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Transcript and Analysis of Corey Goode on In5D Radio with Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling | September 21st 2015

The following is a transcript graciously produced by Marilisa. Thank you very much for contributing your valuable creative energy.

Corey Goode spoke with two pillars in the awakening community, Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling. They asked him some very poignant questions and it was encouraging to hear an unbiased discussion of many difficult ideas taking place.

They even raised a discussion around the infamous 'Harvest' concept shared in the Law of One, along with many other interesting points. This is a great introduction to Corey's work for those just getting into the topics. 

I went in and added some brief commentary as well as many related links to further explanations. 

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Goode's websites: spherebeingalliance.com and his older blog goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram.blogspot.com

The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

Corey Goode in5d interview 9/21/15 with Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling

GP = Gregg Prescott, MW = Michelle Walling, CG = Corey Goode

  • MW - Identified as an Intuitive Empath which is IE with pre-cognitive abilities, Corey Goode was recruited through one of the MILAB programs at the young age of 6. He trained and served in the MILAB programs from 1976 to 1987. Towards the end of this time as a MILAB he was assigned to an I.E. support role for a rotating Earth delegate seat shared by this secret Earth government group, in a human type ET super federation council. MILAB is a term coined so the military abduction of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for a number of military black ops programs. These IE abilities played an important role on communicating with non-terrestrial beings term interfacings as part 1 of the Secret Space Programs, SSP is short for Secret Space Programs. During his 20 years service he had a variety of experiences and assignment including the Intruder Intercept Interrogations program. They have all these letters chuckling, programs they have assignment to the ASSRISRV, which is called the Auxiliary Specialized Space Research Interstellar Class Vessel and much more. This all occurred in a 20 and back agreement from 1986 to 2007 with recall work until the present day. Goode now works in the information technology communications industry with 20 years experience in hardware and software virtualizations, physical and IT security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment and executive protection, all that means is don't mess with Corey. Served in the Texas Army State Guard from 2007 to 2012, C4I which is Command Control Communication and Intelligence. Time in the Texas military forces was unrelated to Secret Space Program and service. He continues to do IE work now as well as direct contact with the Blue Avians of the Sphere Being Alliance, who have chosen him as a delegate interface with multiple ET federations and councils on the behalf liaison with the SST alliance council and to deliver important messages to humanity. Without that being said with that wonderful introduction, Corey Goode, welcome to in5d radio.
  • CG - I need to come up with an abbreviated version for hosts, don't I?
  • MW - Laughing, all those letters and all those long firms, we are really glad to have you on the show tonight. I apologize for all the technical difficulties and what we would like to do this evening, oh by the way you and I actually grew up no less than 30 miles away from each other in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area, isn't that something?
  • CG - Interesting, yes.
  • MW - Yes, you had a way different childhood than I did. Laughing, as you were off traveling around to Mars and different places like that, so.. laughing. I appreciate you joining us tonight and what we would like to do is we will get right into the questions and Gregg, go ahead with your first question.
  • GP - All right, well I wrote an article on in5d called Corey Goode Gaiam TV interview and voice analysis. I have this voice analysis software that analyzes people's voices and can tell me whether they are standing on their truth, if they are right brained, which is the creative side of their brain or left brain which is the analytical side, which notes on their cadence are the strongest and what each note represents and so on. So, first of all I would like to thank you for sharing that article on your Sphere Alliance facebook page, Corey. [When we read Gregg's article it inspired us to write a follow up article on some of the questions he raised about the 'harvest of souls' as described by the Law of One. There are many people that hear the term 'harvest' and think it means something negative, but it's not the same as the rapture or day of judgement. There is actually a very simple and organic basis for the idea of harvest, as it is described in the Law of One.]
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  • CG - Sure. It was interesting.
  • GP - Yes, thank you. After running a voice analysis on you, I determined that you firmly believe in what you are telling people. Additionally, I had your voice analysis, go ahead...
  • CG - No go ahead, sorry. I don't want to interrupt you.

  • GP - All righty. Additionally your voice analysis just shows that you are right brained which is the creative side and answer more so by reaction than thinking out your answers which is a sign of truth. That being said, how can you be sure that your thoughts and memories aren't MILAB implants, where you believe what you have been implanted, but it never actually happened.
  • CG - Well, I guess for the most part every single person on this planet is a certain amount brainwashed and mind controlled. There is a certain amount that we are manipulated and controlled in the way we think and believe things. That is a given. I have gone through a long process, I apologize for the sound in the background, my local network in my house went down at the same time I was trying to call in with you guys.
  • MW - <laughing> Wow.
  • CG - There is about 3 to 5% of the people that they have a very hard time with doing with the blank slating and putting in the screen memories. Those were the Intuitive Empath group. It's mainly because this group of individuals has a stronger connection with their Higher Self lightbody. Your memories are not only contained in your chemical, physical hard drive brain. They are also contained in your soul or light body. That's how people are able to have past life memories. Otherwise, it would be impossible for a person to have in their physical brain to have past life memories when they were physically born into this life only.
  • GP - Hmm..
  • CG - When you have that connection to that part of your being, you have access to those memories. When they are blank slating you, what they are doing is that they are accessing your sort of physical hard drive. They are going into your actual brain and playing with your brain chemistry and electromagnetic fields in your brain. They will do that with Intuitive Empaths and sometimes it will take shortly, but with that group they had a very big problem with being able to completely control and completely install screen memories on. The individuals basically would reboot and then have access to this virtual hard drive or their lightbody soul memories. Does that make sense? [Reciprocal Systems Theory developed by Dewey B Larson also helps explain why memory wiping would not work on some people. See the below linked article for a detailed explanation of this.]
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  • MW - It does make sense. Actually when you think about it we are all having a holographic experience as run by a program. The program is a light matrix and then we have somehow this overlay from I guess what you call dark beings. That have infiltrated this reality and really have put these programs in. That would be our education system, our political system, the banking system and we have agreed to the program and that's what we are running here. So in a way everybody is mind controlled and we also have implants. I was just wondering, i did a show on implant removal just recently. I was just wondering if you feel like that you have some implants that you are having to work through and neutralize by centering and grounding and balancing, which I know you can neutralize implants by doing that .....
  • CG - Yes, in the programs they utilize different types of implants. One of the things that is a little controversial, when I got onto this topic since I had a falling out with the original people I was talking to because those people had their own personal believe systems about this. They used entity attachments as gate keepers. I had access to these memories but they used entity attachments. These dark entities that they would attach to your soul body. You would be able to access these memories but whenever you tried to talk about it you would stammer, have a speech impediment, had an anxiety attack. You would just be unable to speak it out loud even though you had the memory of it. That was like a fail safe.
  • MW - hmm..
  • CG - I found that I had an entity attachment. There are a number of places to remove them. Coming from a Christian background, I used the name Jesus in my case and other people use different methods. I was able to remove that entity attachment. It ended up that there were quite a few entity attachments and this one was the gatekeeper.
  • MW - hmm
  • CG - When the entity attachments were removed, I all of a sudden was able to speak out loud about it. I would have to kind sneak around the entity attachment even when I was writing. I had to write vaguely about it and write around the subject. I had to talk around the subject. I couldn't talk directly about my experiences or directly about certain aspects of what I was involved in because this entity attachment that actually called itself the Gatekeeper, prevented me from doing so. I know that this sounds bizarre to a lot of people, but a lot of people that listen to this type of information it does not sound bizarre to them.
  • MW - No it doesn't. First of all by taking the human body, I think we made an implied agreement at this time to take a human body and the fine print, it said "oh and by the way we are going to attach certain entities to your chakras so that we can control your emotions and take your energy", you know those can come back as well. What we have to do, I know what you talk about a lot, Corey, is basically living your life in truth and love and compassion. That actually I am going to be doing a show on Cosmic Awakening in two weeks about how to neutralize these implants. This is what we are doing here. With ascension we are raising our vibrations and we are neutralizing this control mechanisms that this holographic insert has on us. That's how we are going to free ourselves.
  • CG - Yes, with these energy changes that are occurring, these different types of etheric entity and all these different types of attachments are having a lot more difficulty hanging on to us. They live in a lot of people. There are certain types of attachments that people have like if you live with a person that is a vampire type, they treat you badly and seem to vampire off of your fear, or your anxiety when they treat you badly. A lot of times that person has some sort of an attachment that is feeding of that loosh and is also sharing that energy with that person. A symbiotic type of relationship. As we are getting into this higher frequency part of the galaxy, these beings are not going to be able to handle this frequency. A lot of people that have these, what I was told by the Blue Avians, especially the entity attachments at some point in the future are not going to be able to exist in this energy field. They are going to what they called be cast back into the outer realm where they came from. The people that have had these entity attachments are going to have like a heroin withdrawal. They have gotten used to this symbiotic relationship with these attachments [more like parasitic]. They have been sharing this energy with them that they have been vampiring off of other people. This topic that you are going to be talking about is a very important one. A lot of people are going to be faced with these attachments because they are going to start seeing and noticing them a lot more. They are starting to vibrate loose, they are starting to become more apparent because they are having a hard time hanging on. [There is a substantial amount of research to support what Corey and Gregg are saying. In the below linked article, we describe the electromagnetic basis for parasitic entities feeding off one's auric field as a result of negative or fearful emotional states. Additionally, there are many races which have used technology to artificially evolve and extend their life span. Life force energy flows into our beingness as a product of emotional and mental balance, changing the shape of DNA to receive more vital energy from the universe itself. There are ways to artificially force the DNA molecule to change it's shape, reversing the aging process but since the emotional and mental aspects are still out of balance, the body begins to disintegrate and vital energy from other beings must be consumed to maintain it. If this proposition is correct, then it explains why so many negative races in higher densities feed off of the fearful energies of others. This is symbolically depicted in the Star Wars films by the character of Darth Sidious the Emperor. He is a very old being whose body has slowly disintegrated despite being revitalized by advanced technology.]
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  • MW - Yes, I totally agree and I really appreciate you talking about this subject because it is very important. I don't want to put fear on anybody, that is why we are having this discussion to give as much information...
  • CG - Oh no, it, shouldn't. Instead of scaring someone it should empower them. To know that the time is short for these types of attachments and implants that they can't exist in a loving, person, higher frequency person and in a higher frequency environment. That is good news. That is not bad news. [In the above linked article about artificial immortality and the Natural Law basis of harvest, we discuss how the incoming cosmic energies that Corey speaks of will infuse consciousness with more awareness. Depending on which path you are on, either service to self or service to others (your polarity), these energies will 'push' you further along in either direction. The negative or service to self path is much more difficult to walk because it requires a huge amount of will power and technique to evolve along it. Additionally, the Earth has already chosen a service to others path, which means that service to self beings will eventually not be able to continue along their path. As the Earth moves forward, into fourth density as described by the Law of One, the density of consciousness will increase exponentially in a way which eventually provides intelligent life with extraordinary mental powers; telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, telekinesis, etc. Service to self requires deception, manipulation and coercion, which is all but impossible on a service to others sphere, because mental transparency or telepathy makes lying, cheating an stealing almost impossible to carry out. Therefore, all the various negative races which are indwelling the solar system will eventually no longer want to be here, and possibly even be 'forced' to leave due to incompatible energies.]
  • GP - So what you are saying though is that while some people work on removing attachments from other people and they have that gift, what you are saying is that basically other people and everyone else that does not have them evolved will eventually have them removed. However, they will have to go through a heroin-like addiction type scenario.
  • CG - Right
  • GP - Ok. All righty.
  • MW - Well that's is good for the healers to know what is going on.
  • CG - A lot of these people will just be acting really bizarre. A lot of people use the word like an in-time madness behavior. It will be very similar to someone coming off the opiates cold turkey. The people will have physical symptoms, they will be acting out, sometimes very aggressively. There will be symptoms that a lot of these healers, reiki-type people, lightworkers will recognize and then be able to move in and help the people. 
[Let me take a moment to share my personal experience. Speaking as a former heroin addict for a little over three years, I can share that the primary reason for my addiction was emotional and mental imbalance. For those who do not know, the drug mimics the bodies natural endorphin process for reducing pain and providing the feeling of contentment and happiness. 

For many years I felt completely isolated and discontent with life, due to hiding my sexuality (and other reasons). I felt very uncomfortable around other people, and life itself just seemed meaningless. This mental schism created a large amount of emotional turbulence in my life, and when I first tried the drug it felt like having a warm blanket of love wrapped around me. All my worries and troubles melted away in waves of happy and blissful emotions. But of course this feeling of contentment is illusory, and while I was able to exist in life a little easier, the emotional dependency it formed was catastrophic. Thankfully I never fully allowed myself to fall completely for the drug, and after several years detoxified at least a half dozen times in an attempt to stop taking the drug. Each episode of detoxification was a week of agony and pain, both mental and physical and it was a huge test of my will power to find reasons to enjoy life afterwards. 

The emotional dependency on the drug is very similar to co-dependency within relationships, meaning that not having it created a lot of anxiety and completely distracted me from any other goal. I suspect that there are a huge number of people that are almost totally dependent on the emotional satisfaction they receive from society, such as: food, sex, drugs, co-dependent relationships, media, fashion, etc. Emotional dependency is originally sourced from an internal trauma, some event in our lives that is so unsettling we never fully process the logic of it, creating a void in the mental body, which the emotional body feels as pain and suffering. 

A normal reaction to this situation is to seek relief by any means, and since most of us are unaware of the costs of the 'drugs' of society (sex, consumerism, food, narcotics, etc) then by the time we are five or six years old, we've already accepted a host of parasitic dependencies. These help us compensate for the lack of mental development (knowledge and wisdom) within. As such, the best way to overcome addiction, whether physical or mental, is first to acknowledge that is due to our incomplete inner work. Do not judge the self for the errors of the past, but instead accept and forgive what was. The more we bravely seek to know thyself, the more we move past trauma and fear into understanding and love. 

For me I spent an entire year filling journals with notes and writings as an exploration of myself and who I was. At the end I had healed a large portion of the past trauma while at the same time gaining levels of self mastery and personal empowerment I never thought possible. So in a way, my addiction was a crucial step in my evolution, and without it, I would not be who I am today. The perspective that all things have the potential to serve us in gaining self mastery can help even the most darkened and traumatized soul to overcome these implants, which survive because of our fear and self loathing. As such gaining self mastery not only empowers us to be happier, but simultaneously cuts off the food supply from these parasitic entities; whether etheric or physical. And of course we are not alone in this process, there are countless healers and wayshowers who are keenly interested in helping others on their path. Truly we are a grand family of souls and in loving service all can be uplifted if we work together.]

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  • MW - Well, what is going to happen is that they are going to find themselves without a source of energy because they haven't found the energy within themselves. Like you said they are going to be stroking out. Some people are going to get sick and unfortunately, some people will be leaving, eventually leave their body as the live the rest of their lives on the planet. I just want everybody out there to know that on a soul level everybody here already has a place, a vibration, a dimension to be going to and is based on your soul experiences as well as how far you have gotten on this particular lifetime in awakening and doing the work needed to raise your vibration and neutralize these implants.
  • GP - Another thing too that I want to bring up, Michelle and I have noticed this and I am sure you have notice this as well, Corey, that there is a lot of dissension going on amongst spiritual groups. You see people calling out other people, I am not going to name names and I am not going to call out those people who are doing that because they know who they are. It is not worth my time and effort to sink down to their level. Are you noticing the same thing all this division amongst spiritual groups, the whole divide and conquer chaos thing?
  • CG - Yes, I have written an article about that about keeping your reality bubble permeable. It is a very touchy subject for a lot of people. A lot of people have developed their own UFO religions and belief systems and it's hard not to do. We are genetically programmed, we have been genetically tinkered with to look to worship a higher being, to look for a leader or guru or that kind of a thing, instead of looking inwardly and try to develop our own co-creative consciousness and raise our own vibrations. I am not going to put this on any people or group in particular either but this also something that has been done by design. Ufology and all these different groups, there have been people that have infiltrated it since the early 1950's. They wanted all these people at their root they just want to love and to grow but they move in and want to keep these people fragmented and at each others throats instead of working together. They know that if we work together lovingly and our co-creative consciousness together, we are very powerful. If they can keep us divided and arguing about different esoteric theologies, they're no necessarily winning but they are putting out the inevitable.

  • GP - Yes they are keeping us distracted basically. Look over here and focus on this while we should be moving ahead and forward. Now, I have seen innumerous orbs, various colors, throughout my lifetime. Some people claim that all orbs are Artificial Intelligence, which I personally believe it is new age disinfo. Do you believe all orbs are Artificial Intelligence?
  • CG - No. If you noticed this is something that has come out fairly recently.
  • MW - Yes.
  • CG - One of the major things that I started talking about nine months ago, was the major extra dimensional ET AI threat. That's a major threat throughout multiple galaxies. Multiple ET groups are leery of AI in particular. The Secret Space Program is heavily screened for any type of AI signal overlay. It's like they do an EEG on you if there is more than one signal they can tell is it is an AI signal or if there's any type of sign that you have been influenced by nano technology. There is a certain faction of the Cabal groups that are what we call AI Prophets. They have been using this AI as a very accurate probable future type of program that have helped them stay one step ahead from being arrested. There has been several times there has been some real programs that have been announced that they were about to take down the Cabal. This Cabal group has been able to stay one step ahead using this AI technology. A lot of them see it as a god. A lot of the information that has been released about this has gotten them really upset. What they are doing kind of the kindergarten I know who you are but what am I, kind of thing. Anything that is sphere related, orb related, blue avian related all of a sudden is an Artificial Intelligence PsyOp.
  • MW - I have noticed that. It is really funny because they are panicking right now because of this wave of energy that is as you know already bathing the planet. It is supposed to be really strong here really good timing for the show because this week and next week we really should be able to see some evidence of some energetic forces that are bathing the planet that will pretty much shake things up. I have noticed that we have been able to see the truth come out on people who really before were saying, they could have said things for years that was the truth, but now they were just hanging out a while and now they are not able to lie any more. Chuckling, their true colors are coming out. We are being able to use better discernment. That is really good. That helps out a lot. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving our listeners a little bit of clarification on what you see this wave of energy coming into the planet as originating from, and how it will begin to affect people here beside the fact that you already said that some people are going to be actually when they feel it, it is going to shake their world apart. It is actually literally vibrating things that don't resonate with it apart. How would it affect those of use who are doing our work. Will it give us psychic powers that we didn't have before, what is your take?

  • CG - Ok. Back in the Secret Space Program, they have been studying this back since at least the 80's, the energetic changes that are coming. It's not just this super wave that is coming from the center of the galaxy that the people are talking about. These waves have been coming from the center of the galaxy like crazy. It has been picking up in frequency for a while. This is happening. What has also been happening, is that our local star cluster and solar system is traveling through this torus or torsion, giant torsion field that is our galaxy link cosmic disclosure about cosmic web. It is heading into a very high vibratory area of the galaxy. For a long time, they were actually sending vessels out. These are actually clouds of high energetic particles. Giant clouds, of highly energetic particles. We are heading into these giant clouds of highly energetic particles as well. It is not only these waves coming in from the center of the galaxy. I just wanted to make that clear because I hear so much about the X waves coming in from the center of the galaxy. It is something that they were studying for decades. They are sending crafts to study these giant interstellar clouds of energy that our star system is heading into.

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  • GP - We have a question in the chatroom, actually that is related to this. It is from Kim Burnett. Kim wants to know, "Have the SSP actually found a way to measure these incoming waves?"
  • CG - Yes. They measure the incoming waves from the center of the galaxy. They measure cosmic waves of all sorts coming in from all directions at all times because there is a lot of different interaction that can occur, especially when they are doing portal travel. Certain types of cosmic energy cross each other, there is a cross point. It can cause feedback throughout this cosmic web. That is why they have a very complicated hyper-dimensional mathematics model that they use for calculating all of this portal travel. They also have to pay close attention to and have probes out to measure and detect all of these different types of waves of cosmic radiation that are coming in from the center of the galaxy and coming out from other parts of the cosmos.
  • GP - Now speaking of measurements, here is something I am curious about. Time is only relevant to this planet. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, 12 months in a year. How do other galactic races tract time. Do they have calendars, clocks?
  • CG - They use, depending on their local system, like we have some sort of standard Zulu time, some sort of standard time for their local star system. Wherever they go in the universe they are working off their local star system time to keep their types of circadian rhythm going. We do the same thing.
  • GP - So when you attend these Alliance meetings, how do other attendees know what the local star system time is in conjunction with everyone else? Which particular day it would be?
  • CG - I don't know that they are given the other people's time. I think they are given the information in their time. The groups that are attending these meetings, these people are stationed here in our star system. They are living in embassies in our star system. Usually under our oceans, underground, on our planet, on moons or on other planetoids. There is a lot of activity in the Kieper belt. Most of these groups live in pretty much embassies here in this Sol system.
  • MW - I have a question in the chatroom. "Is there a specific dates for the energetic waves to end? Will disclosure automatically happen when the waves end?"
  • CG - Like I said, we are talking about we have these energetic waves that people are talking about that are coming from the center of the galaxy but we have just begun to enter this energetic high energy clouds. Only since the 1930's or 40's that they talked about, we have started entering the outskirts of some of these clouds. We haven't really gotten into the most dense part of these high energetic clouds in this part of the galaxy that we are heading into, that our Solar system is heading into. So...
  • GP - That would be the Photon Belt that you are talking about?
  • CG - It's not the Photon Belt. These are actual high energetic clouds that are dispersed out. These clouds are like the size of Nebulus. They are really large. They are spread out through a size of maybe might even be too big. If you are looking down from the top of the galaxy as if it was a clock, cutting it out into slices of pie, it would be like a 16th, a very small slice area of the galaxy...
  • MW - We didn't really get into. I'm sorry go ahead and finish, chuckling
  • CG - I was going to move on to the rest of your question about we can expect. They started to do a lot of unethical tests on some people to try to figure that out. Exposing some people in some of the research vessels they took outside of the solar system. They tried to reproduce some of these energies in chambers and expose people unwittingly to some of these energies. The answer is that it depends totally on your polarity. If you are positive or "service to others" type of soul, you are going to become more so. If you are a selfish "service to self" kind of negative person, you are going to become more so. The energy enhances what you already are. Depends if you have been trying to put energy into yourself selfishly, then it is going make you more of a selfish negative person in the beginning. People that are loving that are out trying to help other people, it's going to make them more so. From what they found out everybody is going to need some kind of Dramamine, if you know what I mean. It's going to have an effect on us where we are going to feel it and it is going to be little confusing. It's going to cause confusion, some social problems between families and people in the world that are interacting, that are not the same polarity. As far as super powers, that also is appearing to depend on the individual, how developed they are already. If they are one of these people that sit in a cave and meditate a lot and are working on all these spiritual practices in the East are really advanced already, they are going to be quite a bit ahead of everybody else that are working 9 to 5, sitting in front of the TV every day and going to bed and waking up and repeating the process the next day. It appears that it is going to be more of the gradual process. People aren't just going to wake in the morning and then walk out, look both ways, like Neal on Matrix, look up, put on their sunglasses and take off and fly.
  • GP - hmm.
  • MW - Damn. <laughing>
  • CG - <laughing>
  • GP - That's what I am sensing too. Anyway.
  • MW and CG - <laughing>
  • CG - It would be nice, it would be great. I hate to stomp on some peoples dreams, but the evidence that I have seen inside the program and from what I been told in some of these meetings, it looks like it is going to be a gradual process and most of it has to do with each person's personal development.
  • GP - So it's like the change of seasons.
  • CG - Yes.

  • MW - How did they do this test, Corey? Did they use HAARP or CERN to send energetic waves around the planet?
  • CG - Which test?
  • MW - The test, you said they were already testing how this energy is going to affect the planet.
  • CG - They were testing on individuals in certain space programs, unsuspecting individuals. They would put people in a room that was a chamber and tell them to concentrate and work on this project. They would think that they were working on some project and they were part of one thing, when they were actually piping certain energies in the room, that were as close as they could reproduce to be the high energy particle clouds that they were doing, shooting probes into and getting information from. They were also when these vessels were getting very close to these high energy clouds, the fields from these clouds alone were affecting the people on the vessels.
  • GP - Wow.
  • CG - This is where they were gaining a lot of this information.
  • GP - We have a question from the chatroom, from Emily Benitas sp. who wants to know "what are all the best ways to ride this wave to benefit us the most?"
  • CG - I guess I'll always go back the message. We better focus daily being more and more "service to others". It is so important that we get to work on being very forgiving to those who have wronged us. Most of all be forgiving of ourselves. That is the hardest part. Shinning the light on the inside, doing the inner work, finding the dark parts of ourselves that we try to ignore. We call ourselves lightworkers but ignore the little dark parts. Shine the light on there , forgive ourselves. I have had a lot of problems with that. Move on and try to become more loving and do all we can to learn more about raising our vibration and raise our consciousness. Learn about the power of our consciousness. We are going to start to learn more and more about the nature of the world around us. Everything is vibration, our thought, our ...
  • GP - hmm..
  • CG - Bodies, the walls around us, light. Everything is all vibration. Our consciousness being thought is vibration. Our co-creative consciousness together we can focus our co-creative consciousness and we can directly affect energy and matter. Therefore, we can affect our reality.
  • GP - Yes, that it is what they proved through that double slit experiment. Where focus intent changes reality. They have proven that through the Maharishi effect through the same thing where focus meditation significantly reduces violence throughout cities and whatever. So yes.
  • CG - Yes, yes
  • GP - It makes a huge difference on people that are still sleep have a hard time understanding that process. Just getting back to one last thing about time. Do any extra-terrestrial races use astrology as a way of tracking time through various astrological cycles?
  • CG - I don't know.
  • GP - OK. One of the things that I follow here is Pluto in Capricorn and I am seeing this huge cycle the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1700's during the French and American revolutions. If you look around the world what's is going around right now for revolutions is a cycle of time. What we can expect Pluto answered Capricorn in 2008 and stays there until 2023. Right on schedule on 2008 we saw collapse of all the too big to fail banks. All these banks except too big to fail banks. We are seeing revolutions going on all throughout the world and what Pluto does is known the Destroyer. It tears down everything that is not in Humanities best interest. What we can expect to see up to the year 2023 is a collapse of money, government and religion. We are already seeing the collapse of all three right now. I thought that was pretty interesting.
  • CG - Oh, yes. We have our bodies, we have a strong bio-neural fields the universe is actually a bio-electrical field universe and a torsion field universe. All of these bodies in our solar system are going to have a direct connection/correlation to each person, just like I explained on Gaiam TV when I was talking about portals, how the Sun has a filament connection with every planet in our solar system, an electromagnetic filament connection. There is a large torsion field around the Sun and every planet. Of course you know our bio-neural field around our body is a torsion field.
  • GP - hmm...
  • CG - We are going to have a type of connection with everything in our solar system as well. When people made a comment everything in time and space is connected that is literally true. Everything in this Universe is connected in many different ways. It's been proven through portal travel and the hyper dimensional mathematics model they use, that every single point in space and time are connected - they use that information to travel.
  • MW - I was wondering about in our Solar system, there are a lot of people out there that are talking about Saturn being the Projector of this matrix. It comes from Saturn to the Moon an is programming in the Moon. You know a lot about the Moon, we will be talking about that next. Saturn play into the interaction with Earth. A lot people want to blame Saturn, blame the black box being in front of the Sun or behind the Sun. There is a lot of talk about this, what do you know about it?
  • CG - Saturn has quite a lot of ancient and current extra-terrestrial activity. I talked about the ancient builder race that a lot of the Illuminati groups had tried to incorporate it into their religion. Tried to make them their gods. When it comes down to it, even the E.T.'s that are visiting us don't know who they were. A lot of ancient E.T.'s come through had kind of gone by a lot of the ancient builder race monuments that are on other moon and other planets where we know there were glyphs at one time, they have been wiped off. They have been removed. Like one king comes in and they chisel off the name of the other kings off the monuments. There is a quite a bit of ancient builder technology in the Saturn region. A lot of this comes from lore. This is where I have to be careful because there are a lot of sacred cows, a lot of belief systems. I've been stepping onto a lot of toes lately. I've been out there and around. I have been around Jupiter and a lot of the area around Saturn, is highly restricted even our Secret Space Program. There are a lot of E.T. groups that have that area pretty much staked as their own.
  • MW - Is our whole solar system moving up in vibration?
  • CG - Yes.
  • MW - The whole universe is, the whole solar system is.
  • CG - Definitely not only our whole solar system but there is our whole local star cluster. All the local stars in our region are heading into higher vibrational area of our galaxy. That's why like David Wilcock and some other people pointed out that we have all this climate change and strange anomalies that have been occurring on all the planets, steadily increasing each year. These weird hexagon, some sort of weird geographical anomaly that appeared on Saturn, I think on its north pole. That is caused by change in frequency and the solar system. This is translating down to people. People are acting bizarre. If you haven't noticed .... [NASA did document this strange phenomenon observed at the north pole of Saturn. According to Hubble observations, there is no southern hexagon, but a vortex in his place.]

  • MW - <laughing> 
  • CG - People are acting pretty bizarre. It's getting more and more pronounced. It's going to increase, increase, and increase. We are going to start seeing more and more bizarre type of behavior. This change in vibrational energy entering into our solar system is like cosmic Red Bull. laughing
  • MW - hmm like flames. <laughing>
  • GP - <laughing>
  • CG - <laughing> yes, yes. I wish I would have thought of it.

  • GP - We have a question now from our in5d facebook, one of members there. He wants to know if you could go into more detail what's inside the Moon and who built it. That question is coming from Mark Patna sp? I am sorry just wanted to give him credit for that.
  • CG - That's ok. I had not been allowed below a certain level of the Lunar Operations Command, which bugs the snot out of me. In just about every meeting that has been up there they have been bringing between 30 and 80 civilians just everyday people from everywhere on the planet, that have been going up. These people haven't come forward to talk about it. I don't know if they have been told to keep quiet about it. I know they are not blank slating people. The Alliance is not blank slating people. They are keeping quiet about it. These people are being taken on a full tour of the LOC and there has been a couple times that I have seen the side view map. I see that the LOC is narrower at the top it goes down like wider and wider at the bottom, shaped like a bell. If not all the way down, pretty far down close to the outer rim of what the Moon really is. I have not seen what is in the inside. I've heard rumors and information from people. I did read them in smartglass pads that it was an artificial something that was created artificially. It was flown into the position that it is now around 500,000 years ago. It was put into a title lock with the Earth and left there. Apparently refugees that were on board it were supposedly many perished. Some came from that vessel to the Earth.
  • MW - I was wondering, sorry, go ahead ... I was wondering if it is like a hologram cover up that we actually see. There was this one guy on YouTube, who used this high power telescope and camera and he actually filmed kind like a glitch in the programming, the cover up. [I was able to find the video MW is talking about. At first look it definitely appears to be localized to the moon's surface, meaning that if it was a camera distortion it would be applied to the whole image.]
  • GP - Yes.
  • MW - What we are seeing, do you know anything about that?
  • CG - Yes. The Moon is basically split up like Antarctica is into all kinds of diplomatic zones. Some of these E.T.'s groups that have been there for many thousand of years they do have a holographic type of projection that they use to hide their activity.

  • GP - On one of your Gaiam TV episodes you mentioned that the Sun or Sol is an electric stargate that is being said for some sort of waves that are hitting it. Many people have noticed that the Sun is going from a deep egg yolk yellow color to basically being white. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
  • CG - Yes. It is because of these frequency changes. It is shifting. The star is shifting the surface, I don't have the information in front of me now. Don't have access to my internet. I have it on my site somewhere. In the last 10 years the hydrogen bonds there has been changing in terms of the chemistry as well in the surface there. Yes, it has definitely shifted from yellow to more of an orange color when seen from space.
  • GP - Ah. Ok but from here it looks more white, doesn't it?
  • CG - Yes. When viewed through the atmosphere. Yes. It's definitely going through vibratory changes that is affecting it and it's the Sun changing energy into matter. It's basically a giant replicator. It's producing water, hydrogen and all types of things then combine further outside and become minerals. [In the below linked article, I discuss the expanding Earth theory and the Reciprocal Systems model of the Universe. These two theories combined suggest that the vast majority of the material which makes up the Earth and planets comes from a highly energetic core that 'evaporates' material as it slowly cools from a long distant stellar explosion.]

[Here is an excerpt from the above linked article on planetary evolution:

Modern astronomy differs from Reciprocal Astronomy in one major aspect: the stellar combustion process. An important aspect, for it is the combustion process that determines the stellar evolutionary sequence.

Modern astronomy relies on the fusion of hydrogen to helium, the process observed within the photosphere (the outer layers of a star). This process starts out with a bang—a supernova—which forms a blue giant star, that gradually cools down, moves down the Main Sequence, and burns out due to lack of hydrogen fuel. At the end of its life cycle, a number of strange things occur, such as its sudden bloating up to a red giant, then re-condensing down to a white dwarf, or altogether vanishing from the universe in a “black hole.”

Reciprocal System astronomy is a bit more straight-forward, analogous to heating up a piece of metal. The only thing required to build a star is “matter” (dust and rock) and simple gravitation does the rest. - END OF EXCERPT]
  • GP - hmm, hmm...
  • CG - The Sun is a lot more complex, nothing like what mainstream science is putting forth what it is.
  • GP - You know, honestly the way I see it. It is like through alchemy as above so below as within so without. What is happening on the Sun is merely a reflection what's happening to our planet and what's happening to us on an individual level. We are also changing, I have a feeling, would you agree with that?
  • CG - Yes, absolutely.
  • GP - hmm, hmm..
  • CG - That's why we are seeing some people behaving very bizarre, some people starting to really look to become more spiritual. It has to do with polarity. The people that are kind and good at heart in any way are becoming better. They are looking to become more spiritual. They are looking to become more "service to others" on the planet. They are looking to become more loving and helpful to people. People that have struggled with, I am sad to say, mental illness, they are getting hit really hard [a catalyst for inner growth]. People that have struggled with negative feelings about themselves or negative feelings about the world or another people, those negative feelings and thoughts are being enhanced. They are becoming very triggered and reactionary to just about anything.
  • GP - I totally agree. Here is something else I have been meaning to ask you. In 2010 I had a dream where I sent myself back in time from 26 year into the future because the critical mass was not high enough or where it needed to be for this current awakening. When someone asked me who are you, I answered that I am a master copy of myself. During Electric Sun episode of Cosmic Disclosure, you mentioned that we are receiving help from higher dimensional beings and are being given information in our dreams to help us progress at the end of this major cycle. When I heard that I thought, Wow, that's exactly what I was told in this dream that I had in 2010. My comment is written and time stamped in one of my forum stating back to February 9, 2010 when I had this dream. How does one differentiate between dreams, time travel and reality?

  • CG - You have to use your own discernment. You are going to know deeply. It is going to depend if you have a strong connection to your higher self, you are going to be able to discern these things a lot better. If you are a type of person that is kind of neutral to this stuff, then you got to be a little bit careful, you can't just willy-nilly go with any voice or any thought beings that tries to connect with you and says it is positive and you can't go, 'OK that's cool'. It says it is loving, let's talk. You been working on yourself spiritually, you have been connecting with your higher self through meditation and you have been doing your inner work, then you are going to have developed your discernment a lot better. Time travel, time is a very tricky thing, because it's tied in very much with consciousness as well. One of the things that we learned in not just the programs that fall under the MILAB program - most people want to think that everything in the MILAB programs is MK-Ultra; this is just not the truth. In these programs they were teaching remote viewing and remote influencing, one of the things that you realize when you are doing the black ops both military type remote viewing is that you come up with a target for a remote viewer. You write down the coordinates on an index card and you put it into an envelope, passing by three different people and then remote viewer opens it, looks at these alpha numeric coordinates and they do a reading. This reading is for some information in the future, well that future that they are looking into is going to be affected by the consciousness and the belief system of the person that created that target. That's why I call it a probable future. If you have a belief that the future is negative, there is going to be a pole shift, there is going to be a kill shot event, the world is eaten with fire from the Sun and you write down these coordinates and give it to a remote viewer. They are going to see something like that, they are more then likely to see something like that. Changes are really good. If you believe that it is going to be a Golden Age and that type of thing, the consciousness is just an amazing thing that we are just barely starting in mainstream we are barely starting to get an idea that we have a shared consciousness. People worry that what I am talking about is a Hive Mind. We already have a shared consciousness. We are co-creating what is going on in this world right now with our shared consciousness. It is just that a lot of these negative groups that know about this power, are using our co-creative consciousness against us. They are planting seeds in movies and on the news, false flag events, our wideband of emotions are triggers for our consciousness. If they can get us scared like a 9/11 event then they can create a new timeline and get us to choose this new timeline with our co-creative consciousness and head down it as a group. There is so much that we as a people don't know that they have kept from us about our true power as individuals and as a group that we are going to be learning as we move forward.
  • MW - Well, I doubt it put us in a difficult position, as alternative news reporters and writing articles, I have a website called How to Exit the Matrix. I have to cover all these things, yet the key is not to focus on it and not put any emotion into it, but instead observe the truth about what is happening and ...
  • CG - Exactly
  • MW - Not focusing on it. I had to go down that path for at least 8 months; I started out with Cameron Day about the false light being. It just started blowing me away about that whole false light campaign, but it was a learning curve. I learned about it and had to move on. I saw on my website every day wonderful things. I have to now try to share and focus what we need to be doing and how we can help heal people and get through this time. I appreciate you sharing the information that you are sharing. You are a leader in bringing through information about your experiences. A lot of people have a question about you and they want to know, how you are able to talk about all these things and how the government is allowing this, when they have been trying to keep this from us for so long? I imagine, it is not very much different than me talking about it and still being here. If you want to screw with our internet here and there, that is fine but we are highly protected and we stand in our sovereignty and in our own power and basically we know what we are here to do. Could you give everybody the answer to that question?

  • CG - There is a couple of things to that. I've gotten my fair share of death threats and there's been a massive disinformation campaign that has been put out against me. Especially by the AI Prophet group. They did not like the information about the Artificial Intelligence that I put out. I put out quite a bit of really damning information. These groups have been very disappointed in how they have not been able to totally destroy me the way they wanted to in the alternative community. That is one of the ways they were trying to take me down, it was just take me down credibility wise. Secondly, I have had to install video cameras and some things I won't talk about, security measures. I have had break in attempts to my home on two different occasions now that were pretty serious. A lot of people that follow my facebook site know that I have decided not to tell the full information about this. Some actual researchers and other people have been so heavily attacking me I didn't want my family and children being a part of their attacks. We did have a group that intruded into our house. It was a very scary situation. I talked about these tall blonds with real tall foreheads, with six fingers, my son wouldn't stop talking about it. My four year old son was freaked out. He woke up with a bloody nose, there was blood in his bed. He talked about the yellow haired men that took him into an airplane in front of the house. It really freaked us out. When we were at Gaiam Television and I was describing on one of the episodes that they recorded a bunch of different beings and they put up a picture, my kids were up there with me. They put a picture basically of the closest image I could find of that group. My daughter and son were back in the recording room and they got very upset. I was told that I do have a certain amount of protection but it is tied to me karmically to how I behave and think. I can open myself up to attacks.
  • MW - hmm, what about the Sphere Alliance?
  • CG - Yes...
  • GP - Yes, that was basically my question too. Why isn't the Sphere Being Alliance helping to keep you safe and healthy?
  • CG - Yes. They are. They are helping me to a certain point. There has been so many things. I was having meetings where I was really busting hard the SSP Alliance Council about why they would not allow me access to some of their healing technology that I knew would support below when I was about to have surgery? Finally Lt. Col. Gonzalez, that's his pseudonym, not his real name, he finally told me listen the Blue Avians are the ones that didn't want you to have this healing technology. I was like, "what?" He has been in contact with them about the same time that I have. He said, yes, they said it is part of your karmic cycle, you are still dealing with a lot of your karmic cycle. I am out there talking about people need to forgive others and forgive themselves to stop the wheel of karma, when I haven't totally forgiven myself for things that I was forcibly involved in when I was in these programs and therefore, I hadn't stopped the wheel of karma with myself yet. There are certain things that happened and I am only human. I am no guru, I am no special teacher, I am no more special than anyone else. I have flaws about myself that I need to work on. It is something that I need to address. When I told people that, I joked around about this being kind of Golden Rule hippy kind of message, I told them this is not an easy path to walk. Trying to love those that are hating you, to love yourself, to really shine the light inside and see all the dark places and to try to constantly have thoughts of "service to others" and constantly be of a higher vibrational, that is very difficult in this environment.
  • GP - hmm...
  • CG - I fall short. I am not an ascended being by any means.
  • GP - I tell you what Corey. Dolores Cannon said that quickest and best way to overcome karma is through forgiveness. It is that simple.
  • CG - It is that simple and it is that incredibly hard at the same time.
  • MW - Well what I found, Corey, as a life coach as many people are so involved in being "service to others" that they don't stop and take the time to seriously work on themselves, nor do they have time alone that they can do that. Some of us spent year or 2 years alone working on ourselves. Before I met Gregg, I was by myself in between a marriage and I spent time way by myself in the marriage too. It does take the work. Everybody has to do it. That is the one part that no one is going to do for us. Is that one part. It does seem hard, but it is truly simple and it's magic. Our thoughts and our words are truly magic. You can just come up with a simple incantation to look in the mirror and do a little white magic on yourself and just tell yourself how much you love yourself and tell yourself to completely forgive yourself, that this is an illusion, an experience and you were just playing a part and a role in it. Watch how quickly you are protecting yourself. Your aura becomes so golden, and hard around you where nothing can affect you. You can also share that with your family. You basically can protect yourself. Then the Sphere Being Alliance can support you in your actions. So, hey, you just had a life coaching session. <laughing>.
  • GP - That's perfect, thanks
  • CG - <chuckling>
  • GP - I am guessing that you are an introvert like Michelle and me. I am sure it is not easy for you to come out on radio and Gaiam TV to talk about this.
  • CG - Yes, I am a INFJ, I think that's what ....
  • GP - Oh, yes
  • MW - <laughing>
  • GP - I am an INFP.
  • MW - Yes, we are both INFP. [I found the website which provides these results, apparently I am a Protagonist ENFJ-A. Here is the link www.16personalities.com/]

  • CG - I am a highly introverted. When Raw Tier Er was telling me that I was going to be speaking in front of this group, this Federation Council, on their behalf, speaking in front of SSP Council and in the future I would be speaking in front of groups of people down here. I was like, uh, I don't think so. Chuckling. I said, I have a very weak voice. I talk for 45 minutes and then I start to lose my voice. I am great, I can write, I can sit there and write my thoughts out and sound somewhat intelligent, but I am not a public speaker. You guys are not picking the right person here. They were adamant that I was who they wanted to do it. I was like, okay. I don't know why they would pick an introvert over an extrovert.
  • GP - I know. You know it is funny too, because I was told by a psychic Sherry Elise sp. a number of years ago that I would be speaking in front of large groups of people and I would be doing radio shows. The first thing I told her. "that's never going to happen" <laughing> "not this introvert". Here I am doing a radio show. I have had several conferences, in5d conferences here and in Los Angeles. She was right but I would never have thought that. You know and I have told so many people this. If there is a party going on envision a square room, I would be in one of the corners watching people. If you want to find me at a big party which I probably wouldn't go to begin with. If I did, that is where I would be, in one of those corners.
  • CG - Yes, that is me too. I am one of those people watchers. I would be there sitting quietly watching people making idiots of themselves.
  • GP - <laughing>. Yes in general. Are you familiar with Sherry Wilde, she is a contactee?
  • CG - No, I am not real familiar with a whole lot of different contactees and a lot of different peoples' work. I get asked about stuff a lot of time. I really don't know about these different people and a lot of work. I am just now getting to read, trying to get to read Book One of the Law of One. My wife read it. David Wilcock has been pushing, telling me that I need to read it. I haven't really done it. I know that I need to. What .....
  • GP - Actually I would like to talk later on about the Law of One, The Harvest, because I have read the Law of One and I don't necessarily agree with some of the stuff that is in there. But anyway, Sherry Wilde is a contactee who has connections to one of the Grey races. Michelle and I were watching one of Sherry's videos where she stated that in 2009, time was stopped for three days while extra-terrestrials would read the individual vibration of each person on the planet. Are you aware of this event happening in 2009?
  • CG - No.
  • GP - OK. Just curious about that.
  • CG - I am not aware of that no.
  • MW - From what I understand it goes back to what I was saying that everybody having their higher soul experiences and trying to basically figure out, not figure out, but help people along who weren't awaken at that point, which I actually wasn't until 2010. I was completely asleep. Based on their soul's experiences, what their soul had in store for them and if they hadn't awaken yet they needed to trigger. When this wave of energy was to come in, there're talking, some people are talking about truly these abilities for the people who are ready for them. To start experiencing extreme psychic powers and perhaps even some people being able to do things like telekinesis maybe even vibrate themselves right out of this reality, like the Mayans did. That is what we are kind of studying right now. That is why we were interested in that kind of information.

  • CG - Well, yes. For most of these groups that are highly advanced, they realize that time is an illusion. For them, stopping it for three days, they experience time in a totally different way than we do. A lot of these beings can come in and experience a compressed or expanded amount of time while in our midst we are experiencing the same linear time that we normally do.
  • GP - hmm
  • CG - Time is a very interesting thing in its own right.
  • GP - There is a comment in the chatroom from Kim Burnett sp. who says I love Sherry Wilde she is awesome, she backs up Corey a great deal. So, there you go...
  • MW - There you go.... There is also...
  • CG - I just hadn't heard a lot of these people and I haven't had the time to look into their information. It doesn't mean that I disagree with it, or that I think their information is not true, I haven't had time to look into it.
  • MW - What we need to do to give you that time? laughing. Are you still working during the day?
  • CG - Oh my gosh. I'm working completely on this right now.
  • MW - Oh, good. That's good.
  • CG - My other career in the IT field was pretty much decimated when...
  • MW - When they found out who you were <laughing>
  • CG - Yes. I was kind of outed before I could take certain precautions and that kind of thing, get thing set up. All the powers that be and all that, already knew who I was when I was putting out information under my pseudonym [GoodETxSG] but I was on a bunch of different vendor list, my company was, I immediately got tossed off of those lists. I really can't get work doing what I do.
  • GP - Understandable <laughing>.
  • CG - If I were to go now for a job interview or anything, the first thing everyone does is Google your name. 'You are the guy that talks to blue birds?'  <laughing>
  • GP - That would be like me trying to get a job as Child and Family Therapist right now. That's my background, but I am sure they would analyze me. You've met with many different galactic races. Does everyone have a general consensus of who Source or Creator is? Or do some races have a varying opinion?
  • CG - We haven't talked about it, mainly what we have talked about is the Grand Experiment is going on here in the Solar System. The only part that they have talked about when it comes I guess to their type of theology is that they have talked about they are just as much part of this Grand Experiment as we are. They understand that there are beings of higher density, almost angelic type realms above them. Like an onion going up until you reach what they all seem to call Source. What they each personally think of or feel when they say Source, they haven't shared with me. They have all generally kind of used that term.
  • GP - Well to your knowledge do any other galactic races acknowledge Christianity or Jesus?
  • CG - That hasn't come up.
  • GP - I didn't think it would. <GP and MW laughing>
  • CG - That didn't come up. The only thing that I brought up to Raw Tier Er was that I was raised a Christian in a Christian. I asked him: "do you have a problem with that?"  He didn't communicate anything back. He just looked with his hands out and kind of bowed.
  • GP - He didn't roll his eyes. <giggling>
  • CG - No. I haven't had a conversation about Christianity, Muslin, Buddhism or anything like that with any non-terrestrials.

  • MW - Well, let me change the subject. Let's just talk about the Dracos. I have heard that some people are saying that they basically the big guys have left the building and are throwing the lower class reptilians under the bus. You talked about them trying to make a deal to give royals safe passage out of the solar system before these energetic waves come. I was wondering did that swap take place? This my first question.
  • CG - No. It didn't.
  • MW - Did they get safe passage out....
  • CG - No they didn't. They really, really, really wanted to get out. That was denied. They were not given safe passage out. When they tried to make that deal that's when everything went south with all of the Secret Earth Government syndicates that had occult type connections. Connections that people call the Illuminati that pretty much worship the reptilians and the Draco. They were basically betrayed by their gods, all of sudden all these groups started infighting to see who was going to give up who to save whose butt. The Draco actually in a round about way did the SSP council a favor because that's when we received a lot of Illuminati and Cabal defectors. They came with a lot of information and promises to take part in future global tribunals against people, if they were put in an off-world witness protection program with their families. A lot of these people, these Cabal defectors, were taken off planet to secret location and different alliance groups including the Earth Alliance groups have been taken to pump them for information to see if it matches the information that the Earth Alliance had. The Earth Alliance did a series of massive super hacks against the 5 I intelligence agencies, European and U.S. government groups and received a massive amount of intelligence. Edward Snowden's information was completely decrypted recently by I believe May or June. All that information has been collated to where they have it in a database and they can work that out and all this information is what is being collated for massive data dump for a full disclosure event here in the future. The catalyst for a lot of this was when the Draco tried to make this deal to where they could leave the solar system. Them and the Committee of 200 that were close to them were very upset when this was made public. The lower echelons found out about because this basically caused chaos within the ranks. It caused some very high ranking different Illuminati, Cabal insiders to defect and provide information.
  • MW - Well, did the Earth's consciousness know that she would be used in such a way to tract some of these Dracos and basically when she shifts her vibration they either have to switch polarities or be returned to Source to be reconstituted for some other kind of energy. Are you familiar with that?
  • CG - Yes. I think that from the very beginning the Earth and the Sun and this whole solar system knew that it was a part of this giant basically honey trap [to catch negative ET races who are trying to piggyback off the shift we are about to go through].
  • MW - hmm, hmm...
  • CG - That it was going to catch all of the negatives in it. The Sphere Being Alliance group which are basically guardian of some, galactic type of guardians, guardians of some sort. They haven't claimed to be RA from the Law of One. They haven't claimed not to be. They don't call themselves the Blue Avians, they don't call themselves the Sphere Being Alliance. That is what SSP alliance has named them. They don't call themselves anything. When you ask them who they are, they will say what their aim is, that's how they respond. [I find it very interesting that the Sphere Beings do not use any arbitrary names for who or what their race is. They do not offer a prepackaged label of identity in the way humans do. I am curious if the Sphere Beings intentionally do not use racial names with the humans because they do not want to create a mystique around themselves. Instead they refer only to their purpose or goal, which does identify them in an objective way, but not subjectively. The affect of this protocol could be to focus one's attention on the deeds of these beings and not any concocted idea created by hearing a racial name.]
  • MW - hmm, hmm
  • CG - This seems to be an ancient and long orchestrated plan.
  • MW - Everybody here on the planet is part of it. They just didn't remember that and how this is how we are going to change this whole reality. So, when the Earth raise the vibration, they call that the shift? Is that something, do you know if that is coming in the next couple of years or, I mean is this shift coming this year or is this still something that unfolds with time.
  • CG -The shift is underway.
  • MW - Right.
  • CG - It is still going to continue to happen in an accelerated rate and it is something that is going to continue for a long time. It is not something that is going to just BOOM. It is a gradual process that is going to continue to happen for a long time. That is the best answer I can give you.

  • GP - You know Matt Kahn talks about September 28th being a day for ascension. Other people are mentioning September 23rd as a day of ascension. Personally, I have a hard time believing any of these dates, because mainly all time..... Well number one it's dangerous to put a date on anything but all time exist at once anyway, what are your thoughts on these days of ascension?
  • CG - You just took the words out of my mouth. All time exists at once. What controls disclosure, controls a lot of the stuff we are talking about is not only these energetic waves that are coming in but it is also our mass consciousness. So that is not something anyone can put a date on. Anyone that is putting a date out there, that date is going to come and it's going to go. Every year in September or October someone is putting out a date and it comes and goes. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • GP - <laughing> yes
  • CG - Eventually it is going to happen in September or October and someone will say "ooh, I was right". It just about every time....
  • MW - Well, I ...
  • CG - An earthquake doesn't happen and an event doesn't happen. You got to be very careful about putting those dates out there.
  • MW - Yes, one thing I do know about the dates is that we are receiving a huge galactic wave of energy, like you said. We are moving through certain parts of the universe that is actually exacerbating that. I do know that September is going to be. What people need to help to wake their family up. You can't wake anybody up. What people need and what people desire and want is proof of something. They are getting the proof but they don't understand. I just think they have a black cloud over their head. They don't see that it is trying to help them to wake up, really. So, yes ....

  • CG - That's why a lot of people are asking when are the data dump is going to happen. When is this going to happen. A lot has to do the Alliances have had all the information for the data dumps distributed amongst themselves. If one of them were to do a data dump prematurely that would be a bad thing. You don't want to dump the data on a bunch of asleep people so mainstream media and the powers that still are can cover it up or discredit it. What you have to do is you have to wait for a catalyst event. Something like unfortunately, a global economic meltdown to where everybody is completely ticked off and they see all the evidence that there has been a giant ponzy scheme, financial ponzy scheme. The only way it can happen is that all politicians were in the pockets of the banksters. So all of a sudden all these people are looking for more and more information that they would consider "conspiracy theory". Now they have a thirst for this information. Something like that, a catalyzing event, is going to make the time ripe for dumping the kind of data that Snowden had. Let alone all this other data from the secret hacks. People don't realize that NSA put all their eggs in one basket.
  • MW - hmm, hmm...
  • CG - They had tons of information about crimes against humanity, about the Secret Space Program, about E.T.'s, about all kinds of stuff. One of the biggest files they had was the file that the secret government used to blackmail just about every politician and financial people to do what they wanted them to. They have all these blackmail files that have all this sick pedophile type crimes and these other things. People think of disclosure, they think of the President walking up to the microphone and saying, "all right, we have been lying for about 80 years, there really are aliens, Roswell was true, sorry guys, now you know", end of speech. That is not what disclosure is going to be. Full disclosure is going to be information that entails all the crimes against humanity that these Secret Government groups have been doing. It is going to have to do all these hidden technologies, and the existence of extra-terrestrial life is just a small part of it.
  • GP - I have always said that we were going to take a step backwards before we take a huge quantum leap forward.
  • CG - People are going to go through like the 5 steps like when someone dies [grieving process]. They are going through denial, acceptance, anger, remorse and then people are going to have to go through a healing process. Before we go into what the Secret Space Program guys are calling A.D. (after disclosure) transitional civilization is what they have planned out to where this vast Secret Space Program infrastructure that is out there, is going to be handed to the people. Where we will be able to begin this Star Trek type era that we have been promised for all these years and dreamt of. We got to go through a kind of a dark process first of finding out some horrible truths, and then dealing with it, then growing and moving on.
  • MW - I have always said that the first thing that if we could take over the media immediately and used the television in the correct manner, in a better manner, we could change things instantly. People listen, if they don't know about what television does, they listen to everything that is on television. That would be a really intense thing to do. Maybe that is planned, part of the unfolding. There is so much planned that we don't know about. The white hats out there working, preparing, getting ready to step in once everything does begin to fall.
  • CG - Oh yes. When the catalyzing event happens, they already have the ability to take over the emergency frequencies of all the airwaves. They have the ability to bypass the mainstream media. I think that the catalyzing event happens and if it is as bad what I think is going to be even the Blue Avians said it was going to get worst before it gets better. I think that this is something that even the mainstream media are going to drop the charade and say "hey?" and everything is going to be on the table.
  • MW - We call it the wild card. Whether you are calling the catalyzing event, is it the conglomerate of the whole world economic system failing and people realizing how much they relied on money and let it control them or is it that plus other things? What is the catalyzing event?
  • CG - What has been used as an example would be a collapse of the global Babylonian money magic slave system and it collapsing in such a dramatic manner that it is obvious that it has been a giant ponzy scheme and it is obvious that all the politicians and all the bankster and financial people have been involved on some level. It would be a catalyst in angering the people. People are going to be losing a lot. It is going to shut down commerce. It is going to be all kinds of things. The people are going to be sitting in the edge of their seats wanting to know, what the hey? what is going on and what else is going on.
  • MW - Hope you are ready to go on TV Corey, <giggling>.
  • CG: <chuckling> Yes.
  • GP - chuckling. You know ....
  • CG - If this much is happened, what else has been going on. They will be willing to look at all this other information that they would've just brushed off as "conspiracy theory" before.

  • GP - Right. You know, speaking of money in Illinois a drill bit from a well brought up a 200,000 year old bronze coin from a depth of 114 ft. According to the Illinois State Geological survey, the deposits containing the coin are between 200,000 - 400,000 years old. It is not identifiable to any known currency on this planet. So what this means is that there were previous civilizations on Earth who were also economic slaves of some form. As far as you know, are there any other civilizations out there who use money and religion as forms of subservience, control and conformity?
  • CG - First of all, we know through Secret Space Program of many more ancient civilization than the mainstream knows about. These civilizations had their own breakaway civilization, just like we do now. They moved underground they had space programs. There are some of these underground networks, large cities that are from humans that are from civilizations 400,000 years ago, very advanced and they are ancient earth breakaway civilizations. Many of them have been coming up pretending to be gods and as they become more sophisticated had been contacting people while pretending to be E.T.s from other star systems. That is something we have had to deal with as well. As far as the ET groups that ICC, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, has been doing commerce with, they work all on bartering systems and trade. I don't know, money is a very low density, low vibrational kind of transaction.
  • GP - Yes.
  • CG - It is kind of a low vibrational control system. The different groups that are traveling out there in space are not carrying around coins, or folded up paper on their pockets.
  • GP - Or a bible.
  • CG - Or any type of organized religion. A lot of them have these natural law and beliefs similar to we are all one and a part of Source. Different varieties of those kind of beliefs, what I have been able to tell.
  • GP - I firmly believe that we all religious texts should be 4 words long. Love everyone, respect everything. It's that simple.
  • CG - Yes, the Golden Rule. Just pass the Golden Rule around. If everyone lived by the Golden Rule, everybody would be happy.
  • GP - Michelle, I can't hear you.
  • MW - Thank you Gregg. There is a reason for that. We are all from the same source. When we do something to another person, we are doing it to everybody and ourselves at the same time.
  • CG - Absolutely.

  • MW - That's what the Law of One is about. You can understand the Law of One without having to read. There are a lot of distortions about the Law of One as well. One of that being The Harvest. In your opinion, is The Harvest, they talk about The Harvest. What is the Harvest? Is this a good thing? I know you haven't read the book but surely you ...
  • CG - When David and I have talked about the Law of One. We have talked about how it is applied, the conversations I have had with Raw Tier Er, I have told him "yes this is the way this being talks." It is very strange. It seems to mean all these different things. He says "man it sounds just like these conversations in the Law of One, you know". We've talked about that, but The Harvest I am not fully versed in what all that is and means; to be honest. I don't know if that just means an ascension. I don't know if there are other interpretations for it.  I've heard all of these different people that have different ideas. Aliens are going to come, then UFO's are picking up certain people. Some sort of ET rapture kind of thing. I have heard all kinds of different ideas on what their interpretation is of The Harvest. I haven't read the book. I don't know what the answer is to that. [The best way to come to an understanding about what the Law of One defines the harvest as, is to read it yourself here. We also offered a detailed analysis in the below linked article; the harvest concept described in the Law of One, as it relates to Natural Law and other works. Listening to others speak of the Harvest, there is a lot of misunderstanding, which explodes into fear and rejection. Of course one need not accept this idea as truth, nor am I saying it is definitely true, but as a philosophical exercise we can explore the idea of it and see how well it matches reality as we know it.]
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  • GP - To me something isn't right about that. We harvest corn, not people. <chuckling> 
  • CG - Yes. The higher density beings have a lot of difficulty with not only our time frame but with our phrasing, our wording. A lot of times they will use an example, it can applied in different ways. They are pretty far removed from us in ways of thinking. A lot of people try to overlay our way of thinking on top of the higher density beings and you can't do that. [This is a very apt appraisal of the situation from Corey. In my view, there is a breathtaking amount of concepts that are misunderstood by the awakening community, and as such dismissed as a result. But as Corey says, its a misunderstanding on our part, which usually causes us to 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' instead of investigating the concept further.] People get very upset when I say something like we as 3rd and 4th density beings can't comprehend or understand the existence, fully understand the thoughts and minds of 6th, 7th, 8th density beings. They are like, that's insulting my intelligence. I am like, well, yes. <chuckling>. We are not there yet. I am insulting my intelligence too. We are not there yet. I don't pretend to fully understand where they are coming from on everything. They come from a different vibratory state, then through this ascension matrix, and several layers of the onion up higher than us.
  • MW - Yes, I do know. I have a feeling that The Harvest is more of the same thing about any kind of religion or anything that happens. It gets twisted. I am feeling like it is more of the vibrational separation or conglomerate of people who are vibrating very high will tend to start to gravitate more together. The people that are vibrating very low will tend to stick together. That will be more like The Harvest in my opinion. Yes, I have read it all. Let me ask you, I want to go back to trading. We were talking about money. Other extra-terrestrials civilizations trade things. Well, this is not an easy subject to talk about. But you have talked about the human slave trade and the Secret Space Program being involved in that. What is it about this human that makes us such a commodity, and will we be able to help rescue those humans that they have actually abducted and traded away?

  • CG - Yes, the humans we're unique several different ways. On our planet the diversity in humanity is rare. Usually on different planets everybody is pretty much close to the same. We have all these different we call them races, but we are all the same race. We just have different upholstery, colors of upholstery. We have all this genetic diversity amongst just what we call humans. We have been tinkered with so much over the many, many millennia, that we have a wider band of emotions than most beings out there. They have the same emotions as us, but I am told that our spectrum of emotions is wider than most of them. That is a good thing and a negative thing as we see in the news. Also our genome has been spliced so many times that it readily splices to the genome of other beings. We are easily splice-able, hybridized with other beings very easily. There is the other things that are somewhat obvious we are good at slave labor, believe it or not. We are extremely good engineers. There is a certain sexual component to it. There are certain entities out there, beings that use different parts of humans for sustenance.
  • MW - Are we going to be able to help retrieve some of those bodies? As long as the bodies die the soul is ok. I am talking about that they are taking the bodies and then they are grabbing the soul out of them with their technology. They are putting them in another body where the soul will never be able, they think it will never be able, to be able to be extracted. So they are caught there forever.
  • CG - They have been for some time now rescuing a great number of these individuals. When they get to the ones that they are able to save, they are extremely traumatized. The PTSD, the term PTSD is thrown around willy-nilly pretty easily now these days, but these people are seriously traumatized by some of the things they have been put through. There is an ancient earth breakaway civilization that you mentioned earlier that was the Mayan group, they broke away and they have their 4th, 5th density group now. They are still interacting with the Secret SSP Alliance group, they still have some bases down in South America. They are mostly off planet. They have colonies in the Pleiades. These places are basically like paradises. They have been taking these people to these places and they also take other ET groups. They take damaged corporeal bodies and damaged souls to these locations and they help them heal. They have been helping these people and at some point in the future they will be given the choice after disclosure to return back to Earth or to stay on these planets that they have these colonies on that are very, I am told, very Eden like. They have very high vibratory technologies that are very wonderful to help people to heal from traumas. A lot of the Secret Space Program alliance groups have done some horrible things in their past. Some of them are extremely damaged. These are not angels. When everything is said and done, when we are in a post disclosure world, things are going the way they should down here on Earth, they are also going to be taken to these colonies to where they are going to be offered this healing, repair of their psyches, their soul and all the damage that was done to them.

  • MW - Well, are those healing technologies going to be available to us as well? What about all of this technology that the government has like the underground trains, being able to go to one place to another. How long do you see all that unfolding? Even the free energy technology, my really good friend, Fernando Bosa sp. he has already downloaded all these schematics in his head. He has 20 ideas for free energy and healing and everything, but he does not have the financial stability to back it right now. The consciousness of the planet is not backing that. I assume that is coming soon.
  • CG - Yes none of that is going to be allowed until after a post disclosure situation. They are going to be bringing all of this technology down to Earth.
  • MW - Who is they?
  • CG - The Secret Space Program alliance and the Earth Alliance are going to bring all of this technology into the open after the full disclosure event and data dumps. The existence of all this technology is going to be in the data dumps. So everyone is going to know it exists. They are not going to know where it is, they will want access to it. When this happens it is going to be the end of financial systems. This is hard for people to fathom because they have over thousand of years brainwashed into thinking that "I have to have money". There is not going to be financial system any more. They are going to bring down the replicator technology, free energy, the light and vibratory healing technologies. There is no reason for people to be in wheelchairs, people going through chemotherapy or having cancer. There is no reason for any of that to exist on the Earth. Their mandate has been that they are going to bring it to all of humanity everyone in the world at the same time. Not just to the richest people in America or in Europe. The people in villages in Africa will have access to it, down the line. They are going to bring it down to everybody and give everyone access to this technology.
  • MW - So, everybody who has some very difficult diseases right now or things that have cropped up, cancer, just try to hang in there and a lot of people are doing alternative therapies because they know how horrible chemotherapy is, you know radiation. Possibly if they need surgery, well they might not even have the money right now because of the astronomical cost to have surgery. A lot of people have given up hope and I just wanted to give hope and let them know that your thoughts and your intention on staying on this planet until this time is greatly needed. <chuckling>.
  • CG - I want this technology down just as fast as anyone else. I have some loved ones that have some of these diseases that we are talking about. I would like this to come down and happen sooner than later.
  • MW - Yes, we all do.
  • CG - Like I said, I can't put a time frame when it is going to happen, because a lot of it is very much up to us awakening and our mass consciousness. We are going to make it happen. We are not going to be saved by ET's. We are not going to be saved by any this one group. We are going to save ourselves...
  • MW - That is really, go ahead....
  • CG - No go ahead.
  • MW - That is really what we talk about in all of the shows, is raising our consciousness, raising our vibrations and actually intending to connect with collective consciousness, like the hundredth monkey effect. It is happening and it is working. I think we got a pretty good pulse on people who are finding in5d and finding information just by searching in the internet. They just seem to fall in the right place. It is a beautiful thing to watch unfold. At the same time we have to have balance and polarity and at the same time we are seeing things crumble. We are also seeing a high acceleration in awakening people and the effect it is having on the collective human consciousness. I really do think we are in a really good place. I just wanted to tell you during this whole time we have been talking, Greg's computer actually completely crashed. He had to get back on. We do have some questions to keep going. We got about 40 minutes available still if you are willing to stay. I know we have kept you quite long, are you willing to stay for a few more questions?
  • CG - I don't know if I can stay that much longer, because now my daughter is sick too so I am going to have to help my wife here in a little bit.
  • MW - OK.

  • CG - One of the things I was going to add to what you just said is another litmus test we can watch is that as we are awakening and we see that 100th monkey effect, you can also see all these negative groups are starting to panic. The more they panic they more they are going to pump up the fear porn and the more they are going to try to derail us. The more you see them doing that, the more you know that those of us in the positive side are making progress. 
  • MW - Yes, absolutely, go ahead Gregg.
  • GP - Thank you, just like you were saying beforehand about extra-terrestrials help, the whole savior program thing, like the Hopi said we are the ones that we are waiting for. We are going to pull ourselves out of this. Speaking of technology, what you were saying before, I have a pair of ATN Generation III night vision goggles and it is hard to go 10 minutes without seeing an UFO. For example, last night I saw one and I used my laser pen to signal it and I asked them to power up which they did every time I asked them to do so. When I expressed gratitude by thanking them for powering up, the powered up even brighter. Many other people have experienced this as well such James Gilliland at his ECETI ranch. What does this mean when the power up, and who are they?
  • CG - It could be any number of groups. There are so many groups that after the outer barrier went up, that we didn't even know were here. All of a sudden we started finding out that there were very high density beings that were here that didn't want to have anything to do with any type of intelligent beings here, what we think are intelligent. They were just here to study our oceans, our flora and our fauna, study the jungles, life. They were interested in the rich genetic bouquet that is on this planet. They are very peaceful, loving beings. They just didn't want to have anything to do with us or any of the other ET's groups here. They were very advanced, had technology that cloaks. They are now being a lot more open. Now that everyone knows they are here. Just about all of these beings technology is operated off neural interfacing and consciousness. When you reach out with your mind, sometimes you know you can even interfere with what they are doing. Sometimes your reaching out with your mind is just like making radio transmission communication to them.
  • GP - Yes.
  • CG - There are the times that you can make a mistake on the group that you do that to, just to be clear. For the most part the people that have been doing that have been having positive experiences. I am glad to hear it.
  • GP - hmm, hmm...
  • CG - There are so many different groups. I couldn't give you a name of which group it is.
  • GP - Yes. I think it is really cool how they telepathically interact with us. Are you familiar with Tavistock?
  • CG - No.
  • GP - Tavistock is well known for controlling public opinion. For example if you imagine Tavistock in the Godlike Production's forum, you will get banned. One of the many avenues that Tavistock controls is the new age agenda. With your involvement with MILAB, some people would say the Sphere Being Alliance's part of Tavistock's new age agenda. How would you convince people that is not part of the new age agenda, or some sort of this disinformation agenda?

  • CG - What I would first say is look at the information. Anyone on the negative side they are not going to want you to become aware of the power of your co-creative consciousness. They are not going to want you to become a more positive and loving being. This is not the message that comes from the dark side. Some people are saying all Corey want you to become all hippy-like and loving and have a false paradigm of hope and that way the Cabal can run all over you. If you put more than 2 minutes of thought into it, it is just ridiculous. It is as ridiculous as this AI Psy-Op that is being put out by a couple of disinfo. agents from the other side. The people that are out there saying this negative stuff, that's ok. But before you form your opinion go and fully look at the information I have put out. If any of it triggers you and make you feel like it's coming from the Devil or from the secret government as a way to mind control you, then go somewhere else.
  • GP -  It's a message of love anyway. <Michelle and Gregg talking over each other>.
  • MW - <chuckling>. You do not have to convince anybody of anything, Corey. You are here to tell your story and you are here, I feel personally that with what you are doing, serving and putting your life at a risk to get this information out, you are trying to balance out a little of that early, a part of your life where you had do things to other people I am feeling, is that true?
  • CG - It is yes. I am fully aware I have been on the other side I have seen the voice of god technology and this other technologies that are used to implant and download information to make people feel like they are channeling or downloading information as part of the program. You had to be subjected to it so you know when you are being targeted. There are a lot of targeted individuals out there that know when they are being hit with this technology. They know when they are being hit. This technology that is out there, those of us that have been in these dark programs and have been on the operator side of it, you are not going to be able to use this technology on us without us knowing.
  • GP and MW - hmm, hmm
  • GP - One other thing, one of my favorite topics is our origins. It seems genetically impossible to have some different blood types A, B, AB and O along with two different Rh values, positive and negative, from allegedly 2 people, Adam and Eve. What is the real story about how we are here? Were we genetically seeded here? Was our DNA manipulated by the Anunnaki? Were we seeded here by the various star nations? What is the real story behind that?

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  • CG - This article that I am about to release [go here to view article] is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable. It has some information in it that kind of made me uncomfortable in the meeting I had where Gonzalez and I were brought down to meet 7 groups, subterranean groups that are ancient Earth breakaway civilizations. They gave us their version of history. It matched quite a bit what we had read in the smartglass pads about their being our original human genotype that was here that developed on the planet that had been manipulated by many different groups. Later on this group that came in that has been here for like hundreds and thousands of years that have these 22 different genetic programs going on. There is so much going on with manipulating us genetically and manipulating us spiritually and socially. It is crazy.
  • GP - It is.
  • CG - There are so many differing and competing programs amongst these ET groups, some of them have programs that step on each other, genetic programs. That is why they were controlling certain groups on Earth. They would create laws against them to marry outside of their race because they didn't want to pollute their genetic experiments. They had a lot of competing experiments going on the Earth for a long time. They didn't like the other ET groups experiment stepping in on top of theirs. They didn't like the mixing of bloodlines. That is a real hard one to answer because we were looking at all these 22 different programs and they were giving all this evidence to back it up. A lot of times they were contradicting each other. It was hard to make complete heads or tails out of it, even at that level, at this late of a date.
  • GP - I am sure it is multi faceted.
  • CG - It is. The full skinny, people that just say the Anunnaki came down, they made us, we are here, a couple of ET's have tinkered with us, that's the end of the story. That's my belief, it's set in stone, I'm sticking with it. It is far more complicated than that. It is far, far more complicated than that. There are some many different types of genetic lines and different bloodlines that have occurred and there are some that are a part of some of the original human lines that were on the Earth according to these ancient Earth breakaway groups, that we recently talked to, that gave us some evidence. We went and looked at their libraries. Talked with them for a while. I am just about ready to publish this article. It is quite long. I will have to do it Part 1 and Part 2. It is going to challenge a lot of people in their established belief systems. It is going to make a lot of people think, it's going to make some people angry. This is coming, some of this information that I am reporting and putting it out there with a disclaimer, a: these ancient breakaway groups, the subterranean groups, admittedly have been deceptive with us for many thousand of years, pretending to be gods, pretending to be ETs from different star system so, take this information with that in mind and also use your discernment.
  • GP - It is my understanding through Robert Morningsky that our human DNA is the genetic royalty of the universe because of all the galactic genetic interaction. They also seem to have some sort of claim over us. Maybe there is a battle going on over who owns whose DNA...
  • CG - Yes...
  • GP - One of our in5d viewers, Vick Scribble sp?, wants to know anything that is already not commonly know about the origin and purpose of our Rh- blood.
  • CG - I have seen a lot of information out there. Everything that I have been told and seen, there is a lot of lore about Rh- blood. There were some Illuminati people that I was talking to. They were talking with me. This was actually when I was working at the Federal Reserve. They brought up that they were Rh-, royal blood. I made a remark that made them very angry. That blood type has not only been found in humans but has been found in certain types of monkeys. It is not just in humans. That is something that has been suppressed a lot. It has not just been found in humans. There is a lot of belief systems and lore wrapped around a lot of stuff in the esoteric community that we have to shake loose. There is a lot of truth in there, but there is a lot of stuff that we need to not cling so tightly to, to make our reality bubbles more permeable. I have had to change to what I believed about certain things on many occasions on my life, you got to be willing to do that.

  • MW - Yes. Your truth today is not the same as your truth yesterday, as you begin to learn to discern. The energies are really allowing for us to be able to see the truth. It just starts feeling right. It just becomes really ridiculous, something that you might have believed yesterday or a year ago. Every moment we are changing. As we get to the end of the show with you Corey, I think I can pretty much sum up what you said today. That all the various ET groups are here. We are them. We have to raise our consciousness and our vibration. We have to learn to get along here on the planet in this free will universe. With the respect to the Golden Rule, we ought to be able once we get rid of money and rid of political tyranny, we should be able to get along here and be able to each have each ET agenda in what they need, whether they need trade, whether they want to begin to incarnate in a human body from their race. We need to allow all of these things to happen on Earth, as long as you are not hurting anyone else with the Golden Rule. Would you say that is a really good wrap up for tonight?
  • CG - Yes, a lot of it starts with people that call themselves truthers. We need to inside the esoteric truther community, we need to quit being so fragmented, point out what our differences and start pointing out what is the same. What is the same is that we want a positive change for this world. We need to come together and co-create that and make it happen.
  • MW - I agree and that is the Law of One, you don't even have to read the book. I think you pretty much got it, Corey. I want to thank you so much, it has been such a pleasure. I thank you for joining us amidst all our electronically problems. We would love, we can wait to read your article and would love to continue to publish anything from you, that you have. If you will provide the article, Corey that would be great. [here it is again]
  • GP - I would like to thank everyone also who is listening live, recorded on YouTube or is with us right now on the Blogtalk radio chatroom. I know that there are still a ton of questions from our in5d viewers, from the chatroom that we weren't able to ask as well as Michelle and myself. We could have gone on and on and on. laughing. We would like to thank you for joining us here in5d radio and look forward to future episodes of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaiam TV. So if you would like to give everybody information how they contact you or find you.
  • CG - If you want to watch 3 free Gaiam shows to get an idea what those are like, you can go to Blueavians.com. You can watch 3 free episodes there. If you sign up through there, I get a small little compensation. You can go to SphereBeingAlliance.com to my website. I do a lot of publishing on my facebook site, which is also BlueAvians.
  • GP - Awesome, thank you so very much for being with us once again here in5d radio. We are looking forward to your new article coming out here very shortly.
  • MW - Good night, Corey.
  • CG - Good night.
  • GP - Take care brother.
  • CG - Thank you.
Transcribed by Marilisa de Barros 9/24/15

A gracious thank you to Marilisa for producing this transcript. 

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"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; 
not going all the way, and not starting." - Buddha

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SITS blog is a venue where Data we come across can be shared with all of you. If we look past personal bias, and distill the Absolute Data within each post, our natural intuition will assemble these nuggets together and reveal a greater truth.

We do not know what that truth is yet of course. We are discovering that together as a whole by sharing and discussing our unique perspective. Share your thoughts and we will all come to a greater understanding as one.

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