Friday, October 9, 2015

Mark Passio, Free Your Mind 3 Conference | The Cult of Ultimate Evil, Order-Followers & The Destruction of the Sacred Feminine

Mark Passio is a former satanist priest turned activist and altruist after discovering first hand nefarious activities of a hidden elite operating within the highest levels of government. 

He has since that time become a pillar within the awakening community, sharing deep truths about reality using an in your face style of presentation. While the information he shares is arguably the most important for these shifting times, it is not for the faint of heart. His methods will challenge us in our ability to seek the truth in all ways, even when it might make us uncomfortable. 

The following presentation is from the Free Your Mind 3 Conference held on April 11th 2015 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania; on the suggestive date of 4/11. Passio covers how order-following by the ignorant masses is the primary cause for bringing about evil and chaos in the world. Each order follower, whether police, military or simply the acquiescence of the masses, literally makes manifest the insidious plans of our would-be masters. In all likelihood, each one of us has helped contribute to the currant state of affairs by complying with tyranny at some point in the past; yet we always have the ability to change once we seek the truth. 

Considering how many destructive policies go unchecked because of never questioning authority, order-following is arguably the most morally reprehensible practice in history. All environmental destruction, war, illness and suffering is a result of ignorance, the consciousness from which tyranny and slavery takes root. 

As such, it is only through bravely seeking knowledge and sharing it with others can we hope to heal our darkened world. It is this capacity to change, to learn and grow from the errors of our past that provides us a ray of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Mark acknowledges the wisdom of the heart and holistic intelligence, focusing on empowering individuals with truth and activating the latent moral desires within each being. He describes the deep psychological reasons for why order following takes place, a type of cult indoctrination, along with methods for healing the trauma that makes it all possible.

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- Justin

Published on Sep 27, 2015

This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 3 Conference in 2015. In this lecture, Mark explains how Order-Followers in the Police and Military are members of a world-wide Cult that is destroying human freedom.

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