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David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey and David discuss the possible usage of weather weaponry in the recent string of north Pacific earthquakes, related to a massive microwave energy pulse on September 4th. The commentary over the past few days has highlighted divergences in the truther movement in a way which is empowering for observers. The more our beliefs are challenged with new data the greater the temptation to reject it to maintain our perspectives and beliefs. 

Michael Salla's recent article on the Nazi fly over of Washington DC has provided a catalyst of discussion for many so-called UFO religions to come to the fore. We are in a time of harmonization, and this means any point of separation will be highlighted so as to facilitate reunion and transformation. The cabal have worked for thousands of years to keep us divided and programed to fight amongst ourselves, and it will take an honest and hard look in the mirror to realize some of our most cherished beliefs are keeping us in perpetual conflict. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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Facebook Update (September 2nd 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance FAQ # 96

I am under a certain amount of protection. This protection is based on my own behavior and can be nullified by my behavior or "Karmic Energy".

I had not planned on coming out into the open. This decision was made for me by the executive decisions of some researchers who have lost their way ethically. It does appear that it was apart of the over all plan for me to come out eventually. I would preferred to have come out as my full identity under my own terms after I had taken steps to put in further security measures.

I and my family have not gone through this process with zero interference or death threats.

I had someone leave a note and a bullet in my mailbox at my home. I have been directly threatened by different "cabal" associated groups and individuals and have had a coordinated campaign to discredit me through compromised researchers, bloggers and triggered individuals in the "Truther Field".

This field is completely infiltrated and has been since it began in the 1950's. It has been manipulated and controlled by operatives since its inception. Those in it who believe this manipulation couldn't happen to them are speaking out of Ego and are most likely already targets themselves. There have been some researchers in the field that have become psychologically compromised and could not resist writing themselves into the narrative of what they were researching. This has all been crafted by design by those who have infiltrated and manipulated (handled) people in this field. This is not me speaking out of spite against some who have targeted me but is just an uncomfortable truth.

Those who say I have not had death threats or been threatened are misinformed. The opposite is true.

We even had a couple of incidents where my family has been terrorized. Being that there are such vicious trolls and unethical bloggers/researchers out there who are ready to pounce on anything I say... I make sure to keep information that includes my family out of the public eye. These people will then make a target of them or accuse me of making up stories of their very real experiences.

Make no mistake that we are putting our lives and reputations in extreme jeopardy and have already payed some serious costs to date. It has caused fear and anxiety in my family because they have not felt safe in their own home at times.

If not for the SSP Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance wishing me to come forward with these disclosures it would not be happening. The Secret Earth Governments and their Syndicates have kept a very tight reign on the Ufology/Truther Field from the beginning. If not for these opposition groups this status quo would be in effect.

The Ufology/Truther Field however was infiltrated and compromised to the point that it is divided between people who have developed their own personal "UFO Religions" based on the many different divergent sources of information out there.

There is more disinformation floating around in this field than at any other time in history. Discernment is key.

[One of the reasons I think all information has value is the ability of consciousness to recognize patterns. In this case, the pattern of truth seeking vs dogma maintenance, which is a potential pitfall on the road to knowledge. 

Truth seeking usually starts because of a catalyzing event of some kind, where something in our lives causes us to question the seemingly secure beliefs of the past. We might be someone who doesn't believe in a creator or life after death, and then we'll have a near death experience which shakes loose those previously held beliefs. In this way the tension between what we have accepted as truth in the past will always be conflicting with insights and experiences of the future. When a belief of the past begins to dissolve amid an inrushing of new data, the truth seeking instinct takes hold. This is a point of transformation, or conscious death, were we have a chance to let go of the old, and embrace the new. 

But transformation towards harmony is not automatic, in fact, the more we are overwhelmed by emotions, the more likely we will be to reject a new experience in favor of maintaining an old belief system. 

Enter the self policing trauma based mind control of the cabal. Fear of the unknown is a natural consequence to the experience of relative knowledge, that as spiritual beings we enter into an incarnate experience that causes us to forget everything, and in doing so rediscover everything. The Cabal know that personality evolution is a slow process of reflecting knowledge within, and it will produce intense emotions that are also unknown to us. The method for making sense of the unknown is a process of life experience merging with past knowledge. 

Our beliefs shape our subjective experience, in that what we choose to believe creates the mindal structure for the energy of awareness to pass through; generating emotions. If we believe that governments are here to help us, and they would never do anything to harm the people, any experience which causes this belief to be doubted will create a strong emotional charge. This is where the choice point of truth vs ignorance, love vs fear is made. And choosing to investigate government corruption will be emotionally turbulent because that old belief will dissolve and with it the emotional comfort it gave us. If we are brave enough to follow the truth wherever it leads, a new and more accurate belief system will be formed, and with it a new logical structure for producing emotions. 

The more holistic this new belief system, the more it harmonizes with all our knowledge, the more positive the generated emotions will be. This means that truth seeking is a progressive and rhythmic process, because as new information is drawn into our awareness, that which was stable in mind is unsettled, and then reorganized. We will always be passing through seasons of knowing and unknowing, of certainty and uncertainty. 

Because this experience can create intense emotions, what often happens in the truther community is we get stuck in one belief system or another. The initial jump down the rabbit hole is usually such a powerful and sometimes negative experience, that we will not want to go through it again in the future. This manifests as what Corey calls truther or UFO religions, where we've developed a fairly complete belief system and fear loosing the stability it brings us. 

The Cabal know this process all to well, and have intentionally seeded many belief systems into the awakening community for the specific goal of leading people astray. That's why keeping an open mind about everything, and researching as much data as possible is essential to avoid a dogmatic belief system. 

Imagine if you could take all the various articles, research papers, videos, blog posts, etc and render them down to their core data points. Now place those all on the table and use your conscious mind to play the game of comparison. What would happen is a recognition of how many things conflict with each other, and that some belief systems require the total dismissal of data researched in other fields. But eventually a pattern would form, and all the data points would organize in our minds to reflect an accurate truth. And the more inclusive this new truth, the more it incorporates everything, the more likely it is of really being the truth. Once we lay claim to a truth, it never goes away, but it will transform once new data is added to it; expanding consciousness and enhancing perception as a result. 

Conversely, some beliefs require rejecting any data without investigation. The flat earth theories (that I have reviewed) are founded on several premises which assume that certain fields of observation are totally false. In order to accept flat earth theories as valid, one needs to believe that all photographs, videos and scientific observation over the past 4,000 years is a grand conspiracy and a fabrication. If no investigation is ever done into space age observations, then this belief is fairly easy to maintain. But even a little research can begin opening many doors.

In the end, everyone is doing the best the can with what they have to work with. In my view, the wild reactions in the truther community come from a very personal part of ourselves, where we seek comfort in the knowledge we've acquired over the years. Not many people feel good knowing they were duped into a false belief system, and in the face of that realization, some will fight to protect their reality bubbles at all costs. 

Thankfully the truth has eternal patience and compassion. It respects the free will choices of others to reject it, but at the same time never wavers from what IS. I have learned not to try and win a battle with someone who is not interested in an open hearted and minded discussion. When they are reacting, I recognize that and do my best to stay compassionate and loving. As Julian recently said in our second to last interview, 'you have to address the emotion with compassion first, then the mind will be ready to receive the truth.']

Comment about discernment:

We are all flexing our discernment muscles a lot more lately, Corey! I noticed a researcher who has been prominent in recent weeks has been increasingly negative and rushing to judgement in certain areas. Statements about others do not serve to show him in a good light when he has obviously not done his homework. The red flag is up and those of us who are paying attention see it... Thank you so much for your continued hard work despite the chaos swirling up the dust around us. I, among so many, sincerely appreciate your information and insight. I look forward to each post and Gaiam show. Much love and continued strength to you and your family.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, indeed... I do not think they have realized yet that their attacks and behavior has backfired. They are still caught up in their own reactionary behavior and devolved mindset. The sad thing is that I really respected them and trusted them at one point. I found out in this field how quickly people can and DO turn against you and go from close friend to vicious enemy. It has been shocking to a point that I do not trust people in it with certain information any longer. Some of these people are seriously psychologically damaged and rationalize their behavior away for manufactured reasons. It has been a humbling and amazing journey/learning experience for me to find out how things (and people I once looked up to) REALLY work and behave in the background.


Comment about divine protection:

I believe that Jesus is giving you divine protection in this project."There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed. There is nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open".

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance He certainly has delivered me from a lot of negative influences. I have to agree. If you listened to my second audio interview on Youtube you will understand why I agree in detail. I go into entity attachments. They are very real and a tool used by programs via black magic and ET's to torment and control people. This is indeed a spiritual and physical battle that we are taking part in. TPTW do all they can to make us forget about the part that is unseen. This gives them the advantage. 


Question about religions and DMT:

Corey, I do have 2 questions that I couldn't find in the FAQ. Forgive me if they are there amongst all the other great questions. 

1. Have the BA's ever mentioned anything about all the different religions here on earth?
2. A lot of people, that took DMT, reported seeing beings welcoming them and giving/showing them knowledge of the higher kind. Are those beings, which strangely all absolutely match the other stories of DMT users, are they the Blue Avians? Those beings are said to be very loving and emit a positive energy so the person needs not to be scared. Thank you for taking time to read my questions. Much love

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance The BA's have talked about spirituality but not organized religions. I would speculate and pass on my personal opinion based on studies I witness, that DMT and synthetics there of pull apart the veil to other dimensions (different than densities) and allow those to see what they could not otherwise. It also seems that whatever polarity the experiencer is determines the type of experience or polarity of beings they encounter. This is sort of a spot light shining inward to let a person know what path they are on.


Comment about discrediting campaign:

I've always been wondering why "they" have not gone after you for revealing such info and why "their" attempts have failed.........people are usually assassinated/discredited/making them out to crazy etc. I've assumed that "they" were getting sloppy and not what they used to be........your article clears everything up for me........thank you!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance They have worked extremely hard through their proxy agents in the field and through those they can manipulate to discredit me. I knew as long as I stuck to the truth and tried my best to stay out of the dog fights that I would be okay. Some of these negatively polarized people have gotten very personal and nasty baiting me into the ring. The invasions into my home and what happened with my family however was a major turning point. This is when things really went south with the SSP Alliance and I in some meetings. We have been working to repair those rifts since then. 



Facebook Update (September 2nd 8:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance A Brief Explanation of Psi Abilities | Jedi-Like Psychic Training in Secret Space Programs. Stillness in the Storm Article on Dr. Michael Salla's article.

In episode ten of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock, they discuss the pineal gland and the techniques employed by the secret space program to enhance latent psychic abilities. Apparently the methods are very similar to what is depicted in the Star Wars films, and this is essentially a process of clearing one's mind, so as to visualize a form with a high degree of clarity and precision.

Based on research into electromagnetism produced by the body, known as the aura and its resulting effects on matter, the process is essentially a way of tuning one's self to the electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth. Once this process is complete, the practitioner can tap into cosmic energies for various purposes, including: healing, precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis and even bilocation.

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The science for this organic technology hidden within the human body and activated via mental and emotional techniques is only now beginning to be understood by mainstream academia. In the above linked article on precognition, we offered and explanation of this science using Dewey Larson's Reciprocal Systems theory, wherein the mental processes are located in the Cosmic Sector of time-space. Here is an excerpt from that article:
Dan WinterDewey B Larson and Thomas Campbell have extensively covered this mechanic of Psi Abilities, which I will briefly describe to you now. 
Mechanics of Psi Abilities
In order to understand how Psi works, we must first understand how our Mind and Body relate to the Spiritual aspect of ourselves. We will look at 3 phases of reality manifestation as described by Dewey B Larson's Reciprocal Systems Theory: the Material Sector - Body (space-time below the speed of light), the Cosmic Sector - Mind (time-space above the speed of light) and the Metaphysical Sector - Spirit (beyond the space-time time-space regions, what Dewey calls Sector 3 or the Control Sector). 
Our living organism is comprised of 3 aspects operative in each region. As life evolves, and becomes more coherent (organized), it expands into each sector, with Sector 3 gaining more overcontrol on sectors 1 and 2. Our bodies are the material aspects of ourselves, and act as a boundary condition for the Minds activities.  
The Material Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Space and 1 dimension of Time, which we experience as a constant flow of time. The Cosmic Sector operates within 3 dimensions of Time and 1 dimension of Space, experienced within the mind as remembrance, revery, insight, intuition and imagination; which can be navigated from a fixed physical location. We can imagine anytime in our past, present and potential future - without having to physically move our bodies, this is motion in time which appears as a static physical location in space. 
The Control Sector (Spirit) operates beyond the space-time time-space region, and functions as an organizing mechanism and channel for Consciousness, which acts on the Time and Space regions; what can be popularly known as the Quantum Hologram, Higher Self or Matrix Reality. Herein exists the blueprint of our BEingness in totality (our full potential in Eternity), and is the organizing force behind the creation of our bodies and minds. As the Body and Mind become more organized, our consciousness gains access to ascending regions, first via the Material Sector (instinctual intelligence), secondly via the Cosmic Sector (mindal intelligence) and lastly via the Control Sector (Human intelligence or Morality; the awareness of Unity of all life and Consciousness - ONEness). 
Stimulus Response Chain of Events 
Now that we have discussed the 3 fold aspect of our living organism, we will review the chain of events which cascade data and motions from material, through the cosmic, up to the control sector and back again. 
When we experience stimulus via the body, it is received and processed in the mind via reflectivity of the body's organ systems. For instance, if we burn our hand from holding it too closely to heat, this data is fed into our nervous system as electrical signals and funneled up to the brain via the spinal cord. The raw data is organized into a holographic digital representation within the brain via neural activity, and electrically funneled through the Pineal Gland via neurochemical induction. This process happens within the Material Sector, space-time; it takes time for the signals to move through space up to the Pineal Gland. This data is accelerated via electrochemical processes beyond the speed of light (what we experience as consciousness of physical sensations) into the Mindal region, the Cosmic Sector.  
The Cosmic Sector contains our time-space body, where the physical sensations we experience are represented or recreated via Freewill processes generating a temporal body. The sensations of burning are processed as mental images and organized around how we choose to associate these sensations in our minds; our subjective experience. The resulting quality of the image or thought-form of the burned hand experience determines the level of Control Sector influence experienced as healing. The better we are able to reflect the totality of the experience in relation to our complete BEingness determines the modality of healing effected. Herein is where the magic of Intentional Healing works. "
Control Sector psi abilities manifest as a result of the reflectivity associated with our mental images or thought-forms; the more similar the thought-forms, the greater the transmission ability. When two thought-forms are resonant enough, the data and information they contain - which is already present within Sector 3 or the Control sector - is infused between them. The 2 thought forms begin to reflect what is in the Hologram reality (Sector 3) and act as an antenna, receiving the data from the Control Sector. Because the Control Sector is beyond space and time, data and information can be received by the mind instantly and independent of a physical source we normally associate with data reception; ie 5 sense stimuli. 

Additionally Psi Abilities manifest as a result of Entrainment. Because the material of our mind's is uniform throughout ALL mindal activity or motion, 2 minds can transmit and receive data due to the resonant properties of Mind itself. Minds are made of the same stuff. In layman's terms, mental activity is transmittable because all minds can be 'tuned to each other' and as such can influence other minds. This can be easily understood as Entrainment.

Let's consider the ability of the human voice to shatter a wine glass, which reveals how entrainment works. The wine glass has a resonant frequency, which is dependent on the material it is made of and the geometry (shape) of the glass itself. When the singer emits a pitch which matches the same resonant frequency as the glass, it begins to vibrate because the waves being received are at the same frequency of the resonant signature of the glass. The singer increases the volume of their voice, which adds energy in the form of increased amplitude of the vocalized frequency, received by the glass. The glass shatters because the amount of energy received causes vibrations in the glass which overwhelm the stability of the crystalline structure it is made of, causing it to 'shake itself to pieces.'

Telepathy is the result of 2 'glasses' (minds) that resonate with each other coming into contact in the Cosmic Sector. For example, when 2 people are physically around each other, their electromagnetic fields begin to entrain. Further, through their interactions (conversation, physical proximity, etc), their minds begin to "move together." When we know what someone is going to say before they say it, it is because the mental thought-forms within the Cosmic Sector have a shape and form which is resonant and therefore the information each thought contains can be easily transmitted. Just like the energy the singer sent by way of their voice can be received by the glass with the same resonant frequency. 

Precognition is simply the physical body receiving data from the Cosmic Sector of mind due to the self similarity of the thought or idea being received. Because mind functions in 3 dimensions of time, the precognitive data is actually received in the unconscious at at time-space point prior to our physical experience of it. Heartmath Institute conducted an experiment where images were randomly shown on a screen at 10 second intervals, which created an emotional and physiological response that could be measured in the heart beat of the observing participants. The physiological response was observed to be triggered up to 6 seconds before the image was shown on the screen. 

Within the context of the model described herein, the mind-body which is in the Cosmic Sector already received the data and due to the resonance between the mental thought form of the experience within the mind, and the event in the physical body, a fractal cascade of data between the 2 self similar systems was effected. The mental representation of the physical experience already existed in the Cosmic Sector, and the body received it as precognitive physiological responses. - End of excerpt.

Simplifying this explanation, by clearing one's mind of 'chatter' this effects a resulting change in emotional expression. The effect biochemical and electromagnetic; the aura around the body literally changes to a configuration which allows it to embed or join with the Earth. The planet is electromagnetically connected to the sun, evidenced by the Schumann Resonances, and the sun is connected to the Galaxy via the electromagnetic waves swimming in our solar system. 
In other words, our bodies are literally connected to the universe and can tap into these energies once the mind has been properly trained. After this 'tuning process' is complete, the practitioner can now focus on a visual image to direct the energy for a specific purpose. 

Within so called 'magic rituals' these principles are essential for bringing a desired intention into manifested reality. The mind's role is to develop a clear image of the intented resut, which is then activated by emotional processes, dependent on how well the image is maintained. Free will acts with the greatest influence in the mind, and as such mental discipline is the back bone of any psi or magical process. 

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This also explains why the Cabal spends so much time creating societal systems which are chaotic and traumatic. Fearful states of consciousness will literally sever the body to Earth connection, and as a result, prevent any psi abilities from working properly. When we do the work of going within and contemplating our experiences, especially ones we deem to be bad, we transmute the negative emotions associated TO them, so long as we follow the truth wherever it leads.

This is why forgiveness and what Goode describes as 'raising our vibrations' is so important, and will eventually lead to 'ascended abilities'. Any experience we have not properly grounded into a holistic structure of meaning, so we understand not only its everyday implications but the spiritual value it imparts, will limit psi abilities from manifesting.

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As a final note, the energy being poured out onto the solar system is making the process of 'tuning' to the universe much easier. Negative emotions and the stimuli which create them are wholly personal in nature. What an experience means to us determines if it is negative or not. And once we become aware of a negative emotion, now we can be empowered to bravely seek to understand it, and do the inner work within to change it into a positive experience. Eventually we can transmute enough of these meanings within our minds so that psi abilities begin to develop.

I have been practicing this technique of emotional transmutation for several years, and as I continue on this path, more and more psi abilities have been developing. In some cases the data I receive is so clear I can see events up to several hours or days before they happen. Just one example of why doing the inner work is so empowering.

- Justin

David Wilcock commentary:

I was truly blown away by the accounts he shared in this episode. I have heard similar things from other insiders but the focus here is just on what he personally experienced.

[In the episode, David and Corey discuss how Tai Chi style exercises were used in the MILAB Intuitive Empath training program, wherein the trainee would visualize a white ball of light as a focal point, which they could then project inwardly or outwardly to affect the material world.]

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I am told the sphere of light exercise has been done for thousands of years as a visualization exercise in this practice. Often they would say "if it ain't broke don't fix it"... Meaning not everything needed to be augmented or changed to morph around their "Illuminati" type religious beliefs. They tend to morph everything to fit what ever syndicate cult (Black Sun, Vrill etc...) that they are apart of. They did it with the ancient builder race and other ancient non-terrestrial races that are no longer here. They morph them all into their pantheon of gods and their esoteric beliefs. You will not find a more devout and more extreme fundamentalist belief system elsewhere on this planet than these syndicate cults. In my direct experience... 


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Comment about our work (Justin and Julian):

I found Justin's article interesting and useful to me. So thank you Justin for offering me (and others) a rich food for contemplation. It is not the first time. In practice I copy the article and print it. Then I take the pages and stroll with them. All throughout the years I need to move while taking in heavy stuff. My body participates in the act of reading and comprehending

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Justin Deschamps is an extremely insightful and intelligent person. I hope to meet him someday. He has the ability to break things down far better than I do. He has definitely caught the attention of the SSP Alliance. 


[I am humbled by such words of praise. I wanted to respond in saying that my focus is to share my experiences and knowledge to help others on their path; not to gain a dogmatic following. Julian and I recognized early on that part of the great work is to make ourselves sharable, as Dan Winter likes to say. And we always wanted to encourage others to do the same. If everyone was able to unveil themselves our world would be a much different place I think. This was a lesson Julian helped me learn so many years ago and has now completely taken over my identity.]

Question about Julian's passing being a result of negative greeting:

I wonder if Julian got a negative greeting or it was kind of pre-birth 'planned' exit point for this life.

I hope I don't offend anyone, just trying to figure out the big picture. If its offending I'll delete this comment (or you do).

[Negative greeting is described in the Law of One as a being making contact with you in a way which causes a disruption in you life, that benefits the being sending it. This can only be done if the experience gained by the recipient also is a lesson along their soul path. For example, if you hate yourself due to being overweight, you may receive subtle thoughts that you'll never be beautiful, and will always be ugly. This has the effect of intensifying the negative experience for you, which will provide a choice point of transformation; either you will accept this belief and become more polarized towards fear (feeding the negative entity) or you'll begin to question this belief and eventually transform it so that you no longer feel ugly. In this way, the universe will allow negative entities to interact with us, but there is always an soul growth potential in the experience.]

My Response:

Justin Deschamps Wow thanks everyone for the kind words, I admit its hard to receive compliments because I'm so focused on the work, but it is nice to know that what little I am able to contribute to this global effort is helping others on their path. My life has been enriched by the work of sooo many others it only feels right to give back what I can. 

I considered that his passing maybe a result of negative greeting. We are not angels by any means, and Julian was doing the best he could to overcome the weight of his past, which was sizable I can assure you. That being said, even within negative greetings there is a huge potential for growth and empowerment, the creators plans enfold all the workings in the universe for an eternal and grand purpose; this idea helps me in so many ways. If he did transition due to a negative greeting, it unfolded in a way that offered a HUGE level of transformation for me, and helped remind so many others of the common unity we are all undeniably a part of. No doubt he is doing more for our cause here in ways I can't even imagine.


Facebook Update (September 4th 5:30am):

Sphere Being Alliance One of the producers of Gaiam TV sent this to DW and I early yesterday morning. I had no idea how much it would play into my upcoming meeting.

Comment by Corey about the SSP Alliance meeting:

Sphere Being Alliance The meetings attended were chalked full of encouraging/disturbing information of the escalation in the shadow war that has increased now below as it did above between the Earth Alliance Factions (Between each other & the opposition) and the Secret Earth Governments/Syndicates (Between each other & the Alliance). I met very briefly with a new organization as well as briefly with the ancient break away groups (More of a meet and greet). I have received more information about what is going on and the battle over the timeline and the narrative of disclosure. Many times these meetings and situations are shocking to me and I need a moment to wrap my mind around the ramifications of what it all means. I cannot imagine what it will be like in a full disclosure event for the sleeping masses. There is a lot going on down here right now and none of it is quite what it seems. Even now through the Truther Community and others our mass co-creative consciousness is being used against us in a very cunning way to create a reality/timeline that suits the opposition. The next few months are important, but please do not focus your energy/consciousness on September alone. Discernment is going to be paramount now more than ever. That being said I now need to process the information and get it documented. 


[In a follow up video, Dutch reviews the likelihood that a major string of earthquakes near Alaska could have been caused by this energy pulse.]

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David Wilcock commentary:

Glad to hear you are back in the game! If you can get this out soon I will definitely work it into the last two sections of my in-progress report, since weather control was a major focus of section two. You are having truly one-of-a-kind experiences and I, for one, am certain that you are telling us the truth. Before we ever went public about any of this there were hundreds of confirmations. And the sheer amount of negativity that has come our way is another clear sign that the adversary is quite grumpy with us. So be it. This is sure getting interesting.....

Question about what these microwave pulses are:

Please EveryOne? are these Large Microware Energy Pulses Man Made or Some thing? For reasons I'm not feeling very comfortable with this.. of course I can't do much about this But I feel this is only the beginning..time is starting to pass so quickly I feel the energies of mother earth changing in ways I'm scared and excited but only scared for some of these energies feel off at times is it because they are not natural? Blessings and Love.

David Wilcock's Response:

If you look at what Corey said in his comment, and match it up with what he has said before (and what we discussed privately numerous times,) once we get the "Full Disclosure" event, these weather-manipulating shenanigans will finally be stopped. Bare in mind this is one of the only weapons left that hasn't been taken away from the Cabal and they are therefore using it as much as they can. The California heatwave is the default attack setting and assets are occasionally directed towards other areas. Hence I am in Canada now as I got very tired of living in a crucible.

Question about origin of pulses:

So what do you think/know Corey, are those alleged "microwave pulses" man made or natural? Maybe that's why I've had such bad sleep the last nights. I usually also have a bad sleep and weird dreams whenever the sun light gets blocked from Earth which at least here in northern Europe has become almost a standard situation. During summer I have 50% more energy. I can definitely say I'm quite dependent on the sun and its energy. Anybody has similar experiences?

David Wilcock's Response:

I don't know if you have a Gaiam TV subscription, but if you have been watching my show Wisdom Teachings, there is content in there regarding geopathic zones. If you happen to be sleeping over one of them at night, these pulses could affect you much more strongly. I recommend watching the show, but in short, if you move your bed as little as three or four feet you may be very surprised at how much it improves.

[Dan Winter is also a fantastic researcher for this topic, see his epic 8 hour video series: Science and Consciousness. Winter states that there are certain places in the magnetic fields of earth which are very strong or very weak. The strong points can be highly beneficial but only for short periods of time, similarly a weak points also have their uses. Winter says that the physical structure of most modern buildings and the use of steel creates distortions in organic magnetic fields, which can disrupt one's sleep process. As an example, Julian and I were living in a steel re-enforced concrete and brick building for several months in Morocco. I had almost no dreams during that time, but when we moved to my present location, in the woods on a bed with no metal inside it, I started having very intense dreams. 

Our bodies are literally designed to receive electromagnetic and scalar wave energies like an antenna. This means that if we enter a disruptive field, we'll actually soak up those energies, which affect mental and physical health. This is why grounding and spending time in nature can be so good for you. Because the earth and living things in general produce highly coherent magnetic fields, that are fractal or holographic in nature; meaning they create unity and oneness appose to separation and disease. The universe is a holistic organization of matter and energy, therefore our bodies will be vitalized living in these energetic fields.]

Question about what weather warfare:

Very interesting. Any clue as to what it is? Weather warfare? An attempt at creating an earthquake? Or is it the Wave?
David Wilcock's Response:

Again, if you read between the lines of what Corey said here, it seems clear that "The Wave" is part of how the Cabal has tried to spin Disclosure. Veterans of this phenomenon have watched as these Cabal-spun disinfo stories light up the truther community with clicks and buzz, only to fall flat on their faces when nothing happens. We are already IN September, for God's sake, and we are not all about to Ascend. At least not yet. However, I am getting very strong intuitive data, such as from dreams, that we are heading into some temporary disruptive events of [a] major nature, specifically economic.

Comment about Dutchsinse' past:

...not sure about this one yet. It seems Dutchsinse doesn't have a very good track record. Looks like he has been doing videos similar to this going back years.

[I'll just say that having doubts is reasonable, for accepting something with out investigation will lead us astray. On the other hand, dismissing information with out a valid reason also leads us astray. Dutchsinse is a human being, and he like all of us, have made mistakes in the past, that doesn't in and of itself mean anything he ever reports in the future is automatically untrue. Credibility can have its uses, but only a wholehearted investigation beyond initial gut reactions will lead us towards the truth.]

David Wilcock's Response:

Did you read my article? It is a known fact from almost every insider I have contact with that this tech is widely in use. We know where the microwave generating stations are, we know what they do and we have caught them in the act innumerable times.


Facebook Update (September 4th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance (EDIT: I just found out this is not a "New" whistleblower. He has been out there for some time. I will have to look into his information.) 

Is this the drop before the trickle... that leads to the flood of whistleblowers I was promised? When I put it all out there I was told others would follow. I have been wondering where they are at. I was told many people with different compartmentalized pieces of the puzzle would emerge. Not all would agree with me but in doing so they would bring forth their piece to the puzzle that once put in place and looked at from a distance would then give a complete picture. 


Nazi UFOs over congress

A second whistleblower has come forward to claim that Nazi flying saucers flew over Washington D.C. and other major U.S. cities in the early 1950s. These events allegedly led to secret negotiations with a surviving Nazi SS breakaway group based in Antarctica, and agreements resulting in their infiltration of a secret U.S. space program.

Clark McClelland had a 34 year career working for NASA and its aerospace contractors from 1958 to 1992, before his security clearance was not renewed due to his ongoing research into UFOs. McClelland spent much time working with Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, and learned directly from them how the Nazi SS had survived the war, had built advanced spacecraft in Antarctica, and infiltrated the U.S. space program. McClelland’s remarkable testimony has just been released and corroborates the earlier disclosure of secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode, who made similar claims in May 2015.

The fleets of flying saucers seen over Washington DC on successive weekends in July 1952 have been among the best documented UFO cases ever. Thousands of witnesses, along with numerous photographs, radar trackings, and pilots all reported flying saucers over the nation’s capital on three successive weekends. Major Donald Keyhoe and other leading UFO researchers of the era thought the Washington flap was the best evidence yet of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.

David Wilcock's commentary on Clark McClelland:

Clark McClelland has been around for many, many years. It is good to see that he is finally sharing more of what he knows. This is indeed valuable corroborating testimony.

Clark McClelland's original testimony was fairly straightforward but nonetheless fascinating. He claimed to have been working at NASA mission control and saw a very tall humanoid inside the cargo hold of the Space Shuttle, talking to two astronauts. By "very tall" I believe it was in the 8-foot range.

Comment about the Nazi UFO fly over of Washington DC being disinformation:

This is pure disinformation. This fly by was a demonstration from our Space Friends due to the US plans of developing the hydrogen bomb. Before this happened, George Van Tassel was informed by his non-eartly friends that this would take place and also warned the US goverment that this event would take place unless the plans about the hydrogen bomb was cancelled. In October 1952 the US detonated it's first hydrogen bomb.

[This comment and the following exchange is an excellent example of the reality bubble defensiveness we discussed at the top of this update. Clearly this individual has research under their belt, but is hesitant to consider other interpretations. 

Raw data is objective, it doesn't change, but what does change is what it means. We always risk becoming stuck in an interpretation that we've been developing for years, as it becomes part of our identity. But meanings change because the data used to create them is always expanding within our knowledge base. This is why being flexible and keeping an open mind is so helpful in our evolution process, to help us avoid rigid and dogmatic belief systems. 

To be clear, I am not suggesting that Corey's perspective should be accepted blindly, but I am saying that finding the truth is a group effort and merging knowledge within others requires compassion and open mindedness, else we loose access to the wisdom being generated within each of us.]

Sphere Being Alliance And where did he get his information? Ufology has been infiltrated since it started in the early 1950's. If you stick to your "UFO Religion" or keep your reality bubble closed it is no different than a religion or belief system... All of those will be shattered in a Full Disclosure Event. The two fly overs of DC and those not reported of our secret facilities in the US and Europe were indeed Nazi Craft. At some point when true history is revealed and our current historical perspective is re-written it will be revealed to all. Many esoteric UFO Religions are going to have to be let go of or modified just as the belief systems of those we consider asleep and assimilated into the current fabricated and controlled reality they live in. 


Comment by another responder:

Problem I have with this is there is a vast amount of things that depend on this info to be be even remotely true. I just feel posts like this lack credibility and even seeing the headline picture alone would drive a regular "non-believer" from even considering such a thing. IMHO it makes your cause harder to get people on board.

Response to Corey, by original commenter:

I apologize for being a bit blunt in my statements, but this has nothing to do with UFO religion, but information given by Van Tassel himself in his book "When stars look down, which came out in 1976, two years prior to his untimely death in 1978. Here is the exact info taken from this book:

Corey Goode .I have converted the pages from Van Tassels book: When Stars Look Down giving the information about the background of the 1952 Fly in Washington D. C. in 1952, and uploaded them to my FB wall.

Click to enlarge

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance This is just further proving my point of your own reality bubble construct and UFO Religion. What makes you put so much faith in GVT [George Van Tassel] and his information? I address this not to point you out but the over all problem in Ufology. 

I do not want people promoting anyone including myself or my info to the point of being a "prophet" for their UFO Religion or Belief System... Just denying that ensconced belief systems are belief systems and then dictating that someone references one source of information that HAS TO BE THE TRUTH is evidence of it being a belief system. All of main stream science is based on theory and belief systems and are too very much a religion since they are not based on real working secret unified field principals that we use in the SSP to power and transport vessels and people through time/space and space/time. 

You have free will to hold onto these belief systems up until the point of Full Disclosure. I am sure even then many religions (Including UFO Religions) will call foul and "disinfo" when the truth is revealed. Humans are programmed to create religions and we are very adapt at it. Letting go of them and assimilating the full disclosure data is going to be a very painful process it appears for everyone including UFO Religious Zealots. If this is information that you are unable to accept at this juncture I advise that you hold onto that data from a person you have raised to a level of a UFO Religious prophet (Doubt he did it intentionally himself) and back away from this information if it doesn't burn true with you or sticks in your "Discernment Filter"... Debating UFO Theology will not get us anywhere as the ultimate truths will not be revealed until the full disclosure events and data dumps occur. 

So, for now I would recommend backing away from the data I (& Now others) am disclosing and coalesce your reality bubble with others of a similar theology. We are moving on from debates about UFO Religious Theology based on our favorite researcher, contactee, writer or channeler here. It is not progress and is only divisive as is any religious debate. Ufology in general right now has a HUGE problem with its fragmented UFO Religions and theologies. This is something that I doubt will be addressed until there is a full disclosure event (Or partial disclosure if the PTW have their way) occurs. With the lack of physical evidence that will be available until the full disclosure event people are going to fall victim to their genetic programming to create belief systems and religions out of their most cherished and believed information... I wish everyone luck on this journey. 

Some are indeed very much in the same place as those in organized religions they make fun of and will be until their reality bubbles are popped by the lance of physical evidence. Some will be in denial even then since humanity has been mind screwed so many times. 

TY, Peace and Love to all CG

Commenters Response:

Corey Goode.The information from GVT as given here:

Click to enlarge

falls into line with the fact that extraterrestrial visitors since WW2 have been very much concerned with our build up of atomic weapons, as evidenced by the work of Robert Hastings. The Ghost rocket phenomenon over Sweden after US detonated two atomic bombs in the Pacific in 1946 was also a direct demonstration against the US nuclear weapons policy. It is also a fact that the US administration was greatly humiliated by the 1952 Washington DC demonstration, and has tried to cover it up. When viewing the background and reason for this event, wouldn't it be more wise to trust GVT who was a man of high integrity, rather than the US military?

[That last sentence reveals a great deal. Essentially the commenter is using credibility as a determination for veracity, that someone's reputation and character some how affects the truthfulness of information shared. But this is a flawed discernment process. If a known liar says that water is healthy, does water become any less healthy? No. If a trusted source says that there are no cures for cancer, does that mean it becomes true? No it doesn't. 

This is what I call the credibility mind trap, where in our process to investigate an offered idea, we focus only on the person who is sharing it, and not the content of what is being shared. And this usually manifests in other ways, as dualistic and polarized thinking. That we can't consider what one person says, because it conflicts with what another 'trusted' source says. Even if we blindly accept the statements of a source based on their reputation, any consciousness evolution that could be gained remains unactivated because we did not personally explore and investigate the ideas offered. Dogma in any form will always limit our growth.

In the end, the truth is no respecter of persons. What is truth now, was truth before, and will continue to be truth into the eternal future. Therefore our process of seeking it must be objective, not subjective. We can use credibility as a general guide, but only by investigating what is being said, the ideas alone, can we discern the truth in them. And this also underscores why open mindedness and an omnivorous approach to data consumption is essential, for all points of view are reconciled into all that is.]

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It is true. Dozens of races began to visit and deactivate nuclear devices through the 1950's to the present day. They too met with government officials and were told to stay out of our affairs. During the time of the late 1940's through the early 1960's there were many meetings with both ET groups as well as Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations pretending to be ET's. One of the latter groups was the largest supporters of the Nazi's. The Nazi's were ahead of the US on developing the Atomic Bomb yet abandoned the research after deals were struck with the Ancient Human Break Away (Agarthan) Groups they allied with. They were assisted in other ways that gave the Nazi's a breakaway civilization of their own very quickly. The Nazi's were indeed among the groups of break away civilizations and ET groups that met with US Officials and Military during the time period that treaties were signed and agreements made. 

GVT only had a piece of the puzzle. He was a man of high integrity yet a persons intel is only as good as their source. A person of the highest integrity can be shown and told of wonders and led to spread Misinformation unintentionally. This is especially true of all contactee's from the early era of Ufology. 

One must open their minds to the full and complex nature of what is really going on. We cannot put it into a neat little box and wrap it in a bow with the information provided thus far. TPTW getting many of us to do so was a major objective. They have been hugely successful in controlling the narrative of disclosure and belief systems of those in the Truther movement since the beginning. This is all bigger and more complex than anyone has been allowed to imagine thus far. 

Minds will be blown and belief systems will fade away during the great revealing. If we base our hypotheses or beliefs of what the truth is on people who had access to compartmentalized information that may have been manipulated or people who were in contact with people pretending to be gods/ET's we will paint our selves into a corner and be stuck there. 

It is time to try to wrap our minds around a wider range of information prior to a FDE (Full disclosure event) so we are not knocked back on our heels. This info about the Nazi fly overs of D.C. are in many government and military secret documents from the 1950's. These documents exist and have been witnessed on the Smart Glass Pads. It has been further verified by the full historical references of the creation and progression of the current era SSP's. This data/documents will one day be apart of a data dump. I hope it is soon as well so that people can go through the process of rebuilding their reality bubbles and what they through they knew and move on to build a new civilization. A Post Disclosure Era Civilization that so many are working right now to attain. 

I respect everyone's belief systems. If this data doesn't make it through your discernment filter I do recommend moving on to data that does. We do need to recognize that there are many UFO Religions/belief systems that are at odd's for various reasons. Debating the theologies is fruitless IMHO. 

Thank you, Respectfully CG


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