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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12: Portals: Cosmic Web - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Corey and David discuss the Cosmic Web and the naturally occurring portal systems in the universe. Stars and planets are connected via an electromagnetic web which is in turn connected to the Galaxy and the universe beyond. These connections can be used to travel the cosmos almost instantaneously, yet the skill required to do so is extensive. 

Apparently the secret space program went through a phase of growth and development, creating technology which uses these connections. They based their methods off a pre-existing network of ancient star gates, build by beings who oversea the development of evolving races. 

For me this was a very interesting episode. I remember when studying physics at University how it seemed like the universe would be a huge network of interconnected points, but only until recently did I have enough research under my belt to understand how this dynamic effects the planet and consciousness in general. 

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The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome to another episode of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode, [a secret space program (SSP) insider working with a group known as the SSP Alliance, which defected away from the Cabal led programs several years ago after making contact with five highly advanced races known as the Sphere Beings. These entities are here in the solar system to help guide humanity towards realizing its own freedom, as a result of personal action and up-liftment]. He is helping me verify information I have collected from a variety of insiders who have worked in highly classified programs over the years. There has always been this little something - or I should say big something - where these people knew more, but they held it back, possibly do to secrecy or fear. Regardless, I could just never get all the answers I was really looking for, which was very frustrating. With Corey's data, we know there is an alliance within the secret space program, that wants us to have the truth and reveal their technology to us on Earth, that specifically asked him to work with me to bring you this information. To help others understand what is really going on, well beyond what a UFO researcher could discover. In this episode we're going to be talking about portals. I am going to throw some things at Corey that I've heard from other insiders to see how the data lines up. I am not putting any words in his mouth, but since I have collected a lot of data on this, I want to see how all these threads intertwine. Welcome back to the show Corey.
  • CG - Yep.
  • DW - First off, I want to mention that when with the insider Henry Deacon, who I spoke with extensively for at least 80 hours, in a very in depth 'insider type' conversation. One of the things that he told me, which could help start this off, is that there are ancient star gate or portal systems as well as modern portal systems. I am wondering if you are familiar with that. [In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9: Electric Sun, they discussed how the universe is connected electromagnetic torsion fields, which CG termed the Cosmic Web. As planets and stars move about the Galaxy, naturally occurring gateways open up. This is apparently why the Bermuda Triangle and other oddities on Earth have become synonymous with air plane and ship disappearances, wherein a celestial alignment opens a gate way into time and space. The end point for this portal could be the past, present or future and at any location in the universe at large.]

  • DW - Are you familiar with this delineation [a method of differentiating between ancient and modern portal systems]?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Ok. Before I go blathering on about what I already know, would you describe the difference between an ancient and modern portal, in terms of what it's like, what does it do, how does it function?
  • CG - There are natural portal systems that are a part of the known universe; we call it the Cosmic Web. Then there are ancient portal systems and current era portals systems, which exploit this natural Cosmic Web to travel from point to point. The ancient portal systems - and there are many of these - that were left behind by several groups on Earth. They vary in there sophistication, in that, some of them do very short point to point jumps with others doing longer range transports. For example, if you wanted to reach a planet or solar system that is in what we call 'hops' - where there is, lets say, 10 solar systems between the start and end point, then you have to make three or four 'hops', to get to your final destination. [Essentially CG is describing that in some of these ancient portal systems, in order to travel the full distance you would have to 'hop' from one location to the next, much like when traveling across the globe on an air plane requiring multiple flights; there is no direct route in some cases. An interesting correlation to what CG is describing is what is revealed in the TV series Stargate SG.1. In the show, there were several occasions when the SG team would need to go a planet, and from this location, dial-in using the gate there to reach a further point along the network.]
  • DW - This 'hopping' is using the ancient system?
  • CG - Yes, in the ancient system, and also in the beginning of the current era system, this is how it works as well. This is how they were developed.
  • DW - Could you just briefly explain what you would experience in a 'hop'? Do you have to walk from one place to another once you arrive? Or are you in a craft? How does this work?
  • CG - You could travel there in a craft, or walk into one of these bubbles I was telling you about before - or you could go into a portal. [In Episode 7 Special Report: Mars Colony Inspection of Cosmic Disclosure, CG said that when he travels to the SSP Alliance base on the moon, the Lunar Operations Command, he does so using a blue orb. This orb is about the size of a golf ball appearing the room at which point he signals that he is ready for transport and it would expand to envelop him in a bubble, transporting him to the lunar base.] 
  • DW - So the bubble would be at the beginning of your journey when you're on Earth. How does the 'hopping' take place? Do you land on a planet, or are you in space? - I'm not really understanding 'the hop'.
  • CG - The ancient portals I am talking about are physical gateways, actual ancient devices. There is another type of ancient device that looks just like what is in the show Stargate.

The Physical star gate device depicted in the TV series Stargate SG. 1. Here is a rendering showing how the portals
are interconnected, being used to 'hop' across the galaxy.
  • CG - These are spread out across many solar systems.
  • DW - And when you say "just like Stargate", you mean it is shaped like a ring?
  • CG - There are some that are shaped like rings. But, the one that I saw looked like a ziggurat - or a step pyramid. It came up in three different directions, with steps like a pyramid shape..
  • DW - Three different directions like a triangle?
  • CG - No no, I mean four different directions - a pyramid - with the portal opening at the top. [Here is one depiction I found based on the Mayan step pyramid, which closely matches what CG is describing.]
'Ziggurat' shaped step pyramid with star gate portal at the top.

  • DW - And did they have stairs going up to the top?
  • CG - Yes, stairs going up to a flat area.
  • DW - Would this be an earth-like place, with trees, grass, blue skies and clouds?
  • CG - Well, the sites I am talking about have been dug up or unearthed. These gates were buried at one time [in other words no trees].
  • DW - But on other planets?
  • CG - Yes, and here on Earth.
  • DW - Oh, they have been buried on Earth...
  • CG - Yes, wars have been fought over them. Finding them and knowing how to use them, well that's two different things. They work just like in the TV show Stargate, with an address system, much like an IP or Mac Address in computer systems. [In the TV series and movie Stargate, the ancient device works by 'dialing' in constellations which appear as cartouches or symbols along the ring of the gate itself. Each symbol represents a reference point in the cosmos that is used like a coordinate system to focus the gate onto a specific system. There are 6 points of reference (demarcating a 3 dimensional reference system) with the 7th point as the home location. In the following scene from the film Stargate, Daniel deciphers the home symbol for Earth, at which point they dial an address to a location across the known universe.]

  • DW - This is exactly what my contact Daniel has told me. In fact, he gave me the complete numerical address of Earth, as a series of three single digits, that could be anywhere from one to nine. Then there is a series of three digits between one and 99, with the last set from one to 999, depending on what you need it for. I never leaked the whole sequence, but I have said that the number for Earth is 606 and that Mars is 605. These are the last three digits of the address. [This is a very interesting sharing by David. Julian and I read the Law of One in the early days of our awakening in 2010 and 2011. In that series, they refer to the Urantia Book, which we decided to read at the time. It is a series of 196 papers purportedly from divine beings close to the first source and center of all things, sent to Earth as part of an effort to offer truth and empowerment to mankind in preparation for coming ages of evolution. To be clear, I do not contend that either of these works are absolute truth, but there is an enormous amount of highly accurate data contained within them. 
The Urantia book describes the universe from a top down perspective, starting with the creator, the central universe of eternity, the seven super universes of time and space and finally the history of Earth and the life of Jesus. Urantia, the name of Earth according to the divine custodians and life givers of our local universe, is world number 606. Here is an excerpt from Paper 58 Life Establishment on Urantia:
58:1.1 (664.2) 600,000,000 years ago the commission of Life Carriers sent out from Jerusem arrived on Urantia and began the study of physical conditions preparatory to launching life on world number 606 of the Satania system. This was to be our six hundred and sixth experience with the initiation of the Nebadon life patterns in Satania and our sixtieth opportunity to make changes and institute modifications in the basic and standard life designs of the local universe.
Note: There are many names provided in this work which closely resemble figures in religious texts, which may turn one away from the book due to preconceptions. It took Julian and I several years to read through and decipher this epic work, which in my view, contains a wealth of valuable information; but again I am not claiming it as absolute truth. 

What I found so interesting is that David's insider Daniel revealed to him that the last three digits for Earths numerical address is exactly the same as what the Urantia book states as the numerical index for our world; 606. This could simply be a coincidence, but in my experience these types of correlations usually have a deeper meaning. There is a great deal of conceptual data discussed in the book which modern science and other philosophical works have similarly shared. This type of research is something I find most fascinating - as David said at the beginning, how different perspectives and views interweave with each other.

As another side note, the Urantia book also states that our world is an experimental sphere, which also correlates with Corey's data when speaking about 22 genetic and other experiments conducted on humanity over the eons.]

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  • CG - I didn't know that. But for those who are out there wanting to know about this computer jargon I just referred to, a Mac address, in a computer network, is a machines hardware address. An IP address is the internet protocol address, for when your connected to the internet. There is four octets that identify a subnet mask, your network and your computer address. The star gate system is kind of like large computer network. [To further expand on CG's analogy, the internet and wifi router work by assigning a 'name' to your computer which then provides a way for information to be shared from the internet to your computer. When you click on a link or web page, this sends a request to the server for the site, which contains your router's address and the IP address it assigned to your machine. The website's server then sends packets of information to the wifi router which funnels the data to your computer using the IP address as a destination marker. Sometimes the wifi router will assign a new IP address to your computer, which can cause the flow of information to stop, requiring the page to be refreshed so that a request is sent using the new IP address. The point is that the star gates seem to work off of an address system, most likely based on the position of a planet relative to other stars or a central point in the universe that does not move. This is much like what is described in the Urantia book as the central creation of Havonna and the Isle of Paradise, eternally fixed or unmoving in relation to the constantly cycling time-space creation.]
An artist rendition of the Central Universe of Havonna with its one billion eternally perfected spheres orbiting the
Isle of Paradise and the 21 spheres of the Father, Son and Spirit.

  • DW - Daniel told me that almost any number you dial in is going to take you somewhere, because all the addresses [that could possibly exist] are used. He said that there is some kind of ancient race that comes along and builds one of these gates on a planet, and each planet has one central gate. When you portal in using a particular numerical address, it will route you specifically to that star gate on that planet. It seems like these beings that do this will put a star gate on a sphere once it starts to have intelligent life so it can eventually find it and travel. Does this line up with anything you've heard?
  • CG - I heard that there are two gates, built at different times, going all the way back to the ancient builder race. [In previous episodes and also mentioned in a David Wilcock conference here, the secret space program and other groups have found thousands of sites in our solar system (and on Earth) with massive building complexes, tunnel systems and bases; build apparently by what they call the ancient builder race. These sites contain very advanced 'consciousness' technologies which appear to be inanimate objects at first, but once the proper consciousness state is developed within an operator, the device springs into action. These ancient builders have long left the solar system, and many of these sites have been raided for technology or resettled by other races. In the TV series Stargate SG.1, a race called the ancients built the star gate network millions of years ago, and advanced to a level which allowed them to 'ascend' to a non-material state of being. Sound familiar?]
  • DW - That makes sense, because when you described ancient builder race before, you said that they had stone chairs, sarcophagi, alters or slabs, which seem to have very advanced time and space warping capability. And that these relics were highly sought after by other ET races in our solar system because of that. 
  • CG - And there are other gate systems that have been found on Earth that are much younger and look different. These were apparently reversed engineered or used the same technology of addressing like that the most ancient gate systems use. 
  • DW - I was told that these addresses...
  • CG - Wait, now you said any number, as in, any random address number that was put in would be associated to an actual location in the star gate system?
  • DW - Well I don't know how much farther it goes up above 606...
  • CG - I am sure it works a lot like an IP address system, wherein you have a different subnet mask, identifying a network, and in the gate system, this might indicate the galaxy, solar system and then a planet in the system you are dialing.
  • DW - He said [Daniel] it was something like that, except that it was a sort of three dimensional sacred geometry, which I assume is the dodecahedron shape, used to 'bust out' areas into quadrants in units of 10. 
  • CG - Before we were able to really understand how these gates worked, we had to have the hyperdimensional or multi-dimensional mathematics model handed to us by an ET group.   
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  • DW - Basically you have these step-down versions of 10 quadrants. If the first digit is, lets say five, then you're in the fifth quadrant of that 10-unit section. The next digit in the series narrows the location down to a region by another factor of 10 [ten times magnification on the area identified by the first digit], etc. 
  • CG - It works very similar to a computer network or internet.
  • DW - The other thing that Daniel said, was that there are apparently hyper advanced angelic or ET groups monitoring the system, so that if a given planet of people graduate or ascend to leave, then that gate address is recycled and given to a another group [of angelic or ET guardians], to be watched over in it's next phase of evolution [meaning, that as a civilization evolves, there are guardian groups that watch over each phase of it's evolution]. In other words, if number 540 in the system is being used, and that planet evolves of graduates, the 540 address will be reassigned to another planet somewhere else and given to a new group [of angelic guardians]. So there is some kind of intelligence, he said, thats behind them, when you get to the final three digit number, [much like what was just described above in the Urantia book]
  • CG - This is new to me. 
  • DW - The insider Jacob said that even in ancient times the Celts and the Druids keep this information very secret, having a device with two permanent magnets that were on something like a tuning fork, wherein the magnets would pull together harder or push away from each other more when you were near a portal. Just walking through the woods holding this device would be their way to find these portals. [In Dan Winter's research, which is echoed by CG and DW in episode 9 of Cosmic Disclosure, places where the electromagnetic field is highly organized into a fractal geometry creates rivers of energy flowing in and out at that location. These points occur at intersections of lay lines, with most of churches and sacred sites in the world on top of these points. One can develop the ability to find these vortexes by becoming aware of subtle energy around their body, much like a dowser finds water in the ground using copper rods.] Did you ever encounter anything like this?
  • CG - I've heard about the same instrument, and that it was being used to map our Ley Lines and certain energetic points on the Earth. 
  • DW - Do you know enough about it that we could try and replicate it? Is there a specific type of magnet that is required?
  • CG - Oh yeah... 
  • DW - Because we never talked about it before, but clearly there is some type of magnetic flux in a portal area. [Magnetic flux refers to a change in the strength of a magnetic field, which when organized in a certain way - usually in golden mean ratios - is able to transmit information from a location in the field, to the Cosmic Web itself. According to Winter, remote viewers and astral travelers, who have properly developed the mental discipline to steer their aura or create a coherent magnetic field around their body by controlling their emotions, are able to link up with the Cosmic Web and travel either via consciousness (like a remote viewer) or even bilocate or teleport. We discussed the science of this process in the following post.]
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  • CG - NASA published an article saying our sun has a portal or magnetic filament connection to every planet [or object] in the solar system. And anything that has enough mass to cause a gravitational pull or torsion in our space time, is going to create magnetic or gravitational relationship with the host sun. These filaments are the portals; strong electromagnetic connections. [In other words the natural portal system used by ancient and modern star gates is governed by electromagnetic principles.] 
  • DW - But if we don't include the torsion component, they are not really going to understand how this works. It's an electromagnetic tube that also has a strong torsion field and would act a traversable worm hole. [The term torsion simply means spinning field or vortex, and a torsion field is a spinning of energy or force, in this case electromagnetism. There is one primary shape or geometry which all torsion fields express as; a torus. This shape provides the most efficient way to receive and transmit energy or information, and this is why living things, from the very small to the very large, all have an electromagnetic toroidal geometry at their foundation.]
Torus geometry created by the inflowing and outflowing energy.
The Torus shape of 'body vehicles' created by a focal point of inflowing and outflowing energy or material. At the top let there is a bar magnet orienting iron filings around its electromagnetic field. Top center is an image of the hydrogen atom. Top right a living cell. Middle left a tree. Middle center the electromagnetic field produced by the human heart. Middle left an apple. Bottom right a hurricane. Bottom middle the Van Allan radiation belts. Bottom right a galaxy. 
  • CG - Right, and its happening within the torsion field of the solar system. The galaxy itself is a giant torsion field. All the stars in a galaxy are constantly moving around the center, with stars closer to the center moving at a slightly different speed, which means the magnetic relationships to each object are constantly changing - these filament relationships are always changing between each star, just like electricity. Electricity takes the path of least resistance [the most efficient shape to distribute charge is a torus], so if you want to travel to a star on the other side of the center of the galaxy, you would have to wait or calculate the right time to travel because if you don't, then the star will change its position relative to your location, and as a result, the electromagnetic connection changes to a new path of least resistance or a new star - you'd find yourself in a different star system then where you were intending to go. [Possibly this is why ancient megalithic peoples were so focused on tracking the movement of stars in the heavens.] 
  • DW - Like a short circuit.
  • CG - It's the path of least resistance, which is constantly changing [because the universe is constantly moving and swirling about itself]. It's very complicated. The further you go out into this gate system, the more complicated the calculation is. 

  • DW - We started the conversation by talking about ancient vs modern portal technology; let me add in another point I have heard in the past, and see how this matches up with your knowledge. Henry Deacon told me that this ancient system involves a ride or subjective experience that can be extremely jarring - at best you come out on the other side vomiting, or at worst completely mentally insane or irreversibly damaged by the experience. He said people had to study and really get advanced in their consciousness capabilities to be able to use these portal safely. [Again, Dan Winter discusses this topic extensively in his work. The key principle here is that as a consciousness evolves, it becomes more organized and coherent; like a high definition image. Organisms start to identify more with the metaphysical or mental aspects of their being instead of the body, which creates a very disciplined and self organized consciousness. The star gate system transfers the organizational aspects of consciousness from one location to another, and in a sense, the physical body is dissolved at one location, and then recreated using different material at the end destination. Because it is consciousness which is being 'transported' and not the physical body, it is consciousness itself which organizes the material at the end point into a new body, and as such, if the being is not evolved enough to make the jump, the experience is very dissociating - but through the use of technology, these deleterious effects can be reduced to zero. 
An analogy to this would be the psychedelic experience LSD or DMT, wherein, some people have a grand awakening, whereas others are deeply disturbed; the key being how self actualized or mastered we are, how well we have come to know thyself. We discussed the science of this briefly in an analysis of David Wilcock on Fade to black earlier this year. 

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Dewey B Larson described the process of life evolving from mostly a material beingness to a metaphysical one in his book Beyond Space and Time, wherein he describes the physics of consciousness evolution, touching on: intuition, miracles, free will, morality and co-creation. His model describes how living units, starting from micro-organisms and ending with humans, begin to house their consciousness in the time-space sector of the universe; the metaphysical realm of mind.

Our bodies operate in space-time for us at this stage of evolution, with three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The time space sector is the reciprocal of space time, with three dimensions of time and one dimension of space. We access both in our everyday experience. For example, when you want to walk from one side of a room to another, this requires motion in three dimensions of space, taking time to get from one point to another. The time space region we access within using our minds, as we navigate memories of the past, observe events in the present and imagine possibilities of the future - all from a 'still point' of space within the mind. In other words you can recall a memory and move in-time without having to physically move your body; this is an example of a time space experience. According to Larson, the more accurate and complete our knowledge becomes, the more clear or high definition the mental version of ourselves is as well, which makes passing through a natural star gate much safer. 

By combining the work of Dan Winter and Dewey Larson, a complete theorem can be developed to account for how our biology already provides a way to travel or bilocate into the cosmos. DNA's geometry or shape changes as a result of our emotions, which produces a flux within the electromagnetic fields of our bodies, reorienting DNA. If we are able to properly master our emotions - not being triggered into negative one's which create chaotic patterns - then eventually the shape of the DNA chromosome will braid itself recursively (a fractal or self similar geometry) into the shape of a torus. As we discussed above, the torus geometry is perfectly shaped to allow information to be received and transmitted simultaneously, providing a channel or pathway for consciousness to organize within the material sector (space-time) and the mental sector (time-space). This is a fractal relationship, where the outside looks like the inside, and the inside looks like the outside; known in Natural Law as the principle of Correspondence; as above so below, as within so without

In order to activate this inner star gate technology, locked inside the biology of life, one must master themselves enough (know thyself) such that who they truly are is reflected within the mind, or the time-space sector. Imagine the star gate like a set of mirrors pointed towards each other. The mind represents the mirrors, and if it is not polished properly, a hazy image will be reflected on it, and then any distortion is compounded by each reflection cast in the mirrors facing each other. Once mental discipline has been achieved to a high enough degree, we can imagine being at a location, much like a remote viewer projects their consciousness to the target. The location at the end point will funnel through the mind and begin to entrain or synchronize with our consciousness still at the start location. Eventually these points equalize and our consciousness is able to 'transport' itself to the destination, materializing a body of some type, simply by an act of will. I suspect this is how the Sphere beings manifest a body to interact with CG and others, as he described in episode 7 of Cosmic Disclosure, except that they actually indwell the time space region and are therefore beyond space and time.  

When we enter a star gate, our mental self or image is transmitted along time-space connections, to a space-time location, and the quality of our mental image determines how severely we are 'jarred' by traveling through it. Hence David's insider saying that training and mental acumen are essential for safe travel through these systems.]
  • CG - Yes, and also they probably received chemical injections or shots that were used to help with these effects. [Because emotions produce electromagnetic changes in the fields around the body, as well as, a flood of biochemical products, it is conceivable that artificially adding these chemicals to the body before hand will help stabilize the consciousness as it prepares to travel.] But they also found out how to use these gates more efficiently when they finally learned how to do the calculations better. So these disturbing effects became less of a problem. In the beginning, traveling just within points in our solar system was bad enough, but traveling from star to star, was really not a good idea; for a person [alluding to the fact other things could travel through, such as remote vehicles with cameras, much like what is depicted in the Stargate film]. Even after we developed to the point where we were able to travel from planet to planet in our solar system and negate the physical effects, it took a while from them to get the calculations right, and fine tune traveling through these ancient portal systems, without suffering these major ill effects.
  • DW - In the aftermath of the Philadelphia Experiment, there are reports of a bar fight breaking out in Norfolk Virginia where these guys were fighting. When they became angry, they would turn invisible. They also had this little belt packs that they developed to keep this invisibility effect from happening. Is this true, why was this happening?
  • CG - The Philadelphia Experiment was a very irresponsible in how it was done. From what I saw, they did not do a whole lot of non-human testing before hand, and it did not involve using torsion field physics. It was a heavy electromagnetic pulse or pulsing wave that caused a change in the phase - I can't remember the terminology they used, but they measured what our natural state of matter phase is and figured out a way to change that, or at least interfere with it, using high intensity electromagnetic fields.
  • DW - The insider Jacob told me that ET's like the Draco are only slightly out of phase with our own reality. As sensational as this sounds, he said that there were Draco ships landing on the Whitehouse lawn everyday, entering into an underground facility where they were planning and having meetings; things like this. Did you ever hear anything like that?
  • CG - Well, I know a lot of the highly advanced cloaking technology pushes the vessels and beings within them, slightly out of phase. And that the Draco's have all kinds of strange abilities. A lot of people see so-called 'shadow people' that scare them and afterwards they feel like they are being feed-off of energetically. These could be the Draco beings astrally projecting into the room to feed-off them. But yes, the Draco's have some extremely high technology. [In the following articles discuss the scientific bases for fear food or looshe energy just described by CG.]


  • DW - In the modern gate system, you said that they perfected the side effects happening in the Philadelphia Experiment? 
  • CG - Yes. Not only that, they don't always have to have a point to point device system, with one at the start location and one at the end location. It is almost like they are able to pull a craft over an object, and portal it on to the craft, almost like Star Trek's technology of sight to sight transport, without using a teleportation pad. This is still using the same type of portal technology, but much more advanced. 
  • DW - Would this involve some type of triangulation system, where you have three beams that triangulate on a particular coordinate point, and pull the portal from that point back to the origin?
  • CG - Right. It is creating a portal at a further point and portaling it back to your home location. But now, they've perfected modern portals and they are extremely advanced. 
  • DW - Can you portal yourself directly into one of these underground facilities, as well as, on to the surface of the planet? Is there any interference when you go below the surface?
  • CG - No, you can portal strait from underground here to the underground of another planet or star system.
  • DW - From what I gathered in our previous conversations, there are probably a lot of ancient builder race portal systems in underground caverns...
  • CG - Portals and all kinds of other crazy technology. 
  • DW - Do you think that if we get the cosmic disclosure or 'data dumps' you spoke of in the past - where the secret space program finally reveals the truth to humanity - do you think that people will have access to this portal technology, fairly soon in a post-disclosure society?
  • CG - I don't know how soon. I get asked a lot of questions like: "How soon will it be before I get to talk to an ET? How soon will it be before I get to take a tour of the solar system? How soon till I get to portal to Mars?" This is going to be a long process, and a lot of the technologies we're going to have access to at the beginning, will enhance our lives down here. And there is still a lot of mess out there to clean up. This isn't going to be an overnight fix, it's going to take a while to clean up this big mess we created over ages of time. Now, just the fact that this portal system or Cosmic Web exists, lets us know that once we develop to a certain point, to where we're not considered a menace to ourselves and others, where we are considered a transitional civilization into fourth density, being more loving and positive, being more of one mind to work together - all these end points that these portals connect to, all these beings out there are basically our long lost cosmic family, that we will start to meet with and learn about, at some point. Surely when we're ready, these beings will start to visit us through these portals, and we'll be invited to visit them. There will probably be all kinds of nice foreign exchange student types of situations, which will be very interesting to see how this all develops. I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't see into the future, but...
  • DW - In terms of the technology that you're already familiar with, will we eventually be able to have a civilization where everyone could have a working portal in their home enabling them to make very large jumps without having to use a transfer or 'hop' station? Or would it be more like you make a local jump, from your home, to a hub were larger portal systems would be used? Would it be too entangled if everyone has their own personal portal system that could go long distances?
  • CG - Sounds kind of chaotic, doesn't it?
  • DW - Yes it does. 
  • CG - I mean it would be nice to portal to the mall or whatever, but when there are seven billion people that all of a sudden have a new toy and want to portal all over the galaxy, it could create problems. I don't know. I don't see that happening immediately. I think we'll definitely be able to portal to Cancun or the Cayman Islands - that kind of thing in the beginning. 
  • DW - I'm also wondering if the craft that your describing might travel so fast that portals are more reserved for things that are off planet, and that once on the planet you might have portal stations, like subways or airlines today. We might also end up having our own personal space craft to travel wherever we wanted at such speeds that using a portal would be unnecessary. 
  • CG - Right. As I stated earlier, many of these ET races have very large space craft with portal systems and travel all through out the Cosmic Web of the galaxy, and into other galaxies. Our galaxy is a little tiny spot within a our local galactic cluster. Hubble has already mapped out this region and beyond. [According to mainstream science, since light travels at a constant rate, when we look up at the night sky we're literally looking into the past.] The photographs taken by Hubble show galaxies and the energetic connections between them, from billions of years ago. These filaments form a grand Cosmic Web. Maybe you've heard people say that everything in time and space is connected, well this is very much the truth. It's all connected. Everything is connected. Its all just a short hop, skip or a jump away. [CG shared this video of what he is describing as the Cosmic Web]
  • DW - We only have a few minutes left, but you made me think of something interesting. I featured this in my books going all the way back to 2001. There are two sets of names, one is Battaner and Florido and the other is Einasto. They are researchers primarily out of Spain, that mapped out these super clusters of galaxies demonstrating that they are all organized around geometric matrices. They called this geometry the Egg Carton Universe because it looks like a carton egg. The shapes they call eggs do appear to be sacred geometric patterns as a function of vibration. If you vibrate a plate with sand [like what is done in the study of Cymatics] you get these same shapes. The patterns mapped by this team, appear to be filaments connecting galaxies together. 
  • CG - What I've been shown by these ET races is that our entire universe is a torsion field, just like when you look at a galaxy you see a giant torsion field. That's why some stars are traveling in one direction, while other stars are traveling in the opposite direction, with still others zipping around. The Hubble telescope has captured some of these galaxies that appear to be moving away from us faster then the speed of light. And they can't explain it. But I am being told, that our universe is a giant bubble or torsion field, and everything in it is connected via filaments, which I am being told is the Cosmic Web. [This also sounds like a description of the universe described in the Urantia book. The Central Universe acts as a focal point of a massive torus with rings of galaxies moving in opposing directions to each other.]
An artist rendition of the Master Universe described in the Urantia Book. The Isle of Paradise is the bright light at the center, immediately orbited by the 7 Spheres of the Universal Father, then the 7 Spheres of the Eternal Son followed by the 7 Spheres of the Infinite Spirit. Circling around the isle are one billion eternally perfected spheres in the Havonna circuit, marking the edges of the central universe. The first level around the central universe are the seven super universes of the post Havonna creation, a time space universe of evolving perfection. These are populated by evolving spiritual beings which journey back towards the central universe over ages of spiritual development. The remaining three visible rings are the uninhabited outer space levels of enormously vast regions of organizing matter and energy, developing for unrevealed plans of creation.

  • DW - Thank you Corey, that's all the time we have this week. This looks like a good time to talk about.. time. I want to talk about what other insiders have described as layered time, that it can stack on itself; the three dimensionality of time. And we're going to talk about time and portals interlacing. We're going to try and really get an understanding of how this new physics applies to this bizarre world and the secret space program. That's coming up next time on Cosmic Disclosure. 
For Cosmic Disclosure Summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here.

Click here for a Summary and Analysis of episode 13.



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