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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 13: Portals: Navigating Time - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Corey and David discuss some of the more mysterious aspects of Ufology; consciousness technologies. According to David's other insiders, there have been special chairs recovered from extraterrestrial craft, which enhance the occupants consciousness to the point where they can create portals and manifest objects from 'thin air' with ease. Goode goes on to say that the portals created using these devices traverse space and time, which was at one point a major problem for the secret space program.

The accounts offered by Goode suggest that time is much more dynamic and malleable then we been have led to believe. This data supported Dewey B Larson's Reciprocal Systems theory of three dimensional time, and that we are already navigating time-space in our everyday experience. This episode builds off of previous talks related to the Cosmic Web; links found below.

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The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Hello, welcome to Cosmic Disclosure, I am your host David Wilcock. We are having in depth discussions with a secret space program insider named Corey Goode. There is a lot of laughter around this subject, with people around the internet ridiculing the topic, but if you have been watching our show, I think it will become clear to you that we are not dealing with something that can be easily dismissed. Granted we don't have all the documents yet, we don't have the degree of proof some people would want. But when you've spoken to as many secret space program insiders as I have, who have cosmic topic secret clearance and above, that's 35 levels above the need to know basis the president of the United States has. These insiders have come forward as whistleblowers, and they shared with me very specific things that interrelate. It actually becomes more of a stretch to say they are pulling from a central body of lies, then that they are actually describing something that is true. In this episode we are going to go into a discussion of time and that our physics will need to be altered based on what we encountered. Without further ado, Corey thank you for being here, welcome back to the show. [be sure to review the previous episode which is the basis for the following discussion: Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12: Portals: Cosmic Web | Corey Goode and David Wilcock.]
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - Let's get right into so hard insider data. One of the things that fascinated people most about the insider testimony I have been gathering and putting out online, is from an insider named Daniel. He claimed to work in the Montauk project, but he termed it Phoenix III. He said that our military industrial complex had procured a seat from a crashed extraterrestrial disk, and that the seat itself acted as a consciousness interface. Someone could sit in the seat, put their head back, and then 22 base waveforms would be represented [on a monitor] as the energetic field of the person in the chair. They would go to what they called the 'quiet point', a stillness in the mind, then they would have to 'zero out' the chair, meaning once these 22 sine waves stop jiggling and making them to stay still [presumably due to altering the person's consciousness in some way], then they would individually tweak the nobs on each sine wave, making them flat lines. At this point - according to Daniel's experiences in the chair itself - a lot of weird things could and did happen. For example, if you thought about an object, the energy that this chair could harness - that they had to enhance using a very specific frequency from huge transformers - would allow you to manifest the imagined object in the room. He also said if you thought about a specific place, a shimmering mirage would appear, and you could see the place in the image, which you could send people through and they would travel there; like a portal. He said these were standard seats in UFO type craft, where the pilot would hop in the seat and imagine a place he wanted to go, and the craft would zip off to that location. So before we get into a lot of other stuff that he said, does this match up with anything you've heard?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Could you give us some specifics on this?
  • CG - The consciousness interface with chairs, [I can] very much confirm. There were chairs that we were put in, in the MILAB project, when I was a child, that the intuitive empaths were trained in - you mentioned the 22 waves - they were trying to get us to go in to different states of consciousness in a negative way. We were being trained, on command, to go into different states of consciousness, that were measurable. [Corey has described here and here MILAB training in the secret space program. MILAB stands for military abduction, in this case of children or people that have a potential asset value to the program; in many cases because they were contacted by extraterrestrials. One such asset type is the Intuitive Empaths, individuals trained at an early age using various techniques, to enhance their intuitive information retrieval methods. There are many other programs for training psi abilities, including the use of a virtual reality system, which CG and DW discussed in Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 10: Awakening The Pineal Gland | Corey Goode and David Wilcock].
  • DW - How is that negative?
  • CG - Negative reenforcement [a term referring to harsh training techniques whereby when a subject does not perform the desired behavior they are punished in some way].
  • DW - Like electroshock torture kind of stuff?
  • CG - Mmmm.. yeah. They were putting us in these chairs from recovered ET craft, and they were trying to see which of us could change certain waves in it the most proficiently. I found that very interesting. We weren't manifesting things in the room or remote viewing other locations, like you mentioned, but we were using that device, the chair out of an ET craft, to see which one of us could change certain waves on command.
  • DW - Daniel was also brought into some kind of training for what they called the Psi-Corps, a corps of the military that was psychic based. One of the things they wanted him to do was to go into the 'quiet point' within him self. Did you ever hear that term?
  • CG - Yeah.
  • DW - What was your understanding of the quiet point training? What is supposed to be done? What is the objective?
  • CG - When you reach a deep Theta state of consciousness [using the standard medical system for scaling states of consciousness; based on brainwave activity] That is when you are least conscious of your body and your surroundings, when you are more in contact with your higher self, and in a higher consciousness state. No other thoughts enter your mind, you don't think: "I'm cold, what am I going to eat later, my nose itches, it's cold in the room" - I mean you're having no thoughts. And people say having no thoughts is impossible. Training yourself to be conscious, but having no thought, is where they wanted you to go. [I find this interesting because the theta state is the meditation or imagination state of consciousness, where our attention is not concentrated at a specific point but instead is diffused. For example, when we are drawing a picture, our consciousness bounces between the inner world of the imagined drawing, jumping to the outer world to actually render the image with paper and pencil. Here we maybe slightly aware of other things around us - like the sounds of birds singing, or music playing, yet we're focused on the task of drawing. But when in a Theta state, it's as if our attention has been spread to include all sources of data, wherein we are not focused on anything, just simply allowing the information to flow through us. This is where channeling, remote viewing, precognition and intuition are the most clear. The science for this has to do with entrainment and the relationship between electromagnetic fields produced by the mind and body. The shape that these fields produce indicates, but is not the cause of, whether our consciousness is in a state to receive or to transmit data from without. While sleeping for example, our consciousness is in 'receive mode' with the active part being deep within the mind, and in some schools of thought, traveling astrally in time-space. But when we're highly focused on a task, we're receiving and transmitting (co-creating) with the world around us, producing a brainwave state that is less interconnected and more focused. The Theta state is the geometry of unity and interconnectedness (penta-dodeca), very close to the sleep state, accept that the conscious mind is 'in between' worlds, meaning it is able to observe inner streams of data intuitively and outer streams of data via the body's senses. The better the mind is able to stay in this state at will, the more easily it can have access to psi abilities which require an interface between the inner world of time-space (three dimensions of time and one of space) and the outer world of space-time (one dimension of time and three dimensions of space); more on this later.]
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  • DW - Pursuant to my original question, did you also encounter information suggesting that the seat with a craft has an interfacing capability to will open a portal to another space or time?
  • CG - Yes. Later on, I found out that this is how these craft operated, that they were completely consciousness driven. Most of the operators beings wore a headband set in these craft or sat with their hands on a panel - just like these higher density beings would think of a place and that is where they would go - the craft would phase out of the current location and phase into the location imagined by the operator. [CG has discussed in the past, that the Sphere beings are very high density life forms that have transcended the need for a material body. They can materialize a body for interacting with lower density life forms simply by an act of will or thought, and in this way 'travel' anywhere in space or time.]
  • DW - Would this travel sort of automatically 'hop' through the Cosmic Web you were describing?
  • CG - No. We've talked about how everything is vibration, everything has a vibrational signature, every solar system, planet, location of a planet, has a signature. Consciously if you think of that place, and its signature, you can change your entire vibrational signature, your body, to match the locations vibrational signature. Since the universe is holographic, you phase out and re-phase in to the location you're imagining.
  • DW - In Carlos Castaneda books, Don Juan, the original shaman, apparently there is a real guy named Cachora, and he is still around - Cachora said, and this does appear to be real, that some shamans have learned to teleport themselves. The way they do it is, if you have an out of body or astral travel type experience, and then consolidate a particular location strongly enough, where you keep it completely stable so it doesn't shift or flux - once you can hold that new location consciousness wise, you actually jump there. So does it work that way?
  • CG - Yes, some beings actually travel that way. We call it astral projecting. They send their consciousness to a location, they see the surroundings, doing reconnaissance (gathering information) of where they are proposing to go. They gauge the vibration of that area, then they report this vibration back to their conscious body, which changes it's vibration, phasing out of where it was, coming to where the consciousness now is; the remote viewed location. [I offered a detailed explanation of how this process could work in the following linked articles.]
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  • DW - Is the chair in the craft a technological assist that enhances this natural ability to teleport?
  • CG - Yes. Some of these ET's have found a way to cheat, to be able to do what some of the ascended or higher density beings do to travel.
  • DW - The chair enhances their own native ability?
  • CG - Right. Consciousness.

  • DW - I want to get into the core of why I brought this up, which is the time discussion. Daniel had direct knowledge of people in the Phoenix III program. One guy in particular was more then a little crazy, and Daniel said they figured out that these portals they were creating were more then just space travel. First they thought it was only space travel, then they realized you could go to different points in time, just by thinking about where you wanted to go. So this crazy guy decides he wants to kill his father, because they figured out they could go back in time. Have you heard about this story?
  • CG - I have heard about this paradox, yes.
  • DW - Ok. Instead of me talking, why don't you describe what would happen - or what are some of the historical cases of people that have tried some of this stuff, and what happened as a result.
  • CG - From what I saw on the smart glass pads [these are 3D holographic versions of something like an iPad, with a library of information on it that was provided to secret space program personnel. During CG's tour of duty, he spent many hours reviewing information on these pads.] one of the reasons they put buffers on this temporal technology [used in some of the craft for propulsion purposes], was because some of these time travel experiments got extremely out of hand. People were traveling back in time, deciding that if they killed someone in their history, it would change the timeline in their favor. These people would then come back and arrive at the alternative timeline they created, this resulted in schisms and split timelines. They were sending people to go back and fix the disturbance, which caused even more problems and timeline splits. There were all kinds of fragmentations and it was getting way out of hand. This is when they started getting visitations from very high ET groups, saying they needed to stop. It was also explained that time is very much an illusion. They were using consciousness, as a key component in the chair to manifest things, which is something we do with our mass consciousness everyday; manifesting our reality. This ability to use consciousness to go back to a timeline based on the person's state of being. The polarity of that person, how positive or negative they were, determined the timeline's character - how 'positive' it was. The same thing with the people that traveled to the future. If they were a negative polarity Cabal group, they would see huge cataclysms - in one future they traveled to the rotation of the Earth changed on it's axis, 90% of life had died, all these horrible things happened on that timeline - then they came back and reported it. But more positive people would travel in time and see a glorious future. If the technology is sound and we have multiple people of different positive or negative polarities doing these time travels, what does that tell you about time? [Essentially what CG is suggesting here is that the person in the chair, their biases, beliefs and overall moral acumen ('positive or negative') creates a portal to a location in time that relates to their bias; a timeline for their possible future. The location and point in time would be the same, but as different people operated the chair and created portals, their version of events changed the character of the timeline even though the location in time and space was the same. 
This suggests that all possible timelines, based on an infinite spectrum of possible events, actually exists in some form. Conventional physics is only now beginning to develop theorems for this idea (the multiverse), but Dewey B Larson spent most of his carrier studying what he called three dimensional time. Reciprocal Systems theory is the result of decades of research and study, producing a model for the universe based on two regions of physical motion; space-time and time-space.

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Space-time is our normal everyday experience, wherein it takes a set amount of time to move in physical space; walking from one end of the room (three dimensions) takes a certain amount of time (one dimension of time). Time-space is the reciprocal or 'mirror image' of space-time, and as such there are three dimensions of time and one dimension of space. The realm of mind is where we access time-space, where we can explore the past, present and possible future from a fixed location in space. For example, you can remember a whole series of events as a flash of revery or insight, where days of experience is processed and made available to you without having to relive the time like one would watch a movie or video. This means that our consciousness can focus outside of us in space-time or inside of us in time-space to process and receive information, both are operating at the same time. When we dream, our bodies are still, remaining fixed and unchanging, with our consciousness exploring a dream world of visions and landscapes that actually affect us as if we were physically there. This is an example of time-space exploration or movement, where our consciousness is changed metaphysically oppose to physically; a literal example of temporal travel. And we could even say that the places and things we imagine in our minds are most likely real places that exist at some level of consciousness.]
  • DW - That's an interesting point.
  • CG - The ET's came and told us to stop trying to repair the timeline schisms, because just like space, time is elastic. Just like if you had a torsion field 'twisting space', only to remove it and have it snap right back. If you screw around with time it will repair itself, its going to snap back. The scientists in the secret space program had a hard time accepting this. They did not believe that time was an illusion, and that it was something that could snap back and repair itself. Further, that time is a major component of consciousness - all of this they had a hard time accepting.
  • DW - It would appear that if we go back in time in our own history there is the legend of fairy rings. These are a circles that look like crop circles, where people could walk into these and meet elfs, gnomes, leprechauns, dwarfs, fairies etc. One of the legends says that if you go into a fairy ring you have to out the same way, or you will time travel. What are these fairy rings, and how does this relate to what we have been discussing? Did you hear anything about them?
  • CG - I did not hear anything about those, but it sounds very similar to these federation meetings happening inside a temporal anomaly or bubble. Just like you describe; you have to leave along the same trajectory as you came in.
  • DW - Oh really?
  • CG - These fairy rings could be some sort of ET temporal bubble, that they had there to observe something. If a person walked in and got stuck in this temporal bubble, if they didn't leave out the same way they came in, they would get stuck in for hundreds of years. But to them it would seem like minutes. A Rip Van Winkle kind of thing. [here is a summary I found on of the Rip Van Winkle story wikipedia:]
The story of Rip Van Winkle is set in the years before and after the American Revolutionary War. In a pleasant village, at the foot of New York's Catskill Mountains, lives kindly Rip Van Winkle, a colonial British-American villager of Dutch ancestry. Van Winkle enjoys solitary activities in the wilderness, but he is also loved by all in town—especially the children to whom he tells stories and gives toys. However, he tends to shirk hard work, to his nagging wife's dismay, which has caused his home and farm to fall into disarray.

One autumn day, to escape his wife's nagging, Van Winkle wanders up the mountains with his dog, Wolf. Hearing his name called out, Rip sees a man wearing antiquated Dutch clothing; he is carrying a keg up the mountain and requires help. Together, they proceed to a hollow in which Rip discovers the source of thunderous noises: a group of ornately dressed, silent, bearded men who are playing nine-pins. Rip does not ask who they are or how they know his name. Instead, he begins to drink some of their moonshine and soon falls asleep.

He awakes to discover shocking changes. His musket is rotting and rusty, his beard is a foot long, and his dog is nowhere to be found. Van Winkle returns to his village where he recognizes no one. He discovers that his wife has died and that his close friends have fallen in a war or moved away. He gets into trouble when he proclaims himself a loyal subject of King George III, not aware that the American Revolution has taken place. King George's portrait in the inn has been replaced with one of George Washington. Rip Van Winkle is also disturbed to find another man called Rip Van Winkle. It is his son, now grown up.

Rip Van Winkle learns the men he met in the mountains are rumored to be the ghosts of Hendrick (Henry) Hudson's crew, which had vanished long ago. Rip learns he has been away from the village for at least twenty years. However, an old resident recognizes him and Rip's grown daughter takes him in. He resumes his usual idleness, and his strange tale is solemnly taken to heart by the Dutch settlers. Other henpecked men wish they could have shared in Rip's good luck and had the luxury of sleeping through the hardships of the American Revolution.  - END OF EXCERPT

  • DW - One of the things Henry Deacon shared with me was that time is actually sloppy. Time hick-ups and makes jumps, but that we somehow with our energetic body, glue together the glitches in time. We have a psychological buffer that makes our experience appear to have continuity, but there are phase relationships with our solar system and other stars, or planetary conjunctions and things like this - that are causing glitches - but we are apparently not at a level yet were we can detect them.  
  • CG - That's somewhat true. Time really is a complete illusion for us stuck in this third density way of thinking and consciousness, making it difficult for us to understand. But time speeds up and slows down all the time. The people that are out there talking about this, such as Nassim Haramein, have great information on this topic. 
  • DW - Well viewers on Gaiam TV can watch Nassim's video 'Black Hole' which was produced by Gaiam TV, and there is also interviews available as well. [Nassim, like Dan Winter, has a wealth of information that lends credence to what is being discussed in this episode. For those who do not have a Gaiam TV subscription, you can watch the entire 90 minute video, Black Hole, here.]
  • CG - That's great. The electro-plasmic universe [also known as the electric universe] and torsion universe, these are the models the secret space program is working off of. All of these other sciences that people think are cutting edge down here, are going to be thrown out the window. All these PHD's are going to have to go back to school; when this information is released. The true sciences that are being suppressed from the people is a whole new mathematics. We are working off a very archaic mathematical physics model in the mainstream sciences. Once we learn to understand how all these things work, we will understand why time is always speeding up and slowing down. This has to do with the torsion field effects of the galaxies on each other, the solar system and within our minds in how we perceive it. [Dan Winter also theorizes that perception or the feeling of flowing time, can be measured as a flow of magnetic capacitance. In other words, as the bodies in space move about, they additively alter the electromagnetic fields at any observation point, creating a 'wind' of magnetic flux that affects perception. This is why the 'god helmet' discussed in episode 10 of Cosmic Disclosure, could cause one to feel time dilation or stretching effects, simply by manipulating electromagnetic fields in a person's brain. This further suggests that the material universe is totally interconnected to the metaphysical universe, and that the 'illusion' of time discussed here and elsewhere discuss our beliefs about time, not that it is unreal. In other words, that a singular timeline which flows from the past into the future is an illusion of perception, in reality all possible timelines are just as 'real' as the one we are presently experiencing.]

  • DW - Let me throw this at you, we were talking about the Montauk chair, and recently Pete Peterson gave me some very fascinating information. He said that on our back, right in the shoulder blade, there is a dimple there, where all the nerves in our bodies cross over at this spot. This appears to be some kind of divinely intelligent design. He said these nerve points are called 'ports' and many different ET's have chairs that have 'nubs' that you have to sit into, and the nub goes into this spot on your back...
  • CG - Yes we use them too, you can download a lot of information through those. [This brought to mind an idea discussed in Natural Law and under the principle of Correspondence, called reflectivity. Essentially we can think of the universe as a grand series of reflective surfaces, which are constantly receiving and transmitting information via the creation of physical structures or geometry. For example, an artist may decide to render the experience of happiness in a painting, which is a reflection of their unique experiences. Biologically, the body is a grand series of reflective systems that translate information in one form to another. The experience of heat is transmitted to the skin via electromagnetic vibrations, received by nerve cells which transmit the data into bio-electrical signals that are received in the brain and translated into neuro-chemical signals, received by the inner eye of the mind as a subjective experience. Similarly, the body's structure creates reflective points where the totality of nerve data is centralized in a type of 'hub' or network for transmission into another system; known as Reflexology. One last example to underscore the point, would be emotions, which are transmitted from the heart as electromagnetic waves that bath the body, especially the hormone creation centers just underneath the diaphragm. These waves are received by the adrenal system, which produces a host of biochemical compounds that relay the emotional information to the cells of the body, this is why stressful emotions create a biochemical environment that hinders health and rejuvenation. Taking all this into consideration, the secret space program can use one of these nodal points to transmit information directly into the mind once the proper biological 'language' has been developed. In the TV series Dollhouse, a secret military organization develops a way to 'record' the consciousness of an individual and graft it onto another person, who previously had their consciousness 'blank slated'. They accomplished this using electromagnetic induction and injections, almost exactly what CG described in Episode 10 of Cosmic Disclosure. And in the film, eXistenz, a game system is developed wherein a cybernetic device is attached to a 'port' in the small of ones' back, allowing them to navigate the game world with the same level of interaction as a dream. The virtual environment is so real, that the characters in the story are unable to tell the game world from the real one.]
  • DW - That's why I brought this up, because you said that scientists are going to have to go back to school. Pete said that, for example a vision system can be done through these ports and a lot of the fighter jets being used in the military don't have windows, but you can see through these bio ports, like telescopic vision. He also said you can download information right into your mind. Have you heard anything like this before?
  • CG - I've used the download function of this system. 
  • DW - Through the port's in your shoulder blades?
  • CG - Through the dimples, yes. This is the download function of this device. There's also a lot of nerve endings in your fingers and your hands which can be used too. A lot of the neuro-interface devices [that the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate produce on the Mars colony base] have copper or stainless steel plates that are shaped for hands to fit on. Or there are gloves with little strips of metal inside them used to bio-electrically interface with craft and other devices as well. 
  • DW - Did you hear on your own independently, that these ports in our shoulder blades have all of the nerves of the body crossing through them, that there is a big intersection there?
  • CG - I wasn't told that. When I was in the MILAB program, we sat in uncomfortable chairs with little nipple type things poking us in the back. We could feel an electrical sensation come through the little bumps on the chair, which would download information to us; so as to teach us. 
  • DW - This is an example of something genuinely happening here, we never talked about this before, a very obscure specific detail you encountered on your own. 
  • CG - They said back then, that one day this is how everyone would be educated. 
  • DW - Well we're going to be talking a lot more about time. There is a lot more that I want to ask Corey. This is a vast subject. Time travel, time jumps is something people are really fascinated with. And we'll get into a topic he's mentioned to me before - this weird parallel Earth. That's all going to be coming up next time on Cosmic Disclosure.
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