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Episode 5 of Cosmic Disclosure Now Free to View, Four Interviews Scheduled for September, Discussion vs Argument | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey has scheduled four interviews over the course of September and plans on doing more in the coming months. 

Gaiam TV also released episode 5 of Cosmic Disclosure, "We Are One", which can be viewed for free using the links below. Apparently the disinformation campaigns pushed by various groups is not having the desired effect and we probably see more attacks in the coming weeks. 

In my view, the infighting within the truther community can be avoided by learning diplomacy and objective discussion techniques. 

I offered some of my personal experiences and methods below. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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Facebook Update (September 6th 11:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey and David discuss the possible usage of weather weaponry in the recent string of north Pacific earthquakes, related to a massive microwave energy pulse on September 4th. The commentary over the past few days has highlighted divergences in the truther movement in a way which is empowering for observers. The more our beliefs are challenged with new data the greater the temptation to reject it to maintain our perspectives and beliefs. 

Michael Salla's recent article on the Nazi fly over of Washington DC has provided a catalyst of discussion for many so-called UFO religions to come to the fore. We are in a time of harmonization, and this means any point of separation will be highlighted so as to facilitate reunion and transformation. The cabal have worked for thousands of years to keep us divided and programed to fight amongst ourselves, and it will take an honest and hard look in the mirror to realize some of our most cherished beliefs are keeping us in perpetual conflict. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription, and want to support Corey, use this link here: For translations of Corey's updates go here.

For other updates by Corey GoodETxSG click here. To support Corey and his work click here.

Facebook Update (September 2nd 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance FAQ # 96

I am under a certain amount of protection. This protection is based on my own behavior and can be nullified by my behavior or "Karmic Energy".

I had not planned on coming out into the open. This decision was made for me by the executive decisions of some researchers who have lost their way ethically. It does appear that it was apart of the over all plan for me to come out eventually. I would preferred to have come out as my full identity under my own terms after I had taken steps to put in further security measures.

I and my family have not gone through this process with zero interference or death threats.

I had someone leave a note and a bullet in my mailbox at my home. I have been directly threatened by different "cabal" associated groups and individuals and have had a coordinated campaign to discredit me through compromised researchers, bloggers and triggered individuals in the "Truther Field".

This field is completely infiltrated and has been since it began in the 1950's. It has been manipulated and controlled by operatives since its inception. Those in it who believe this manipulation couldn't happen to them are speaking out of Ego and are most likely already targets themselves. There have been some researchers in the field that have become psychologically compromised and could not resist writing themselves into the narrative of what they were researching. This has all been crafted by design by those who have infiltrated and manipulated (handled) people in this field. This is not me speaking out of spite against some who have targeted me but is just an uncomfortable truth.

Those who say I have not had death threats or been threatened are misinformed. The opposite is true.

We even had a couple of incidents where my family has been terrorized. Being that there are such vicious trolls and unethical bloggers/researchers out there who are ready to pounce on anything I say... I make sure to keep information that includes my family out of the public eye. These people will then make a target of them or accuse me of making up stories of their very real experiences.

Make no mistake that we are putting our lives and reputations in extreme jeopardy and have already payed some serious costs to date. It has caused fear and anxiety in my family because they have not felt safe in their own home at times.

If not for the SSP Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance wishing me to come forward with these disclosures it would not be happening. The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates have kept a very tight reign on the Ufology/Truther Field from the beginning. If not for these opposition groups this status quo would be in effect.

The Ufology/Truther Field however was infiltrated and compromised to the point that it is divided between people who have developed their own personal "UFO Religions" based on the many different divergent sources of information out there.

There is more disinformation floating around in this field than at any other time in history. Discernment is key.

[One of the reasons I think all information has value is the ability of consciousness to recognize patterns. In this case, the pattern of truth seeking vs dogma maintenance, which is a potential pitfall on the road to knowledge. 

Truth seeking usually starts because of a catalyzing event of some kind, where something in our lives causes us to question the seemingly secure beliefs of the past. We might be someone who doesn't believe in a creator or life after death, and then we'll have a near death experience which shakes loose those previously held beliefs. In this way the tension between what we have accepted as truth in the past will always be conflicting with insights and experiences of the future. When a belief of the past begins to dissolve amid an inrushing of new data, the truth seeking instinct takes hold. This is a point of transformation, or conscious death, were we have a chance to let go of the old, and embrace the new. 

But transformation towards harmony is not automatic, in fact, the more we are overwhelmed by emotions, the more likely we will be to reject a new experience in favor of maintaining an old belief system. 

Enter the self policing trauma based mind control of the cabal. Fear of the unknown is a natural consequence to the experience of relative knowledge, that as spiritual beings we enter into an incarnate experience that causes us to forget everything, and in doing so rediscover everything. The Cabal know that personality evolution is a slow process of reflecting knowledge within, and it will produce intense emotions that are also unknown to us. The method for making sense of the unknown is a process of life experience merging with past knowledge. 

Our beliefs shape our subjective experience, in that what we choose to believe creates the mindal structure for the energy of awareness to pass through; generating emotions. If we believe that governments are here to help us, and they would never do anything to harm the people, any experience which causes this belief to be doubted will create a strong emotional charge. This is where the choice point of truth vs ignorance, love vs fear is made. And choosing to investigate government corruption will be emotionally turbulent because that old belief will dissolve and with it the emotional comfort it gave us. If we are brave enough to follow the truth wherever it leads, a new and more accurate belief system will be formed, and with it a new logical structure for producing emotions. 

The more holistic this new belief system, the more it harmonizes with all our knowledge, the more positive the generated emotions will be. This means that truth seeking is a progressive and rhythmic process, because as new information is drawn into our awareness, that which was stable in mind is unsettled, and then reorganized. We will always be passing through seasons of knowing and unknowing, of certainty and uncertainty. 

Because this experience can create intense emotions, what often happens in the truther community is we get stuck in one belief system or another. The initial jump down the rabbit hole is usually such a powerful and sometimes negative experience, that we will not want to go through it again in the future. This manifests as what Corey calls truther or UFO religions, where we've developed a fairly complete belief system and fear loosing the stability it brings us. 

The Cabal know this process all to well, and have intentionally seeded many belief systems into the awakening community for the specific goal of leading people astray. That's why keeping an open mind about everything, and researching as much data as possible is essential to avoid a dogmatic belief system. 

Imagine if you could take all the various articles, research papers, videos, blog posts, etc and render them down to their core data points. Now place those all on the table and use your conscious mind to play the game of comparison. What would happen is a recognition of how many things conflict with each other, and that some belief systems require the total dismissal of data researched in other fields. But eventually a pattern would form, and all the data points would organize in our minds to reflect an accurate truth. And the more inclusive this new truth, the more it incorporates everything, the more likely it is of really being the truth. Once we lay claim to a truth, it never goes away, but it will transform once new data is added to it; expanding consciousness and enhancing perception as a result. 

Conversely, some beliefs require rejecting any data without investigation. The flat earth theories (that I have reviewed) are founded on several premises which assume that certain fields of observation are totally false. In order to accept flat earth theories as valid, one needs to believe that all photographs, videos and scientific observation over the past 4,000 years is a grand conspiracy and a fabrication. If no investigation is ever done into space age observations, then this belief is fairly easy to maintain. But even a little research can begin opening many doors.

In the end, everyone is doing the best the can with what they have to work with. In my view, the wild reactions in the truther community come from a very personal part of ourselves, where we seek comfort in the knowledge we've acquired over the years. Not many people feel good knowing they were duped into a false belief system, and in the face of that realization, some will fight to protect their reality bubbles at all costs. 

Thankfully the truth has eternal patience and compassion. It respects the free will choices of others to reject it, but at the same time never wavers from what IS. I have learned not to try and win a battle with someone who is not interested in an open hearted and minded discussion. When they are reacting, I recognize that and do my best to stay compassionate and loving. As Julian recently said in our second to last interview, 'you have to address the emotion with compassion first, then the mind will be ready to receive the truth.']

Comment about discernment:


Comments by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Note about the above article posted. After my surgery it is slow going to do this next article. I am in the middle of working on it. When I met with the various Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilization Groups it ended up being more of a complicated situation that I realized. Below the Earth these groups have their own political rivalries and opposing agendas between each other. Not all are negative by any means yet they do have their own agendas which include keeping their civilizations safe and secret. This is behind why they have pretended to be gods and ET's from the ancient past until the present. The wide range of groups was a surprise and something all will read about once I'm able to complete this update/article. My dictation software is not working the way I like so I am typing with two fingers in the old "hunt and peck" style. I appreciate the offers of people to transcribe audio for me. I have to weigh information as I type it as we have agreed to certain dialogue terms in the short term to open up conversation with and between certain groups. 


[I am very interested to read this upcoming report. It seems most of humanity, even the insiders in the secret space program, are just as much outsiders as we are. From our point of view, its easy to assume that there are only a handful of agendas out there, but considering the complexity of just our official history, it makes sense to consider a lot of these groups have overlapping and complex agendas. It will probably become much harder to paint groups with a 'good or bad' brush as time disclosure continues.]

Sphere Being Alliance Having to delete and ban a steady amount of Trolls from the site recently. Please, for regular posters, please do not use bad language on posts. I hate to have to delete them. I don't want people on a positive vibe/journey being exposed to words with negative energy. Skeptics are not a problem as you have witnessed with other posts. It is how a "skeptic" engages people here that differentiates if they are a Skeptic or a Troll. 



Facebook Update (September 9th 7:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Gaiam TV is now making Episode 5 ("We Are One") available for viewing for free at the following link. If you are new to Gaiam and would like to subscribe and give me credit you can do so through this link as well or through

Enjoy the free episode. I am very happy Gaiam has decided to make this particular one available for free.

Corey Goode

Free Episode can be found at this link beginning September 10th: WATCH EPISODE 1, 2 and 5

Comment about detractors:

Justin Deschamps Sphere Being Alliance

There is a short portion of this radio show (timecode 1:25 - 1:30 approx.) in which Lisa Rising Berry and Andrea Covington Mullaney interview Dr. Simon Atkins "for a current discussion of Wave X and the scientific and spiritual implications of the incoming energy."

In a nutshell, their views are:
1. Corey is an MK Ultra victim and therefore nothing he says can be believed;
2. DW is greedy and therefore doesn't disclose "all he knows" so that he can "milk his audience" (my words).

This is the classic example of the actual content of Corey's info (and DW's) not being reflected on with a single word.
Thought you will find this interesting.

Link: [Listen to the show using the above link]

[I haven't reviewed the interview yet, but thanks to the commenter it appears the foundation for their dismissal of Corey's data is not a valid logical reason. For example, they think he is an MK-Ultra victim, but Corey hasn't actually said that is the case. Even if he was, this in and of itself does not disprove what Corey has said. Corey made claims that there is a secret space program, and by all accounts that appears to be the case; this one point is enough to see that the logic they are using to refute his narrative is illegitimate. 

The second item is also off the mark. Even if David was some kind of greedy miser, this in and of itself does not disprove what he is saying. These logical processes are called unfounded biases, wherein a pre-existing belief is maintained using the most dubious evidence to support it.

I know that everyone is doing the best they can with with they have to work with and my goal in making light of these logical errors is not to judge the people harshly, only their stated process. I'll refer to the argument pyramid again as a good tool for developing techniques to discuss information rationally and without it turning into a shouting match. 

The goal of any discussion about ideas, beliefs or points of view is ideally done by sharing information completely, as it relates to a central point. This is not to force another to accept our beliefs, in fact a good discussion should challenge our accepted truths, expanding them with insights and enriching our point of view in the process. 

When a conversation devolves into an argument, it is usually because the beliefs we need for emotional support are being challenged. This is when discussion turns to argument; what is now known as trolling. And this happens for a very good reason, because we derive our emotional support from our knowledge base; what we accept as truth, known as beliefs. Recognizing this psychology can help us realize the wisdom of not taking anything personally. People defend their beliefs because of their personal needs, not because they want to offend you; in most cases. And even if they do want to cause offense, we can recognize that as a defensive stance on their part, without creating the emotional charge of being offended for ourselves. 

I am hardly a perfect example of objective discussion and diplomacy, but ideally when someone is diverging away from the central point, I try to address their emotional charge using compassion and understanding. Rejecting someone's point of view usually creates further argument, as they try and justify their position. By accepting their position as is, and then building from there using compassionate questioning, we can attempt to create an emotionally easy space for vulnerability. This acknowledges the fact that the central point is no longer being discussed and attempts to address the emotional needs of others. 

If as individuals, we can learn to recognize when discussion goes off course, then it will help us avoid being dragged into an emotionally charged situation, while at the same time avoiding further conflict using reactionary comments on our part. 

We get all sorts of incendiary comments on the blog and social media. Here is a good example from a Facebook share of the Summary of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 10:
"You know, I can't watch these guys cause their so interested in making money."
Is this person speaking to a central point that was covered in the article? No. They have diverted off course, but in doing so made plain where they are in their discernment. They have a bias towards money, which clouds their rational processes when considering the data presented. In this case responding with consternation and indignation will only create additional emotional haziness that makes honest discussion all the more difficult. 

I responded with the following:
"What makes you think making money some how disproves the data offered? Granted there are lots of examples of people receiving money who are dishonest, but I am not sure that is what is happening here. I'd love to know how you came to this decision."
I attempted to un-confrontationally address the irrationality of their position, while at the same time accepting their point of view with compassion. This can work even with those who are actively using harsh language to stir conflict. When we remain objective and speak to the points of issue, avoiding the temptation to fall off the tip of the pyramid, it deflates the energy of the argument in most cases. Additionally other people watching from the sidelines can observe a more grounded approach. 

In law this is called conditional acceptance, where one party's perspective is acknowledge by the other party, while a the same time citing inconsistencies in an inquisitive way. Free will beings have different points of view as an inherent property of existence, therefore accepting their currant position will help create a space for vulnerability while focusing on the critical points of discussion. 

There have been several times we used compassionate techniques to quell an argument, and in doing so, realized that we had much more in common then we initially thought. In some cases we ended up making new friends and allies simply by working through the initial battlements of a conversation. 

Again I am not trying to hold myself up as a guru of diplomacy, but I will say that almost all of us are quick to react defensively, and if we can stay grounded and calm, it will help unify the horribly divided truther community.] 

Comment by David Wilcock:

Gonzales just told us that the Cabal is "very disappointed" about how little of an effect the planted disinformation and attacks against Corey have had so far. They have not had anywhere near as much power in discrediting him on a wide level as they had hoped. We were told that the attacks are going to step up and get a lot more fervent and intense, and this will predominantly be done using public figures who have a negative view of us and are therefore willing to go for the jugular. So please be aware that this is a war, and you will see it being fought through established figures who dislike this work for some reason and will give various alleged witnesses and insiders a platform to mount attacks.

Corey's comment:

Sphere Being Alliance The Ruiner also admitted lying to DW and I (And did so multiple times and was caught thus opened his blog... Why do some believe an admitted liar? Does it speak to their own polarity?) and also admitted being in MKUltra but that it wasn't able to penetrate his superior spiritual (Elite Programming Theme remains in tact) development (Red flags popped up all through that interview w/no follow up questions from the interviewer, very soft interview. So obvious in the comments of that video that she quickly disabled.)... Every "Legit" Illuminati bloodline/insider that has come forward has admitted that they were heavily mind controlled through trauma (Rape/Torture) from a very young age (Not just witnessing it, being a victim). MILAB Researchers are also in a new era where they are about to learn about a wider range of programs and types of programs that just a small amount are from the MKUltra category... Though some of the tactics and methods are similar in many of these programs that were not know about prior. There is a lot of humble pie to eat for many "experts" out there and people who think they have it all figured out. First they are going to have to abandon their ensconced belief systems and "UFO Religions" and go back to critical thinking and discernment. IMHO/Experience


Video linked by commenter about energetic waves entering the solar system:


Facebook Update (September 9th 8:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Scheduled for an interview on Out of This World with Ted Mahr on September 18th. More details to follow.


Facebook Update (September 9th 8:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Scheduled for an interview on IN5D Radio with Greg Prescott on September 21st. More details to follow.

Facebook Update (September 9th 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Scheduled for an interview appearing along with Dr. Michael Salla on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on September 15th. More details to follow...


Facebook Update (September 9th 9:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance Reminder: Tomorrow Episode 5 "We are One" will be released by Gaiam TV for free. They have provided the preview link below.

You can view the full episode at the following link as mentioned in the prior post today:…

Comment about supporting Corey:

If you don't have GaiamTV now, you need to get an account. It's literally less than .33 cents a day. You can't even buy a newspaper for that price. Corey is not getting rich over this and we all need to eat.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance You are very correct Roman Gutierrez! No matter what the detractors are saying from ignorance/jealousy I am not getting any where near comfortable let alone rich... The T-Shirts that are being sold that one individual has attacked as some sort of "proof" are for spreading the Blue Avians Message (Conversation Starters) and I get $2-$3 per shirt sold (Though that site hasn't payed me once yet). Anyone that knows anything about knows that its no prophet maker. There is one person who's name I will not mention that has been there for my family a few times via PayPal Donations and has literally kept us in our home and food on the table when they were led to assist. I don't know how they knew when we were in need but they seemed to have a 6th sense for it each time. There have been some others who have been very generous any anyway they can including their positive and loving energy. Those who think we are getting rich off of disclosing this information are extremely misinformed I assure you. 

TY, Corey

Question about MILAB training programs using children:

I watched a 30-minute video w/ Mr. Goode & David Wilcock. Mr. Goode talked about being 6 years old and recruited (for lack of a better word). My question is where were Mr. Goode's parents while this was happening? As a mother myself, this question eats at me. Anyone have any enlightenment?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance The answer is on the first two audio interviews I did with Christine on Youtube. It is also covered in detail on my appearance on George Noory's show Beyond Belief on Gaiam TV. - Here is audio Part 1, Part 2 has more data you may be interested in...


Facebook Update (September 9th 10:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Scheduled for an interview on Revolution Radio show Lost Knowledge with Hosts: Debbie West and Michael Hathaway September 26 at 2pm CST.

(I finally was able to schedule several interviews after interview requests were submitted through our website. I appreciate the patience of all of the shows hosts and producers)


Facebook Update (September 10th 1:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance During this time of massively conflicting information, misinformation and disinformation we must make sure our "Reality Bubbles" are permeable to new information.
Everyone of us have developed belief systems based on certain datasets from Guru's, Channelers, Contactee's, Whistleblowers and Researchers. 

All of these people are fallible human beings who's info is only as accurate as their chosen sources.

If we say we are discerning but basing or comparing information to our ensconced belief systems (rejecting anything that conflicts) we are deceiving ourselves. 

For our discernment filters to work correctly and truly they must also be permeable and allow new information to pass through to be filtered. 

Do not get caught up in enlightenment traps of the theologies and philosophies of others... No matter how well intentioned they may be. 

You are responsible for your own growth and journey. 

Locking yourself into a belief system and then defending it from anything that conflicts with it or makes you uncomfortable will prevent you from evolving any further and make you dependent on another human or being who may have been mislead. 

The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie. 

That being said, many now have decades of beliefs and research into the data put forth by others to UNLEARN. 

This is a very important time for us all and the opposition/dark forces are heavily invested in keeping us off of the path of Love, Forgiveness and developing our Co-Creative Consciousness. 

Do not look to saviors in people or other beings (Ascended Masters, ET's or Higher Densities including the Blue Avians that people are focusing on instead of the message.) to come and rescue or save us. 

We are tasked to awaken and save ourselves!

As I have stated, both the Ufology Field and Esoteric Communities have been completely infiltrated by the opposition for quite a long time. It has made many of us very bitter, fragmented and closed minded. 

This was all done by design. 

There are operatives even now that are exploiting the ethically, spiritually and psychologically weak to push their agendas of disinformation. 

They are desperate as their gods have betrayed them and their control over the awakening masses is slipping from their grasps. They know of the mass data gathered against them that will someday be released in a Full Disclosure Event and are doing all they can right now to hijack the narrative.
Discern and meditate on all data put out (Including that coming from myself). 

Good luck on this journey during this time of heavy disinformation and tsunami's of high energy that are testing us all.

Thank you,
Corey Goode

[I'll just comment by saying beings who share their truth can only offer a doorway of expanded consciousness; we must walk through it in our own way. The truth is made real for us by taking up the inner work and understanding it personally. In this way the truth does not come from outside of us, it is a genesis of observation and investigation, which ideally includes all of our experience; from within and without., from others and the universe at large]

Facebook Update (September 10th 2:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Interesting article that I was just sent on the SSP...

Regarding the Secret Space Program...

By now many people have heard of the "secret space program" and "breakaway civilizations" from noted researchers and authors such as Joseph P. Farrell and Peter Levenda. Recently, we have gathered even more mind-blowing insider information about the extent of these ultra classified programs from brave whistleblowers such as Corey Goode and Randy Cramer (aka: Captain Kaye). When we combine the information we are now receiving from these individuals with known facts from a vast number of other sources in the Ufology field, we are able to form a much clearer picture of what might be happening beyond the boundary of Earths atmosphere.

First, let's take a brief look at what this "secret space program" consists of for those who might be uninitiated. Throughout history we the public have always been told that NASA is basically the pinnacle of space exploration--this is an abject lie. By now, almost everyone knows that the American space program began with "Operation Paperclip" at the end of the war, a program whereby all of Germany's top rocket scientists were brought to the US to serve under the direction of the US government and military research facilities, namely Los 

Alamos Labs in New Mexico. The post-war years were a critical turning point in rocket science and advanced engineering, with the help of scientists like Werner Von Braun the US was able to develop everything from guided missiles to nuclear weapons. This massive influx of brainpower, technical skill and real world experience gave the Americans a critical edge on manned space flight over the Russians who had managed to put a satellite in orbit first. But this was merely the impetus of a much darker space program which the US military would soon start secretly funneling billions, and eventually trillions, of tax payer dollars into. 


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