Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Build A Totally Self-Sustaining, Off-Grid Home | All About Earthships - Full Length Documentary

There are many in the so-called civilized world which acknowledge that our society is completely unsustainable. We pillage the environment for natural resources, and destroy anything that gets in our way. Is there anything we can do to end the madness while also providing us the basic resources needed to live? 

Off-grid living is more then just detaching oneself from the control system, although that reason is arguably of huge import. It is also about beginning to produce essential things we get from society. This energetically removes us from the control system, so we are not contributing to environmental destruction, while also freeing us financially and materially. 

In ages gone past, the cottage industry community was the norm. Where a group of people banded together for collective sustenance while also creating a high quality of life as a co-creative undertaking. These communities were stable and environmentally harmonic; in some cases they actually enhanced the health of the ecosystem around it.

I suspect that in the short future, humanity will embrace a Self-Sustaining philosophy as a realization of an ideal to honor the planet and life on it. This style of living is much less expensive and actually acknowledges that we have a moral duty to leave the world healthy for our children. 

Thank you Aaron for sharing this with me.

- Justin

Source - Higher Perspective

Image credit: Brighton Earthship
There are many reasons you might be considering moving off the grid, and there are lots of ways to do it. You can be completely off the grid out in the middle of nowhere, and you can technically be off the grid right in the middle of a city.

Many seek off-grid living to live in better harmony with the planet and themselves. Some look to that style of living because they fear for the future of humanity and want a place to ride out the storm, so to speak.
Whatever your reason, there are lots of ways to do it. My favorite way is the Earthship. The Earthship is a concept that an architect named Michael Reynolds dreamed up in the 1970’s. His objectives were to utilize sustainable architecture, rely on natural energy sources, and keep it easy enough for a lay person to build.
The homes capture maximum light and heat and are designed with thick walls to provide thermal mass and regulate the temperature inside of the house. The outer walls are often crammed full of tires because they provide storage for thermal heat and build a pretty good foundation for the walls of the home.
Earthships are also built to capture water and can be effective at it even in the driest of places. The homes also seek to reuse greywater, or water that’s already been used, in places like your toilet. So the water you shower with ends up being the water use flush with.
Many Earthships are designed with land in mind too and come with greenhouses to grow your own food in. You can even have chickens and fish. My ideal plan would be to do a hydroponic system and use tilapia. That way you get lots of fresh fruits and veggies and also fish.
Still not sure? This is an awesome documentary about Earthships:


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