Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brief Update | Corey Goode and David Wilcock FB Posting's: Negative Greetings, China Pushing 100 Years of Power, SSP Alliance Wants Full Disclosure

KP was kind enough to post this before I got the chance. 

It's a short list of comments by Corey and David that will serve as a brief update.

FYI - The first item listed below is actually the second comment by Corey chronologically, as such the second item listed is the first comment by Corey.  

I added more responses from Corey below KP's post. 

- Justin

Source - Kauilapele's Blog

One thing I’ve noted, as I return to the “high intensity” blogging scene, is that many are going through what could be called, HIPICEs (pronounced “Hip Ices”, meaning, “High Intensity Partner in Contrast Events”). These have appeared in various forms, such as old energies appearing, feeling like slogging through mud, Holy Crap surprise events, being unable to repeat old patterns, and “packed loon” events (the last one is a very rare occurrence, and will be recognized by those to whom it applies; you need not live in Minnesota to experience them). Whatever it is, I see us all as moving forward and upward through them as we keep our minds on the Higher.

I have “paragraphed” Corey’s remarks below for (possibly) easier reading. David’s comment is below Corey’s.
By the way, direct donations to Corey may be made by clicking the “donate” button on any page of
TY for the emails, Crazy Times…
There is too much to list as of negative greetings that have occurred to list. The most disturbing are the cluster of security issues that have occurred around my home recently. Because of the market in our area (Lots of companies moving here) rentals are almost impossible to find and the prices have gone through the roof since we last looked. Anywhere we go we are looking at $900 – $1,200 more per month for rent plus deposits and moving expenses.
The people out there who think I left a high paying 6 figure yearly salary to “Make Money” off of disclosure are extremely misinformed. The amount of money we bring in is very modest and securing a new place to live, adding some security features is putting us in a serious financial hole. Those of you who have donated $ the last couple of days have helped out tremendously!
It is almost impossible to think about producing documentation on my prior and most recent high level meetings (that occurred this week) when I am concerned about my families safety and the huge financial strain all of this is putting on top of an already weak financial situation.
I hope to be able to get these issues ironed out (Including the ones I can’t talk about) quickly and get back to fully documenting and publishing the last several high level meetings that as DW alluded to were full of new information… I will also then be able to work on the art projects for Gaiam TV as well as some ideas for doing a series of 3D animated movies about my experiences (Much like Star Wars Series). The movie thing is a back burner idea while we are working on documenting meetings, attending more meetings and creating art/images for Gaiam TV episodes.
Thank you for all of the moral support. As DW said this is an extremely challenging time for us right now. The SBA said things would be worse (problematic) before they got better… so far they are correct. TY, CG
David Wilcock: I am aware of what the problems are that Corey is facing, at least the majority of them. The negative greetings that occurred just before, during and after each of our tapings were so numerous and outrageous that all we could do is laugh at the sheer absurdity of any idea that it was “coincidence” that all of these things were happening at once. Corey’s finances are a definite concern and it is Goode to hear that y’all are stepping forward to help him.

Corey's further response:

Sphere Being Alliance David Wilcock Yes, there are lots of good STO people here! The negative greetings seem to be getting worse as is the behavior of certain people who are not adjusting to the energetic changes very well at all... Negative are becoming very much so and the mentally ill are becoming unraveled. I am seeing a lot of karma hitting the negatives but of course its after the damage has been done. Hope to chat soon, I am working hard on part 2 and the other meeting documentations. I hope to get that completed soon so I can focus on Art projects and other things that need my attention.


Comment about China and partial disclosure:

Little disappointed to hear China is for limited disclosure, could mean they're trying to hide something. But then again, different factions may not align. Still hoping for the best outcome, full disclosure and begin healing our planet as a whole.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance EVERYONE has something to hide and info in the Data Dumps that they are worried about releasing. Some of the data dump info is being misused by some of the Earth Alliance aka "ground crew" to manipulate and strong arm their own agendas right now. There is a MAJOR push for a partial disclosure and new financial system ran by the Chinese in another 100 year agreement... These deals include not only a new financial system but also a central global government (Saying global govt is inevitable anyway so they have to manage it "correctly"). Many in the Earth Alliance support this deal while some of the Earth Alliance and SSP Alliance feel betrayed, are very upset and are fighting for full disclosure...


[I'm curious who exactly the "Earth Based Alliance" is. I've heard talk that it could be the positive military, White Dragon Society, BRICS nations, and so on, but nothing concrete. Who ever this group is they seem to be moving towards a compromise of partial disclosure, which of course is the easier option for them, but comes at a heavy price of half truths and token gestures. At present I can't fathom how a partial disclosure is going to be effective, which is apparently a similar point of view shared by the SSP Alliance. 

If the Cabal is pulling out all the stops right now, then we may not have to wait too long for their leverage to wain so as to broker a better deal with the SSP Alliance. Right now though, they still feel putting up a fight is a viable option, but as it fails to produce the desired results, eventually they will be more open to full disclosure.]


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