there are many more books written about this subject.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more places like this throughout the planet.
Rob – OK.  So the Cabal is in control of it. However, much like the Dead Sea scrolls with the Confederation watching, it will not be destroyed. It will eventually be given to humanity, correct?
COBRA – Yes, correct.
Rob – Yes, here’s a good one, a far-reaching one, and feel free to go on as long as you want on this one.  Can you explain enlightenment?
COBRA – OK.  Enlightenment is simply an experience of realizing who you really are.  It’s a re-connection with your own true self and enlightenment does not mean that you’re completely free from all personality, that you’re free from all of your emotions and thoughts and beliefs systems.  It simply means that on a deeper level you know who you are. Then everything that happens to you, everything that you do in your life, there is always an awareness of who you are.  You never loose it again.  So this is what is called enlightenment.
Rob – Yes.  I would add the Hindu’s call it a Samadhi and awakening sprite of contact with your higher self or God self and then another one called Nirvakalpa Samadhi, which is a permanent constant contact which probably would lead us into the next question which was, I think we’ve asked this once before, but it’s a good question.  Can you please define what is  ascension?
COBRA – OK  As you have mentioned Nirvikalpa Samadhi, this is exactly what ascension is.  Ascension is when your awareness of your own self is so strong that you integrate all aspects of your personality. You shine a light through them and imperfect loving acceptance transforms them so that you actually no longer have a personality.  That you dissolve all your lower bodies including the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, and you completely align with your own divine spark.  And then, of course, when you transcend all laws of entropy, you can materialize or project an image of yourself into the physical.  But you never again identify with your physical body.  You never again identify with your thoughts or with your emotions.  That’s a short description of ascension.  Of course, there’s much more to it.  I will write an article at a certain moment about this, but the time is not right yet.
Rob – OK.  Thank you.  Another interesting question. There’s been a lot of revelations lately with Veterans Today, James Preston, Gordon Duff – the revelation of the Khazarian Jewish agenda which has been exposed as basically the Zionists agenda, which is falsely manipulated.  I wanted to ask you: I’ve read in the book Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson that clarified details about the exodus of Moses from Egypt, and that in that time those that were called the Jews were those people that believed in one God, that there wasn’t one genetic racial pheno type that Moses lead out of the desert, that there were many Africans, Ethiopians, many people from Greece and around the world.  They were led out of Egypt by Moses.  Would you agree that there’s no specific racial phenol type – that the Jews were originally those that believe in one God?
COBRA – Actually, it’s both.  There was a certain genetic make-up that made the original group that has been referred to as Jews, but there were others, I would say, races that adopted Jewish religion.  Here I’m referring to the Khazarians and here we have a mixture of all those different groups, but the original Jews that you’re talking about, yes they were people who believed in one God, but this was manipulated by the Archons in many ways.  I would not go into details here.  It’s a deep story and quite a complex one, and there is a lot of disinformation about the Jewish people – a lot of confusion.  One of the ideas is, one of the disinfo that is taking place quite strongly is the event which were actually taking in the current Saudi Arabia has been translated into Israel.  So the actual location of those Biblical events is in current Saudi Arabia.  And this is exactly the country that the Khazarians have occupied and have suppressed many things connected with this.
(Post interview annotation: I do not know for sure what Cobra meant about many things happening in the Bible actually taking place in Saudi Arabia. This may be true, but the parting of the Red Sea was real and happened in a location evidenced and proven by archaelogical finds by Klaus Donna.) 
Rob – Yes, a lot of this will be revealed in the future.  So it is a very complex thing, and I think the Jewish people and those who have different ideas and don’t like what the military is doing to the people of Palestine.  I need to step back and realize that we don’t like what the American military has been doing in the Middle East either.  And I would say it’s time for all of us to put down our separatist views like black, white, rich, poor, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and come together.  Would you agree?
COBRA – Yes, of course.  Actually it is not important the religion of people.  It is, the race is not important.  What is important is the soul presence of every individual.  And only on that level can true brotherhood and sisterhood be created.  All those different manifestations of people’s belief systems are actually not important because basically most of them, the majority of them, are part of the Archon programming and in long term this is not important at all.  It is not something that will stay with us forever.  It is simply something that will fall away as the highest truth begins to be revealed and people begin to have their direct experience with the Source.
Rob – Yes, much of the martyrs and prophets, the favorite chosen, the true spiritual teachers, have had their words manipulated and changed and I would recommend that people look for the similarities and the unity in the different spiritual messages as opposed to the differences and find common ground to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters no matter what their faith.  Here’s an interesting question that came up I was kind of interested in.  I wanted your opinion on this one.  What is the approximate death toll of Jews that had died during WWII?  We have these inflated numbers.  Of course, we have the ADL, which is trying, as we know, to stop anyone from talking against the Jewish Khazarian Zionist agenda, not the true one loving God faithful Jewish faith, but that’s so.  How many actually died in the total if you have an estimate or could you tell us that?
COBRA – I do not have an exact number, but there were millions and it’s not important if it’s 5M or 10M.  It was too much.  Apart from that, there were many people who have died after WWII that were not of the Jewish nation that have died in concentration camps around Europe and also the number here is millions.  And many, many, more millions have died in concentration camps in the USSR in the Stalinist regimes.  We have 10’s of millions of people which have been subjected to horrible experiences because of the Archons, because of the Jesuits, and this is something that will need a lot of healing still.  And a lot of healing will happen after the Event about this situation.
Rob – Yes.  Systematic torture and genocide around the world is horrible.  Another warlord, Pol Pot, had some sort of cleansing, and I heard the numbers there in the killing fields were over a million. There is so much, I guess, we could call it programming going on in this.  I have to call the Satanistic mindset that seeks to have others suffer.  What is the nature of this thing that, you know, obviously they’re not Archons. Are these just Reptilian souls that are gravitating to these types of things?  I can’t even imagine military soldiers in Abu Ghraib and the horrible degrading things that they did to those many of them innocent Iraqi’s.  What is causing this in the average person and how can this be healed Cobra?
COBRA – This has been caused by manipulation by the Archons.  The Archons were simply pushing on the buttons of the hatreds, oppressed hatred, and enlarging it, and most of average people are not strong enough to resist constant pressure from the Archons if they’re put in a situation of a war zone for example.  So they would just surrender to that pressure and do whatever they’re being told to do.
Rob – OK, thank you. What is planned for East Ukraine and can war be stopped?  Leaders of the DNR keep selling coal to the enemy.  Are they just frauds?  Did Putin and Yankovich already agree to give Crimea back to Russia before the Maiden riots happened?



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