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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 2: Agarthans: Advancing the Frontier - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Corey and David go further into the German secret space program and the nature of their contact with the Agarthan Network, a group of ancient breakaway civilization humans who have watched and contacted humanity throughout all of the modern day historical record. 

According to Goode, the Greek pantheon of gods as well as ET contacts made during the 1950's was all a group of highly advanced humans that consciously chose to deceive the surface population in an effort to protect their underground settlements. 

The Draco are also discussed extensively in this episode, as well as the apparent existence of ancient cities under glaciers in Antartica. Before the end of World War II, several German occult groups developed bases there. They also ventured to the Moon, and attempted to create a settlement with the help of an alliance they made. All this and more in the following.

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Show Description:
Corey Goode recounts the earliest days of Germany’s secret space program which included collaborations with a subterranean civilization known as the Agarthans. Corey explains that when we took our first steps out into the cosmos, the initial advancements did not originate solely from extraterrestrial beings. Rather, they came from advanced civilizations, of a terrestrial origin, which have always been right beneath our feet.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 6, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome. I am your host David Wilcock, and it's very exciting to be bringing you this cosmic information, blowing the lid off government cover ups, conspiracies and the lies that have been said for so long. I want the truth and I think you want the truth too or you wouldn't be here. The truth will require a little flexibility in your belief system because the more we get into this stuff, the more we find out that everything we think we know is nothing more than a fairytale. The real world is far more interesting, complex and wondrous than we could possibly imagine. Corey, last time we were talking about the history of the secret space program (SSP). In modern times you said that starts with German occult groups.
  • CG - Correct.
  • DW - You said that there were two major intelligent civilizations that the Germans came in contact with, that helped them perfect their Bell craft, an antigravity technology.
German Bell craft, allegedly capable of antigravity propulsion.
  • CG - They were already well underway on their own and these two other civilizations helped them develop it to a perfected point.
  • DW - And you said that one of these civilizations is called the Draco and the other ones are called the Agarthans that are underground in the Himalayas. [In the previous episode of Cosmic Disclosure, CG and DW cover how these contacts where made and more specific information as to the technology that was developed. See the below linked article for more on this.]
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Artist rendition of a Draco or Reptilian being.
Artist rendition of an Agatharn, also known as the Nordics.
Photograph of temple in the Himalayas.
  • CG - Correct.
  • DW - When did these Agarthans live above ground?
  • CG - It's not fully known, probably was tens of thousands of years ago.
  • DW - Did something happen on the surface that caused them to flee? Like a pole shift or something like that?
  • CG - It was a cataclysm that caused them to go underground. Cyclicly in time, the Earth has gone through several cataclysms, as modern archeologists and geologists have shown.
  • DW - It kind of sounds like the Greek gods, where they supposedly had blonde hair and blue eyes; and really didn't seem like very nice people. They were warring with each other - Zeus' thunderbolt, these depictions of "weapons in mythology", it sounds like hand held technology of some kind.
"Venus" by Sandro Botticelli
"The Creation of Man" by Luca Giordano

  • DW - Do you think there might be a connection between the Greek gods and the Agarthans?
  • CG - Absolutely. They presented themselves to surface populations as though they were gods, until we reached a certain sophistication level. After that point, they started representing themselves as aliens or ET's. After we became sophisticated to a point where we didn't believe that everything that happens is magical, where we understand technology, they had to change their narrative from one of gods to extraterrestrials.
  • DW - You said that their underground civilization was a very advanced city..
  • CG - Well, a network...
  • DW - Oh there's a network of cities...
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Do they have their own transportation system between cities?
  • CG - I haven't been there; I don't know. But they call it the Agarthan Network.
  • DW - What would these cities look like if we were to see one? Did you ever see any video or images of them?
  • CG - I never saw images or any information other than that they are extremely advanced and self reliant.
  • DW - Have they had craft the whole time they were underground, so they could fly around?
  • CG - Yes, and they have a fleet called "The Silver Fleet."

  • DW - Let's get a little more into the Draco for a minute. I can't help but think you're saying the smart glass pads told you they got here about 375,000 years ago. [In previous episodes, CG revealed that during his time in the secret space program, aboard a research vessel, he had access to smart glass pads. These pads are a lot like an iPad, except they can project an image in 3D above the device. Apparently a great deal of hidden history and information was made available to secret space program participants via these devices.]
  • CG - Approximately.
  • DW - Is there a connection between the Draco and what the Sumerians called the Annunaki?
  • CG - Some research shows that they were in contact and doing experiments on human beings a long, long time ago - going way back. This is separate from the human type ET's that are in the Super Federation, which have 22 different genetic and social programs. [In previous updates and Cosmic Disclosure episodes, CG discusses that there are dozens of ET races in our solar system, with some going back millions of years. According to a Super Federation Council meeting he attended earlier this year, there are 22 different experimental programs involving genetic and social manipulation of the surface population. See the below linked article for more on this.]
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  • CG - This could be what Zecharia Sitchin was talking about as the Annunaki. It was explained in detail to me that Annunaki is just a Sumerian term, that to us today means ET's; “those who Anu sent from heaven to earth”. It refers to more than one group. But it seems pretty obvious they are referring to some type of Reptilian in those texts.
Zecharia Sitchin holding a rendition of a Sumerian tablet, rendered by rolling a cylinder seal on wet clay. 
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  • DW - When you actually look at the Sumerian carvings, not only do you see these people that are at least twice as tall as the humans around them, you also see Avians. There are Sumerian carvings with human looking bodies with a bird head on top; which is very interesting. So this would support what your saying, that Annunaki refers to more than one type of ET.
Sumerian carving depicting the Annunaki.

Bird-like Annunaki figure holding a pinecone.

Bird-like Annunaki figure.
  • DW - Are you aware of there being other Avians out there; besides the Blue Avians? [In previous episodes, CG revealed that the secret space program faction Solar Warden, broke away from the Cabal run program and made contact with an extremely advanced group of beings known as the Sphere Being Alliance. This group is comprised of five races, one of which is known in the SSP as the Blue Avians. Click here to view an image.]
  • CG - Yes, there's several different types. Some of them are quite unfriendly. But they are more of the fourth density kind of technological level. They are technologically based, not higher density - etheric or spiritually based. [The term 'fourth density' here refers to a system of differentiating the types of life found through out the universe, as described within the Law of One series. Simply put, density refers to the concentration of consciousness energy active within any given embodiment or life form. Humanity is considered to be a third density race. This system accounts for attainment or evolution of a species based on consciousness itself; how well the will is able to manifest desires. Density is different from dimension in this system, despite the fact that the terms are used interchangeably in many circles. For more on this see the below linked article.]
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  • DW - When you see a creepy movie like "Eyes Wide Shut" or other depictions of Cabal groups meeting where they wear these masks. It seems like a lot of these masks are Avian or bird-like, meaning that the person is human, but they have a bird-like head.

  • DW - Do you think those Avian masks maybe related to Avians having visited us in the past?
  • CG - Ancient Egyptians have depicted Avians like Thoth and Horus.
Egyptian depiction of Thoth or Hermes Trismegistus; alleged founder of the Hermetic philosophies described in
the The Kybalion.

Depiction of Horus and Isis.
  • CG - There's been talk of - maybe in the Law of One - that a sixth density group came down and taught them certain information. But as soon as they left, a group distorted it and created a cult that became negative, and these teachings became associated with negativity. [This is exactly what the Law of One describes. Ra is a sixth density social memory complex, a planetary group consciousness (not a hive mind), that evolved originally on the planet Venus, making contact with the Earth peoples in Egypt and South America thousands of years ago. They attempted to share information about the law of one, but it was corrupted and used against the people. They call themselves the 'brothers and sisters of sorrow' recognizing there failure and harm suffered on to the people of Earth. As a result of the damaged caused, they have a moral duty to take actions in assisting humanity if they are able, which ostensibly is the reason the Sphere Beings are here; although CG has never clearly stated that the Blue Avians are Ra from the Law of One series.]
  • DW - Yes, that's absolutely right. How right do you think Sitchin got? Do you think that the Draco spliced their genetics with our own to create the "Adam"or the primitive worker [described in the Sumerian texts] known as the "Adamu?"
  • CG - I'm not certain that they were the group that did that. I know that there is - and this is disturbing for some people - but we have quite a few different races genetics spliced in with ours. And there is a small amount of Reptilian DNA spliced into the human genome.
  • DW - The Draco, to your understanding though, have been here the whole time? They didn't go anywhere?
  • CG - There have been battles over Earth for some time. There have been times where the Draco have been driven back and left remnants here. There's been times when the Draco came back and drove other ET groups away. There's been pretty wild history, over hundreds of thousands of years, on this planet.
  • DW - You see in the Sumerian records the Lamia, which are the serpent people.
  • DW - You have the Hindu Nagas. There's a temple for the serpent god's [in that area].
Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.
  • DW - Then you have the step pyramids of Mesoamerica where you have these Draco heads at the bottom of the pyramid. Everybody thinks that's just a snake head.
Kukulkan Pyramid in central America. 

  • DW - Do you think that these are examples of where the Draco had gotten a foothold on Earth?
  • CG - It could be. There are other beings, raptor kind of beings, that some people confuse with Reptilians, that are more bird like in the way they move. A lot of them have plumes of feathers running down their backs.
  • CG - They are kind of a mix between Reptilian and an Avian bird.
  • DW - Do you think that pretty much almost anything we can imagine, in terms of a humanoid-looking being is out there some where?
  • CG - Pretty much.

  • DW - So now lets bring this back - your opening up other subjects, and I don't want to abandon those, but there's so many different ways we can go when talking about all this. The Draco may have this connection to the Annunaki - the Sumerian connection, etc. You said they've been driven away and then they came back... these are nasty folks, right?
  • CG - Yeah, very much so.
  • DW - The legends of when people are supposedly being sacrificed at these step pyramids - did they want this kind of tribute paid to them, human sacrifice, that kind of thing?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - So these are nasty guys. Why would anyone want to work with them?
  • CG - Well they are pretty nasty themselves.
  • DW - The German occult societies?
  • CG - Yes, and later on, other western occult societies.
  • DW - Why would anybody in Germany - or anywhere for that matter - want to work with a group that seems to be negative and clearly more powerful than they are? What could they possibly gain out of something so seemingly stupid?
  • CG - Well technology and also an alliance with the group that once they started going out into outer space, they started running into other groups; and they aren't so friendly either. [The German occult group] decided to ally themselves with the 'tough kid on the play ground.'
  • DW - What was the role of the Agarthans in the early development of their transition from just having Bell craft to actually starting to build a breakaway civilization?
  • CG - The Germans really took more to (or worked better with) the Agarthans.
  • DW - They did?
  • CG - Yes. They looked more alike, the blonde hair and blue eyes it kind of went along with the master race [idea] ...
  • DW - Are the Agarthans about the same height as us?
  • CG - Yes, maybe a little taller, but pretty much within the same height range.
  • DW - And what would they be seen as wearing?
  • CG - They would wear unitards. The Germans later on would wear the same uniforms, flying around pretending to be ET's as well, making contact with people in the 1950's saying "we're ET's and we're here for the benefit of planet Earth"
  • DW - Do you know whether the Germans made contact with the Draco first, or was it with the Agarthans? Or, was it both kind of in the same window of time?
  • CG - I believe it was with the Draco first. It could have started with slow connections to the Agarthans, when they were doing a lot of their excavations in the east, looking for ancient writings talking about Vimana, and that kind of stuff. [In the previous episode, CG and DW discuss the Vimana devices described in the Vedic texts and how the German secret space program used them to build their first prototype antigravity craft.]
  • DW - Did the Agarthans welcome the Germans into their society, bringing them underground for a dog-and-pony show, revealing all this sizzling technology and that kind of stuff?
  • CG - It was more towards the end of World War II that the Agarthans invited some of the Germans to come to their network. They showed them the ancient ruins underneath the ice of Antartica..
  • DW - What ancient ruins?
  • CG - There are some ancient ruins underneath the ice of Antartica. And...
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  • DW - For those who aren't familiar with this, most people would think has just always been covered by glaciers. So how do you build under a glacier?
  • CG - There are a lot of ancient ruins that are completely crushed by glaciers. There's a of lot underground cities and networks under glaciers. There is also a lot of thermal activity that causes formations, a lot like lava tubes, in the ice itself - huge area's of domed ice, underneath there are cities.
  • DW - The heat from the volcanic activity keeps it warm enough so you can live their comfortably?
  • CG - Right?
  • DW - Well that's sort of like the Eskimo's building an igloo right? It's really cold out side - I did this in boy scouts. You build a snow fort, it's called a lean-to. You dig into a snow bank on the side of a tree, your breath immediately starts to melt the snow, it starts to turn to ice, and even though you're surrounded by ice, you're very warm and comfortable in there.
  • CG - Yeah, the stored up thermal energy in the ground comes up [into the cavity].
  • DW - Just to clarify, are you saying that some kind of Earth crustal displacement or actual physical movement of the Earth's rotational axis took place, so that what we now think of as Antartica at one time was habitable land [in a different location on the Earth's surface]?
  • CG - It was more like Australia, more than likely.
  • DW - And your saying that there was some settlement on that land before this event took place?
  • CG - Right, there's an ancient civilization there.
  • DW - Is this the Atlantean flood, the 13,000 year old catastrophe; as far as you know?
  • CG - No, this is much older.
  • DW - This is much older than that.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Really? Do you know what the time frame was?
  • CG - No. I know that people at first thought it was the Agarthans original home, but the information that I read was that it was much to old to have been their home. It's been a lot time since I read it. I don't know the age difference that made it improbable for it to have been their original home. But they were obviously aware of it's existence.
  • DW - I can hear the bleeding of some sacred cows being slaughtered here <chuckle> [as in belief systems are being challenged by CG's testimony.] 
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Is this an ancient builder race ruin? Is it that kind of old, like millions of years?
  • CG - No.
  • DW - Oh, so something in between.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - What did the Germans see? First of all, how do you get to Antartica? Had anyone been there before in modern times? I think Cook went there or something...
  • CG - Yeah, I think there has been a few expeditions there. But there are three occupied cities under the ice. Two were...
  • DW - Occupied? In Antartica?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - When the Germans got there, they were already occupied?
  • CG - Well one of the cities was somewhat in disarray, but it was perfect for their U-boats (submarines) to come up under the ice in a cavern area. It was perfect for them to build out from there.

  • CG - But there were two other cities further inland that were already occupied by other groups. I don't know who these other groups were, but they ended up allying with the Germans.
  • DW - Really?
  • CG - <nods head>
  • DW - Did the Agarthans tell them where to sail? As in, the Agarthans had already identified this [area]?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Why would the Agarthans need the Germans to develop something, when they have this vast Agarthan Network of all these underground cities already?
  • CG - Well they invited some of the Germans into their Agarthan Network. In the treaty they had assisted the Germans in locating areas in Antartica and the east part of South America to create underground bases and also above ground cities, that were almost entirely German.
  • DW - So is this like a signing bonus that the Germans get, like some of the things that the Agarthans knew about but didn't like that much, maybe the less hospitable areas. And they sort of gave it to the Germans as a 'carrot on a stick'.
  • CG - I think it was just part of their treaty.
  • DW - The Agarthans hadn't developed out these places already before? They were largely abandoned like the one place in Antartica you were talking about?
  • CG - The Germans developed them out [as in took what was there and built installations on top of them.]

  • DW - You said when the Germans got there it was in 'disarray'. So talk us through it. The U-boat goes under the ice. It pops up. And you say it's warm in there because of volcanism. It's like a dome.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - What do they see when they pop up? Is there grass? Do you actually have a biome? Do you have some life forms? Or is it all just really icy and cold?
  • CG - I'm not exactly sure about all the fine details, but I know there were a lot of structures that were abandoned or damaged - it was just in disarray. There was already an underground complex that they could reoccupy, refurbish and set up.
  • DW - Structures could be almost anything, is this like ancient builder race type of stuff; like pyramids?
  • CG - Not that old; no.
  • DW - What would these structures look like if we were to see them now?
  • CG - I don't know. I have not seen images of them. I just read text.
  • DW - How advanced was this technology? Are we dealing with pueblos?
  • CG - It was advanced building structures, but there was no advanced technology there. It was apparently already 'picked over.'
  • DW - When you say advanced building structures, superior to what we have now with Manhattan skyline and skyscrapers?
  • CG - Well, superior to what they had then, at least in the reports that were written during that time period.
  • DW - How much of a detachment of personnel did the Germans send down there to explore this? First of all, I guess do you know how big it was? How many square miles?
  • CG - No. They had a fairly large detachment - I don't know how large - of people in Antartica and in Argentina, Brazil - all spread out in South America, that would resupply the Antarctic base. They had infrastructure and a network down there, they put quite a bit of effort in setting up.
  • DW - Did they largely use submarines to get to this Antarctic base so they could avoid detection from the air?
  • CG - It had to be reached from submarine or their highly advanced aircraft.
  • DW - Ok. The Agarthans, you said, also directed them toward South America. Is this ancient builder race type stuff, or were they just settling in the jungle?
  • CG - In the jungle and in caverns.
  • DW - Caverns from the ancient builder race?
  • CG - Not ancient builder race; just caverns that they built up themselves, with their own infrastructure...
  • DW - So nothing ancient or interesting about it?
  • CG - Right. That was completely a building up of their own resources.
  • DW - Did Antartica happen before they were leaving the planet? Before they were building any where else?
  • CG - The Germans were already starting to leave the planet. But Antartica came as it was becoming obvious that the Axis powers were going to lose the war.
  • DW - So they need a place to hide and that was their best bet?
  • CG - Right. They started building Antartica out years in advance. They knew that the war was going to go badly years ahead.
  • DW - With a combination of technological endowments from the Draco and the Agarthans, the Germans perfected their Bell craft. Because you said they are not really Nazi's right? It was the German occult societies.
  • CG - And the Bell was not a craft, it was an engine.
Image depicting German antigravity craft powered by the Bell engine.
  • CG - People couldn't get inside the Bell.

  • DW - Where did the Germans go first? And what did they find that was interesting?
  • CG - First they went to the Moon. They had a couple failed attempts at building a base...
  • DW - How many Bell craft did they have?
  • CG - Quite a few.
  • DW - Thousands?
  • CG - No, no. Probably less than 100 at the beginning.
  • DW - Were any of them large enough to carry a decent amount of cargo with them?
  • CG - Yeah, they had several different sizes. I think there were three different sizes.
  • DW - What was the largest size?
  • CG - I think 90 feed across.
  • DW - So you could fit a lot of stuff in there.
  • CG - Not a whole lot, with the amount of room they had in the area of the craft. But in the 90-foot ones it was a lot more than the 24 foot ones - I can't remember the exact dimensions.
  • DW - Now you said before that the Super Federation folks, who have been running 22 different programs to tweak our DNA and mix their genetics with our own, that there's a huge settlement on the dark side of the moon where everyone has their own diplomatic region and boundaries... [In episode 3 of Cosmic Disclosure: Lunar Operations Command, CG and DW extensively discuss this base and the exopolitical climate there. Click the below linked article for more on this.]
  • CG - Yeah, multiple settlements [on the Moon].
  • DW - So why wouldn't those folks just want to blow up the Germans if there showing up, trying to find territory themselves?
  • CG - Because the Germans built [there base] in a diplomatic area with some allies they made.
  • DW - Really. Would that be the Draco?
  • CG - I believe it was most likely the Draco
  • DW - So it was because of some sort of complex treaty that the Germans were able to do anything at all?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - You mentioned these Agarthans working with German occult societies in the 1930's and on into the 1940's. Are these Agarthans still here today?

  • CG - Yes, very much so. They presented themselves as ET's to the secret space program, and the SSP figured out that they were not what they claimed to be around the late 1970's time period. They pretty much stopped pretending to be ET's to the SSP because the 'jig was up.' But they are still presenting themselves as ET's to a lot of people on the surface of the planet. [In an extensive report, CG discussed a meeting with a council of ancient breakaway civilizations living below the Earth's surface. Many of the groups there are humanlike and have a general distain for the 'impure' surface population of humans. They also say that they have an active program of disinformation used against the surface population, so as to keep their underground location secret. For more on this see the below linked article.]
  • DW - Do the Agarthans have a seat in this Super Federation Council?
  • CG - No.
  • DW - Oh they are totally different?
  • CG - Right. There's a different group that is very similar to the way the Agarthans look, but they are indeed very much taller. They don't look like our average size. But they have a little bit larger foreheads and have a Nordic appearance.
  • DW - What's their height?
  • CG - Around the 10-foot or 9-foot range.
  • DW - Wow.
  • CG - So there is a difference.
  • DW - Do the Agarthans meet with other intelligent civilizations? Or do they pretty much keep to themselves. What's their role in today's extraterrestrial geopolitics?
  • CG - They have alliances with other ancient breakaway civilizations, we're not the only one. And they have alliances with ET groups.
  • DW - Well we're just getting the surface scratched here. Obviously this question of the development of the space program is complex. But as long as it's interesting, and it certainly is, I am happy to keep this thread going. We've talked about a lot of fearful stuff, could you just assure people who may not have seen other episodes. Do we need to worry about these Germans, Agarthans or Draco? Are we just filet mignon waiting for them to come and pick us up?
  • CG - No, the damage has already been done that they were going to do. There has been a new group that's moved into the solar system. They are pretty much neutralizing any of these groups attempts to start any large-scale problems. ANy type of fearful stuff you see on the news, I would just disregard. There is more of a positive future in store for us, if the SSP alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance has their way.
  • DW - We don't want fear, right? This is what these negative groups have been trying to do is generate fear.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - And it turns out that there's now very effective countermeasures to stop them from being able to achieve their goals.
  • CG - That's right.
  • DW - Excellent. Well, Corey I want to thank you for being here. As always I want to thank you for watching. I'm just trying to get my head screwed back on. This is really wild stuff. We'll be back next time with more of the history of the secret space program. More about the development of colonies on the Moon and Mars. So stay tuned.
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