Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Power of Knowledge Demonstrated (Video) | LA Resident Knows His Rights And Schools The Police

Update - Apparently the video is not showing up for some readers. I have added the raw link above the video which can be pasted into a new tab.

The hidden aspect of our justice system is slowly becoming unearthed in these shifting times. The average citizen of corporatized nations are led to believe that any police officer or government agent are unquestionable authorities over the people. But in truth government is the servant of the people; not the reverse.

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When a people elect a sheriff, council member, state representative or even president, a social contract is created, predicated on truth, honesty and fairness. These elected officials are literally the servants of the people; hence the term Public Servant. Unfortunately, our would-be masters have willfully ignored this principle of honorable dealings, and seek to intimidate and subvert the natural rights of the people they are duty bound to uphold. As a result, any public servant who acts dishonorably, failing to transparently reveal the truth, is incompetent and in breach of trust and contract. They violate the public trust by failing to honor and uphold the people's inherent and inalienable rights.

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Within this climate of tyranny and despotism what can the average person do?

Knowledge will lead to power if acted upon. The following video is a wonderful example of what happens to a being who takes the time to study and research the basis of any legal or lawful system.

Blaine Cooper is approached by four armed policy officers who fail to properly identify themselves. It is required under social contract for any public official to state their business and identity when approaching a citizen. Because Cooper has this knowledge, he raises this point with them in a calm and honest manner. They never respond to his request and as a result breach their oath and social contract. With this second piece of knowledge in mind, Cooper notifies them of their duty and that they are in violation of the legal codes to which they are ostensibly bound to uphold. The policy officers eventually leave Cooper, presumably because at some level they recognize their wrong doing.

What makes Cooper's approach so effective in my view, is that he addresses them as human beings first, and then points out their failings in a calm and rational manner. He makes an appeal to their conscience as best he can, and in this case, they choose not to create further harm by antagonizing him.

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This is an excellent example of honorable conditional acceptance, wherein one party to a contract (Cooper in this case) accepts the pretext of their authority, but only if they follow the letter of the social contract. As a result, Cooper is essentially honoring his end of he social contract but only if they in turn act honorably as well. And since they do not, he now has a superior negotiation power to reject any further dealings with them. This process is a negotiation between individuals under a contractual basis, founded on the truth that all authority is only ever a contractual arrangement. All things are negotiable, and any obligation imposed on a person is illusory.

We can learn from this example, take up the work of studying the law and our relationship to it, and in doing so, activate our sovereign powers of negotiation. So long as we remain honorable, the dishonor of others will provide us a superior position to reject fallacious authority. If each of us does this the illegitimate systems of control will dissolve against an unstoppable and awakened force of sovereign people.

- Justin

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Posted by Blaine Cooper on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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