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Nazi UFOs Flew Over Washington & Led to SS Infiltration of US Space Program

A UFO fly over of Washington DC, along with several other cities occurred during the 1950's. This event was witnessed by thousands of on lookers which helped propel the UFO phenomenon into a field of study all its own. 

Corey Goode, a secret space program insider, has recently disclosed that this event was in fact not extraterrestrials but a faction of highly advanced Nazi space craft, which 'broke away' from Earth in the first half of 20th the century. This Nazi group is one of many such breakaway civilizations, classified as a group of Earthly beings who collectively advanced enough to gain independence from the political structure of the planet. 

Clark McClelland is the second whistleblower to come out with information confirming Goode's accounts. According to them, this Nazi group took over the military industrial complex of the United States, and has been working with a transnational group of elites to progress the human race well into the solar system and beyond. If all this is true, then it helps explain some of the more peculiar aspects of ET and Ufology fields of research. 

For example, there were many contacts with ET's happening just after the trinity nuclear bomb tests of the 1940's, all the way up to the early 1960's. But then suddenly, nearly all the contacts stopped, and the UFO abduction phenomenon began to occur in earnest. 

According to Goode, and several other researchers, this transnational group developed technology, which enabled it to fight off many ET craft in our skies. They also made contact with several negative ET groups that were abducting humans for DNA harvesting and even enslavement. Instead of fighting off these groups, they began abducting people for the ET's, trading technology for their ill-gotten human cargo. 

These are disturbing revelations indeed, but if true, they are a part of our history and must be acknowledge by us to move forward as a people. 

The reasons for this interest in human biology was discussed in the post Organic vs. Artificial Immortality | Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution Via Truth Receptivity, wherein we discussed how many races have become highly dependent on technology, and as a result, have lost the ability to naturally evolve. Their hope seems to be to infuse their genome with our DNA, which will one day allow them to energetically evolve as a result of Galactic Tsunami waves of energy - understood contemporaneously as the shift of the ages. 

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If all of this is in fact true, then it stands to reason we will be seeing more whistleblowers come forward as the evidence of our history continues to be exposed for all to see. 

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics

Nazi UFOs over congress

A second whistleblower has come forward to claim that Nazi flying saucers flew over Washington D.C. and other major U.S. cities in the early 1950s. These events allegedly led to secret negotiations with a surviving Nazi SS breakaway group based in Antarctica, and agreements resulting in their infiltration of a secret U.S. space program.

Clark McClelland had a 34 year career working for NASA and its aerospace contractors from 1958 to 1992, before his security clearance was not renewed due to his ongoing research into UFOs. McClelland spent much time working with Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, and learned directly from them how the Nazi SS had survived the war, had built advanced spacecraft in Antarctica, and infiltrated the U.S. space program. McClelland’s remarkable testimony has just been released and corroborates the earlier disclosure of secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode, who made similar claims in May 2015.

The fleets of flying saucers seen over Washington DC on successive weekends in July 1952 have been among the best documented UFO cases ever. Thousands of witnesses, along with numerous photographs, radar trackings, and pilots all reported flying saucers over the nation’s capital on three successive weekends. Major Donald Keyhoe and other leading UFO researchers of the era thought the Washington flap was the best evidence yet of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.
The U.S. Air Force held a press conference on July 29, 1952 and Major General John Samford said that it was all due to a “temperature inversion”. Even President Truman became involved when he called on Project Bluebook for a report and was given the official Air Force explanation. Much of the media and general public were confused by the official Air Force explanation, but dutifully ignored the issue out of, ‘wink wink’, national security concerns. For over sixty years, the secret of who really flew over Washington DC and other major U.S. cities in 1952 has been withheld from the general public.

Now, two independent whistleblowers have recently emerged with another explanation that challenges the prevailing view of history. The Nazi SS had not been obliterated in World War II, as everyone had been told after the advance of allied armies into Berlin and the May 8, 1945 capitulation of the rump German government led by Admiral Karl Donitz. Instead, the Nazi SS had been successful in establishing remote bases of operations in Antarctica and South America to continue the secret development of flying saucer technologies, which in 1952 began overflights of major U.S. cities to intimidate the Truman administration into capitulating into Nazi SS demands.

In May 2015, Goode described how the Nazis had overflown the U.S. capitol in 1952 with their superior technologies, and pressured the Truman and Eisenhower administrations into negotiating a secret agreement:
… after the failed Operation High Jump Mission, the Operation Paperclip Scientists were asked to negotiate meetings… The NAZI’s used this to their advantage in some very public sorties over Washington D.C. and highly Secret Atomic Warfare Bases to mention a few. Eisenhower finally relented and signed a treaty with them … “NAZI Occult Societies” therefore infiltrated every single high tech corporation and position of power inside the now “Joint Break Away Civilization/Program”. They have been involved in all western space programs and projects ever since.
Goode’s controversial claims have just been corroborated by McClelland. In the August 3 instalment of his book, The Stargate Chronicles, McClelland writes:





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