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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 11: Potential of Human Consciousness - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This week David and Corey discuss more of the psi-abilities developed in the secret space program. According to Goode, there are 2 types of psychics, telepaths and telekinetics. The training programs used in MILAB required young minds, ages 5 and 6 ideally. This allows their skills to be greatly enhanced in ability and potential power. 

The cost of using powers for nefarious ends comes with karmic impact. The light-side of the the force, so to speak, is more difficult in its depth of approach, yet more empowering as one furthers along the path. 

The cabal spends a great deal of energy to ensure humanities co-creative consciousness remains chaotic and in their control. But as a result of tsunami waves of galactic energy, humanity is going through a mass initiation, which will one day culminate in a grand awakening of ascended abilities.

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The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - We're here with Corey Goode, an insider who has a truly remarkable breadth of information, in a variety of highly classified projects, at the cosmic top secret level and above, 35 levels above the secrecy of the President of the United States. We've been talking about intuitive training, the programs Corey and other insiders were a part of, training to become more psychic, to have greater powers and capabilities. All of this builds up to the rainbow body, as described by the Tibetan monks using meditative and spiritual practices. [DW appeared on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church on May 26th of this year, wherein he discussed the process of raising one's vibration using meditation and mental transmutation techniques; the Tibetan method. Essentially how we define the events and things in our lives, determines the resulting emotional charge associated to them, which in turn, affects the electromagnetic coherence of our aura; the energy field which organizes matter around the body. Once we begin to master this technique, we can literally reverse the aging process and eventually transcend the physical body itself. For more on this see the following posts.]
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  • DW - Welcome back to the show Corey.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - The Tibetan rainbow body seems to be at the core of where this discussion is ultimately taking us. I have written about this extensively. For those who don't already know and may be new to this, the rainbow body seems to be a transmutation of the physical body at the time of death. The core of the practice seems be constant meditation, and to have every thought being a loving thought [as in we define it that way using spiritual contemplation and understanding; holistic thinking]. What you described in the previous episode is very disturbing stuff [the use of virtual reality to put trainee's into morally harsh situations to compel them to follow orders vs doing what is right.] You said that some of these guys in the program thought of themselves as Sith Lords [ala the Star Wars films].
  • CG - Yes. They see themselves as masters of the dark side of the force, Sith lords. Very much of that mythos is a part of their belief system.
  • DW - Without getting tOo graphic, were they d the most negative things you can do to other people [most likely trauma based techniques of all sorts] as black magic to enhance the capabilities that they had.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - You were describing people that could throw a ball of energy out of their hand and dent metal with it. Is this just a little ding in the metal?
  • CG - No. A major collapse enough to push in metal doors. If they did this to a human being, they wouldn't be able to survive the experience.
  • DW - When I was talking to Daniel before [one of DW's insiders] he was describing two types of psychics; TPs [telepaths - sending/receiving information from mind to mind] and TKs [telekinetic - manipulating the physical world with the power of mind]. Did they break it down like that in the program you were involved in?
  • CG - People that had telekinetic abilities were moved into another program.
  • DW - Daniel was told that TKs were one out of a 1000 people, they are much more rare, but they could be trained just like a telepath could be trained. Did you experience the same thing, that telekinetics could be trained to become more powerful?
  • CG - Any of these abilities can be enhanced. Through training and also chemical injections that somehow develop these abilities.
  • DW - Daniel also said to me that they graded people on a scale of psi-ability, with the letter "P" and then a number; this would be for telepaths or telekinetics. A P0 would be your typical person with no psi abilities. A natural psychic, someone we would think of as really good would still only be a P4, but in the training that Daniel went through, the people at the highest level could be P8, P9 and P10. If you are a telekinetic, apparently they would use these people to pinch the corroded artery in somebody's neck, and kill them by a blood choke to the brain. Were you aware of psychic abilities being used for assassinations and that kind of thing; is this part of what they were training for?
  • CG - Yes, they were using some of the abilities to train these young people to be able to kill, with telekinetic abilities. Did this person [Daniel] start this training as an adult or a child?
  • DW - Yes, he was working at the Montauk base. They had a peculiar way of approaching you, like a random conversation... 'What do you think about E.S.P. what do you think about psychic abilities?' And if you show interest in it, saying that you've had your experiences and things like this.. they would say.. 'Well as it turns out there's a program, you can get paid extra, it won't affect your regular duties and your going to be able to learn a whole lot of really cool stuff... What do you think? Do you want to try it out?' This is how they would recruit you.
  • CG - Well the reason I asked is that one of the objectives they created the MILAB program for is to train children between 5 and before they hit puberty - they want them when they are very young - and if they get them at an early age to train them and enhance these abilities, they get much more advanced abilities; less then if they tried to train an adult. The children trained in the MILAB programs would blow adults off the scale you mentioned.
  • DW - I believe Daniel said he only got up to P7 and he was a telepath. They also said something weird, which is that, TPs and TKs are like the yin and yang of the conscious and subconscious. If you are telekinetic then your telepathic ability is subconscious and it will happen but you can't control it. If your a telepath then your telekinesis is subconscious and you can't control it. You either have one or the other, but not both, is what they seem to have discovered.
  • CG - Well, you have both but the other one is very weak. During the Intuitive Empath training, weird things would happen, like objects moving across the floor of the room when you were seriously focused on a task. Especially when they were being enhanced technologically in remote viewing and intuitive enhancement training [in episode 10 of Cosmic Disclosure, CG mentions that during Intuitive Empath training, a metallic probe would be used to project sound waves into the pineal gland. This would apparently cause very intense subjective experiences such as out of body sensations and visions.] This was with younger people, in this age window, that we've been talking about.
  • DW - One of the things that Daniel was really impressed by was the Scifi show Babylon 5. The author of the show, J. Michael Straczynski featured this P scale system in the show several times. One of the things he remarked on is that in the show some of the ET races were ranked as P11 or even P12, but that he was told it is impossible to go over P10. But this obviously isn't true, that's just what he was told.
  • CG - When they start training people in adulthood for these abilities, they have already missed a major window. When you are at a young age, you haven't formed a preconceived ideas about what is possible, your consciousness is more malleable, and therefore so are your abilities. Because consciousness is the trigger for these abilities. These younger people are able to be trained to be able to do a lot more things then someone who is way past the age of puberty, and has an established belief systems about what is and is not possible.

  • DW - Why do you think that these rainbow body practices require so much more work then receiving injections and using technology to get you negatively empowered as a psychic.
  • CG - It's always a short cut. But to enhance yourself and evolve on a positive path is very long and difficult. The Blue Avians gave this message to us: to become more loving and forgiving to ourselves and others, to stop the wheel of karma, to focus daily on becoming service to others, to raise our consciousness and our vibrations. This sounds really hippy, flowery and easy to do, but I can assure you this is an extremely difficult path to walk. Conversely, when you can walk a short and jagged negative path, where you get some very strong and interesting abilities, it will seem like a more doable course for people. [Indeed the path of truth and harmony is the most difficult, because it requires us to seek self knowledge and heal ALL of the errors and missteps hidden within. It is much easier to avoid these offers for expanded consciousness, and depend on a guru or technology to 'skip ahead'. The cost of this is huge however, for we become dependent on technology while at the same time using our powers for egocentric reasons that can tend to harm others in the process. In the end, there are no true cheats when it comes to universal and personality attainment. In my view slowly reflecting on one's past experience and seeking out our errors can be emotionally turbulent at first, but as we walk the path, it gets easier and eventually goes from a difficult labor to a joyful exploration.]
  • DW - Why do you think that in Hollywood movies that it's always the evil characters which seem to gain supernatural powers, and its always the heroic characters that have to fight them using weapons, true grit and dumb luck?
  • CG - Well, its because of the people who make these movies. They want to promote going down the path of hate and fear, the dark path, as the strongest. That is the way to get rich, famous and powerful; to be ruthless. To be nice is a very hard, almost always a loosing battle. A difficult battle to win.
  • DW - Tibetans also had black magic, and I think people don't realize this, there were some very negative practitioners in Tibet, like what is described in the book: Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. One of the things it talks about in this book is what some of these black magic Tibetans would do if they want to assassinate someone. They would take a knife or dagger and charge it up with huge amount of anger or hatred, and then if they do that enough, the person would want to pick up the knife and kill themselves with it. But they said it was very dangerous to do this, because you might want to pick up the dagger and use it on yourself. Or some kind of bad karma happened to the practitioner. What do you think is going on there?
  • CG - There are universal natural laws kicking in. If you are going to use hate and fear as a tool, then the laws of karma are always going to catch up with you. It seems that we see a lot of evil politicians get away with many things, and are never held accountable. Well, eventually the law of karma is going to catch up with them, and they will get hit with it all at once.
  • DW - But we also see them getting hit with incredible scandals, or they get injured some how. It seems like they are required to be there for a certain job description, but even in one life time it doesn't appear like they are having a lot of fun. [In my research, the powers that be hold a principle of incompetence to be a foundation for their authority. That since humanity is unknowledgeable it creates disharmony and error, requiring a higher intelligence to step in and bring order to chaos. The papal bulls are founded on the principle 'let he who would be duped be duped' meaning that the universe will allow a certain amount of deception to initiate others into higher consciousness. Essentially we are going through a huge cosmic initiation and the Cabal are playing the role of evil doers to teach us to become self mastered and truly sovereign; not dependent on external authorities. This is why we can't be 'saved' by angels or benevolent ET's, although they do intervene in our affairs, yet only in ways which provide for personal empowerment and education. If they swooped into save us from the Cabal, they would rob us of the opportunity to grow and evolve. Instead they keep the balance and foster individual moments of catalyst, nurturing each embodiment in a unique and personal way towards self mastery.]
  • CG - Even those of us who are trying to walk the positive path, if we are not being challenged with the yin the yang, the dark and more sinister side of the coin, we're not ever really going to grow spiritually. We grow through adversity; and that makes a lot of people angry. They say 'you know what, leave me alone, leave me in peace, and I will sit in a lotus position, meditating and growing a lot quicker if I don't have these negative things happening to me.' But that is just not how the universe is designed to work.
  • DW - Interestingly, the Tibetans say the worst thing you can do is to sit, meditate and be blissed out all the time. They warn that you could go into 'the realm of conception-less gods,' and that it is a very dangerous thing. One of the funny things that they say, is if you are in a situation of extreme fear - like a pack of wild dogs chasing you down - in that moment when your running for your life, this is the closest you can get to cosmic consciousness; a full breaking down of the veil of who you really are.
  • CG - Well you never feel more alive than in the that moment you're in danger.
  • DW - Do you think this is the basis of why they put you in these horrible situations [in virtual reality], to evoke the yearning of the soul to the higher self or god, to preserve your life or life in general?
  • CG - It is to have you focus on being in the moment, on preservation of life and to draw on inner energy and power through your consciousness; that is 'built in' [to the life experience in general] to help you with survival.

  • DW - What do you think is going on in these documented cases - you don't hear about them much anymore - where a mother and child are trapped under a car, and the mother lifts it up with a massive feat of strength. What do you think is happening in a case like this? [I did find a local news story with a case of a young girl moving a car of her father.]
  • CG - Well a lot of people say it's adrenaline, and they have done studies into this, but a lot of it - they say - is mind over matter, but I like to say mind over what's the matter - its consciousness. And consciousness is extremely powerful. More then likely what is happening is our consciousness, in that moment of the now, is changing the physics or the matter around you to where you are changing the outcome of that situation. [This would be an example where higher laws are overcoming lower laws, described in detail within the Hermetic text known as the Kybalion. In this way, the term Natural Law denotes the physical laws of the universe, as we know them, as well as the seemingly miraculous phenomenon such as psi abilities or spontaneous healing. Here no laws of the universe are broken, but we access more of consciousness itself, which is superior to the material universe in that the consciousness of ourselves and the things moved becomes one; a co-creative act.] 
  • DW - One of my secret space program insiders, Jacob, told me the people who documented these experiences were secretly abducted and blank slated and tested. They found that the people who exhibited feats of extraordinary strength had some kind of DNA energetic overload, and that in many cases their DNA was damaged and they would die a few years after performing this feat. It seems to have messed up their biological mechanism somehow.
  • CG - They spent all of their life force energy in one kind of blast.
  • DW - So you would agree that it might be damaging to us at some level if we try to jam all this voltage through ourselves all at once like that?
  • CG - If we're not spiritually evolved enough to handle it, then yes. [Based on the research of Dan Winter and the effects of electromagnetism on the body, using one's mind in a strong coherent way will produce enhanced abilities. Coherent in this case means visual clarity and definition of imagination. For example, in the moment before the mother lifts the car, her mind is singularly focused on freeing her child, and she has a high definition mental image of what needs to be done; to lift the car. As a result, her emotions flow through this image with a high level of charge, and this reorients her DNA to receive more of the background cosmic energy. This energy flows into her body and essentially enhances her physically while at the same time affecting the material around her. Once the feat has been accomplished, this energy is still residually passing through her biochemically and energetically enhanced body, but if it has no where to go (as in she cannot ground it using a spiritual technique of some sort) it will literally destabilize her body and mental structures. When a vocalist shatters a wine glass with their voice, it is the same type of synchronization or entrainment principle. The singer tones a pitch which is resonant with the glass and the material in the glass literally 'shakes itself to pieces' because the energy cannot be properly balanced. This is also why negative ET races, which use artificial immortality technology, have their physical body breakdown over time, along with a disturbed mental state. For more on this see the following related post.]
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  • DW - So is there a way to positively generate that kind of connection, so we can handle the voltage increase?
  • CG - Well yes, and we're having to do that now. Our solar system is entering a highly energetic part of the galaxy and we're experiencing high energy now that is affecting the psyche of people all around us. Its obvious.
  • DW - Well it seems like people are going through more stress in less time then ever before. Life is getting increasingly difficult.
  • CG - And time seems to be compressing and speeding up. The people that are working on becoming more service to others, raising their vibrations in consciousness, opening their minds to this type of information - are going to be far better prepared for this type of transition then those who are more service to self, exploiting other people.
  • DW - The germans, you said, went to Tibet and grabbed scrolls and people that could read them, which you said had blue prints to make vimann-as [flying machines depicted in the Vedic scriptures]. So if the germans are encountering these cultures, where every thought is supposed to be a loving thought, and this gives you magic powers - how did they get a black magic spiritual philosophy out of this; I think a lot of people are going to be wondering how this could have happened?
  • CG - Well they brought a lot of their ideas and beliefs - overlaying them onto wherever they went. They corrupted positive teachings and symbols, twisting them and turning them into negative ideas as we well know from history. [This underscores one of the deeper teachings in natural law, which is that the universe in its application of divine law is amoral. That the same fundamental natural laws are used for both evil and good, yet what determines if the desired effect comes to fruition is the acuity of the practitioner. Using black magic still comes with a very real price, usually personality stagnation and dependency on others; a vampiric modality of being. White magic requires more then simply having a positive intention, there are skills and knowledge which needs to be applied properly. This also means that no symbols or ideas are inherently evil - in and of themselves, instead it is how a symbol is used which determines if it is harmonious or chaotic on the mind of the observer. For example, you can build a house with a hammer, or you can harm someone, but the hammer will be a hammer in either case. The a better measure of good vs evil is morality, the laws of honorable dealing and contracts, where truth, honesty and goodwill ensure cooperation. Free will is the prime law of the universe, and in this way so long as a full and transparent disclosure of intent is followed, the free will of others who are affected is honored. Magic or psi abilities project intention onto other embodiments of consciousness - so-called inanimate objects, plants and animals, and even other human beings. Therefore, if the thought being projected is strong enough to be received by the beings capable of manifesting the desire, it will be done in accordance with the will of the universe. This is why even black magic and the Cabal follow the 'rules' - ultimately any magical working must harmonize with the will of creation in order to become manifest. This is why the Cabal share so much truth in movies, tv and books, because it notifies humanity of their intentions, and our lack of action to say or do otherwise, provides them with tacit consent to do the thing revealed. All of these are co-creative processes described beautifully under contract or equity law, the laws which govern the mingling of free will beings.]
  • DW - So what do you think a Cabal member's reaction is going to be when he hears you saying you need to be more loving or forgiving?
  • CG - They are going to cringe (chuckle). They want us to be always anxious, fearful and at each others throats. They want us to be divided, religions against religions, races against races - as long as they can keep us at each others throats, we won't be at theirs. They want to keep us divided and conquered.

  • DW - Are you personally aware of social programs designed to foster this in humanity?
  • CG - I want to be careful in saying this, but they have co-opted religions that are based on the love principle. This is known as the golden rule - to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In almost all cases they have infiltrated these religions, twisting them under their control, using them in hateful ways to divide us.
  • DW - It certainly seems that all the major religions have been contaminated in vary degrees. There are scholars that have come out saying that feminism, Gloria Steinem, was originally foster by the Cabal, and women who are getting up to be about 50 years old, realizing 'wow, I've spent my whole life chasing things that men want, now I want to have a child and it's too late'. Do you think that they are deliberately doing things like this, to try and drive men and women a part since its the basis of family?
  • CG - They are constantly doing social engineering, so to a degree yes. But women have been repressed for so long - and to another degree they take movements, like women wanting to be equal and infiltrate anything positive they say to twist it. I see the women's movement to become equal with men as a good thing, but there has been infiltration and twisting that has caused schisms in our society.
  • DW - You said before that there has been 22 genetic programs that have affected us in consciousness. Some of these do appear to be engineering us to be more easily controlled. Do you have any specific examples?
  • CG - Right. These are social, genetic and spiritual programs. The spiritual ones include them incarnating into human bodies. They are a part of this grand experiment as well. They are not just custodians observing. They are very much vested in these experiments. There is strong evidence that I was shown on smart glass pads, that they created and manipulated our genes to make a 'god gene' so we have a driven need to worship and follow a leader; a higher being. This was done to make us more controllable. These 22 programs run parallel, but some 'step on each other'. Some of them have the goal of providing spiritual growth and enlightenment, while others want to keep us 'down' or spiritually ignorant; unaware of our co-creative consciousness.
  • DW - Why would worshiping a higher being be a bad thing? Most people would think that is a good thing?
  • CG - It is a good thing, but its bad when these beings step in as that higher being to be worshiped; the so-called trickster gods. Not only are these ET's doing this, but a lot of the Earth breakaway civilizations are doing it too, coming to the surface and pretending to be gods. [Firstly the concept of worship does have a valid basis in my view, because when we communicate with our higher selves, we begin to identify with it facilitating us to become more 'god like'. Since a part of us exists beyond time and space, in an eternally perfected state which is also totally unified with the creator, worshiping the higher self is essentially worshiping the creator. The key difference being that true worship provides for self mastery and empowerment - the development of internal knowledge and self discovery - whereas false worship creates a dependency on the 'false god' or image - which gives us fish, but never teaches us how to fish. Secondly, a breakaway civilization is a group of humans who have advanced far enough to be independent of the surface population. Once this has been accomplished, the civilization usually goes underground or moves off planet. According to CG, the Nazi's broke away from Earth in the middle of the 20th century, moving into the solar system and beyond.]
  • DW - It seems with the rainbow body training, that your not really worshiping a divine being, you are becoming awareness. All the things I have read about it say, you recognize the nature of existence as emptiness that is aware; and that you become that empty awareness. That seems different then worshiping something.
  • CG - It is. One of the things that I was told by the higher density beings, is that we are all one. This goes along with what I used to say as a child, that would upset my parents, who were very conservative. I would say: 'I used to be you. You used to be me. I used to be Granpa, and he used to be me.' And they would say, 'that doesn't make any sense scientifically. In time, we're all existing separately and how could you be me, and I used to be you.' I would say: 'time doesn't matter; only the experience matters.' They would be completely confused by this idea. Meanwhile, I am only five or six years old and I am saying these weird things. As it turns out, this is what these higher density beings are saying: 'time is an illusion, we are all fragmented yet we're all one'.
  • DW - Why do you think in the book A Course in Miracles, which is similar to the Law of One, that one of their core teachings is that forgiveness collapses time.
  • CG - I don't know. When I hear 'forgiveness of yourself and others stops the wheel of karma' [a loose Law of One quote] this tells me forgiveness ends a cycle some how. Time to us may seem to be cyclical, maybe there is a parallel there.
  • DW - We're talking about the idea that 'forgiveness collapses time' and 'in forgiveness lies the stopping of the wheel of karma' - are essentially the same statement.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - That time is karma. That the experience of duration, being in this universe, is in and of itself, a participation in a fragmented soul. And that the more you can forgive those around you, the more that your soul is reintegrating - hence stoping time or collapsing time and stoping the wheel of karma.
  • CG - When you are forgiving others, you are forgiving yourself. A lot of time, if you have wronged another, the hardest thing can be to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself for doing something horrible - and trust me I know - this forgiving yourself can be the most difficult choice in the equation. Forgiving another is altruistic and freeing thing to do for yourself spiritually. But to be able to forgive yourself is a very difficult pill to swallow, to dig deeply inside of yourself and shine a light.

  • DW - Did you encounter any information on your own in the program, suggesting that the rainbow body phenomenon is real, that it could turn into some kind of light being?
  • CG - There was information that I saw, that I didn't pay much attention to because I wasn't interested at the time. It said, something about the people in the east ascending.
  • DW - Hrm, that was in there?
  • CG - Yes, it was in there. But I didn't pay that much attention to it at the time. Of course, my interests have changed now, and that's something I'd be very interested in now. But, I don't remember reading anything about a 'rainbow body'.
  • DW - Did you ever encounter beings that had light bodies vs biochemical bodies?
  • CG - Other then the sphere beings, I have not. [The Sphere beings are a highly evolved alliance of 5 races who are non-material in nature. According to Goode, the Blue Avians, one of the five races, materializes a body to interact with physical beings, but then 'dissolves' back into their resident density afterwards].
  • DW - Is it possible that we could go through a transformation at this time, where our abilities would have a sudden and dramatic improvement?
  • CG - Once we become a transitional civilization, into 4th density, depending on where each of us are on our path, abilities will begin to awaken. Those who are more advanced will have higher abilities and become examples to those with lower abilities, which will in turn boost the novices to adept status. [In my view, CG is describing the entrainment principle, the synchronization of information. Click here to see an example of synchronizing metronomes, which are is physical demonstration of what happens with likeminded and valued people.] Considering all this, it is possible, but I haven't seen any hard evidence of how that will occur. If it will be a sudden or gradual change, that is. Personally I feel it will depend on where each person is at in their development and on their path.
  • DW - Well it is interesting that before these Tibetan monks would reach rainbow body, they were already able to lung gom pa - able to take giant leaps into the air with each bound, traveling huge distances. Lung gom is the actual exercise, lung gom pa is the person who can actually do it. They could push their hand into a rock, making a hand print. Or push their foot into stone to make a foot print. This suggests that well before rainbow body is attained, a much better ability to control our reality and affect physical matter, will be taking place.
  • CG - And that's probably where most people will go if they come close to their rainbow bodies.
  • DW - Thats all the time we have for this episode.
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