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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 1: Contact Is Made - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

David and Corey discuss the origins of the German secret space program wherein they made contact with an ancient human breakaway civilization that claimed to be from the Pleiades star system commanding a fleet known as the Silver Fleet. This contact was through an occult group using channeling or mediumship of the Vril Society in the 1930's and 40's. 

Additionally, the German led SSP made contact with the Draco alliance. Both of these groups provided additional information to scientists in the program that already developed a high level of technology in their study of ancient texts. Once a working craft was developed they began to encounter the stranger aspects of interstellar travel, such as time dilation and travel when making high velocity jumps across distances of space.

While the war raged in Europe for Nazi domination, a group of dedicated individuals managed to develop technology so advanced they eventually left the surface, moving underground and into the stars. 

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Show Description:
The blossoming of the secret space program was no accident. Corey Goode explains how initial contact was made with advanced beings and how these forces conspired to initiate humanity’s first foray into the cosmos. He explains the moment esoteric groups in Germany began exploring the limits of consciousness, contact was made. It was as if advanced civilizations were out there, just waiting for us to reach out and make first contact. 
This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast September 29, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Welcome to the show, I'm David Wilcock. We are absolutely having fun here, this is all new information even for people who think they know it all. I think we're just pealing away layers of the onion here and it gets more and more interesting as we go. I'm here with Corey Goode, and we are discussing insider information that he gained during his time in the secret space program, often abbreviated to 'SSP'. Corey, this secret space program - how does something like this get started? If our conventional technology is so primitive, as far as space travel is concerned, did the program have some help? Was there some outside assistance that allowed it to develop this far at such an early time in history?
  • CG - Actually the reason why there is such a wide range of technologies in the SSP, compared to what we have down here, is that it is a complete breakaway society.
  • DW - What does the term breakaway society actually mean?
  • CG - It is a society that is so divergent from the one it came from, that it is a complete different society, running on completely different technology, social dynamics, control systems, etc. that are unrelated to the ones that it came from before. It broke away and is now existing separate from [the parent society].
  • DW - What is an example of a different social dynamic?
  • CG - Definitely more of a controlled totalitarian regime. The current era breakaway civilization really began Germany, as far back as the 20's, but especially in the 30's. The German secret societies were doing some very interesting work. They were some of the first that didn't separate science and esoteric spirituality, they kind of intertwined them. They had some groups that were doing channeling, trying to contact races from other worlds. And they were also scouring the Earth for ancient texts, especially from the East, that were talking about ancient Vimanas and other craft that they could get information from to engineer spacecraft. [Vimanas are"winged chariots" or flying machines we would today call UFO's. These are a central aspect to the Vedic epics written several thousand years ago. Here is an image of the craft and a brief description of what they were able to do.
Screenshot from Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 Episode 1: Contact Is Made. 
Here is an excerpt from the article The Vimanas - The Ancient Flying Machines:
"Reference to ancient Indian flying vehicles comes from ancient Indian sources, many are the well known ancient Indian Epics, and there are literally hundreds of them. Most of them have not even been translated into English yet from the old sanskrit.

It is claimed that a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!

Their method of propulsion, she said, was "anti-gravitational" and was based upon a system analogous to that of "laghima," the unknown power of the ego existing in man’s physiological makeup, "a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull."

According to Hindu Yogis, it is this "laghima" which enables a person to levitate. Dr. Reyna said that on board these machines, which were called "Astras" by the text, the ancient Indians could have sent a detachment of men onto any planet, according to the document, which is thought to be thousands of years old. The manuscripts were also said to reveal the secret of "antima", "the cap of invisibility" and "garima", "how to become as heavy as a mountain of lead." - END OF EXCERPT
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  • DW - One of the most contentious pieces of research that I came across dealing with German occult societies was apparently one of the top oculists at the time, who later advised Hitler, saw a talk by George Gurdjieff. He described this grand hypothesis of a sacred symbol that was showing up all over the world. All these different ancient cultures had this symbol the Hindu's called the sah-wah-STEE-ka, or swastika. Do you think that the Germans in these occult societies, by seeing this almost world wide prevalence of this one symbol - were they reconstructing what they felt was the traces of a world wide ancient advanced civilization of some kind?

George Gurdjieff

The Enneagram

  • CG - Well I don't know that for sure, but as far back as the late 1920's, and through the 1930's, some of these secret societies were already well into expeditions all across the world, looking for ancient texts and relics, that they could start to piece information together to create modern technology from. [The Indiana Jones film series seems to be a soft disclosure of this activity, as it depicts various Nazi campaigns to recover ancient technology; usually of religious significance.]
  • DW - I did an episode of Ancient Aliens not to long ago, on the German Roswell. I was wondering if you ever heard of that?
  • CG - I believe in 1936 it was a crash in the Black Forest.
  • DW - Right. On Eva Braun's family land apparently; and she later became Hitler's wife.
Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler.

  • CG - I read that was a crash and technology was recovered, from the smart glass pads [these are iPad like devices used in the secret space program that are able to project a 3d hologram display of information. CG has mentioned in the past, that during his tour of duty with the SSP, he reviewed a vast amount of data on these devices]. But most of my knowledge comes from the contact that was made through their channeling. [The women of the Vril Society were said to be genetically close to the ancient Aryan race. They grew their hair out to extremely long lengths because they thought that it helped enhance their psi abilities, especially for receiving information via telepathic means. This is supported by the work of Dan Winter in relation to the electromagnetic fields of the body, which extend through hair follicles an resulting hair itself. These act like a sort of antenna for receiving subtle energies and information]. They made contact with another civilization [as a result of these channelled contacts] and ended up arranging meetings with them.

  • CG - Through their expeditions, they also made contact and started to work with an ancient breakaway civilization in the Himalayas that a lot of people call 'the Nordics'. They were working with these two different groups [one channeled via the mediums of the Vril Society the second being the 'Nordics' they made contact with in the Himalayas] that helped them put [their secret space program] together.

Artist rendition of the Nordic race.
  • DW - One of the most common things the critics keep saying is 'Corey has no proof', but when it comes to channeling, a lot this story people can read for themselves. It wasn't kept secret right?
  • CG - No it wasn't, a lot of this stuff is in the mainstream. People have written books about this.
  • DW - The Vril Society - Maria Orsic.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - Can you tell us what you know about the channeling? Did they form a contact with some sort of extraterrestrial group?
  • CG - Yes. They made contact with one of the Draco Alliance groups. When they drew a picture of the face - a lot of people today would say it looks like the grey's or the reptoids, which look a lot like the grey's except they are reptilian in appearance.

  • DW - Was that group here already before they made contact, or did the contact draw them over to our solar system?
  • CG - According to the smart glass pad, the Draco had been here for a least the past 375,000 years. They considered the Earth to be theirs.
  • DW - What do they look like, where are they from, what is their story?
  • CG - Most people picture them as only large reptilians, but the Draco Alliance is made up of a lot of different races. Most of them have some sort of reptilian blood or genetics.

  • CG - I guess you could say they are genetic purists, they like to have beings involved in their alliances that have some sort of reptilian genetics. But there have also been insectoid-type beings that have been associated with the Draco Alliance. [Dan Winter has an excellent presentation on the galactic history of DNA, wherein he goes into extensive detail about who the various Draco races are and their philosophies for spreading genetic material through out the galaxy. According to Winter, the galaxy was seeded with life from a series of extremely old and advanced galactic core cultures from a bird like lineage, which are tasked with spreading DNA into the galaxy to help stabilize gravimetric fields. One of the two groups thought seeding DNA onto a world and letting it evolve organically was the best method, while another group thought that strict genetic manipulation was essential to produce certain desirable qualities. It was this latter group that originally seeded the Draco race millions of years ago. But the genetic manipulation program got out of hand, and many of these Draco races lost the ability to naturally evolve and turned to artificial methods to maintain their race; cloning and artificial immortality technology. As a result of this 'fall' from the organic evolutionary plan, the galaxy began to destabilize. One guardian group traveled to the distant future to discover hundreds of star systems destroyed by cataclysm. The ancient galactic core cultures helped seed life on the Earth and have altered human DNA as an attempt to correct this error. The Draco also manipulated human DNA as an attempt to solve their genetic catastrophe, seeding humanity with portions of their DNA so that they could one day harvest and infuse it into their genome; hopefully preventing the race from completely going extinct. This is just a very brief summary of what Winter discusses in his presentation Esoteric Kundalini Science & ET History.]
  • DW - When you say reptilian's your talking about a humanoid body, but with a reptile like appearance to it?
  • CG - Right. Reptilian skin, eyes, muscular build and disposition (very aggressive), etc. A lot of people probably would picture as a demon. This is probably where a lot of the demon and devil ideas came from in medieval art.


  • DW - You said reptoid as if it was something different from reptilian, can you explain the difference?
  • CG - Yeah, reptoids have a more narrow jaw, elongated head and eyes that are larger.
  • CG - They look like what people would think of or picture as an 'alien', one you could see stamped on a sign at Roswell; your typical grey.

  • DW - But there would be a difference between a grey and a reptoid?
  • CG - Definitely, and there are a whole lot of different beings that are thrown into the grey category. There's a lot of confusion with grey's.
  • DW - Why is the term Draco being used for these people?
  • CG - I don't know the genesis of the name, whether it came from them or a much more ancient group. I've heard all the stuff on the internet about the Draco star cluster, but I don't know for certain. [According to Dan Winter, the term Draco refers to Dragon, which is a symbolic reference to a race's evolutionary progression in the cosmos wherein they are able to master their emotions as a result of holistic knowledge, causing a reorientation of their DNA into a torus. This torus is an expression of the golden mean ratio, providing a way for the radiant energy in the cosmos to funnel through the body and literally feed it vital energy. This is for all intents and purposes a personal ascension event, wherein the being activates the organic technology of their DNA and receives ascended abilities as a result. Winter calls this 'the fire in the blood' because the energy released into the body reverses the aging process and allows the being to bilocate, travel through time, remote view, develop clairvoyance and so on. Apparently beings who have attained this state literally 'glow' with a fiery light that can be seen with the naked eye. The fallen Draco races, who lost touch with the technique for achieving this personal evolution resorted to using mono atomic gold to force the DNA into the torus. Many symbolic depictions of Dragons and serpent creatures being held by winged birds describes the biological changes the body undergoes as it moves through this ascension type event. Wherein the reptilian brain 'reaches out' to the bird or limbic brain, hyper stimulating the pineal gland; the raising of the serpent up the spine into the third eye or the so-called Kundalini.]
  • DW - And Dracula, I guess this would be another similar thing. [Yes I think it is. The fallen Draco races use artificial immortality technology which makes them 'immortal' but the body begins to disintegrate as a result, much like what happens to the emperor in the Star Wars films. To combat this, many of these races feed off of fear energy produced by human beings (looshe), and for all intents and purposes have become vampiric; hence the Draco and Dracula connection. Additionally, there are many family trees in the Illuminati network that use Dragon symbolism in reverence of their belief that their lineage goes back to the times of humanities creation from a fallen Draco race. This is a theory proffered by the Annunaki creation myths and David Wilcock's insider accounts wherein the Draco Alliance some 10,000 and 15,000 years ago gave immortality to a handful of humans which later created the 13 Illuminati families.]
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  • CG - I don't know which came first, kind of like the chicken or the egg paradox.
  • DW - This starts to get immediately into David Icke kind of stuff. In your knowledge, are there reptilian type beings on Earth that can shape shift to look like human beings?
  • CG - The only type of shape shifting that we encountered in the SSP was when we intercepted and interrogated a few races, this was done through technological means.
  • DW - Ok. This idea that the so-called Illuminati are in fact reptilians masquerading as human beings, is not anything you've encountered in your work.
  • CG - No, not anything I encountered.
  • DW - Just briefly, we've talked about avians that look human with bird like features, now we're talking about reptilians that look human with bird like features. Is the biome that we have on Earth: single celled organisms, algae, vegetables, plants, mammals, fish, birds, reptilians etc. Is this type of thing a fairly common pattern for worlds that are Earth-like in our galaxy.
  • CG - Yes, and there's some type of humanoid template.
  • DW - Right. So different types of beings that we see on Earth could evolve to a humanoid form, depending on the conditions of a planet.
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - And your saying the Draco are basically interstellar racists, and found others that evolved out of reptilian or insectoid life; and this is their preferred type of group.
  • CG - Right, or they genetically interfered with one race or another for their own purposes.
  • DW - What was their objective in coming here in the first place? What did they want from our solar system or from humans on Earth?
  • CG - Conquest; to further their dynasty, the Draco Alliance is all about spreading their empire.
  • DW - So the German occult societies, were they contacted or did they make contact with the Draco?
  • CG - They reached out and made contact consciously to this group.
  • DW - Through the Vril Society?
  • CG - Right.

  • DW - You also said there was a Nordic looking group?
  • CG - German secret societies were doing a whole bunch of expeditions, and as they were in the area of the Himalayas they ran into a group of Nordic-looking beings, that presented themselves as alien ET's. They were actually an ancient human breakaway civilization that had existed under the Himalayas for tens of thousands of years. [CG produced an extensive report on a meeting between himself, Gonzales and an ancient breakaway civilization alliance. In this report, they revealed some of the history of our planet.]
  • DW - Under the Himalayas?
  • CG - Right, and further on in a network of cities connected underneath the ground.
  • DW - Did they re-occupied the stuff that was built by the so-called ancient builder race? [In a previous episode of Cosmic Disclosure, CG discusses an ancient portal system and series of settlements found throughout our solar system built by a race of guardian type beings many millions of years ago. The secret space program refers to them as the 'ancient builder race'. The underground groups CG referred to in his report call these same beings the 'Guardians', who are also the Sphere Beings groups allied with the SSP.]
  • CG - Yes, but they had actually built out a very sophisticated and high tech infrastructure of their own, being a very advanced race in and of themselves.
  • DW - But this was one of these underground areas as you said before, that has the bioluminescent bacteria, with trees, running water and its own evolutionary path of animals?
  • CG - Yes, but theirs was closer to the surface, underneath mountains and cave networks that reached down to that area. They call themselves 'The Agartha Network' according to the documentation. They have a space program called the "Silver Fleet".
  • DW - This sounds a lot like people who have been contacted by what they think are ET's, the so-called Nordic ET's that we often hear about.
  • CG - Yes, that happened a lot by this group that pretended to be ET's, and later on, it also happened by this German group that attained a breakaway civilization using technology they obtained from the Draco and this Agarthan group under the Himalayas.
  • DW - Do you think these Agarthans are the reason why the Germans became so obsessed with blonde hair and blue eyes; saying it was a master race?
  • CG - Most likely.
  • DW - What did the Agarthans tell the Germans about themselves, where did they say they were from?
  • CG - I believe they said they were from the Pleiades or something like that originally.
  • DW - Take us now through the origin of the secret space program based on these contacts. First of all, did the Draco and the Agarthans know about each other? Did they get along or have a partnership?
  • CG - They had an 'understanding'. They weren't allies. The Draco do not play well with others that don't bow before their feet. They had an understanding to stay out of each other's hair and scales. <chuckle>
  • DW - <chuckle> How does this turn into space travel? Who gave the Germans the space travel capability? How did that develop, because obviously their not going to build a space program without space travel.
  • CG - Right, the Germans were very intelligent and they already made some excellent discoveries on their own from observing nature and the fact that, unlike in the west, they didn't separate science from spirituality and some esoteric beliefs. They would actually use some esoteric schools of thought, what we would call magic or black magic, but at the same time they used science. They mixed the two and this gave them an edge. [For all intents and purposes, anytime consciousness uses knowledge to effect a desired result we could think of this as technology. Magic is the same process of drawing one's intention into the world, but using means that are normally beyond the practitioners comprehension; hence seeming magical. Magic to one person, is technology to another - but the common thread in each is the four step process of manifestation: desire leads to a goal, which leads to a process for achieving that goal, which leads to a behavior that ultimately brings about a genesis. These are also mirrored in the four elements of a contract. For more on this see the below linked article.]
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  • DW - Did you ever come across Viktor Schauberger in any of the documentation that you saw?
  • CG - Yes, he originally studied trout traveling upstream and and waterfalls.

  • DW - It appears that Schauberger saw that there was some kind of antigravity effect with trout and salmon swimming up a 30 foot high water fall - just kind of gliding their way up.

  • CG - Yeah, ok.
  • DW - Did you encounter any information that suggested Schauberger was on the right track, that he actually did invent something that was real?
  • CG - Not only Schauberger but several German, Polish - and I believe other scientists, had some pretty amazing breakthroughs, which was confiscated and brought into the secret societies.
  • DW - Did the ET groups like the Draco and the Agarthans give assistance to the Germans at some point, so they could perfect what they were already working on?
  • CG - Yes. The Germans already started to build some pretty interesting devices based on the ancient texts and other information they found on the Vimana, which enabled them to create mercury vortex electrogravitic devices; gravity canceling technology.

  • DW - What do you mean by mercury vortex, what are you referring to? What would this technology look like if we were going to see it?
  • CG - A glass cylinder with mercury in it. They would spin it at extremely high velocities...
  • DW - Like a ring? A glass ring?
  • CG - A vertical cylinder, or sometimes it was a sphere. But usually it was a cylinder. They would spin it at very high velocities and apply a high voltage to it.
  • DW - And this causes antigravity?
  • CG - Yes, and then they started doing counter rotating copper plates.
  • DW - One of the books that I've read that really gets into the Bell craft is "The Hunt For Zero Point," by Nick Cook. He has done a lot of original research on this subject. To your knowledge, when was the first Bell craft actually constructed and operational - getting at least some kind of effect out of it.
  • CG - Not quiet sure. I can't remember the exact dates and details of what I was reading, but I do remember it was in the early 1940's. I remember an account about the Bell craft. They had several that were tethered, which broke loose from the tethering and disappeared. It was a scientific process. Supposedly there were scientists that died from some explosions. They had a lot of problems getting this started.
  • DW - Did they have little propellers that whirled the mercury inside the cylinder? How did they make it move?
  • CG - From what I understand there was a huge electrical cable that went to the device, feeding electricity to motors spinning at very high RPM's (revolutions per minute), moving the mercury around. The interesting that happened - something that was dealt with later - they discovered that intense electrical fields applied to the mercury causes it to turn into gold.
  • DW - Really? Like Alchemy.
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  • CG - Yes, like Alchemy. The mercury in these glass cylinders was turning a coral-looking gold. And this was scene as a problem, creating gold <chuckle>.
  • DW - Why, why would that matter? Wouldn't they want gold?
  • CG - No. They needed a golem or liquid metal that could stay liquid at high temperatures and RPM's that would conduct electricity for long periods of time without transmuting. They eventually engineered a different type of liquid metal.
  • DW - What would happen to the craft if it starts turning into gold?
  • CG - It becomes unstable and crashes.
  • DW - Really? Very interesting. Did the Draco or the Agarthans give them direct assistance to make this Bell craft work better, to solve the 'gold problem' as one example?
  • CG - Yes. After they got to a certain point of technological achievement and on going diplomatic relations with both these groups, they started getting scientific help in the form of liaisons coming in and assisting them. Almost like a scientist exchange program. Once they developed a stable and working anitgravitic craft they started to form more and more of a breakaway society from the German leadership, keeping their activities secret and doing things their own way.
  • DW - Your saying this is not necessarily Nazi?
  • CG - No.
  • DW - It's more the German occult secret societies?
  • CG - The secret societies created Nazism.
  • DW - But Nazism broke away from them somehow and didn't adhere to what they wanted?
  • CG - Nazism was a mainstream control the people kind of thing. This other group within the Nazi organization was more interested in creating their own breakaway civilization that had nothing to do with any groups. They wanted their own civilization, master race, space program - they had high ideas.
  • DW - In the "Hunt for Zero Point", Nick Cook when he did his research on the Bell craft, said that the Nazi code name for the project was Chronos, which means time. In the book he has a section based on documents he was able to find, that apparently time started to get weird when they began playing around with this. Did you encounter any information of this sort?
  • CG - Yes, when your playing with electrogravitic technology the veil between time and space thins. So you start to have anomalies.
  • DW - What would be an example of an anomaly.
  • CG - Any time your traveling a certain speed, not only are you traveling a distance but your also traveling in time. If they jump from one place to another very quickly, they've not only jumped in space but also time traveled.
  • DW - Wow.
  • CG - So it starts to blur, the time and space barrier.
  • DW - We are all out of time for this episode. But we will continue this discussion because we haven't really even gotten into how these German occult societies made there way into space. I want to stay on this same track. Next episode we're going to take this very interesting discussion and really blow it out into the cosmos. We'll be getting into information that until I met Corey I never really heard it before. This is some of the most heavily guarded stuff. Even the insiders that know what their talking about typically don't want to tell you this data, but we're just going to release it all on this show. As you said the SSP Alliance wants this stuff to come out now. It's a great honor to have you here so we can bring out more and more of the suppressed history of our own 20th century. So Corey, again thank you for being here and I'm glad you decided to do this with us.
  • CG - Thank you.
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