Thursday, October 1, 2015

Putin Says the U.S. Created ISIS | Putin Blasts Obama For Arming and Paying Mercenaries Who Became ISIS Fighters

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has become infamous for his damning appraisals of U.S. foreign policy. For those well versed in the hidden history of the past 100 years, there are a staggering number of false flag events orchestrated by a transnational criminal cabal, using the United States as a military center of power.

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The post 9/11 War on Terror is a unilateral imperialistic effort by the U.S., destabilizing nation-states under the guise of protecting freedom, using mercenaries, terrorists and extremism to achieve it's ends. The intelligence apparatus employ deceptive means to force nations into compliance, and those who do not comply are stampeded by the U.S. war machine.

Putin seems to be one of the few world leaders that draws these shady practices to the public eye. The following is a video from a US press conference in late 2014, wherein he reveals that there is evidence the U.S. created the terrorist group ISIS. Despite being an american assembly, this address did not get reported on by any mainstream media outlet, such as CNN or Fox News.

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Could they be trying to shield the truth from the american people? It seems so.

Below the video is a line by line translation (copied from youtube) of Putin's address.

- Justin

Source - World Truth TV

(Truth And Action) In a press conference, with American journalists in attendance, Vladimir Putin answered questions and posed alternate questions at the journalists. Putin opened up assertively on his take on the Middle East, which has become a huge thorn in Obama’s side.

Putin challenged Obama and laid the blame for the rise of ISIS right on Obama’s lap. Putin, while addressing the UN stated he would use force to keep his ally Assad in power, using the argument that the whole Middle East has become destabilized by the “Arab Spring” and accused Obama of paying mercenaries and arming them just to see those mercenaries switch sides joining ISIS.

Published on Sep 25, 2015

In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc are less pressing issues.)%)))

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.

In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.

I'm not affiliated to them but I encourage those interested in Eurasian politics to follow Valdai on Facebook, for truthful insights with leading experts.

Rough translation provided by youtube:
  • 0:05 first acts did not say that in the US 
  • 0:08 They represent a threat to us 
  • 0:11 President Obama as you have said is considered 
  • 0:14 Russian threats 
  • 0:15 I do not think that the United States will present a threat to us 
  • 0:19 I think that he 
  • 0:21 policy 
  • 0:22 as the ruling circles 
  • 0:24 but sorry 
  • 0:26 consumed beds 
  • 0:28 stamp 
  • 0:29 government policies ruling 
  • 0:31 circles 
  • 0:32 It is incorrect 
  • 0:36 Sure it 
  • 0:38 contrary to the interest and 
  • 0:41 but our interests 
  • 0:43 It undermines the credibility of the walls and in the states 
  • 0:45 sense 
  • 0:47 is applied to raw materials and certain states 
  • 0:50 damage 
  • 0:51 at least as a 
  • 0:53 one of the global leaders 
  • 0:56 in economics and politics 
  • 0:58 but you can of course 
  • 100 many things hush 
  • 1:04 I have already talked about the botnet Dominica 
  • 1:06 This recall 
  • 1:08 unilateral action 
  • 1:10 order of 
  • 1:11 their subsequent searches 
  • 1:14 m on the creation of a coalition of allies 
  • 1:17 settlements in connection with the case on 
  • 1:20 but the new coalition is not the way to negotiate 
  • 1:22 true 
  • 1:23 This unilateral action 
  • 1:25 and they are used constantly 
  • 1:27 the current policy of state's son 
  • 1:30 and result in a crisis 
  • 1:33 I also say this 
  • 1:36 like that about Jsc Present Obama 
  • 1:38 mentioned estimates is one of the threats 
  • 1:43 Well, then 
  • 1:45 people who helped to arm 
  • 1:48 profession struggled RF 
  • 1:50 nasa events 
  • 1:53 the one who created favorable 
  • 1:55 Political Information 
  • 1:57 climate 
  • 1:58 who pushed the supply of arms 
  • 2:02 human rights on the ground understand it 
  • 2:05 equipment out there fighting the mercenaries 
  • 2:08 basically 
  • 2:10 You know that they pay money 
  • 2:13 I am emphasizing the methane 
  • 2:15 People are paying more 
  • 2:18 already have an agreement 
  • 2:20 they are paid 
  • 2:20 but a certain amount 
  • 2:23 I even called these sums we 
  • 2:25 pay 
  • 2:26 they're at war with all the weapons they already 
  • 2:28 not take away 
  • 2:29 it turned out that something different and a little luck 
  • 2:31 Drobysh pay 
  • 2:33 they are there to peretekut 
  • 2:35 quota Nani took the field 
  • 2:38 oil there say 
  • 2:39 I was somewhere in Iraq or 
  • 2:42 Russia 
  • 2:43 began to produce oil 
  • 2:45 they do not buy it 
  • 2:48 transported sell 
  • 2:51 Why imposes sanctions on us 
  • 2:53 all who do 
  • 2:56 and what they will do they know who is doing 
  • 3:00 Is not it their allies 
  • 3:02 deal 
  • 3:04 and to me that they are not 
  • 3:05 force opportunity to influence their 
  • 3:08 allies, or they do not want to influence 
  • 3:10 Why not vindictive Kiev 
  • 3:13 Now there began to not transfer them years 
  • 3:15 presented to pay more 
  • 3:18 because there is just a part of these militants 
  • 3:20 It flowed from the so-called 
  • 3:22 said opposition area immediately 
  • 3:25 flowed into the region that her husband board 
  • 3:28 I believe that it is absolutely 
  • 3:30 unprofessional and not allocated 
  • 3:33 policy 
  • 3:34 illegally realities 
  • 3:39 it is necessary to maintain 
  • 3:40 NP on civilized MBNK 
  • 3:42 the democratic opposition in Syria 
  • 3:45 we supported 
  • 3:46 further weapons and Breakfast 
  • 3:48 half of the militants there went passed 
  • 3:50 to SMI 
  • 3:51 that it was impossible to think about it a little 
  • 3:52 a little further away it before 
  • 3:55 What we are against this 
  • 3:58 Wall states, we believe that our 
  • 4:00 usually 
  • 4:01 damage to all including beer 
  • 4:05 as regards the taking into account our interests 
  • 4:07 we would like to like people 
  • 4:10 you are such people as you headed 
  • 4:11 State Department can 
  • 4:13 then be able to be like that 
  • 4:15 but if I make a difference if it 
  • 4:17 not going to happen 
  • 4:19 but I then asked to bring this so when 
  • 4:22 our partners and to the President of doubt with them 
  • 4:24 State child on the third row after 
  • 4:27 other responsible persons that we do not want 
  • 4:30 Onishchenko confrontation 
  • 4:33 March you believe that you have to respect our 
  • 4:36 the interests of the many things they will be adjusted 
  • 4:40 in the house but it must be done not only in words but 
  • 4:43 in practice 
  • 4:45 other conditions similar interests him 
  • 4:47 relate 
  • 4:48 this means that the 
  • 4:52 as I have already said that the statement can not be 
  • 4:54 Jemal using its salt 
  • 4:56 m exclusive 
  • 4:58 from the method of the economic situation 
  • 5:00 there Mambetov 
  • 5:01 in the military sphere 
  • 5:02 heat around 
  • 5:05 Well lie there 
  • 5:07 Fight bad exam NGLU all 
  • 5:10 resentment at the fact that you sent 
  • 5:12 classified ads 
  • 5:13 because people did 
  • 5:15 at the time of the court decision 
  • 5:17 this security as 
  • 5:20 Plant means 
  • 5:22 on the no-fly zone to do what for 
  • 5:24 to give Light could 
  • 5:26 Gaddafi on the airplanes there 50 
  • 5:28 probably centuries 
  • 5:31 also think not the best solution 
  • 5:33 okay 
  • 5:34 but what really made themselves started 
  • 5:37 strike 
  • 5:38 including the territory of the obvious 
  • 5:41 gross violations of Council resolutions 
  • 5:43 UN Security Council almost aggression 
  • 5:46 without resolution 
  • 5:47 that what we have done 
  • 5:49 did you do it with your hands and 
  • 5:51 ended up killing them than your 
  • 5:53 Ambassador 
  • 5:54 who is guilty 
  • 5:56 are to blame 
  • 5:58 it is good for the United States that killed sent 
  • 6:01 terrible terrible catastrophe 
  • 6:05 no need to look guilty 
  • 6:09 themselves admit mistake 
  • 6:12 Conversely need 
  • 6:13 m rise above it on the boards here 
  • 6:17 on the desire to 
  • 6:18 certainly dominate and there 
  • 6:21 on the start of this 
  • 6:22 Why bold ambition 
  • 6:24 no need to send the minds of millions 
  • 6:26 people so that another policy 
  • 6:28 the area that there can be no other than the imperial 
  • 6:33 most will never forget 
  • 6:34 on we helped powerful 
  • 6:36 states 
  • 6:37 Aaron Porter 
  • 6:38 acquisition in gaining independence 
  • 6:41 but we will never forget 
  • 6:43 Our cooperation 
  • 6:44 Alliance 
  • 6:45 especially the Second World War 
  • 6:47 I believe that the minority shareholders 
  • 6:50 there are deep strategic 
  • 6:52 interests 
  • 6:53 the American people, the Russian people 
  • 6:55 largely coincide 
  • 6:58 it is not necessary surgeries a year on these mutual 
  • 7:00 interests 
  • 7:03 official position 
  • 7:07 China 


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