Saturday, September 12, 2015

David Wilcock Update: Dream Reading Development and the 15 Year Time Loop | Precognition and Intuitive Processes

For those who find David's insights of interest he posted the following update about his dreamtime experiences.

In my own synchronicity investigations, there is a profound level of intuitive data constantly streaming through. Often these nuggets bubble up from the unconscious into the conscious mind as 'mind chatter' and random thoughts. It is usually after an event occurs, that I am able to piece together these data points into a perspective, which clearly suggests I was receiving a precognition. 

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Ever since I started my awakening, these experiences have increased in number. I suspect the intuitive glimpses have always been there, but it wasn't till I started paying attention (spiritual money) to these so-called random thoughts, that I was able to piece them together. 

This just further underscores why a conscious awareness practice in ones life is so empowering, and why seeking the truth in all its forms, eventually trains us to begin using our innate psi abilities. 

Some of the clearest examples of these abilities manifesting for me is while watching movies or tv shows. I enjoy them for decoding their symbolic elements while also reverse engineering the programming offered by television. Often I receive intuitive data about the plot or a character development well before the events actually occur. As I described above, these usually come through as seemingly random thoughts. 

As an exercise, try and focus on your thought stream and remember what images and impressions you receive from within. Then go back and review events by comparing them to these thoughts, which will probably reveal how 'tuned' we are to the events of the future, from a vantage point of the now. 

I am not sure if these abilities have increased in potency due to external forces or my own inner work, but I suspect that it is a mix of the two. The more inner work we do to expand and raise our consciousness, the more clearly we can observe our thought stream, and find meaning in it via juxtaposition within life experience. 

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- Justin

David Wilcock Facebook Update:

I have experienced the ultimate 15-year time loop between now and February / March 2000 in my dream transcripts here in Canada. It is so deeply rich, astonishing and bursting with provable data, as well as intensely personal data, that it will be a major feature of the new book I came here to write.

The whole thing is profoundly psychedelic. It appears that someone is watching my "now" and waiting for little things to happen, like reading an article about the "five second rule" of whether bacteria fully contaminates food upon contact, and then takes that data and "installs" it in the past. Any idea of "coincidence" has been ridiculously and thoroughly defeated.

Some of the most important points are actually preserved in my Reading Transcripts on the site, which makes this truly dazzling. Best of all, the new research I am doing is all pointing towards the spontaneous Ascension model, and in just the last week or so, the case has expanded very, very dramatically in favor of this model.

Furthermore, the 15-year time loop makes it very clear that this is really going to happen. If this many things could be looped (and there are at least 25 specifics so far) then why would this intelligence be wrong about "The Event"?

Let's just say things have gotten VERY interesting here. This is probably the single most significant experience with the dreams and readings that I have ever had. It will take time to write it up properly but it will definitely be in the book.

I am going to slam out the rest of the article fairly soon as well, I hope. Internet access here is definitely not the greatest!


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