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Corey Goode on In5d Radio Sep 21st, Cosmic Disclosure Transcripts, High Vibrational Diet Explained, Dr. Michael Salla's Site Down | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey is working on a report which may cause even more inflammatory reactions in the truther community. While this may produce some initial disruption, I suspect that when the dust settles it will continue to unite people and activate their inner discernment process.

Dr. Michael Salla's website went down yesterday and it is still not working properly. Hopefully he can get it resolved soon.

Corey also shared an article about what a high vibrational diet is, which should be very empowering to those seeking clarity on this score. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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Facebook Update (September 10th 5:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Please share!

Keeping Your Reality Bubbles Permeable

Every one of us have developed belief systems based on certain data-sets from Guru's, Channelers, Contactee's, "Whistleblowers" and Researchers. All of these people are fallible human beings who's info is only as accurate as their chosen sources.

If we say we are discerning, but basing or comparing information to our ensconced belief systems (rejecting anything that conflicts), we are deceiving ourselves. For our discernment filters to work correctly and truly they must also be permeable and allow new information to pass through to be filtered. Do not get caught up in enlightenment traps of the theologies and philosophies of others... No matter how well-intentioned they may be. You are responsible for your own growth and journey. Locking yourself into a belief system and then defending it from anything that conflicts with it, or makes you uncomfortable, will prevent you from evolving any further and make you dependent on another human or being who may have been mislead.


Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Strange that on the very post that I make regarding UFO Religions and Belief Systems some people come in and troll that article with their very UFO Religions/Belief Systems. We have quite a lot of work to do in the awakening community before we will be of any use to those who are still very much asleep... I think we are at the beginning point of progress though.


Comment about not turning Corey's data into a belief system: careful not to make a "belief system" out of Coreys info also

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance YES, that is the last thing that is needed or wanted!!! I state this over and over in hopes it will not happen. CG

Commenter's Response:

If people BELIEVE your story and that a new "belief system"?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Only if they are completely vested in that information without being open to any other information. The Blue Avians number one warning was for none of this to be turned into a cult, religion or belief system that they lean on instead of doing their own inner work. They wanted them to focus on the "Message" and not on whether they exist or get caught up in the nuances of how the current era breakaway civilization was created and what data guru's, contactee's and researchers have been putting out in the esoteric community for decades. It all leads to circular debates that are completely fruitless and lead to further fragmentation of the awakening community who have already been victimized without knowing it. If I see/feel people trying to make me a guru or turning this into a religion I will disappear from the public and work completely from the background. I am pretty sure that there will be a point in the future where I will indeed be working mainly in the background... especially during/after the data dumps begin. 

There will also be a time when the Sphere Being Alliance will reduce the numbers of their Spheres in our Sol System and then no longer need to interface with us. At this point in time I do not see much of a public need for me when this occurs. I am sure the many thousands of people being visited by the blue orb beings will be stepping forward to assist the transitional civilization as well as other positive cultures in the cosmos. We will be the ones that will need to do most of the work and rely on ourselves and not look to guru's or "Higher Beings" to lead us through the transition. Our next belief systems will have to be in ourselves or we will never evolve. 


[I'll add that the psychology of belief is a key aspect of why it can be so limiting for our personal growth and perception of reality. 

Since by all accounts, it appears that the truth is an infinite yet total unified reality, then seeking the truth is an endless adventure. The process of finding truth as an embodiment of consciousness is essentially a scientific one. First we become aware of something in reality observing it and gathering data. Then we contemplate the fruits of investigation searching for relationships, eventually coming to a theory about the principles operating. Finally, we have a complete idea, a belief, that is accepted as true, until experience demonstrates otherwise. 

The critical step in this process is the discovery of relationships; logic. This is literally what gives us personal understanding, and generates knowledge from within, oppose to being dependent on a guru, expert or authority. 

In the world today we have a society based on externalized beliefs. In almost all cases, knowledge is told to us as a finality, as a pre-packaged belief, which must either be accepted or rejected. Hardly ever is any raw data and logic is provided as evidence to support these beliefs, and as a result to accept something as true without going through the middle step of logic, creates a literal dependency on the source of the information. 

The point here is that any time we accept something as true without investigating it via research and performing due diligence on the logic for which it is supported by, we create a block in perception, and once threatened by an apposing idea, it will create a huge emotional charge of defensiveness. In this way our task is to become childlike and inquisitive, to seek beyond the surface belief and draw our own conclusions, leaving the mind open to new perspectives as observation in life continues.]

Commenter's Response:

Yeah.. as far as the really IMPORTANT and useful info goes which is about spiritual development,it should be pretty clear to people that the info you have provided is pretty basic stuff that most already know to be true,so that doesn't seem to be your major role in all's the multidimensional interference that needs to be addressed and dealt with that stops people from putting those basic principles into practice that need to be investigated further.... and that is a very individual process that comes about through inner work and seeking that more detailed info and practice that resonates to us personally.... how to remove implants,retrieve soul fragments,remove ancestral miasma, psychic self defense etc.. many will be more interested in the star trekky type info and hoping that the ET's will save us from ourselves.. that's just how it is, no matter how much you emphasize that that is not the case. I've seen it many times. You are doing a good job for your particular role in all this. THANKS>

Corey's Response:

Indeed... I have seen this from my detractors... No matter how many times I have said the opposite they try to say I am putting forth ET Saviors... People are programmed to worship a higher being and serve a master. This is some of the most powerful genetic and social programming we as a civilization will have to overcome. 


Corey's further commentary:

Sphere Being Alliance Some interesting articles on this site... Some tie in very well with the article I am writing about the Ancient Human Breakaway Civilizations and their tie in's with the NAZI Cults that took over the US Shadow Government and Corporate/Military Industrial Complex leading up to the various SSP's and Secret Earth Governments/Syndicates... Enjoy as I work on that article/update: 

Unknown Ancient History Of Antarctica & It’s Lost Civilization – Secrets Beneath The Ice

Ellen Lloyd – – Does an ancient lost city exist on the shores of Lake Vostok?

It is possible that a remnant of a highly advanced civilization still remain in warmer underground caverns of Antarctica?

Why did the Nazis launch an expensive expedition to the South Pole in 1938?

What shocking discovery did the British soldier make when they found the entrance to an ice cave?

Have Antarctic scientists discovered an inhabited lost city under the ice?

Join us on a long journey to Antarctica, a continent full of secrets…

According to the teachings of conventional science, Antarctica has been embedded for millions of years under ice layers that are more than a mile thick.

However, modern, as well as old discoveries give us several reasons to question this theory.

If Antarctica had been covered under ice for millions of years, how could American scientists fish up from the bed of the Antarctic oceans specimens which show that in recent times the rivers of Antarctic had borne down to the sea the alluvial products of an ice-free area?

Officially, Antarctica was discovered first in 1820. At the time, the entire continent was already covered with ice.

Yet, thousands of years old maps prove an ancient unknown civilization did visit an ice-free Antarctica much earlier…

Cartographers have long been baffled by the astounding map of Admiral Piri Reis. It was made at Constantinople in 1513 A.D. and discovered in 1929.

The map shows what Antarctica looks like without ice, a condition which hasn’t occurred for thousands of years!

Piri Reis cannot be credited for the original cartography of this map. He could not have obtained the necessary information from contemporary explorers because in his time, no-one knew about the existence of Antarctica.

Piri Reis’ map was a compilation of various considerably older maps.
Piri Reis map

According to Professor Charles H. Hapgood who researched the subject of ancient maps and an ice-free Antarctica in the near past, the maps used by Admiral Reis were in fact based on even older sources.


Related Are there really Pyramids in Antarctica?

Facebook Update (September 10th 9:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance This is one of the most often asked questions I have received that I have not been able to fully answer. All I have been able to share was that the "Paleo Diet" or "Vegan Diet" was what had been communicated to me as "High Vibrational". 

Much of your choice is going to depend on your personal preferences and beliefs. The obvious items on the list were to stay away from GMO foods and stick with organics and if you were going to consume meat to get it from a source that doesn't use hormones and antibiotics. 

I have been speaking with a lovely soul who has some insight into this topic and she agreed to write an article that I could share.

She ended up putting quite a lot of time and energy into this article and I hope everyone else appreciates it as much as I do. 

Her name is Bridget Nielsen and she is an artist, a chef and organizes spiritual retreats.
Please take a look at this article she has prepared and join in the conversation in the comments section as well as share the link with others to help open the dialogue of how a high vibrational diet can contribute in raising your vibration and consciousness. As long as we are a Mind/Body/Spirit complex then we shouldn't neglect any part of that trinity in our journey of raising our vibrations.
I want to thank Bridget for taking the time to work on this. I hope this is a good source of information to all of those who have been asking me how to move to a high vibrational diet.

The Perfect High Vibrational Diet

bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tourBy: Bridget Nielsen Artist, Intuitive, Hybrid Ambassador, Eco-Adventurer& Healthy Life Stylist 

The growing question for many people in this time of awakening is, “what is a high vibrational diet?”  I have been asking myself since I was a little girl. I was the child who asked for bitter tea, a sprout avocado pita and strawberries for dessert. WHY? One good reason is because my dad put it on my plate, but there was more to it than that! From a very early age, I knew that there was a direct connection between my state and what I ate. In this blog I am going to explore how diet ties into your vibration, and how you can make simple changes (15 easy steps at the bottom) that can really assist you in these crazy awesome transformational times.
A high vibrational diet consists of foods that are ALIVE and that positively benefit the person, as well as the planet as a whole. High vibration means having more light, and thus less density.  Plants exemplify this by photosynthesizing light into energy.
In my experience I haven’t found the perfect, “highest vibrational diet” to follow. The idea of following is falling away. At this stage of the human game, it has become necessary to more fully rely on your own intuition in combination with experts and science you resonate with. We are meant to become self-empowered and knowwhat is our own highest good. We are each soooo unique and in such different circumstances, that there is no oneright diet. What I can say is there IS a very specific vibration and global reverberation to each food you eat.

Humanity is Lightening Up

person generating chi and life forceIn desiring to become more enlightened, you will naturally find yourself lightening up.  Humanity is awakening to its connection to Source and its ability to turn infinite accessible light into physical energy.
Monks and Chi Gong masters generate chi from their own internal Light Source, and can even generate enough energetic heat to sweat in the freezing cold. Breatharians “eat” light, like plants, by taking in the sun’s energy and breathing prana. When people become consciousness that bodies are densified light, then they will act as their own free energy devices.  In the meantime, you can prepare your body and mind for these new levels of energy conversion and generation with nourishing, high vibrational foods.
Expansion requires humanity to more fully embrace its connection to nature and simultaneously open to higher frequencies that extraterrestrials utilize. Humans are upgrading physically as well as energetically, to a higher density, enabling rekindled ET connections. Present humans are more sensitive and light than the humans of the past, thus requiring less dense and more living, natural foods.

Food is Very Personal

Food is a sticky subject. People are very identified with what they eat. In times of stress people often use food for emotional comfort. This approach is understandable based on the challenges of everyday life. There are more balanced, long-term ways of creating natural states of harmony through cleansing and dietary choice.


Facebook Update (September 11th 9:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Transcripts for every "Cosmic Disclosure" Episode thus far - all available in one place and corrected for accuracy. (If you happen to find a typo, please let us know via our contact page.). Enjoy!

[I am very happy to see a complete list of these transcripts. It was my intention to produce analysis, but I haven't had time to go back through the episodes with everything that's been happening. Possibly once things settle down I'll finish off the episode list.]

Comment thanking Corey and David:

Thank you Corey and David for your continued incredible work, commitment, and courage in all aspects with helping to share these truths of our world and bringing humanity closer together for this historic time in human history. You've helped countless lives thus far and as we near disclosures all of us are committed to spreading that same light everyday, recognizing the same reason we are all here for. All the Best, and we are with you.

David Wilcock's responses:

Thanks! Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though. I would say that so far this has probably reached about 2 million people, and of those 2 million we probably have about 200,000 who are paying semi-close attention. LOL

The "weekly surprise" in each new episode works very well for us because it means the professional disinformation artists do not have time to prepare attacks and spin control in advance of each new disclosure.

Comment about 'haters' being deflated:

That takes the wind out of the haters sails. well played.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Sorry to say they are dedicated and nothing will take the wind out of their sails... They will always find something to pick at. I finally listened to Tear-Eir's words that they are of no significance. 


David Wilcock comment:

In light of the magnificent 15-year time loop I am going through now (see my Facebook page), I know people can say and think whatever they want but Ascension is happening either way! Better to be nice "just in case" this is all real! And by the time people are proven wrong it will be too late to have acted differently. There is a definite "leap of faith" involved in all this, by design. The forces cannot offer proof above a certain point or there is no growth.

[I found it interesting that David is eluding to the above discussion on belief with out logic. What I did not mention in that analysis about belief is that it prevents growth. When we accept something as true, without knowing why, it blocks us from its empowering effects in totality. By this I mean, we maybe able to use the knowledge at a surface level, like using a recipe vs becoming a chef, but not much further beyond that.

Revelation is term for sharing truth without proof, which on the one hand can very empowering if investigated at a personal level, but if accepted blindly, can lead to dogma and limitation. This is why those who have knowledge must be very careful in how it is shared. World religions share truths interwoven into rigid interpretations, with very little possibility of empowerment. 

In order for truth to empower us we must explore what it means to us. But when we bypass this process and accept the meanings generated by others, it leaves no room for the consciousness expanding processes of inner alchemy to take place. That being, to integrate the store of truths and knowledge gained from past experience into the in-streaming data of the now and unfolding future. If not, the weight of past beliefs and traditions cripples the mind in its ability to gain insights into the totality of truth; the past, present and eternal future.]

Question to Corey about Ruiner:

Can u talk about what the ruiner has to say about the two of u on project Camelot I had a subscription to ur channel but after hearing what the ruiner had to say I'm out

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I already responded to this disinfo agents comments in a previous posting that was also posted about halfway down in this article..


Facebook Update (September 12th 5:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Sorry to hear about your website being hacked Dr. Michael Salla... I look forward to appearing on Coast to Coast with you. (Dr. Michael Salla’s) Website is Down (as of 9-12-15)… (so we must be getting close to something)
Yes, I just noted this on Corey’s FB page, so I went to Michael Salla’s FB page and found this message: website has been hacked and is down. A hacker inserted malicious software. The upcoming Sept 15 release of my Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs book and Coast to Coast Am interview with Corey Goode is the likely cause of the hacking. I am currently working with my hosting company to rectify the problem. I have been told it may take several days to fix the problem. Will give updates as I learn more.”
First David Wilcock’s website (in July), and now Michael Salla’s. What are “they” concerned about (whoever “they” may be)?

So let’s see what happens.

[Here at SITS we were not immune to 'negative greeting'. Right after we posted this article in April of 2015: David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More, SITS was banned from facebook for several hours. For months after this, anytime I posted anything on facebook, I was unable to share it, with facebook claiming it was banned content, I had to report the problem in every instance, and then after a few hours they would release the ban.  

Ever since then, the images which appear as previews when posting a link on facebook have not worked properly. I have contacted google and reviewed facebook's image scrapping protocol's, which we haven't changed since the beginning of the blog, but now refuse to work for most of the articles on SITS. Some of you may have noticed that when sharing articles, they almost never have the headline image. As KP says.. 'we must be doing something right'.]

Facebook Update (September 12th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

If you have any questions you would like us to ask Corey, leave them below!

On Monday, September 21, 2015 Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling will be interviewing intuitive empath Corey Goode and will be discussing his involvement with the Blue Avians (of the Sphere Being Alliance) who have chosen him as a delegate to interface with multiple ET Federations and Councils on their behalf. Corey is a liaison with the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance Council and is here to deliver important messages to humanity.

Topics we will be covering will include raising your vibration, Wave X, Orbs, the positive path to ascension, and many more.

The show begins at 7PM eastern, 4PM Pacific and 12AM in the U.K. In5D Radio can be found on BlogTalkRadio at the following link:

Comment about the nature of Corey's stated position in the secret space program:

As far as I nor anyonelse can decern, is that you say don't believe me.. hell, I do not believe Myself.. deceren/decree for yourself!.. However,, I also am intelligent enough to know, that if you truly were in contact with societies, or "A" society significantly advanced from Mine, that you would be able to give absolute proof... and there would be no chance of decreeing wrongly... because they are so much advanced from our intelligence, that they could prove its truth... so... sorry Mister Corey Goode... Though I feel I've followed you from the very first, and 'Started' to go down your 'road' I do not believe you at all... and if that makes others follow my lead, then they should...

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I agree, if people are reasoning from your perspective then they most likely will follow you lead. "Birds of a feather and all" (No pun intended) <smile emoticon> Overlaying what we think higher intelligent beings would do is a misgnomer... We are to grow and determine our path on our own. The "Truth"/"Proof" will be a heavy burden for all once the data dumps occur in a full disclosure event. In the mean time get ready for more uncomfortable disclosures that will challenge ensconced belief systems. This is the nature of disclosure. It is not going to be what most in the esoteric community had thought. 

TY for sharing, CG

Facebook Update (September 13th 9:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance I'm working on finishing up my article today. The contents are of a very sensitive nature and I have had to try to figure out a way to deliver them in a way that will not cause more fracture and infighting inside the Truther Community. This is one of the main reasons for my update on keeping your reality bubble permeable.

Those who are locked into belief systems or information by or from certain groups have been pretty vicious when data I have disclosed has not matched what they have absorbed into their reality bubbles. They accused David Wilcock of faking his website hack when Cosmic Disclosure came out in July and I expect them to do the same with Dr. Michael Salla's recent web hack that occurred just prior to the release of his new book on the Secret Space Program. KP posted this update that I noticed this morning: (Dr. Michael Salla’s) Website is Down (as of 9-12-15)… (so we must be getting close to something)


David Wilcock comments:

Yes... our site was down for a tremendously long time and it was worse than anything they've ever seen. Given that it was the launch of the show, this attack undoubtedly crippled the launch of the show, causing massive financial damage. Sorry to hear the same thing is happening to Salla. Obviously the goal is to try to prevent us from acquiring the funds we need to keep going.

Corey has notified me about what is coming people's way and as far as I'm concerned, it's more of the same thing we've been dealing with all along. Quite unfortunately, almost everything out there in the channeling / UFO community is very heavily compromised. I just deal with it by not mentioning any names. It is interesting to learn the details of what exactly is going on.

Question to Corey about ascension in September:

I do hope your update will put in perspective the dates in September being thrown around by so many. When ever I see anyone putting a date for some "event" I am always suspicious. And as this author says in this article, if a date is given it never happens. I believe this is for a number of reasons. Energies are indeed happening as most in this group can attest to. But I like the perspective written here. With all the hype about this month, I believe it is good to keep a healthy skepticism.

[Indeed in a classical sense, a skeptic is one who does not accept an idea as truth, without investigating it fully. Given the preceding discussion about blind belief, this is arguably the only way to stay 'healthly' in that to accept something as true without knowing why is severely limiting.]

Sphere Being Alliance I am very leery of specific dates on events as well. Remember that some of these people have put out other predictions with dates (Earthquakes, Financial Resets, Mass Arrests etc...) that never occurred. I am sure this will be among the topics we discuss in upcoming interviews the next couple of weeks. There is always a Sept./Oct. Surprise or Event predicted every year. As I have stated even a broken clock is right twice a day. Eventually something will occur during this timeframe. One of the reasons people are so cynical in this field right now is because of all of the predictions that have come and gone over the last several years. Many well intentioned people have been sucked into narratives and then have become once, twice bitten and now completely skeptical of any new data. This has been done by design in many cases. 


Question about book sale on amazon:

How is hacking his site going to disrupt the sale of a book on amazon? its just one form of communication to market his book. If anything its a ploy to make sales for the book by saying its hacked. Sounds very fishy.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance His site is full of data for a few whistleblowers... It is more than the sale of his book. David Wilcocks site was heavily hacked (He has all of the documentation from the support company that restored his site/replaced the server) and our site has received Denial of Service attacks. Coincidence?No such thing... Why? Because the opposition forces are desperate and weak right now. This is also coming from some organized UFO Religion groups who have been angered that recently disclosed data that does not match their narrative is getting more attention than they would like. This is easy to judge by the amount of hate mail. 


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