Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stewart Swerdlow: Former Montauk Project Asset Discusses Electromagnetic Mind Control and Secret Space Program

Stewart Swerdlow claims to be the son of a Russian spy that originally created the KGB intelligence service. He also claims to be a former Montauk project asset, working on black budget mind control programs, which accidentally discovered time travel technology during their now infamous experiments on Montauk Island New York. 

In the first of the two videos, Swerdlow discusses electromagnetic mind control technology, which has the ability to project suggestions directly into the human mind by identifying a person's unique genetic signature. Much of that information is also discussed by Harald Kautz Vella in the below linked article. 

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He also discusses human history that reaches much farther back into the Earth's deep past. According to Swerdlow, a series of massive objects began to enter the solar system in the past decades. This set of data matches what secret space program insider Corey Goode discusses in his work. As a matter of fact, a great deal of what Swerdlow discusses - the hidden science of wormholes and cosmology - is also mentioned by Goode. 

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He also asserts that the Sun is a star gate, a type of universal organic technology specifically designed to allow space fairing races to explore the stars. 

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The second video focuses on the secret space program and the staged alien invasion scenario. Again, many of the data points  match the work of other secret space program whistleblowers, but he seems to assert that much of Project Blue Beam technology (used for staging a fake alien invasion) is still functional. Other insiders have said that this technology is no longer in the hands of the military industrial complex. 

The flowing list of related links go along well with the information covered. 

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He also discusses: the Nazi or German secret space program, CERN, HAAPR, ISIS, Hollow Earth, cities in Antartica, secret underground basis, 70 different types of hostile alien races, hidden science and ancient history, spirituality, consciousness, the Vatican connection to the secret space program, the Wingmaker material being coopted, symbolism, remote viewing, deprograming techniques and much more. 

Note: Swerdlow's perspective on exopolitics is that there are no benevolent races interacting with humanity; they only observe from afar. He also says that there is a race of beings in the outer solar system trying to stop the Illuminati, but only because it interferes with their own agenda. He contends that Project Blue Beam technology will be used before the end of 2015. Whether or not his perspective is accurate remains to be seen, yet this is a valid point to consider given that these technologies do seem to exist.

The goal in sharing this is to consider the points offered, not to try and assert a fearful perspective or outcome for our planet. 

- Justin

Bases 49 Stewart Swerdlow Mind Control

Published on Oct 6, 2015

Stewart Swerdlow gives a rare interview, from London on the origins of Mind Control, and the major new players in the Game. The use of the giant colliders to create gates so that the existing so called "Illuminati" theafdoms can make the earth the centre of new galactic and inter universe OUR expense. The new force now gathering just outside the solar system, and using the sun as a gate, is preparing to take the existing so called 'illuminati' out..but not for our gain, but theirs.
With more highly detailed material, which concurs in part with other observers and commentators, this interview is a major step in awakening us, so we can take control back of own planet while the elite forces engage in war. But we do not have time to do so.

Stewart Swerdlow - Free Your Mind 3 Conference 2015

Published on Sep 26, 2015

Tickets for FYM 4 are now available at:

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Stewart Swerdlow - Genesis

Published on May 3, 2015

Stewart Swerdlow speaks of Atlantis and more.

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