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Corey Interviewed on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone, Orb Videos, The Cabal Represents Humanity at Super Federation Council Meetings | Corey GoodETxSG

Update October 24th 2015 - Corey offered more clarity on the Cabal representing humanity at super federation council meetings. I made an error in stating that they represent humanity at SSP Alliance meetings, it is in fact only during super federation council meetings. That comment has been added to the section regarding this topic below.

Corey has been more quiet than usual. He did say recently that he has been filming at Gaiam TV studios over the past few weeks. He also said he caught a stomach bug that he's been recovering from.

For all those that asked me if he is ok, hopefully the following updates will alleviate your concern. He seems to be well.

There are several amateur videos of orbs in this update. The back-story behind these videos I found interesting in determining who is being contacted by the Sphere Being Alliance and why. I suspect that it has much more to do with opening the minds of these contactee's, as part of their spiritual awakening process, than some 'special mission' that would allow one to feel a sense of personal pride. 

There is also an interesting comment regarding who represents humanity in the super federation council meetings. Oddly enough, it's the Cabal, and while this may sound insane to some, there is a very good reason for this that Corey provided, which seems very accurate. 

My commentary will be in bold [green brackets] with Corey's text in black

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: You can also watch three episodes for free, which provides a brief introduction to Corey's work. For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (October 16th 4:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance
 Reposting a link from Ben Rode below....
I don't know why I felt led to take the time to watch this when I'm prepping for an interview and sending print off to be edited but I did... It is a reminder to question everything... I do mean EVERYTHING! (AND EVERYONE!)

All I can say about this video is "weird"...

[Apophenia Productions made this video as well as another series similarly discussing Back to the Future.

There is a staggering amount of symbolism in the Back to the Future Trilogy; the above linked video only covers a small portion. Here is a compilation of segments diving into the symbolic content of the films.

Firstly, if you have a 'black and white' method of deciphering symbolism, this type of content is going to be very confusing for you. If you're looking for a single meaning for the overall symbolism expressed, you won't find it. In fact, each symbol can be decoded for multiple meanings, all of which have value in creating perspective within the observer. 

Why Does the Cabal Use Symbolism in Fiction?

In my view the reasons why Hollywood, and by extension the Cabal, produce works of this type is for disclosure, in addition to predictive programing. The Cabal rules humanity via an Express Trust created by the Vatican, codified in Papal Bulls, Treaties and Acts. A trust has three roles: Grantor or Originator, Beneficiary and Trustee. 

A Grantor is the person who created the trust, the person that actually placed value in the hands of another for safekeeping. In a fictional sense the Pope and Vatican did this for humanity by claiming we are spiritual children that needs an 'enlightened' priesthood for 'salvation'. When our parents, and ourselves as adults, failed to say otherwise, we too provided implied consent via acquiescence. This is why it's called an Express Trust because unless those who are named in it stand up and say otherwise, the presumption of consent stands and becomes a cured fact. But in a grander sense, the creator is the true grantor, as all things came from, and go back to, the First Source of all things and beings. 

The beneficiary role is humanity at large, we 'benefit' from the Cabal's management of life on Earth. Obviously these 'benefits' are not really beneficial, but because humanity accepts government wares as a matter of course, we in fact are beneficiaries. 

The Trustee is responsible for managing the trust, ensuring that the rules and procedures set up by the Originator are followed. And this is where things get tricky. If one considers the Grantor as the Cabal, then the rules and processes they set need to be followed by the trustee, the people that volunteered to manage the trust. Even within the Papal Bulls, it clearly states that the trustees must honor the truth and share it with the people (paraphrasing). 

If we consider creator of the universe as the Grantor, then Natural Law and the truth must be honored. Clearly the Cabal is not following this mandate, and are in breach of trust, which is the highest crime a trustee can commit. When a trustee fails to honor the trust, by revealing the truth fully to the beneficiaries, any granted authority becomes null and void. However, until the beneficiaries make a claim of harm, trustees will remain in power via acquiescence.  

In either case, the Cabal has a fiduciary duty to share the truth with the beneficiaries, and this is why movies, TV shows and fictional works of all types are laden with many layers of symbolism. From a legal and lawful perspective, as codified within nearly every system of law on the planet, the Cabal literally must reveal their plans and goals to the people. 

This is where things get interesting. The Cabal use occulted or hidden symbolic meanings to share the truth; which includes how to be moral, ethical as well as deep truths about consciousness. But because most of humanity is unable to decipher the meanings, they claim we are incompetent as a result. In other words, if the creator came down and asked them why they didn't honor the trust, they would say, "we tried to tell them the truth, but they chose to remain ignorant." Clearly this is a dubious justification, but it does seem to be their line of thinking. 

The Cabal state in Unum Sanctum, the first Papal Bull in the series that created the Express Trust, that all of their claims of authority over the people are valid and true, unless the creator itself says otherwise. As such, they must conclude their method of disclosing the truth, using fiction, is acceptable to the creator; else it would stop them. 

Related Pope 'Ruler of the World' to go after War Criminals?

Decoding Symbolism

The Cabal usually embeds a fictional work with many, many layers of symbolism. For example, they may use purple colored clothing to denote a being with a high level of consciousness, approaching self-mastery. This is because the color blue is symbolic for the feminine aspect, whereas the color red is used to symbolize the masculine aspect. When a being has developed their consciousness enough to transcend duality, to become holistic, a merging of the feminine and masculine aspects has occurred. In the symbolic language of color, this is symbolized by the color purple.  Therefore, a character that expresses unity consciousness, usually being highly moral and ethical, often has the color purple associated to them. 

But generally speaking, each work of fiction creates its own language of symbolism as well as drawing upon a standard of meaning. This means that a symbol used in one film might have a completely different meaning, dependent on how the symbol was used; the context it was placed in. For example, the color green is often used to symbolize life and vitality, but in the Matrix films, it is used to symbolize the control system of the Matrix. 

The more omnivores one's research is on a wide range of topics, the greater their ability to decode fictional works for meaning. 

The process of decoding symbols for meaning is a philosophy, where the journey of contemplating ideas is the goal, not the search for a single meaning. In my opinion, the greater our ability to hold an idea in the cup of our mind, the more we can gain from exploring meanings in general. We could say, one who is able to do so has childlike innocence, where they are able to receive an idea without feeling the need to reject or accept it immediately. 

This particular topic of symbolism, meaning exploration and how it empowers us to discern the truth, is a keen interest of mine. I've spent many hours deciphering meanings from fictional works and I offered a how to guide in the below linked article. 

In regard to this particular video about 9/11, there is much more to that event than just a false flag terror attack. The Cabal has a deep understanding of consciousness, going way beyond what modern psychology has accomplished. Many of the numbers used, the lay out of the attacks, the two towers resemblance to masonic pillars and so on, all have a meaning that is used in the final product of the event. Corey's link reveals much of this deeper meaning in the above video. 

For a taste of this deep meaning see Mark Passio's video presentation below:


Facebook Update (October 22nd 1:30pm):

[Some maybe wondering why Latin is being used in this symbol. 

Firstly, this is an artist rendition of what Corey described as the official patch of the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance; this is not the actual patch worn by SSP personnel. Second, the use of Latin, in and of itself, does not also mean a connection to the Vatican or Roman Curia legal system. Some have claimed that using Latin automatically and unquestionably means a connection to the Cabal; but this supposition is unfounded. 

I suspect that Latin is used because of convention, meaning, in the military using it on seals and patches is a general standard. The personnel in the SSP Alliance would easily recognize the meaning of the symbol because it follows a set standard, which would also extend to military personnel in general.]

Question about becoming a delegate:

Why not let us all grow into being 'delegates' for our Planet Earth?

Corey's Response: 

Sphere Being Alliance Everyone already is... everything you say, everything you do represents the human race. I'm not a delegate for Earth but for the SBA... The current Earth Delegates are the Powers that STILL be who rotate into the position and speak on the Earths behalf without our consent. Just as they have ran the planet the way they have w/out our consent... 


Update - Here is the additional comment left by Corey on this point:

Sphere Being Alliance FYI, the Cabal groups do not represent humanity in SSP meetings. The Human Like ET Super Federation opened up a chair to an Earth Human Delegate. This Delegate role is filled by a rotating group of high level individuals from the Secret Earth Government and its Syndicates. They represent "Earth" in these Super Federation Council Meetings. They do so without our vote or conscious consent.

The SSP Alliance Council has "Lt. Col. Gonzales" who delegates communications between the Sphere Alliance and the SSP Alliance Council and he also stands in as the Sphere Being Alliance Delegate when I do not.

I am the Sphere Being Alliance Delegate and do not represent humanity or Earth but represent the SBA in the Super Federation Council Meetings where the SBA has its own "Chair" on the floor as well as represent the SBA in all other meetings including when they have to convey info to the various Secret Earth Govt. groups, Negative ET Groups and Subterranean Groups most recently. For the most part the orb beings appear to star seeds and wanderers to wake them up or remind them on a higher self level of their soul mission. They also are known to appear to people to make a point or as an intervention.

I hope this clears some of the above info up a little.

There has been several major security issues around our home that include a couple of break in attempts that are causing us to put up security cameras and look for a more secure place to live. I was not able to take security precautions and prevent our address from becoming public before certain researchers decided to out my identity. My family is doing much better healthwise after 2 weeks of being sick/recovering from strep throat and then bringing back a nasty stomach bug with us from Colorado when we did the last round of Cosmic Disclosure shoots a few weeks ago.

In the meantime I have had some major distractions that have prevented me from completing part 2 of my very long article on the "Honeycomb Earth". This past month has been a negative greeting avalanche. The sheer number of trolls and stalkers has been extremely bizarre. I hope things slow down and become more secure for my family and myself once we get moved to another home.

I found it very encouraging that the Sphere Beings stepped in during a very difficult day when I was having a huge battle with a person that created art for my site as a donation and then decided to threaten me if I didn't stop using it. They were going through a very tough time in their own life and had lost faith in humanity and decided that they no longer believed me or that the SBA or SSP Alliance was real. After they told me exactly this they immediately had the sighting of the orbs which blew them and myself away. They then apologized to me and I to them for the loss of temper that occurred in our email exchange. It changed the dynamics between this person and myself 180 degrees in a matter of minutes. It was amazing... Since then a few other things have occurred that have assisted my family that appears to be tied directly to the SBA.

Thank you,

[This is a huge point in my view. We've been led to believe we are victims and what we do here on Earth doesn't matter. But in reality, everything we do matters; especially the things we think no one else can see or notice. Every time we justify dishonesty or we ignore a hard truth it reveals by our deeds that we are still spiritual children. But the more we bravely honor the truth in all ways, the more we evolve in consciousness and demonstrate our maturity. 

Our choices, actions and beliefs have an enormous affect on life for others and ourselves. The Cabal created a control system whereby people enslave other people; all made possible by blind belief and pandemic ignorance. Obviously if people really understood the impact of their choices, they would probably not accept slavery and suffering as a matter of course. But ignorance allows all these things to keep going. 

The doctor pushing toxic drugs thinks they are helping people; only ignorance can make this possible. The police officer that beats a suspect within an inch of their life thinks they are protecting society; only ignorance makes this possible. 

The sooner we face the truth about ourselves the sooner we can begin to address the primary cause to all of humanities problems; ignorance. And in doing so, we will represent a shift in humanity that demonstrates we are ready to step into an interstellar society; not only by word but also by action.

As for Corey's statement about the Cabal representing humanity, the above discussion regarding Trust law and Papal Bulls provides a legal and lawful basis to understand this. Again the Cabal has appointed themselves as masters of humanity, and humanity has actually agreed to this. 

When people vote in government elections, they are issuing consent to be ruled by the Cabal. Therefore, the sleeping masses are literally enslaving the rest of humanity, by voting for Cabal agents to rule on their behalf. From an outsider's perspective, humanity has actually appointed the Cabal to represent them. 

'But wait! They deceived us and didn't tell us the truth?' Yes this is true, but recognizing the fraud isn't enough, we actually need to unite for change and reveal the truth to those that consent to slavery. If not, we issue our consent to be ruled by the Cabal via acquiescence. 

As insane as this may sound, all of this has a basis in law and consciousness. And further underscores the fact recognizing the truth is not enough, it must be acted upon completely in order for it to free the individual and benefit the collective.]

Question about representation without consent:

so if its without our consent why are they allowed to speak on earths behalf?

Corey's Response: 

Sphere Being Alliance The same way they are able to rule us and we sit back and let them. Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates still run most of the world and are allied with most of these ET groups.


Facebook Update (October 22nd 4:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance (ORB), hanging out at Marcoola Beach QLD at approximately 5AM this morning, over the beach.
Posted by Mj Boyd on Thursday, October 22, 2015


Facebook Update (October 22nd 4:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance (ORB)'s, hanging out at Marcoola Beach QLD, approx 5am this morning.
Posted by Mj Boyd on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Facebook Update (October 22nd 4:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance (ORB)'s, Marcoola beach qld, 5am..
Posted by Mj Boyd on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance At the time MJ and I were in a bit of a heated disagreement and as he said in another post he was not believing what I was reporting about the SSP/SBA and in an email to me just prior to the sighting stated "Where is your SSP Now" or something to that effect. Something told me to reply and tell him to "go outside" but my logical mind told me that if he did and nothing occurred it would look foolish. I wish I had listened to what nudged me to make that reply. Moments after he let me know he didn't believe me about the SSP/SBA and I guess was having doubts about other things in general that I didn't know about, he replied to the original email and was shocked. He then sent me photos and videos of what just occurred in the sky. I am certain that they appeared in 3 different sizes to infer the 3 sizes of spheres in the solar system and were changing colors to speak directly to him and say "HELLO, Here we are!"... I was probably as amazed as he was and could tell that the experience had a dramatic affect on him. I wanted to put the event in context without going into details about our disagreement. The event was a direct intervention by the SBA in his life and in our situation. They knew he needed this experience and gave it to him. I receive dozens of emails per week of people that have similar experiences. It seems the SBA is actively showing themselves to more and more people in recent months. I appreciate him sharing the videos online with everyone. 


My comment:

Justin Deschamps Very interesting account. I haven't personally seen anything, but I'm also not the kind of person that needs to, or would benefit in that way; as my experience is more of principle. On the other hand, I'm having a huge number of other kinds of experiences in relation to my own life path. Seems as though the SBA only appear in instances where doing so is a tipping point for an individual in their personal process, and helps open their mind to the grander aspects of the shift. For me these grander aspects are revealed in different ways, so it stands to reason they wouldn't appear to someone like me. But in all honesty I don't really know for sure.

Facebook Update (October 23nd 8:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Interview with Sean Stone on Buzzsaw:

Secret Space Program Alien Psychic Wars with Corey Goode

Question about funding:

Why does SSP need funding, if i am understanding correctly this breakaway civilization is way ahead of us tech wise, so what about the replicators you have mentioned, couldn't they just replicate money if it was needed?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Watch the interview, I say clearly that the SSP is self sufficient... Only the lower level military/black ops intelligence agency SSP relies on financial support from the Earth. The advanced SSP is completely reliant on their selves and their own infrastructure and commerce w/other civilizations. I thought I made it pretty clear... 


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