Tuesday, September 1, 2015

ANOTHER China Explosion: City of Dongying rocked as huge blast rips through chemical factory

Apparently a third explosion occurred in China recently. What could be going on to cause this sudden increase? There have been some speculations about cold war type economic battles between the west and east, possibly this is yet another covert attack.

If this is accurate, it supports the claims of several researchers which assert that Cabal factions are now infighting for dominance in the global structure. In doing so they will reveal themselves to the public and pave the way for larger revelations. One hopes that not to many people are injured, but if true, we could be much closer to a world changing events then previously thought.

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- Justin

Source - Mirror

The massive blast was heard and seen from a great distance - just a fortnight after a different blast killed more than 100.

Massive chemical blast in Shandong , China

A massive explosion has ripped through a region in China.

Bright flames and black smoke were seen from what is thought to be a chemical factory this evening.

The explosion was seen and heard in the industrial zone of Lijin, Dongying City, in Shandong, just before 11.30pm local time.

It is not yet known if there are any injuries or fatalities.

The explosion was reported by the People's Daily newspaper - the Communist Party-owned publication.

State radio also revealed that a single blast occurred at a chemical plant in the city shortly before midnight.

Videos of an explosion were soon shared across social networks, but it was later revealed they were from a separate explosion that occurred more than two weeks ago.



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