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Bank Prevents Funding of Free Energy Project | Free Energy Full Disclosure. The QEG Chronicles. Part 1 RBC Bank and $120K.

Free Energy or Over Unity technology has been suppressed from public view for over a century. When Nikola Tesla discovered radiant energy, or what is now known as Scalar energy, and wanted to give it to the world, J.P. Morgan destroyed his lab and cut his funding. 

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There is a long list of technologies suppressed by various power players on the planet, all designed to maintain energy dependency. If humanity could produce energy cheaply and without environmental cost, then the oil industry would collapse, along with the false paradigm of technological progress that is widely accepted today. 

Hope More, and her team at Fix The World (FTW) organization have been developing a panoply of humanitarian projects chiefly designed to provide empowerment to the people. One of these projects is the Quantum Energy Generator or QEG. 

Julian and I traveled to Morocco in February 2014, originally to build a sustainable project there. Shortly after arriving, it was announced that Hope would bring the QEG to Morocco and it would be a launching pad for other projects all over the world. 

Julian and I saw the value of this project from the moment we discovered it. We spent hours of time researching the science involved and confirmed that not only was a viable device but that fact it was an open source project, meant it was truly intended for the people's use. We were honored to participate in this venture and it is actually Julian's photograph that Hope used for the following article. 

There were some setbacks with developing the device in Morocco, as there was a concerted effort by various detractors to smear this effort in the public eye. Despite this, FTW continued making forward progress with the QEG and many other projects. 

Hope recently shared with me that her story is much more involved than what has been released to the public. In the full disclosure piece below, she reveals that the Free Energy goals of FTW have been suppressed by the powers that be.

For those well versed in the Free Energy topic, it is common for all manner of tampering to occur when world-changing projects are undertaken. Wilhelmina is a humanitarian investor that became aware of FTW and wanted to help fund the effort with a $100,000 donation. Despite following the rules and procedures of her bank, RBC, they refused to allow her to send funding to FTW.

If the QEG was really a total failure, as some claim, why would this bank break the law and prevent Wilhelmina from funding the project? Firstly of all, the legal system and banking industry is not lawful and is constantly breaking their own rules to service a hidden agenda. There is an appearance of law and honor, but in truth, this is one of the corrupt aspects of our world today. 

The following historical account of Wilhelmina's attempt to support projects that have the potential to free humanity is prima facie evidence that there is no justice, no rule of law and no honor in the legal or banking system. 

Despite this, FTW carries on doing the work to benefit humanity, and in my view, this is a great lesson to learn. That the best hope for a free and better world is to keep doing the work regardless of what others say or try to do. What is right, what creates harmony and freedom for all, is always a worthy cause, but in a world darkened by ignorance and greed, it is also one of the hardest things to do. 

But those who desire freedom and prosperity for all will find the courage to carry on in this great work of loving service. 

Part 2 of this fascinating story can be read here.

- Justin

Source - HopeGirl Blog

QEG chronicles part 1
It’s time to share our story. While we have indeed reported many things throughout the years on our blog, there is a lot more in-depth and more personal information that has occurred around the creation of our Free Energy device. Some of these stories are so diabolical that there are times I think they only happened to us because they were meant to become a book one day. Well that day has arrived.
I would like to introduce you to a dear friend of ours, Wilhelmina, a 75 year old widow from Canada who wanted to play a role in helping bring Free Energy to the world. She came across the story of our family and our QEG through watching our Youtube videos. She then made a sizeable donation to our project and the conversation moved into a place we could only have dreamed about.
This beautiful soul had $120,000 USD she wanted to give our organization to fund free energy. This is the moment that every inventor / project manager dreams of; real funding that can finally make this happen!

What happened next was mind-blowing to say the least: the bank froze her funds and refused to let her give her money to fund a free energy project. Crazy things like bank freezes happen a lot in this field, however, our friend Wilhelmina is quite the firecracker! She went up head first against the bank, visiting the character she calls “The Rough,” several times, and was told in no uncertain terms that the bank will not let her spend her money on any free energy project, and that they will be watching her transactions very carefully from here on.
She decided to publish all of our letters, telling the story in a book. She herself states: “…and to the RBC, you may have won this battle but I know how to write!” One has to wonder if the bank knew she would be documenting and publishing what they put her through.
The friendship between Wilhelmina and our family has been blossoming, and more letters are being composed on a regular basis. This is how we will tell our story for the entire world to see. Thank you Wilhelmina! We love you!
Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing all the juicy details about what has occurred over the last 2 years of our journey to bring free energy to the people. We’re going to talk about ALL OF IT. The supporters, the scandals, the agents, trolls, all of our build trips and the different groups, individuals and cultures we were involved with.
While we are going to do our best to ‘keep it clean,’ THIS IS IT: No-holds-barred full disclosure of all the events and experiences that happened during the last couple of years. You, our reader and supporter, need to know some of the experiences we’ve been through have been pretty rough (and we have also seen miracles that we’ll continue to share). Since we don’t want to gossip, we’ll be switching names around to respect privacy, but the shocking story line will remain in-tact.
Our aim is to tell the story from the most level-headed point of view. You will hear about the events as they unfolded, and about how we handled them. Since there is so much to tell and we cannot possibly do this all at once, the stories will be released in a series of posts over the next few weeks. The format will take place in the style of a novel through our letters to Wilhelmina so that you can follow along as Hope does her best to transport you all there in your minds through her writing style.
The letters through September have been published in a book by Wilhelmina that you can buy on Amazon for $2.99. The book is being continuously updated with new installments as the letters roll out, and all of the proceeds will go to help us fund our fight for free energy released to humanity. We think Wilhelmina is very clever :)
We want to thank our creator, our family, and all of those that have supported us and helped us get this far on this incredible journey. But especially, we want to thank our dear friend Wilhelmina who we believe has a large breakthrough role in our quest for the end of free energy suppression. Although we do not have access to the funds she wanted to contribute, we are working every day toward touching others who want to help in the fight for free energy. We believe that Wilhelmina’s efforts will be a callout for others who may wish to help. We are especially concerned about the loss of a fundamental freedom, to spend our own money, but if we all start speaking up in ways that are appropriate for the cause, and support each other, we will win the war.
-Hope and the QEG Family

We will start the story here, with the first installment of letters between our families originally found on Wilhelmina’s blog found here: which are all re-blogged below.
September 2015

My adventure started when I sent a donation to James Robitaille for his free QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) Build Manual. The suggested donation was $15. I sent a thousand bucks. The following emails, word for word, no more and no less, tell the story of what happened to me after that. – Wilhelmina –
Dear Wilhelmina. We were amazed and thrilled to see your incredibly generous donation to Fix the World and the QEG. Thank you so very much for your help! I just wanted to write you personally to let you know that this particular donation from you seems to have come in ‘divine’ timing. We have just recently acquired a community center here in a poor neighbourhood in Morocco which will allow us to operate our humanitarian efforts and help lots of people improve their living conditions and graduate out of poverty. The center will be helping homeless mothers and children in tutoring and vocational training, and allow for a place for people to go during the day for some peace in an otherwise stressful living situation. It will also serve as a main distribution center for the donations of food and clothing that come into the area from other countries.

Tivon and Hope
Tivon and Hope

Your donation has enabled us to keep the community center open for half a year. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and those of the people we can help! Stay tuned to the HopeGirl blog as we will be putting out some great stories to show pictures of the community center and the beautiful people who will use it every day. Blessings. – Hope –
Hello, Hope. I appreciate what your family has been doing and I’d like to help in some way in promoting Free Energy. Do keep Youtubing. This is where I’ve recently found you and where I will keep in touch. And do keep us all informed as to how your translation program is coming along for your free and open-source QEG Build Manual. A thousand dollars per language seems like such a good deal. Your family has been doing all the grunt work up to now. Perhaps I can do my part by contributing a little. I wish you well. – Wilhelmina –

Dear Wilhelmina. My husband, James, and I are so very grateful for your donation 24 hours ago. James has been needing capacitors for the next generation QEG and we were really scrimping to save for some. Your incredibly generous donation came at just the right time for us and we thank you so very much from our hearts. We continue the work! Many blessings. – Valerie and James –
Hello, Valerie. I’m so glad to hear from you personally. Thank you, thank you, for what your family has done. I am just now finding you, through Youtube and HopeGirl.
I have two questions: My first question is: Are you aware that Dr. Steven Greer (founder of CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and a man to be trusted), and who can be found at 1) has been looking for an open-source Free Energy device that a) works, and comes with plans for it that are open-sourced b) can be independently tested by a team of his choosing, and c) can be replicated entirely from the written plans? And 2) he has powerful connections in place to immediately announce such a device to the entire world? And 3) that he has collected $100,000 that he’s offering as an incentive to the person who will come to his home in Virginia and present him with such a device for testing, along with the plans for it?
I think it’s possible that yours is the device he’s been waiting for. My second question is: Are you interested in pursuing this? If you are, I will immediately send you (as soon as I can figure out how to do it, and shuffle some funds around) ten thousand dollars to cover your personal expenses.
I only ask to remain invisible. I cherish my privacy and have no wish to be ‘trolled’. I wish you well. – Wilhelmina, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Wilhelmina. I am honored to write you personally. We (Fix The World / QEG / HopeGirl) are astounded at your generosity and want to catch you up on all we’ve been doing. I know my daughter (HopeGirl – her real name is Naima) has told you about our community center in Morocco, but since you just recently found us you will need some history which I hope to provide here and in future emails, if you like.


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