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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 14: Portals: Parallel Earth - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Corey and David discuss phase shifting technology apparently developed in the secret space program, which allowed the wearer to walk through walls. Before this technology was perfected, the SSP encountered many challenges, some of which resulted in the testing individual violently shaking themselves to death. 

The dreaded Xerox Room is a portal system created in the SSP which makes a copy of the traveler at an end point but destroys the original at the start location; hence the term Xerox. This has been discussed before by other whistleblowers. 

The Earth which is encountered by the portal travelers is the so-called Parallel Earth, which apparently has a slightly different history then our own.

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The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - Hello, welcome to Cosmic Disclosure, I am your host David Wilcock. I am here with Corey Goode, an insiders insider of the secret space program. In this episode we are going to talking about the science of time even further. I want to start a dialog with him about some of the things I have studied on this very fascinating subject. When we start to get into some of the real world data things get very interesting. Corey welcome to the show.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - Lets kick this off by talking about a book written by Paul Dong entitled China's Super Psychic's. In this book he describes working with the Chinese government, where they found these children with advanced psychic abilities. One of the experiments documented in the books is a human being who had the ability to teleport a small object. The object appeared to fade out of one location and fade into another. The Chinese wanted to figure out how this worked. They put a beeper on the object, set to go off with a precise rhythm. They found that as the object started to fade out of existence the beeps would get slower and slower. As if time itself was changing in speed and then it was just as slow as it appeared at the new location, eventually speeding back up to a normal rate. Is it possible for us to affect time and space as a singularity like that?
  • CG - Well, we can affect time, space and matter with our consciousness, which is exactly what that person was doing. Time and space, we call it space-time or time-space for a reason. That experiment shows how intertwined and related the two are, in my opinion.
  • DW - In Einstein's basic physics model, he does allow for time to shift, but it can only be done in the area around something accelerating towards the speed of light; like a space craft. We know that in the 1970's they took molecular clocks and flew them in airplanes, confirming the so-called Einstein's relativistic drag is 'true'.
  • CG - The atomic clocks?
  • DW - Right. The real gems in this phenomenon seem to be that time is locally variable. That you can actually accelerate or decelerate the rate of time in a small area. Now the conventional physicists who are watching this show are going to say that this is impossible. So is this part of the physics that we're going to have to change?
  • CG - Definitely. And I'm sure you've heard this before, but there are certain experiments that one can do where the bias of the observer, what they think will happen, affects the result. This appears to be the power of our co-creative consciousness changing the out come of the experiment. Well, if you change it up a little bit, time, matter and space are all related, and our consciousness can make changes to each. Just like we were talking about before where some people or beings are able to teleport, or change their location using consciousness, by changing their vibration to match a desired location. We can also affect time in a similar way. As we learn more and more about how the universe is a hologram - when you really understand this, that there is 'no spoon' like they say in the matrix - then this takes away a lot of restrictions on your consciousness's ability to affect the world around you. There is a lot more you can do with bending time, space and reality itself. [The experiment CG is discussing here is the Particle Wave Duality effect observed during the double slit experiments. Here is an excerpt from an article summarizing the key points:]
Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in superposition — that is, in all possible states — until we observe that it is only in one specific state.

According to a 2002 poll of Physics World readers, the “most beautiful experiment” in physics is one that simply and elegantly demonstrates how observation affects quantum systems: The double slit experiment. The double slit sets aside causality, determinism, and the notion that reality is “out there” as it blurs the line between the observer and the system being observed.

In the double slit experiment, a series of single photons (light particles) are fired at a solid plate that has two slits. On the other side of the solid plate, a photographic plate is set up to record what comes through those slits.

The question: What will we see on the photographic plate?

The answer: If one neglects to observe which slit a photon passes through, it appears to interfere with itself, suggesting that it behaves as a wave by traveling through both slits at once. But, if one chooses to observe the slits, the interference pattern disappears, and each photon travels through only one of the slits.

The formation of the interference pattern requires the existence of two slits… But how can a single photon pass through two slits simultaneously? At that point, we are forced to consider each photon as a wave that travels through both slits… Or we have to think of the photon as splitting and going through each slit separately — and wondering how the photon “knows” a pair of slits is coming.

The only solution is to abandon the idea of a photon — or any other quantum system — as having a location in spacetime until it is observed. - END OF EXCERPT [The experiment has been repeated using larger particles: electrons, protons, and even 'buckyballs' or nano particle sized carbon spheres. In every instance the same effect occurs, suggesting that focused attention can interact with reality in ways modern science has yet to understand.]

  • DW - Why do you think these guys in the Philadelphia Experiment got embedded in the hull of the ship. [In Cosmic Disclosure Episode 12, CG and DW discuss this event in detail. According to the popularized account, the US military in the mid 20th century used Tesla science to cause a battleship to phase shift out of our reality, in an attempt to create an invisibility device. The ship did dematerialize for a short period of time, only to re-appear later. Some of the people on the ship re-materialized halfway through bulkheads or walls, with others completely missing entirely. There were other strange effects as well, such as personnel becoming invisible if they got angry; well after the incident occurred.] What was going on there?
  • CG - The matter in the metal of the ship, was in a transitional phase, as was the bodies of personnel. During this transitional phase, they were probably 'freaking out', moving around the ship, and were passing through the hull while it rematerialized. They found themselves embedded in the hull, trapped in the metal, as the ship phased back into what we would call 'solid' matter.
  • DW - Have you experienced this phase out of consciousness and matter condition yourself? Did you ever get exposed to this type of strange boundary condition?
  • CG - When you are brought through a solid wall, you know something like this has happened. I have seen technology taken away from ET's in the Intercept and Interrogation program that was like this. When they turned these devices on they would shake and then phase out, as if they were made completely invisible and couldn't be touched. Well this technology wasn't meant for humans to wear, but they tested it anyway, and when they turned the devices on, the test subjects shook so violently that it broke their necks.
  • DW - Oh my god.
  • CG - Yeah. Later on they developed technology so that human beings could walk through walls. But before they fully developed it, people were exchanging their human residue with the residue of the wall - some kind of interchange was going on. Some of the material from the wall became part of their body, and vice versa. You've heard this before?
  • DW - Oh yes. You're describing something I heard Pete Peterson tell me. In his division of Area 51, during the time he worked there, they developed a little device, about the size of an american quarter dollar. You would hold it in your hand and push a button on it - this pop's you out of phase. They were trying to figure out how to pass through walls [presumably reverse engineering the device that CG spoke of earlier]. So they had these guys hold on to this device, take a running jump into mid air towards a wall hitting the button just before hitting the wall. As they passed through the wall, they released the button and pop back into phase on the other side of the wall. The problem they encountered was - although he didn't say it was the material in the wall, like you were saying, but I can see how that would happen - instead, he said people would get sick and their eventual conclusion was that all the bacteria and viruses and the natural junk in the atmosphere would blend into our bodies; normally our lungs filter all this out. People would get sick an degenerate very quickly. So within Peterson's division, they told him the device couldn't be used.
  • CG - That was back-engineered from what I was talking about.
  • DW - Oh really? That's fascinating.
  • CG - Yeah. They eventually perfected it. They can use this type of technology to walk through walls now; without ill effects.
  • DW - Remember the guy I told you about that autopsied some 2,000 different types of extraterrestrial bodies? At one point he was attacked by people who appeared to have walked into his house through his wall. And I had no data to back that up, until you just said that. So I had no data before to know if he was telling the truth, but now there's reason to believe that part of the story is correct. [In an episode of the TV series Star Trek Enterprise, the crew encounter a time traveller from the 31st century, equipped with highly advanced technology. One of these devices is a small bracelet, that allows him to walk through walls with ease, and almost perfectly matches what CG is describing. What I find interesting is that this type of device was never used in previous Star Trek franchises. If the Cabal use fiction to disclose their activities to the public, then the use of this device in a much later rendition of the series suggest that at that time, the secret space program may have perfected the device; revealing their success to the public within symbolic allegory's of the show.]
  • CG - Oh absolutely, they have this ability. You can lock your doors and windows, sitting their with a loaded pistol - and they can come in out of phase with no problem. This technology is available to very high level black ops groups. For that level of technology to be used against you, you most likely have done something very stupid or wrong against a program you're in. [Meaning, the likelihood that they would risk using this technology on 'outsiders' is very low. It is probably only used against targets that are already working with the secret space program in some capacity.]
  • DW - Let me ask you the same question I asked Peterson. If you hit this button and you're out of phase with our reality, why don't you just fall through the floor? How do they get through a walls? Do they have to jump towards the wall and then hit the button? Is there someway that their feet are still somewhat in phase enough to walk around?
  • CG - That's a good question, that I unfortunately don't know the answer to. But then again, if you're out of phase, why would gravity pull you down to the floor?
  • DW - That's a good point.
  • CG - I don't know; but these guys do. They go out of phase and walk on the floor. They walk on space craft, and walls as if they're not there.

  • DW - One of the really interesting thing we have spoken about before, is the parallel Earth. Instead of me just babbling away about it, what is the parallel Earth?
  • CG - This is something I mentioned to you, and as I said, I read a little about it before. This is something that is very sensitive information, that I wasn't given a lot of information about, but it peaked your interest. I'm not sure if you had heard something about it before, or what..
  • DW - I remember the original way we got into the discussion. I asked you if you time travel back into the past, and you see yourself and get to close, would you explode? And you said no, which surprised me, because at least one other insider I spoke to, thought that you would get some kind of electrical fire or feed back with yourself, and you would just blow up. But your saying that won't happen. So it is possible to portal back in time, getting physically close to yourself, and nothing happens?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - But then you said something was different with parallel Earth?
  • CG - Yes, and the type of portal used.
  • DW - Ohh.
  • CG - There was a highly talked about and rumored type of portal called the Xerox room. This brought you to a parallel reality, a parallel Earth. It was not something that people wanted to go through; I certainly did not. In this room, when you portal through it makes a copy of you sending it to this parallel reality but destroy's the local copy.
  • DW - Oh my god.
  • CG - And now there's another copy of you in this other reality; another Earth.
  • DW - Well I've always said I wanted another copy of myself, to get more work done <chuckle>. But could you make a copy of yourself without destroying the original?
  • CG - That part is built into the function.
  • DW - Is it like a time paradox or something if you have two copies of yourself?
  • CG - I don't know. This might be what some people have talked about as clones. They maybe using this technology to make carbon copies of themselves - but I don't know. Anyway, these people go to a parallel reality universe. Apparently things have played out very differently there. There were not certain wars, some turned out different; and there were different leaders...
  • DW - You're saying it's Earth, but there's something different about the history.
  • CG - Yes, and there are other versions of us there - different versions of us that may or may not be there depending on how event's unfolded. But if you ran into yourself there, there was an annihilation effect, that was so incredibly bad, they theorized it could rip the fabric between the two realities - I can't remember all the details from the smart glass pad [A 3d holographic iPad like device supplied to the secret space program personnel containing history and information related to the program. Much of what CG discusses as far as history, he became aware of via the smart glass pads during his tour with the secret space program in the 20th century]. I don't have a lot of details about this, I wasn't apart of this project. For some reason it was considered a very important project, and had a lot of high level people in it. But the Xerox room was something that a lot of people dreaded, and not something I would ever have agreed or volunteered to go to.
  • DW - Where is the Xerox room located?
  • CG - Well there's not just one, but the one I heard of was here on Earth in an underground base. And I heard that they have one in the lower levels of the Lunar Operations Command [the LOC is a based now under the control of the SSP Alliance, but was once a Cabal run based used for various purposes]. I have never gone below the third or fourth level of the LOC, I was never given the 'grand tour' that some others have recently been on. These people were never part of the secret space program. I haven't seen below the third or fourth floor. [Earlier this year CG said that the SSP Alliance was bringing a great number of starseeds and contactee's to the LOC for diplomatic reasons.]
  • DW - Were some people able to go to this parallel Earth and come back through the Xerox room successfully?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Do you get copied again to come back?
  • CG - Yes. The process repeats itself...
  • DW - So now you've destroyed yourself twice. Was there any lack of continuity in people's memories or any anomalies with their mind's as a result of being destroyed and reconstructed from a copy?
  • CG - None that were reported, other then the unpleasantness of the process.
  • DW - What was unpleasant about it? Just the thought of doing it or was there a sickening feeling?
  • CG - There was a painful and unpleasant process.
  • DW - Really? Do you feel your death?

  • CG - I'm just telling you what was reported, which is that it is a painful unpleasant process. There are people form that parallel universe reality world that are traveling here as well.
  • DW - Can you describe the main historical differences between this parallel Earth and ours? Anything you specifically remember?
  • CG - It's hard to remember exactly, but I know that world war two ended differently.
  • DW - As in the Germans won, instead of the Allies?
  • CG - Right. The Axis powers won. At one time I remembered a lot of the details in a short summary I was given access to. I wasn't given a lot of information..
  • DW - The insider you introduced me to, that in the beginning you had some many things in common with, and something things that he knew but no one else online knew. He said that that Earth didn't have the UFO Roswell crash and had far less ET interaction then our Earth. Did you ever encounter that information?
  • CG - I did encounter it, but I can't remember from what source it came from.
  • DW - But he did say the same thing that you're saying, which is in his opinion it was a very important project, and we were both helping each other in some way.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - He said that this other Earth had much less of the advanced technology that we have, and we were trying to share it with them.
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Do you think that in order to get people to join this program, they have to recruit a newbie, someone who doesn't know how bad it is?
  • CG - No. These people consider this a very important mission and they are very dedicated to it.
  • DW - Really?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - One of the key things, which I think you mentioned to me before, is that this parallel Earth is in really bad shape.
  • CG - Supposedly it is a really dreary and hopeless place to be.
  • DW - Almost like an NWO plan that worked. Worldwide fascism kind of thing?
  • CG - Right.
  • DW - There are some people in Jenny Randles book Time Storms, she has a whole bunch of stories about natural time slips, as she calls them. There is a child that goes missing, three days later he pops up in the garden, even though they already searched that area multiple times. A bubble of light shows up  - and modern people would probably say that's a UFO, but they get a missing time experience. "Oh well I lost four hours" - so some of these might be UFO's but others might be natural portals, would you agree?
  • CG - Yes, exactly.
  • DW - Jenny Randles also describes some people going through these time slips, where there is a piece of furniture in their house that is now different, or a wall is painted a different color, or there are curtains in a window that didn't have them before, or there's a stone path from the front door to the street that wasn't there before - and everybody laughs this off [who is told about it]. Is it possible that if we mess around by accident in a time slip, that the actual reality we're in would reconstruct itself around a slightly different theme, like what is described in her book?
  • CG - The people that were involved in these type of time experiments, were actively looking for stuff like this. They were to report them immediately if they noticed anything. For example, they would go to hang their tooth brush up in the wall hanger, and it would have moved to the other side of the wall. Weird things like this started happening to people who were involved in some of these temporal experiments. I haven't heard of this book, but its very interesting because what is described resemble some of things that these people were told to report on.
  • DW - Do you think that these bubbles - and I understand you haven't read the book - but these bubbles are on the move. When people say that a UFO shows up, there's no sound at all - "I didn't hear birds, wind or anything." Could it be the lack of sound in these UFO contact experiences is because time has changed and as the bird is making its cry that time is so slow now you can't hear it anymore?
  • CG - This is absolutely what is happening. When UFO's have landed in people's front yards there have been reports of people standing in their front yards motionless. Car's that are driving in the streets appearing motionless, birds sitting in mid air, etc. These events are manipulating space and time. So yes; definitely.
  • DW - I want to thank you for getting into this fascinating discussion with me. We are by no means done talking about time. We have a whole year and a half of episodes to fill up, and there is so much more I want to talk about on this topic. This is a very big subject. All kinds of interesting things coming up in our next episode.
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