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Hidden in Plain Sight | Stargate SG -1: Soft Disclosure According To Secret Space Program Whistleblower

The military industrial complex, a transnational clandestine organization which has operated for at least the past 70 years, has apparently uncovered a treasure trove of ancient advanced technologies left by extraterrestrial races.

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Some of the items recovered are star gate or portal devices that access a naturally occurring portal system spanning the entire universe. According to secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode, an ancient race of guardian beings created the star gates long ago as part of a plan for nurturing evolving worlds. 

Once a planet develops life capable of eventually forming a space faring civilization, a star gate device is built on that sphere and is watched over by highly evolved, so-called angelic or guardian races. 

In episode 12 of Cosmic Disclosure, Portals: Cosmic Web, Goode reveals that peppered throughout our solar system, are many of these ancient star gate devices. Apparently the race of beings which built them advanced far enough along an evolutionary path to ascend or become non-material in nature. 

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The narrative put forth by Goode and other whistleblowers almost perfectly matches the plot and backstory to the TV series Stargate SG.1 and it's two branch of series Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Could it be that this hollywood franchise is part of an effort to disclose elements of the secret space program to the public? It seems all but certain that is exactly the case. 

Here is an excerpt from an article summarizing some of the plot and history within the fictional series:

"The Stargate franchise takes place in the present day. As a result, when Stargate SG-1 began in 1997, only technology that existed at the time in "real life" on Earth was employed by the series' protagonists - humans from Earth who are known throughout the galaxy as the Tau'ri. In the preceding movie, Stargate, it was shown that in 1928 in Giza, Egypt, a mysterious ring was uncovered — buried in the sand long ago. However, it wasn't until 1995 that Earth discovered the device's true purpose (interplanetary transportation) and was able to begin utilizing it for exploration.
Ever since their first mission through the Stargate to a planet known as Abydos, Earth has continued using the Stargate for both exploration and the defense of humanity from races elsewhere in the universe; For the first eight seasons of Stargate SG-1, a formidable parasitic enemy race known as the Goa'uld served as the main antagonist. To this end, the Stargate Program (which continues to be a secret to the general public) was created with a mandate of acquiring knowledge, allies, and technology for the defense of the planet. However, Stargate Command (the base in which the program is located) has also focused on such efforts as trading and forming diplomatic relations with the rest of the galaxy. It was through this program (the main focus of Stargate SG-1) that Earth was able to acquire, over time, such necessities.
In the first ten years of Earth's utilization of the Stargate (spanning from the Stargate's reactivation in 1997 to theseries finale of Stargate SG-1) the people of Earth have become a technologically advanced race capable of rivaling most others. In order to keep the origins of their newly developed technology secret, and as to not reveal the Stargate's existence or the existence of alien life to the general public, most of this technology is only used in secret by the military. Other such technology is gradually introduced into Earth's culture at a reasonable rate as to not draw suspicion. (SG1: "Covenant", "Bounty")

Stargate NetworkEdit

Pegasus galaxy-style Stargate

Several million years ago, an ancient race of advanced humanoid beings, now known as the Ancients, created a device capable of near-instantaneous transportation across the universe by means of a subspace wormhole. This device, which has been used by countless races since its creation, has more commonly become known as a "Stargate"— a name, discovered by Dr. Daniel Jackson, from hieroglyphs written by humans on Earth thousands of years ago. While various cultures have created their own name for the device, Stargate is among the most common used.
A Stargate itself is a device made out of a volatile mineral known as Naquadah. It is between two Stargates that travel is possible. A stable wormhole in a Stargate is achieved by dialing the correct address into a mechanism known as a Dial Home Device. In a DHD, an address of six symbols (each of which represent constellations as seen from Earth for the Milky Way galaxy-style of gate) is imputed, plus a point of origin symbol (a symbol unique to a particular Stargate that identifies the location a person is dialing from). This brings the total up to seven symbols needed for an in-galaxy address. Eight symbols are required to establish a lock with a Stargate in another galaxy (such as the Pegasus galaxy). Nine symbols are required to dial Stargates that reside far across the universe. Thus far, the only known Stargate dialed with a nine-chevron address is that aboard the Ancient spaceship Destiny - a ship designed with the purpose of exploring deep into the universe.

The artificial subspace wormholecreated by a Stargate.

The Stargate contains nine chevrons spaced equally around its circumference. With each symbol that is dialed, a different chevron is 'locked', making nine symbols the maximum number of symbols (or glyphs) that can be input. The design of the Stargates themselves tend to vary between galaxies. Three distinct designs are known: Stargates in the Milky Way galaxy, Pegasus galaxy, and that which resides on Destiny and are constructed by its ancillary Seed ships. The varying designs of Stargates are largely the result of technological advancement;Destiny-style gates (the most primitive in design and function) were constructed first, followed by Milky-Way model gates, and lastly Pegasus-style gates.
Stargates play an extremely important role in each of the Stargate series. It is through these devices that races, mostly consisting of humanoid-like beings (particularly humans themselves), trade and explore. However, several races (such as the Goa'uld) often utilize the Stargate network as a platform through which to launch military campaigns.


The Tau'ri are the main protagonists in the Stargate series. "Tau'ri" is the term used by the inhabitants of theMilky Way to refer to human beings from Earth. The word means "first ones" or "those from the first world", in theGoa'uld language, in the sense that human life in the Milky Way began on Earth. While the term "Tau'ri" originally applied to all human beings in the galaxy, it has come to apply specifically to those who currently live on Earth as the Stargate Program proceeded to explore the galaxy.
In the Stargate universe, the Tau'ri are the predominant protagonists in the fight against galactic oppressors, fighting a multi-front war against several other major races. During the first six years of the series, the Tau'ri were largely limited to what they could achieve in the way of repelling enemy forces due to the "primitiveness" of the technology in their possession, as compared to that of the hostile races they faced - notably the Goa'uld. It wasn't until season six and beyond that the Tau'ri were truly beginning to emerge as a powerful force in the galaxy. (SG1: "Children of the Gods", "Thor's Hammer", "Red Sky", "Unending")

Daedalus and Apollo, two ships of Earth - Earth advanced to the point where the creation of such vessels was made possible by the eighth year of Stargate SG-1.

Around Stargate SG-1's sixth season, as a result of six years of exploration and discovery, the Tau'ri became knowledgeable enough to construct their first battlecruiser, the Prometheus. Despite being rather primitive in comparison to the spaceships of most other races, this ship represented a massive step in the Tau'ri's development. However, as the Tau'ri became more advanced towards the eight season of Stargate SG-1, a new class of ship was designed - the BC-304, also known as the Daedalus-class. Since their development, numerous 304s have been constructed. These ships rival the spaceships of most races in the Stargate universe and have helped establish the Tau'ri as a major military power in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. However, spaceships in the Stargate series largely only serve as plot devices to facilitate the progression of an episode, and very few episodes have taken place solely aboard spaceships, with the exception of Stargate Universe.
The Tau'ri became even more technologically advanced in Stargate SG-1's series finale "Unending" after the self-inflicted demise of the Asgard — an extremely advanced race of humanoid-beings and a close ally of Earth. In order to carry on their legacy after their subsequent demise, the Asgard gifted to the Tau'ri their complete history and the entirety of their knowledge in an advanced computer core, which has continued to allow the Tau'ri to make great technological strides." - END OF EXCERPT
The number of correlations between Goode's testimony and the Stargate Universe are astounding. The likelihood that this level of disclosure was unintended is very low. Why would these hidden powers reveal so much to the public via these films and TV franchises?

In order to understand this aspect we would need to discuss the Natural Laws which govern our universe. Free will is the highest of these laws, and as such when two free will beings begin to affect each other in some way, the principles of trust and contracts come into effect. Those being, that in order to create or generate a desired effect honorably, all beings influenced by an undertaking must be notified and allowed to issue their consent. Given the rampant dishonor of our modern world, this may seem like a dubious claim. but by revealing their activities in 'plain sight' the military industrial complex is effectively notifying humanity. Our inaction to at the very least unify towards questioning the status quo, is an issuance of our collective consent; an acquiescence to the Cabal's claimed authority.

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Furthermore, the best place to hide any secret is always in plain sight. By sharing this information under the banner of fiction, the vast majority of humanity will never recognize the deeper connections. The realities revealed in the Stargate franchise are labeled as fictional, imaginary, unreal, and as such any thing discovered that resembles it is almost always automatically labeled as 'fiction'. This is a subtle technique of obfuscation via the psychological process of normalization. 

There are countless truths revealed in works of fiction and as such go unnoticed by the public. But as the age of awakening progresses, these once successful programs of secrecy and occultation will become the achilles heal of the ruling elite. All one need do is begin a progressive and omnivorous research campaign to piece these data points together into a cohesive understanding, which suggests that our world has long been of capable exploring space and the deeper mysteries of existence.
Finally, we produced a how to guide for decoding fictional works, wherein we discuss the work of Dan Bursch, a former military industrial complex asset and scientist working in secret programs that strongly resembles the Stargate franchise. 

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PS - I am happy to see that Dr. Michael Salla's website is back up and running. Last week the site suffered a massive hack and was offline for 3 days. 

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

Could the highly popular television series Stargate SG-1 (aired 1997 to 2007) be more science than fiction? Secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode claims it is based on real-life advanced travel technologies found all over the planet, solar system and galaxy.

In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode, “Portals: The Cosmic Web”, Goode responds to questions posed by the host, David Wilcock, about various kinds of travel technologies used by ancient societies and extraterrestrial civilizations. Goode described the difference between various “portal” or “wormhole” technologies that either naturally occurred, or were built by a highly advanced ancient civilization not known even to current extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. This is virtually the same scenario depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series, where stargates are described as being built by a race of beings called “the Ancients.”

Goode referred to technologies depicted in the Stargate SG-1 as a fairly accurate illustration of how ring-shaped ancient portals or “stargates” actually look and work. He said that the navigation system is similar to how the internet operates whereby numerical sequences are assigned for individual computers, networks, ISPs and countries. This is the basis for the IP (Internet Protocol) numbers, which are the backbone for navigating the World Wide Web. You can check the IP address of the device you are using to read this article here.

Similarly, Goode says that a series of numerical coordinates based on hyperdimensional mathematics designate different galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc., which becomes the address for a particular portal. This has similarities with the coordinate navigation system depicted in the original Stargate movie (1994) that was then incorporated into the Stargate SG-1 television series.
Goode is not alone in describing such a numerical address system. Wilcock pointed out that another secret space program whistleblower, Henry Deacon (aka Arthur Neumann), also claims that this is the navigation method used for portal travel. Deacon began publicly disclosing his information regarding portals/stargates back in a 2006 interview on Project Camelot.

Goode said that these ancient portals have been found all over the world, and these are highly sought after by covert teams from the U.S. and other countries. Another whistleblower, Dan Burisch, claims that he was part of a covert team that went into Iraq to find its portal technologies. Indeed, Deacon independently confirmed that a stargate had been discovered in Iraq. There was much circumstantial evidence supporting Burisch’s and Deacon’s claim that the real reason for the U.S. invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies, as I proposed back in 2003.

In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode described the sun as a natural portal that is used by spacecraft to enter into or leave our solar system. Elaborating further, he said that solar filaments form torsion fields that create traversable wormholes for portal travel between suns in our galaxy.

The most startling aspect of Goode’s testimony is that the natural and ancient portal systems form a “cosmic web” that spans the universe. By jumping from one portal location to another, one can travel incredible distances between galaxies, and across the universe. Goode’s claim of a cosmic web of portals was also depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series.

The number of similarities between Goode’s account of portal travel with what was depicted in the Stargate SG-1 series raises an intriguing possibility. Was the series part of a “soft disclosure” or “acclimation program” whereby the entertainment industry was used to prepare the public for the truth about portal travel?



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