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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 3: Special Report: The Gonzales Enigma - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This week, Corey and David discuss Lt. Col. Gonzales, who he is and what his role is in the secret space program alliance. 

Gonzales has experience in diplomacy and interspecies negotiation, providing a unique skill set in dealing with many of the issues at hand in our area of the cosmos. 

There are over 40 extraterrestrial groups operating genetic, social and spiritual programs operating on Earth. In one of the more interesting data points revealed by Goode, apparently one of the programs is to incarnate on Earth as a human being. Some of these ET souls are known contemporarily as starseeds or wanderers and despite their former ET lives, are just as human as the rest of us, says Goode. 

Goode also delves into the initial contact experiences he had with one of races in the Sphere Being Alliance, the Blue Avians, in 2011. Apparently the contact was made in a dream of profound import, later developing into a face to face meeting. 

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Show Description:
Corey Goode divulges never before exposed details concerning the extent of his contact with Lt. Colonel Gonzales and how they work together to assist the Sphere Being Alliance. Lt. Colonel Gonzales is an essential figure within the Secret Space Programs, but he is one who will always remain enigmatic throughout the course of our tales. It is important to understand, that the qualities which makes Gonzales and Corey ideally suited for working with the Sphere Beings may reside within you as well. 
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 13, 2015. 
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome to the world of the shocking, the bizarre, the seemingly unbelievable; Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host David Wilcock and we're interviewing Corey Goode, the insider's insider. A man who has as much knowledge crammed into his brain as all the other insiders I've met put together <chuckle>. Truly a fascinating conversation that we're having. Corey welcome to the show.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - We're talking about Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales, a mysterious figure that has a aroused a great deal of curiosity on the Internet.
[CG has stated in the past that Lt. Col. Gonzales is a prominent figure in the secret space program, acting as a diplomat to various extraterrestrial and breakaway civilization groups. Prior to CG being selected as a delegate to the Sphere Being Alliance, the secret space program council intended to have Gonzales step into that role. 

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The Sphere Beings are a group of five extremely advanced guardian type races that began making contact with the secret space program in 2011. This group of beings is apparently here to help oversee an energetic transition of the solar system, which is presently being 'down-stepped' by the use of thousands of massive spheres (the largest being the size of Jupiter), distributed throughout the solar system and beyond. According to CG, if these spheres were not here, much more violent shifts in climate and consciousness would take place. 

The Sphere Beings say that they are here to help humanity free itself as well as ensuring that all life in the solar system has the opportunity to take advantage of the coming energetic shift. But to be clear, they are not here to save humanity, only to advise and assist.

Gonzales plays a key role in advising CG as a delegate to the Sphere Beings, as well as interacting directly with Raw-Teir-Eir, a member of the Blue Avian race, one of the groups in the Sphere Being Alliance (SBA).]
  • DW - Some people are saying he's about to come forward. Is that true?
  • CG - No. There's no plan for him to be coming forward (revealing his identity) at anytime in the future.
  • DW - People on the Internet are thinking: "well we just want to see another guy who knows what Corey knows [to help corroborate CG's wild claims]. Why is it a bad idea for Gonzales to come forward."
  • CG - He has a cover life here on Earth. He is not down here very often. If he was to expose himself at this point it would be very dangerous for him and the operation. He does not have any children or family, some would think that it would be safer for him to come forward then me, since I have a family and children. I agree to a certain point.
  • DW - The Blue Avians obviously have been assisting Solar Warden in trying to break out cosmic disclosure for humanity - what's the history of that? What's the history of them contacting you? Because I certainly remember that amazing day, February 27th 2015, when you told me in a Skype text that the Blue Avians asked for you by name; from the secret space program alliance. So what's going on here?
  • CG - As you remember, I was telling you that I was in contact with a being that I wouldn't go into detail about; I wouldn't even describe it to you.
  • DW - And I respected you for that, but it was also something that made me extremely curious that with all the really outrageous stuff you were telling me, why were you holding back on this? About all I knew was that they [the Blue Avians] were blue, and that was it. That's about the only thing you had ever said and that it had something to do with your family and your kids.
  • CG - Right. And that much I still can't talk about. But this..
  • DW - When did this contact happen with you?
  • CG - It goes back four years.
  • DW - Four years before 2015 would be 2011 or thereabouts.
  • CG - And as it turns out, Lieutenant Colonel Gonzales has been in contact with them for around the same time frame.
  • DW - Around 2011 as well?
  • CG - Mhm. He was in a liaison role between the Blue Avians and the Solar Warden program, or more accurately, the secret space program (SSP) breakaway faction. A lot of people have come out saying that it was just Solar Warden, but it's kind of a conglomerate of defectors from different space programs. Gonzales was presenting information from the Blue Avians for some time [before I arrived on the seen]. But all of a sudden, they give him my name and information. He went to the SSP Alliance Council and said" the Blue Avians have chosen this guy to be there delegate." They were not happy about it. They wanted Gonzales to be the delegate; [not me].
  • DW - Without getting into any incriminating detail, what would this cover life be like? Does he have a house? Does he have a car?
  • CG - Yes. He lives in a house in a rural area.
  • DW - If he met somebody, he could say he has a particular job and that job would actually exist, and he would go there?
  • CG - Yes. I am very reticent to say anything more.
  • DW - Oh no. Absolutely. There's just been this current [trend] on the Internet of people thinking he's about to join us on a radio show or something, and we needed to specify this is not going to happen. You're saying the Avians contacted you and Gonzales in 2011. Was this before the new influx of 100 or so visible spheres the size of the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter? Was it around the same time, or was it a little bit before? [According to CG, massive spheres ranging in size have been entering the solar system as early as the mid 1980's, when one sphere was spotted near Neptune. For a summary of this aspect of the narrative see David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More. Since then, thousands of spheres have gathered about our area of the cosmos to apparently down-step highly coherent 'tsunami waves' of energy.]
  • CG - The contact we had was occurring before and during the influx.
  • DW - Ok. It kind of seems as if there's a major push being made and that one of the initiatives was to move the spheres in and another initiative was to grab these delegates starting with Gonzales, and then once you were apparently ready for this job, then you were also invited in?
  • CG - Right. I was being prepared, but I had no idea I was or what I was being prepared for. I was still coming to terms with a lot of my past, what I had been involved in. When I got to the point that I had come to terms with this, I [began] dealing with the Blue Avians with some of that information.
  • DW - When this contact first happened in 2011 for you, did you actually see them like the Android Jones illustration that we have [see below images]?
Blue Avian illustration by Android Jones. Note: This image was created based on descriptions provided by Corey Goode
not photographs or a personal experience. 

  • DW - Were you seeing these beings, or was it like a blue sphere? What were you actually experiencing?
  • CG - They initially introduce themselves to people in dreams. In a very lucid dream. And then they appear to you physically after the have prepared you through dreams.
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  • DW - This is exactly what they say in the "Law of One." It's the same contact protocol.
  • CG - Oh.
  • DW - Yeah. Now they say in the Law of One that they discontinued most physical contacts, because the people that were meeting them would get a big ego and would be worshiped by others as some sort of messianic figure. One of the things about your story that has really fascinated me, is that the 'Prime Directive' (do no harm via interference policy) - a sort of free will clamp-down on in-person contacts - seems to have been lifted for the moment, because we need to get a jump start into this golden age, and we need some help getting there.
  • CG - After every meeting, I'm heavily warned about my own ego, and the information becoming cultish or a religion, which it's not supposed to be by any means.
  • DW - Lets go back to that moment again, and tell us what did it start with? You said it started with dreams, at what point were you aware you were in contact with what you are now calling the Blue Avians.
  • CG - I was very aware in the dreams, but it wasn't...
  • DW - Did they look the same as the illustration in these dreams?
  • CG - Pretty much, the illustration that is out isn't perfect yet, but yes that's the way they appear in the dreams and in person; when they finally do appear.
  • DW - Dreams will often times have very odd, metaphorically symbolic, impossible things going on. You'll look over to the left and then when you look back it changed. So did these dreams seem to have that type of symbolic nature or was it more like a lucid contact?
  • CG - It was very lucid, real and tangible. It was different from any other type of dream that I have had before.
  • DW - We're getting lots and lots of people on the internet who are trying to say - jumping right into this story line with you - that they are having the same contact as you are having, that they are trying to portray themselves as authority figures, acting as if their information should be considered equally. What is the way in which most people are being contacted? Because it seems like a lot of these [others] are fraudulent, they don't really line up with what you're hearing. What is a way that most people are being contacted? What is the type of experience that might occur?
  • CG - Most people being contacted are having experiences with the Blue Orbs [beings]. The Blue Orbs are actually the highest density race in the Sphere Being Alliance. They're higher density then the Blue Avians, but everyone seems to have locked on to the Blue Avian idea, there's something romantic about it [I guess]. Most people are having experiences with the Blue spheres.
  • DW - What would that involve? What's actually happening?
  • CG - Usually a blue sphere - or spheres - appear to people, zip around or stop in front of them and pulse. People receive either a message they remember consciously, or they just think they just saw a very cool thing and don't understand that they received a message subconsciously; that their higher self received the message. They are receiving a message from these higher density beings for future reasons.

  • DW - Well this is really mind blowing. We've talked about [something] in the past privately, but I want to get this on camera. It is going to involve a little self-disclosure and monolog from me, but it's very important.
  • I read the Law of One and the "Seth" books [by] Carla Ruekert and Jane Roberts [who] are two of the best channels in modern times in my opinion. Both of them had these blue orb visitations very clearly delineated in the books. I was so aware of it, that I was frustrated [at the time] and said, 'why haven't they done that with me?' because one thing it says in the Law of One, is that they will try to [in contact with] you telepathically [first]. They don't want to have to do an in-person contact if they can avoid it. [They would rather] can get you involved like they did with me telepathically.
  • One day I'm in North Carolina visiting a friend. I'm meditating in a field. I see a UFO - first time I'd ever seen one. It goes behind a cloud and the cloud goes away - [and the UFO was] gone. But because I'm meditating, I'm just like "ok, well now I've seen a UFO. Big deal. The only other thing I want" - and I said this as like a prayer - "is an orb of light to appear in my room and give me an intelligent message;" just like what happened to Carla and what happened to Jane Roberts.
  • Then I call my father a couple of days later, and it turns out that my brother was on the other line at the same time. He patches us both in together, and I tell him 'Dad you realize this is a synchronicity, right?' He's like, "oh oh" [in a dismissive tone]. Then my brother says, after I talk about my UFO sighting, 'that's funny, something weird happened to me too.'
  • I asked him, "what's that?"
  • He said, "this orb of light appeared in my room and gave me an intelligent message."
  • In his case, he was meditating and his head actually dropped back, and then he saw this orb appear near the ceiling, it spread out to about four or five feet wide, and it was like a vortex tunnel. It was an actual stargate on his ceiling pulsing, and we have a whole article on my website from 2001 called "David's Brother Receives In-Person ET Contact."
  • [The orb] gave my brother a message, and it said "the ascension that your brother is writing about will not happen all at once. It will be a series of increasingly uplifting inspirational experiences. You have had the first of these experiences." [This] was mind blowing.
  • How do you think - or how did it strike you when I told you that my brother had this experience back in 2001, that was already in print on my website?
  • CG - I had no idea, but there are many, many tens - and now hundreds of thousands of people having these experiences right now.
  • DW - Has Gonzales had this type of thing happen to him too? Is that part of how it worked for him?
  • CG - Yes.

  • DW - What is Gonzales's role at this point? What's the difference between how he got contacted and how you got contacted? He was in the secret space program when this happened.
  • CG - The contacts happened exactly the same way. He has been named a secret space program delegate. He was the delegate between the secret space program and the Blue Avians. I have [since] been named the delegate between the Blue Avians and the secret space program alliance and all of the other groups they want to meet with [or] will not meet with one-on-one. I have been put in the situation [as a delegate] in all these federation council meetings, with him accompanying me to several of [them].
  • DW - Have there been trips that you've taken up into space, since this all started, that did not involve Gonzales, where you never saw him?
  • CG - Yes, but more recently, he's been very much apart of them. When I was out here doing the last shoot at Gaiam TV Studios, there were two extremely important meetings, that were time sensitive, where he had to stand in [for me]. One was with the Draco Federation Alliance, which was a very traumatic meeting for him.
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  • CG - But the second meeting was much more awe-inspiring and pleasant for him. This was with the Super Federation of 40 main groups of ET's involved in 22 experiments with humanity. There were 20 other groups, totaling 60 [in addition to the previous 40], that are overall involved in this grand experiment.
  • DW - And this is some of your earliest experiences in space, right, was being a part of this?
  • CG - Right.

  • DW - Just to briefly recap, what did you originally do when you went to these super federation conferences? How old were you, and what was your job?
  • CG - I was very young, in my preteen and teenage years. I was in an Intuitive Empath role, which now each of us, when we arrive [to meetings and conferences], we have three Intuitive Empaths with us. Intuitive Empaths are there to detect deception or danger, and that's what I did. But now when Gonzales or I go to these meetings we have this type of support for us.
  • DW - Were the beings in the super federation aware that you were there to detect deception?
  • CG - Yes, they all have this type of [support]. [In the TV series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard often brings Counselor Troy, a half human half telepathic Betazoid, with him during diplomatic missions. Her job is to pick up on the emotions of the beings they are contacting to determine if they are being genuine; amongst other things. In many instances during the series, Troy will notify Picard that another being is being deceitful or holding something back, or that they are being genuine. It appears that this TV series is an almost literal disclosure of the Intuitive Empath function in the SSP.]
  • DW - Ok.

  • CG - I've described [in the past] a large shuttle vessel that is modular. It can be changed for any type of mission. It's about 50 or 60 feet long, and this vessel took [Gonzales] and his support team out to an area around the gas giants. In between Jupiter and Saturn. This is an area that you would not be able to see with a telescope; it's in a temporal distortion bubble. You enter in the distortion and you exit the exact same place you enter from.
  • DW - Just like the fairy ring.
  • CG - Right. [In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 13: Portals: Navigating Time, CG and DW discuss the peculiar nature of time-space distortions or naturally occurring portal systems in the universe. A fairy ring, is a portal phenomenon described in a fictional work that David brought up during the episode as an example of their mechanics. Apparently in these naturally occurring portals, one must enter and leave using the exact same route or else travel to an alternative timeline in the past, present or future. See the above linked article for more on this.]
  • CG - And when you enter into this distortion, it is completely black. You don't see the sun, stars or planets - nothing; it's completely black.
  • DW - There's nothing visible at all?
  • CG - All you can see is the station that the council meetings take place on.
  • DW - What about other ships?
  • CG - You'll see other ships going to the dual docking arms. So, Gonzales's vessel docks [after entering this distortion between Jupiter and Saturn]. Him and his crew get off, and this is the first time that he had been acknowledged, because he had been there in a support role before with him, and they had only acknowledged me because I was there as the delegate.
  • DW - Can you just help us out here - the visual - like this is a movie. What are we seeing, is it like a whole city? Is it a structure that's just big enough to hold the council or could there be a lot of other stuff going on in it?
  • CG - It's an extremely advanced space station. As Gonzales exited the ship and started walking down the passageways towards the main federation council hall, people were acknowledging him for the first time. There's a main foyer area where people meet and greet before they walk into the main hall. When you walk in to the council room there is a place where each delegation sits in their own horseshoe shaped area. In each section is a main chair that is elevated, with three lower chairs encircling it, bordered by a railing around the whole section.
  • DW - There's one horseshoe for each of these 40 groups?
  • CG - [Yes]; for each delegation. The delegate sits in the main chair with one advisor standing to their back left. In this case [when Gonzales appeared as a delegate], the room was extremely crowded. They knew that there was a big announcement that was going to be made, so it was like standing room only. They had extra delegation chairs for the 60 groups and they had seating and standing room area for a whole bunch of others. Gonzales said he was very excited to sit in this chair. [In an earlier meeting, when I was the delegate and he was my support] I sat in the chair, which operated like a universal translator, using this strange universal ET language that was very monotone, with no one else in the room hearing or understanding it [but me]. So, he sat in the chair and expected some sort of weird sensation, but felt nothing. A being came up and made the announcements. [This is] one of the beings that we're very familiar with [in the SSP], with pumpkin-colored skin, large blue eyes and a cranial ridge that goes from ear to ear across the top of their head. This being was very tall and wore a kind of monk's style robe. This being introduced Gonzales to the whole assembly and announced for him to come forward. Gonzales went to the front and made an announcement that many in attendance there were hoping to hear. He said that the inner barrier around the Earth was going to be relaxed, so that many of the ET's that were trapped on Earth - that are 'benevolent,' here to study our oceans, jungles and could care less about humanity. [These types of ET's] are just here to study our ecosystem. These beings were having a lot of problems being stuck on Earth.
  • DW - They were running out of supplies or...
  • CG - They were having all sorts of problems. But as a result of the development Gonzales was talking about, they could then rejoin their support teams that were waiting for them outside of Earth's orbit; far away. The Intuitive Empaths said that when this announcement was made a huge relief was felt in the room. Gonzales said they would go back to the old style of grid patrols, kind of like an air traffic control of allowing [personnel] to come and go. Gonzales then went back and sat in his chair. A typical thing that happened when I was at these meetings [before] was for each of these 40 groups to go to the front and do a very short two-minute synopsis of how they have contributed to humanity, the 'grand experiment,' why they are so great, what wonderful things they've done for us, etc. - and then they would sit back in their chairs. This happened [in a precession], one after another. After [series of presentations], they went to their shuttles, returning back [to their respective home bases] to debrief [personnel].
  • DW - What is it that these beings think they've done that's so valuable to us?
  • CG - They think that this 'grand experiment' has been a great contribution to the entire galaxy.
  • DW - To the Galaxy?
  • CG - Yeah, and beyond. The Blue Avians have stated that even though some of these beings are very benevolent in our eyes, they are still agenda oriented, and therefore there is still a service to self-aspect to them [that needs to be considered]. [As in, they may act benevolently until the point when an unethical action is required to further their agenda, in which case they would rather perform the immoral action even if it causes harm. This is a morally relativistic stance, the hallmarks of personality infancy and social immaturity; also known as the 'ends justify the means' philosophy or ethical justification.]
  • DW - Are they seeing us as like a master race, like they are trying to mix up [create] the ultimate human?
  • CG - There's like 22 agendas, and some of them are competing. And we also have the Draco agenda and all that, so it's very complicated.
  • DW - How could we benefit the galaxy though? I'm not sure I'm getting this.
  • CG - When we say "we," we're talking about this flesh and blood. You know. This is also a spiritual and much larger experiment than most people realize. [The notion of a grand spiritual experiment is discussed in many extraterrestrial and spiritual works. In the Urantia Book, our world is described as an experimental sphere. In the Law of One, Yahweh altered the genetics of humanity in the distant past. In a documentary series from the early 90's called The Legend of Atlantis, they discuss this in a narrative presented within the first hour of the film. It says, our galaxy has been slowly evolving spiritually over the course of billions of years. Part of the spiritual plan of progress is the development of the physical universe, specifically biological bodies that can exist at material levels of reality (our level) and super-material levels; what we could call etheric. According to the film, countless races have contributed to the genetic and spiritual plan of evolution, overseen by guardian races of an extremely advanced spiritual order. The narrative CG has described in his work somewhat matches what is described in the film; including the German Occult society connection discussed in Season 2 Episode 1 and Season 2 Episode 2.]

  • CG - Some of these beings [that are part of the 22 programs from the super federation] are incarnating as us.
  • DW - That's one of the programs, you're saying.
  • CG - Part of [just] one of the programs. Some of these people that are [considered] starseeds or wanderers, are some of these [ET groups incarnating as humans] here.
  • DW - "Are You a Wanderer" is our most popular Wisdom Teachings episode on Gaiam TV. We have a questionnaire on there with details on [how to tell] if you have these characteristics. If you can answer these questions, than you're most likely an ET soul.
  • CG - Most of the people that are being contacted by these blue orbs are starseeds, wanderers. These "cabal groups," for lack of a better word, are very, very interested in starseeds, co-opting them and using them for, I guess, the dark side.
  • DW - What is the Cabal doing to try and find these wanderers and starseeds? What is their modus operandi?
  • CG - They have many different ways, but with me, it was using standardized testing in schools. They constantly have people out there on the lookout for people showing certain signs and abilities. They find ways to further test them and see if they meet criteria [suggesting they maybe a starseed].
  • DW - These people don't consciously remember in their physical incarnation that their past life was extraterrestrial [in nature]?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - They are bound by rules, where they have to play human, seeming like they are just another ordinary person?
  • CG - Right. The Blue Spheres visiting these people is part of an awakening experience [for them]. These people are going through an awakening right now as to what their role is, what their mission is in this lifetime, why they're here.
  • DW - Is this super federation aware of the energetic changes going on with the sun, these Tsunami's of energy you talk about? [In previous episodes of Cosmic Disclosure as well as in CG's work in general, he reveals that the solar system is being bathed in 'tsunami waves of energy' as a result of our passage through the galaxy and it's energetic currents. These energies affect consciousness at a fundamental level, eventually enhancing all life that comes under their influence.]

  • CG - [They are] very much so [aware of these changes].
  • DW - What's their involvement?
  • CG - Many of them planned on being out of here when this [shift] happens; for what ever reason. That was the purpose of the outer-barrier, to keep everyone that had anything to do with tinkering in our biosphere and humanity here; not to let them escape.
  • DW - There is a line in the Law of One, where it says that when this quantum leap takes place, if you're not ready to go to fourth density, your third density electromagnetic body will fail due to incompatibility. This would suggest that if these people are too heavily third density, and they're not pure enough to be able to go through the transformation, it would actually be like a death sentence for them - 'crispy critters.' [This might be the case, but one of the reasons the Sphere Beings brought the spheres into the solar system was to do everything possible to ensure the maximum number of people would transition; even including the 'negative' ET races. I would hazard to guess that the average person on Earth is much closer to transition then these nefarious ET races. If this is accurate and they honor free will as an ultimate rule, then it stands to reason it would be our choice at some level to empower ourselves to further evolve and in doing so prepare for the transition. In other words, if you read that comment from David and felt a sense of urgency then it probably indicates you are ready seeking truth in order to evolve.]
  • CG - Right. A lot of what these ET's and Blue Avians - what they believe and work off - is Natural Law and the Law of One.
  • DW - What is Natural Law exactly?
  • CG - I am learning a lot of these things now. In the beginning, when I first started contacting you, I had read a little bit about the Law of One, but I still need to learn more about it.
  • DW - Yeah, the Blue Avians told you to buy the book, and I saw it in your room.
  • CG - Yeah, and my wife had been reading it.
  • DW - And it hasn't even been cracked open yet <chuckle>.
  • CG - No, my wife is almost through reading it.
  • DW - Well she's a very clean reader then, because it looks brand new <chuckle>.
  • CG - I haven't even read it, so I'm not doing exactly as well as I should be doing learning some of these things.
  • DW - Wow, but you've done an amazing job risking your life to come forward. We're going to have a lot more to talk about. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I think you for watching; because you need to know the truth.
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