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COBRA and Red Dragon Interview with Rob Potter 2015 November 20: Collateral Accounts, The Event, Disclosure, True Ownership, and more

I don't have much time to offer commentary, but there are many interesting points in this interview of COBRA and a Red Dragon Family Ambassador by Rob Potter.

One item I'll highlight is what the Ambassador called "the elders", a group of beings given immortality technology thousands of years ago and are apparently at the head of the Dragon Family organization. This point strongly correlates with an item from David Wilcock's talk in February of this year, wherein he describes similar beings using the term "the old ones."

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I also found it interesting the Ambassador said that the Dragon families are not the absolute owners of the wealth they've accumulated over the years. Here's what he had to say:
I would like to communicate to those Dragon families that are not completely aligned: this wealth does not belong to them. This wealth belongs to the whole planet. And I know that many of the Elders are very well aware of this, but I would like to say that it’s important that everybody goes on board and begins to understand this. It is not about China being the new world leader. It is not about certain dynasties coming back in their rulership position. It’s about the ancient custodians coming to the forefront and assisting in distributing this wealth to the whole of humanity – in Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, everywhere. This is the purpose.
This statement is highly reflective of an understanding of what true or objective ownership actually is, and how private property must be maintained for the benefit of all. The Dragon families have held this wealth as custodians for humanity and are beholden to educate the unwise and unknowing masses so that eventually they are no longer needed as gatekeepers. The Dragon families are trustee's, with the creator as the grantor and the people as beneficiaries.  

I offered comment on this foundational Trust Law relationship in the below-linked article.

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Note: There is no audio or video available for the following transcript. It is only available in written form. 

- Justin

Source - The Promise Revealed


Nov 2015, Rob Cobra Louisa Red Dragon Ambassador

Goldfish Report Website

This report was inadvertently leaked before editing. This is the better version.
Intro – Peace unto all that listen to the Victory of Light radio show and peace unto the planet.  We’re in a time of great change and this information coming forward is only knowledge.  Reach into your heart and your inner voice and do not cling on fear and don’t worry about every post or every single little bit of information that flashes across the blogosphere.
Use discernment.  When wars and rumors of wars are hurled at you like a carefully planned script through a massive, cunning, worldwide coordinated, multi-progeny  media declaration of violence on unnamed unproven ‘Terrorists” with known  ties to secret agencies in in Israel, USA, The Vatican and London and Saudi moneyed interests,  it is time to think about who is behind these attacks. Paris was orchestrated by mercenaries under the above-mentioned powers that be. The preplanned and encouraged flow of humans was supported by these chaos creators to have an excuse to terrorize Europe in my opinion,
There is only your will and the conscious decision and your own will to control your own mind. Cast out hate and revenge and pray for those hidden behind the scenes who are responsible to be arrested from their positions of influence. Hold a space for no more violence. Pray for healing for all.
Listen to your inner voice and connect to your feelings and then unify your thoughts and feelings in a positive intent with unconditional love and forgiveness as your by-words, the golden rule of the master Yeshua, the Christ, and all the great saints and sages who have brought forth the message of peace and love in the world.  It is a great honor and pleasure to do this show.
I want to thank DaNell  who is doing such a great job of transcribing.  She has lots of transcribing duties now, lots of Cobra interviews and she continues to produce in a wonderful selfless way.  Thank you so much DaNell.
A little personal update.  I have moved to Maui.  I am taking production classes.  I will be creating a television show here.  Looking for possibly a production media expert on Maui who might be interested in working with me on the back scenes of production in helping me put in the slides and pictures and the final product of these TV shows.

Luis Maertens

Also I’d like to mention Louis Fernando Maertens, who is now today at the time of this post’s inception is in Laughlin, Nevada presenting at that famous annual UFO conference. He is sharing his message in the USA once again.  I’m really feeling his message is going to be shared worldwide because it is so important.   I’m going to be with him here in Maui at the end of February.  We’re going to do three amazing days in the sun kissed shores of Maui and on Haleakala.  We’ll have some more information up shortly.  You can see more about this Solar Activation on Haleakala by clicking image here.
We also have a summer conference with Luis planned.  This will be a more intimate association intended to bring about preparation on an individual and spiritual level for open contact.  We will be working directly with the guides and the cosmic masters in radiation activations in the Mt. Shasta area and on the mountain itself.  We’ll be doing that for sure.
Here are some excerpts of Louis’s amazing experiences from 2 of his 5 books. These two have been translated into English. Please do read carefully the loving messages gifted to you here.
Here are free excerpts of Louis’ books.
The first book is called Runa Antillis ~ Magical Secret Base of the Andes.
Here is a link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book. Runa Antillis Excerpt
His second book is called 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays .
Here is another link to dropbox for you to enjoy an excerpt of this book 3 Days in the Abbey of the Seven Rays.


Cobra and Red Dragon Q and A

Rob – OK, ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of Light radio show.  This is a “double your pleasure double your fun”.  This will be the 2nd interview with Cobra this month.  We’re very honored to be sharing this interview with The Goldfish report,  Louisa and the Red Dragon Ambassador today.  We have lots of things going on in regards to the finances of this planet and we’re doing this because Louisa and I are both passionate about unity and supporting each other in the truth movement.
For those of you who know I have interviewed the Red Dragon Ambassador, I was a little tough on him in the first interview.  I do have some differing views of the financial system should be open.  He was very gracious in allowing me to have my differing views.  He mentions that the Red Dragon Elders are reptilian in origin; one of them is a reptilian.  I had a little issue with that and I kind of feel like the financial system should be “even Steven” around the world and not really in control of the Chinese or any one group – especially a Reptilian .
Of course, if they’re (The Chinese Red Dragons ) the ones to tip the scale, that’s good.  I think it has to be a holistic circle.  That was our only difference.  I feel the ambassador is sincere. The Red Ambassador was again, very kind, very understanding of my “testy Rob” vibration in our last interview. Today we have a four-way conversation going on around the world.  I’m in Hawaii.  We have various points on the globe: in New York is where Louisa is.  Louisa is working with the Ambassador.  She’ll be here on this and she will be asking some questions too.
So you know the Ambassador and Cobra have not really met or talked to each other, but they both respect each other.  They’ll be asking each other questions. This is not a battle of ideals or things.  We’re going to try and get clarity for all of us out there in the light worker team to see what is going on out there and see if we can pick through the various challenges that we have here.
Without further ado, I’d like to welcome them all.  Because of our Skype thing, I think we’re going to start off and I’m going to let Louisa ask a question of Cobra to begin this and we’re all going to mute and listen to what Cobra says and then if the Ambassador would like to comment or ask a question, I think we can go forward from there.  Welcome again to the Goldfish report and the Victory of Light radio show.  This is only transcript – once again due to the recording issues.  Thank you so very much.  Louisa – take it away.

Louisa – Thanks so much Rob.  And I just want to thank the Ambassador for coming today and also thank you, Cobra, very much for coming.  This is a very interesting opportunity because we are here to bring about positive changes on the planet.  I think if we can combine our energy and intention and effort, we can be a formidable positive force on the planet to bring about these changes.
I’m so very, very excited and glad to have this interview and so glad that Rob has been so kind to host this as well and provide this platform for us as well.  I would like to start out and I would like to start with a little bit of an Esoteric question for Cobra.  Please forgive me if these are things you’ve explained in the past.  I know the Ambassador gets asked some of the same questions over and over again.  When you have new people in the audience you like to try to break this down for them.
What I understand, this etheric liberation that you’re talking out.  There’s liberation on many different levels going on and from what I understand, your mission includes the etheric level. You’re referring to these Strangelet bombs and that they are black holes and in some way everyone is incarnated into this life with some sort of implants in them that’s all tied in together.  Sounds very complicated.  I’m just wondering if you can just give a little bit of an overview of how that works and what the progress is with that at this time.
COBRA –  OK.  The situation looks complex but in reality it is not.  It is simply that we have apart from the physical plane, we have I would say higher planes of creation, higher dimensions and in those higher dimensions many things are happening.  We have aside from our physical bodies, we have our plasma bodies, we have our etheric bodies, we have our astral bodies, we have our mental bodies and all those energy fields that we have have been manipulated by the Archons and have been actually kept in quarantine.  They have been locked in a certain vibrational frequency to prevent us from setting ourselves free.  And implants are actually tools of that control and strangelet bombs are tools of that control and now all this is being dissolved because there is a big wave of free will taking place throughout the galaxy.  There is a strong wave of light emanating form the galactic center at the moment, which is purifying everything that has not been right.  It is aligning everything that has not been right with the purpose of the creation, which is to experience love and light throughout the creation.  And this is why we have a very strong and very intense process of purification on this planet and in our solar system.  And this is why we are going trough this drastic change and this is why the event will happen.  This is why the liberation of the planet will happen.  It is part of the larger galactic plan.
Louisa – OK.  Thank you.
Rob – Ambassador, do you have any questions for Cobra on this now.
AMBASSADOR – Yes, I would like to ask a question.  “How did you come into this particular awakening and this environment that led you to this knowledge that you have today?”.
COBRA – Basically, it was not an awakening process.  I actually never lost my memory of who I am and what is my mission here.  It was simply an on-going continuation of what I’m doing and I was simply waiting for the right time, for the right circumstances when I can begin to release those things in the public.  But I was working behind the scenes for quite, for quite long already before my public work through my blog started.  So it’s an on-going process and it has many layers and many aspects.  Some of them are public, some of them are not.
Rob – OK.  I’m going to ask a question of the Ambassador and I’ll follow up a little bit for Cobra, Ambassador.  He has had a physical contact when he was younger with the same Pleiadian contact that I was working with with Dr. Bell.  We had a lot of things in common.  So my question for you Ambassador is, as I’ve stated before to people, I believe you’re absolutely sincere.  You’re putting a lot of time and effort in with Louisa to help people prepare projects for financial releases.  I have been in contact with someone who I have to remain nameless who had a bunch of bonds and he actually went to China about 2 weeks ago and he had cemented a deal that he’d been working on with Treaty of Versailles bonds.
He did not have any new Iraqi Dinar and while he was there he said Christine LeGarde had actually called in to the meeting and had indicated that things may take some short time. He feels that it still has to go through the existing IMF and World Bank.  He was also told that according to her that some arrests must take place but these funds would be released very soon.  Can you talk about the current state of affairs as you know from your sources in the Dragon families?  What is the on-going situation at this time with the release of prosperity funds?
AMBASSADOR –  “When I make my statements, somethings, unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk about because of confidentiality in this mission that is going on as we are speaking.  But  I do not like when the world is living on what we call disinformation.  As we all know this Treaty of Versailles box is basically a debt.  This box is in itself worthless.  They are already exist, what we call Grey screens or the death screens.  At this point of time, all the international entities; World bank or IMF and each of these organizations has certain trustees which is the head of these particular organizations.
We had visited, as you saw, to Europe in Britain where the Chinese President was there and as well as with the Queen.  And this is what we can say is like a World Bank arm of things.  And so the World Bank situation is settled and priority of things is settled today and the IMF is also settled, but each and all of these organizations have what we call certain controllers.
And in this situation everything works exactly as it’s supposed to be.  Now when this funds becomes remitted and now it’s not redemption doesn’t exist.  When these things have been remitted what’s happening is basically that a portion, a percentage of this asset will be released to the holder.  This funds is quite large amount of money that will be released at that point of time.  And this funds of course needs to be dispersed to humanitarian projects.
Some money can be kept for private means, but priority funds needs to be given to the people, back through different humanitarian projects, cleaning up the planet, helping with the infrastructure, helping with creating jobs, and other social programs.  That is what the reality is.
Many of these organizations you will see will be leaving their homes where they were today, would come to the new home because we had different times when we had box Britannia and now tax America and that time is now over and so basically now it has to be moving left just like the Arc of the Covenant has.  So in that regard now it’s time for feast (?) and a time of guarding and interdicting and that’s why the pyramid as we know it will be falling down.  That’s basically what I can say in relation to the release of funds the way it has been presented by many people. It’s, from my opinion, based not only from the family but also from the financial structure – all the Elders (?).  It’s not the way it is presented.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot of disinformation.
Rob – Thank you very much Ambassador. I appreciate that.  Cobra, would you like to ask a question now of the Ambassador, maybe on something else or on what he said?
COBRA – OK.  First, I would like to say a few things.  The process of financial reset does not include only the Dragon families, it includes all interest groups that we have on the surface on the planet and beyond the surface of the planet.  So I would say that each of the interest groups have their own idea, their own motivation, their own, I would not say agenda, but their own course of action and all those different groups need to come together and find a common ground and this is one of the reasons why things are taking so long because each of those groups has a perception that they are the ones who are responsible for the financial situation on the planet and they are responsible for the reset, which is not true.
Actually the combined effort and combined synchronized action of all those groups will bring about the reset.  And what needs to happen is that all those people need to find common denominator and need not focus on differences because there will always be differences, but there needs to be a certain critical mass of agreement created for those changes to happen because the changes needs to happen to the surface population.  The changes can not happen, the resistance movement or other ET beings can not be the carriers of the change on the surface of the planet.  The surface population needs to be the one making the change and this is not about China. It is not about focus shifting from West to East. It is about having a global planetary consciousness and each interest group having their say in what needs to happen on the surface of the planet.
Rob – Very good.  Thank you.  Louisa, do you have a question for Cobra in relationship to what he just said?
Louisa – I do. And I think you said it requires the surface population to make the change yet all these other entities need to be involved in this process to kind of have a common denominator about what to do on the surface, so if I’m not misunderstanding this, it seems a little contradicting and maybe I don’t understand what you said.  Could you clarify that?  It seems to me that the surface population needs help.   If the ETs and other entities lived on the surface of the planet, it would happen faster.  It’s not fun being here the way things are.  I think they’re kind of wasting time, pussy footing around, when they should just get the work done.  What’s funny is that they can’t seem to get it together themselves and they criticize us and call us lower beings or bottom feeders or useless eaters when they can’t get it together themselves.  It seems to be taking a very, very long time.  I’m just wondering what exactly . . . if they’re the ones who have to make the decisions to get their act together and may come and have these common denominators to make decisions for the people on the surface, just exactly what do you expect the people on the surface of the planet to do?

AMBASSADOR – If you can see it this way, there is some blood.  People have . . . they’ve had their own understanding and thinking how things are on the planet and how the financial system is operating and the things with the Cabal and things with the Dragon family.  If you simply go and listen to people like Neil Keenan, and you’re following him, for example, for years and listening to his stories, you will very simply form one understanding of how the system really works. Understand that this is his version with a very, very low understanding how the Dragon family works in the first place.
I don’t know even . . . I know he claims to be related to and works which level they are on, but he has not been very well trained by whoever taught him telling him the things he is doing.  If you base that or base what Benjamin Fulford is talking about, you base what these people are giving out or ideas how things are working with the Dragon families and Illuminati and the Cabal and all these different things.  It’s very much different from what the reality really is.
Now the world as you’ve stated here, when you look, we have something we have as The Supreme Council.  In the Supreme Council you have a number of Dragons, then you have a number of Tigers, as Cobra may be aware of, this is just codes.  But in this structure that is built up, and has been built up for thousands of years, all entities from the planet is actually in reality -__ when we state we are moving from one direction to another direction, it is part of a process that the elders are putting forward that goes back thousands of years as well as the prophecies that led to the 555 evolution which is now.
Now we know very well that some of the Elders supposedly are not 100% humans, so have ET lineage or ——.  In this regard, they all are communicating in some shape or form.  The problem is that on the planet we have a covenant and the covenant is what we call free will.  People want to say, you have the devil and you have the God and you have the good the bad and the evil and then you like to blame it all on someone else instead of taking responsibility for yourself.  In the concept of the world building, we’re built up as yin and yang and him and her which is positive and negative and that order is respected and respected order of free will.  Now people, some people want to have free will and at the same time they don’t want free will when it comes to responsibility.  But I think what you are talking about Cobra, is already in existence, is exactly what we are talking about, but there is frictions besides the same structures we’re talking about even in the same families.  There are actually some people that has one opinion and another one that has a different opinion and that’s the reason why we are having this delays that we are seeing on the planet today because some people don’t want to let go of the power that they are used to having.
Rob – OK.  I’d like to let Cobra answer Louisa’s question that we kind of got sidetracked there.  Cobra, if you could answer Louisa’s question to recap that.
COBRA – OK.  Basically people have a misunderstanding of what the ET are doing here when they help liberate the planet.  They have their role.  They are carrying out their role.  I would not say perfectly but good enough at this moment. What they are doing, they are dismantling exotic weapons.  They are removing the strangelet bombs. They are doing much to keep this planet in shape.  They’re preventing a drastic cataclysm.  They have prevented many world wars.
So they are doing their part.  Also, the surface population, the awakened part of the surface part, is doing their part and this is not about somebody being better than the other, but the situation itself is quite drastic because there are many mistakes being made in the last I would say 25K years and to a certain degree the last few millions of years.  And now we are correcting those cosmic mistakes. So it is not about putting blame to either the surface population or the ET’s.
Each segment is doing whatever they can to their best abilities, hopefully.  There are many beings doing whatever they can but there are, of course, also many beings that are not doing whatever they can to assist in this situation.  Regarding the role of the Dragon families, my experience with interaction with the various Dragon families is that there are many positive Dragon families out there, but they are not completely aligned with their vision, and they’re also some factions that have different agendas and all this needs to be aligned before the change can happen.
And as I’ve said before, the change can only happen through the surface population and Dragon families are an important part of that surface population.  So I would like to communicate to those Dragon families that are not completely aligned: this wealth does not belong to them.  This wealth belongs to the whole planet.  And I know that many of the Elders are very well aware of this, but I would like to say that it’s important that everybody goes on board and begins to understand this.  It is not about China being the new world leader.  It is not about certain dynasties coming back in their rulership position.  It’s about the ancient custodians coming to the forefront and assisting in distributing this wealth to the whole of humanity – in Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, everywhere.  This is the purpose.
Rob – Yes, I appreciate that.  Cobra, do you have any specific questions for Ambassador in his role as he’s stated or some of the information?  You did address some of that.  It would be your turn to ask the Ambassador specifically a question if you have one.
COBRA – OK.  Yes, actually I do have a question.  Is he having any direct contact with the Elders which claim to be immortal or are living hundreds and hundreds of years?
AMBASSADOR – You see our master, his father is one of them, understand.  (Yes.) And, also, through our structures we are, and I have been working directly with this entity in some way in a physical form.   What that means is not just over electronic communication, that’s why I would say, I stated, that my master, his father, is this main Elder that everyone is always talking about.
And other than him, there exists other entities on this planet in different parts of the world.  You can call them warrior Monks or Llama’s or whatever you want to use them when you have some of them that are ET’s.  In some case of them, yes, I had a personal physical meeting with these entities, and in my work that I did during these years, I know and not only dealt with the Dragon families, I dealt with all the families, you see.
Including others that is going on with the groups called the Tigers.  And so I have had the communication with this people. And as I stated to everyone before, because I think that if we want to be able to move further in the future, we need to somehow repent for the past and ask for forgiveness. .
In that thing, we have to see that in reality we have people that is sharing the view that minority of ones in the council do today, but you also have some people that have other agendas, OK.  And that is not specifically just before.  The faction of the family I come from, the majority of us, are aligned, but some portion of others, just like Cobra said, do not sometimes see the same way as we see it.  They see another system for humanity.
Also, I know that people do believe that this asset belongs to humanity, but as well they look at themselves as the custodians of this asset and as rightful owners for it.  So this is an argument that can be taken by the people that is on the levels, but the most important thing is that the people that has the possibility and power to do it, to change the world and shift it and to do the right thing – we are going to do it in the way that will be best for humanity.  God willing.
Rob – Thank you Ambassador.  I had a quick question.  The entity that you met that is your master’s father, is this the one you were talking about that is, you said, is an Anunnaki reptilian?
AMBASSADOR – I didn’t say I met master’s father.  I specified . . . I said the master’s father was the man that many people revered for hundreds of years.  But there’s many more than him in this structure with this same background.  That holds a different position.  That particular entity that I’m talking about, he has many different codes, names and it’s not many people of the planet that has been granted his presence, but it’s a lot of copies of the same man that some people claim that they have met.  I have not so far met this person, but I have met other elders with the same over-aged things which are extraterrestrial in the form (Robs inserts after the interview that the ambassador is referring to his master’s father who he has not met but is a human-reptilian-hybrid called Anunnaki. Now despite my feelings, the ambassador is sincere and trust this being he has not yet met . . . I am concerned to have this being reveal himself and explain many things before I can be sure of this  being’s intentions.) that you just explained.

Rob – Yes.  So they are Anunnaki reptilians, some of these elders? That’s what I’m trying to ask.
AMBASSADOR – Yes, and we even have a person that we came across a few years back that is a so-called warrior Monk Llama that is a Nordic……  And he looks just like me only difference is a little bit taller than what I am and probably much more intelligent.
Rob – OK.  Ambassador, do you have another question for Cobra?
AMBASSADOR – Yes, Cobra, I have a question for you.  Have you ever come across a person with the code name Golden Violet?
COBRA – No, no.
Rob – Louisa, do you have a question for Cobra?
Louisa – OK, I do.  I wanted to ask this concept of these soul groups coming together, the soulmates, the twin flames and I’m curious when, I had read this because I have followed you for quite a while before coming aboard with the Ambassador.  What does this mean and what is the purpose of the soul group and can you break it down?  What does it mean to be a soul group?  What does it mean to be a twin flame and a soulmate and why are they coming together at this time?
COBRA – The souls have not been created as individuals. The souls have been created in groups and souls have actually emanated from the Galactic Center in those groups and those groups that were created together are called the soul groups.  And usually those soul groups tend to incarnate together in the same space and time and the same, I would say, also in the same country or the same region and they meet in their . . . during the course of their life, they meet and they recognize each other.  Those souls that are much closer together are called soulmates.  Each individual soul before it enters the 3rd dimensional world splits into two polarities, the male and female polarities. They are called the so-called twin souls, or some people call them twin flames.  One of the programs of the Archons is to prevent the twin soul from meeting.  The reason why twin souls meetings have not been happening on the surface of the planet, or if they have happened, they have been prevented, in some cases quite drastically.  So they’re extremely few twin souls meeting right now on the surface of the planet.  It’s not happening yet.  But many soulmates are meeting and they are working together for the planetary liberation.
Rob – Thank you.  I have a question for the Ambassador.  Ambassador, one of the things you said earlier is it’s not about God or Satan or good or evil and we are all free will beings.  Now part of the information from Cobra and my understanding from my own personal experience is that we are free will beings but there has been something which is been called the fall or let’s call it a rift in the force like Star Wars to a certain extent, that has created a very negative situation which has been literally for millions of years in the process of clearing out.
Now, I would put forward that we, if we want, I don’t want to just call it Satan, but there certainly is an iniquitous element within the galaxy and especially on this planet that is choosing to go against natural law and is violating our free will. So with that in mind. . . I know that we’ve all agreed to these contracts and stuff, but I would like to ask you what is your position on, let’s call the Confederation, the light forces in the Christ energy group.  What is your position? Do you believe in a living loving God and what is your position on Christ and does Satan exist or is there a negative force?  Can you talk about your feelings on that?
AMBASSADOR – This will be my personal opinion.  OK.  I just want to say that first of all I want to talk about Satan.  He’s mentioned five times in the Torah and he’s mentioned 125 times in the Bible and the word Satan actually means obstacle.  He’s an obstacle between man.  If you read the Torah, he was sent to test Abraham.  Also, he was not the serpent that you saw in the Bible that says the Serpent and Satan are the same entity which is not in the Torah.  There is a lot of miscommunication and conflicting information when you started this religious books.  I do believe that we have a creator.  I do believe that we do have a supreme intelligence that is behind the whole creation, meaning even the creation of aliens – creation of all forms of lifeforms.  And I believe that’s what the difference is. You stated the concept of Jins, the Jins can be even Muslims, Jews. They can be Christians. They can be Buddhist.  They can have different forms of religion.  They support the form of Creation, according to the Koran.  You have all these different forms of concepts. Now what I’m talking about when I’m talking about beings …..  I said in the Koran you have basically written that God created both Jins and humans and Jins are a lifeform which many people are referring to demons or aliens or other types of beings.  It’s a form of different creation.
And, basically, there they can have other religious views. This people can be Buddhist, Christian, Jews, Muslims or all different forms of religions. The thing which I like to emphasize is that one of my grandmasters once told me that a man needs to spend at least 1 year in prison, in isolation, to understand the world of spirituality. And when I heard that, I was a young man and I thought he was insane.
And I never had but one point in time I was in a situation where the Cabal aggressed on me and I was in isolation for over 2 years before I was freed from that situation.  And basically what I discovered was that even if I was isolated in a little room and no contact with my family or anyone else, basically they could lock up my body but they could not lock up my soul and they could not lock up my spirit.  And, basically, you can make decisions in life which is based on good or decisions based on evil and we are the decision makers.
We can also see good and evil and we can either silently consent or we can intervene.  And the problem that has come into humanity is what we call escapism.  And escapism is something which I feel is the biggest threat to humanity.  As well as we’re blaming Satan for everything or we’re blaming someone else without taking responsibility ourselves.  With a mass awakening or mass consciousness, we will be able to transform humanity into where it needs to be, but if we put Satan between us, because Satan, means Shaton, – basically means an obstacle.  If we put this obstacle between us, then we will not be able to aspire to what we are created to be.
Rob – I do appreciate that.  Your aspect there that you feel that people and I would agree completely that people cannot blame everything on Satan.  But there is definitely a hostile force.  Would you agree there is a hostile force? You called it the Cabal. They put you in jail, so I guess I answered that question.  So you do understand there is a force that is manipulating humanity.  Humanity would never choose for evil if wasn’t deceived by concerted intelligent negative action.  I’d like to ask Cobra now, do you have anything to say or comment or any questions at this time for Cobra?
COBRA – Yes, there is a force that is opposing evolution and there is a force that is opposing positive growth and this is why we need to liberate this planet, and, yes, everybody has free will but this free will has been tampered with and we need to liberate that free will so we can express it fully.
Rob – Thank you.  Louisa, you said you had a follow-up question for Cobra.
Louisa – I do, but it’s like two questions.  It’s directed to both the Ambassador and Cobra.  First, I want to say . . . don’t get me wrong.  I’m not being aggressive against ET’s who are trying to come and liberate the planet.  I just find it a little interesting that ETs are, from what I understand, they’re supposed to be so much more advanced, yet how come they can’t get it right up there and agree on things?  It’s like ‘as above, so below’. I don’t really think we’re that much different. My follow-up question is, I wanted to ask Cobra what is it about twin flames that the Cabal is trying to keep them from uniting? Is there something special?
The second question is:  How can we help humanity?  How do you see, and I also want to ask the Ambassador this too, we’ll have to take turns – Cobra first.  How can we help humanity?  What can we do right now?  How can we align our energy and our combined missions here to make this and bring these changes about faster?  So that’s the question I have for both of you. And, also, if Cobra wouldn’t mind elaborating on why the Cabal is trying to prevent the twin flames from uniting.  What is it about that?
COBRA – Yes.  The union of twin souls would accelerate the liberation process drastically because combined energy of twin souls is the most powerful force in the universe. So, of course, the Archons know about that and this is the reason why they are preventing it.  For the second question, what people can do, the most important thing to do would be at this moment to release intel to people.  Because people, although there are many blogs out there, there are many outlets, information outlets out there, it’s far from being enough.  We need to completely saturate the Internet with truth.  There is so much disinformation out there, so there needs to be much more alternative blogs popping out everywhere on the planet, because this will awaken more and more people.  This is number 1.  #2 is for each person to ask himself or herself: what can I do to unite with other people in harmony?  What can I do to create more unity practically in my life?
Rob – Louisa, did you want to direct a specific question towards the Ambassador now?
Louisa –  Yes, and I wanted to give the Ambassador a chance to answer the same question.  What can we do collectively to help humanity, individually? So the Ambassador has his own mission, which he might want to answer that question in that context.  Does the ambassador see a way, anything else we can do to help humanity and bring about these changes faster?



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