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Chinese Navy Over Earthquake Swarm | Major Earthquakes Strike Atka Volcanic Center in Alaskan Aleutian Islands

There has been a string of Earthquakes along the northern ridge of the Pacific plate, near Alaska and the north east tip of Russia. There are also several hot springs in the US which have become un-swimmable due to unusually high temperature increases, suggesting hot magma has risen closer to the earth's surface. 

Dutch suspects this could be evidence of artificial earthquake technology, given that there was a Chinese Navy exercise during the storm of activity. If this is true, it could be further evidence of Cabal infighting. This string of quakes occurred in a region that was recently hit by a massive microwave pulse of energy. Could this be the cause?

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Some have suspected that the recent economic battling between China and the west is reaching a tipping point and may have been the real reason behind the Tianjin explosion.

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This could also be an example of higher energy waves from the sun and galaxy increasing seismic activity, leading up to an eventual shift in solar expression and resulting energetic up-stepping of the planet. There are several researchers who have discussed the coming of galactic waves of energy that will provide a coherent frequency strong enough to increase the base vibrational states of all life in the system of Sol. 

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We need not fear such changes, for one of the powers of coherent emotions, is their ability to stabilize the gravimetric fields of a planet. In this way by seeking truth, and acting with in it, we inspire ourselves to be agents for consciousness evolution, simultaneously moving towards freedom while also helping the planet receive these energies more clearly. 

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Truth, love and compassion really do seem to be the answer. 

- Justin

Source - Dutchsinse

A large earthquake swarm is currently striking Alaska in the Central Aleutian islands near the “Atka Volcanic Center“.
The largest event so far has topped out at M5.7, with dozens of other M4.0 – M5.0 earthquakes all striking near the same location off the shores of Atka island.
eruption alaska earthquake septs 5 2015
The Atka Volcanic Complex consists of multiple volcanoes , including Korovin Volcano, Mount Atka, Mount Sergief, MountKoniuji, and Kasatochi Volcano.
atka alaska volcanic swarm sept 9 2015
The Aleutian islands extend off the Southern coast of Alaska, reaching West across the Northern Pacific Ocean, bordering the arctic circle.
These islands are known for their past volcanic activity, with a few active volcanoes actually extending out Westward from Alaska towards Kamchatka Russia.
We could very well be observing a volcanic earthquake swarm which is the sign of a coming eruption.  Worthy to note that Atka Volcano hasn’t erupted since 1995.
alaska aleutian volcano eruption earthquake september 5 2015
Any time we see large earthquake swarm activity at a volcanic location along this segment of the North Pacific, we need to watch out for NEW activity to strike the West coast of the United States, and also in the far West Pacific.
Volcanic seismicity in the North Pacific is a sign of greater plate unrest , thus we need to be on watch not only in Alaska at this swarm location (for an eruption OR large earthquake), but also we need to be on watch in adjacent areas several thousand miles away to the Southeast, and Southwest from this location in Alaska.
This North Pacific earthquake swarm now certainly has put the West coast United States, and East coast of Japan in the mix.
This new volcanic swarm comes on the heels of an earthquake which struck near Mount Saint Helens yesterday.  The Mt. St. Helens earthquake which struck a day ago (June 3, 2015) is just another sign of the Pacific plate unrest unfolding before our eyes.

Be on watch along the West coast of the United States, and in Japan over the next several days until mid-next week.  I’ll have a new earthquake update up by September 8th – 9th.
If you’re curious about which areas should see activity, watch the most recent earthquake forecast here:

Update September 5, 2015 12:22pm CDT:

Just as expected, and as I warned last night…
New M5.9 (M6.0) earthquake has struck Kamchatka Russia.. the area SW of the swarm in Alaska.
5.9 kamchatka september 5 2015

The swarm started to spread out to the West/Southwest from Atka volcanic center early this morning (September 5 2015).
The area to the West of Atka was hit around 4am CDT by a M5.4 earthquake which struck near Tanaga Volcano west of the swarm.
The whole area is in flux currently.
Major volcanic seismicity showing at multiple volcanoes in the North Pacific.
tanaga volcano earthquake september 5 2015


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