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A Celebration of Life in Honor of Jovan Julian Robles | Saturday September 12th at 11am

On September 12th at 11am, we will be gathering at Philipe Park in Tampa Florida, a place Julian enjoyed spending time and taking photographs, to celebrate his life and passage into spirit.

Here are some of the details for the event:

A Celebration of Life in Honor of Julian Robles

We are getting together to honor our beautiful Soul Brother Julian Robles...

Please bring a covered dish and we will meet at Pavilion #2 by the Indian Mound.

This will be to honor our Brother and to honor his life that touched so many others.

If you have a picture of Julian that you would like to share or a memory you want to talk about.. or just to be around people that loved him come....

I will be bringing (2) Journals for people to sign or write down their memories or thoughts.. Journals to be given to Julians Family and to Justin Deschamps.

Later that evening around 8 PM we will also be at Sacred Grounds Coffee House In Tampa, FL at:

4819 E Busch Blvd, Tampa, FL 33617

If anything comes up or you get lost getting to the Pavilion #2 then please call me at: 813-464-5478

Jeremy McDonald

Click here to RSVP via facebook.

We would like to have a global meditation for peace and healing during that time, for any who cannot physically be present. We will tentatively schedule that for 11:00am.

We are also going to be having a gathering at Sacred Grounds Tampa after the ceremony. Please join us if you have a desire.

Light and Life of Jovan Julian Robles

Julian was born in San Diego California on February 19th 1988. His mother Cynthia and two siblings, Brandon and Emily, were raised with him in many different places around the country, namely Puerto Rico, Tennessee and finally Tampa Florida.

Julian as a baby
Julian (left) and his brother Brandon (right)

He attended high school in Tampa and was one of the first people to come out as 'gay' in the early 2000's. This was a transformative experience for him, going from a little known you man who liked to wear a large trench coat, to someone living their life openly despite social pressures. In the process he inspired many others around him and graduated high school as one of the most popular people in his class.

Julian in high school

Julian worked in many places, eventually finding Bestbuy and founded an awareness group for the L.G.B.T. community within the company.

Julian with his coworkers at a Bestbuy event

Julian contracted meningitis in December of 2008, spending nearly the whole month in severe pain and sickness. During that time of hardship, he questioned his place in the universe. At one point the pain in his head, due to pressure from the infection, was so bad he said "if there is a god, if there is a creative force out there, please help me!" and in that moment he found some relief. This was to be a huge seed of awakening for him, yet would not begin to bare fruit till much later in life.

Shortly after leaving the hospital in January 2009, he met Justin Deschamps. At the time Justin was deeply secretive about himself, yet was drawn to Julian as they fostered a relationship together. A few days later, Julian confessed his love for Justin, but said that he needed to live his life in truth and honesty, and since Justin was still hiding his true self, he wasn't sure if their relationship could continue. This was a defining moment for Justin, and because of the inspiration Julian provided, Justin decided to be honest with himself and others by sharing that he found a new love in his life; Julian.

Justin and Julian in a nature preserve in Tampa Florida

This theme of acting in truth was to become Julians inspiration in life. As time went on Julian's thirst for knowledge led him to a little known documentary called the Gerson Miracle. In this film, the life and work of Dr. Max Gerson, a pioneer in health and cancer research, developing a cure for the pandemic disease. Julian shows this film to Justin and it was a defining moment. Because they didn't want to just blindly accept this cure for cancer, they both researched the topic for several months, and finally concluded that it was true. This was their fall down the rabbit hole and Julian knew that there was much more being hidden in our world.

After several more months of research into 9/11 truth, spirituality, extraterrestrial life and the debt-slavery system, Julian broke down. He said with pouring down his face:
"Because we know the truth, it is up to us to be the change"
In that moment they both knew that the course of their lives was about to take a major turn. They discovered that the core problem holding humanity in a state of perpetual war and suffering is the pandemic spread of ignorance. That the small part they had to play in this grand effort was to simply share the knowledge they had gained in life as far and as wide as possible. That the truth is not a destination but an endless adventure of exploring the mysteries of existence.

Julian discovered the work of the Law of One, The Urantia Book, and Dolores Cannon - all of which centered around the philosophy of an infinite yet totally unified creator, which we are part of and one with. These works helped provide Julian with profound insights into who we are and what life is all about.

This began and adventure of synchronicity in Julian's life. He started to see double numbers everywhere and soon found the lost arts of numerology and astrology. Julian, like Justin, did not ascribe very much truth to these works, but soon he discovered just how powerfully they were able to describe the archetypal nature of who we are as evolving souls, and what we came here for.

Justin and Julian with the Buddhist Lama they took spiritual refuge with

As it turns out, Julians name and birthday add numerologically up to the number 22, and that there were many other 11 numbers in his chart. Apparently this signifies a soul who came here to do work for others and the collective good of all. Once Julian became aware of this, his drive to educate himself so as to better help others was a major focus.

In 2010, Julian decided to quit his job at Bestbuy and pour himself into research and personal empowerment work. Both him and Justin spent nearly 9 months doing nothing but research and discussion at every waking opportunity. The more they uncovered, the more they realized how important sharing knowledge was and that if we have any hope of changing this world, it will be as a unified people.

In August of 2010, they met Jeremy McDonald, a spiritual teacher and self empowerment coach. Jeremy founded the Lamplight Group with his mother in the mid 2000's which is centered around spreading knowledge and awareness for personal and co-creative empowerment. Synchronistically, Julian and Justin were looking for ways to become more outwardly active, and they all began working together.

Julian and Justin spent 2011 and 2012 expanding their knowledge into every field of study they could get their hands on. What soon developed is an understanding of what being a truth seeker is. That while one can come to know the truth in certain contexts, the adventure of discovering it completely is an unending journey of growth and empowerment. That their truths are only a partial reflection of The Truth, and together as a unified people we can pool the store of wisdom within each person for a better tomorrow.

In fall of 2011, they discovered the Occupy Wall Street movement and met up with several other activists in the area. Julian took many photos of that time and even produced several posters that were used to promote events. While the movement didn't effect major changes, it did provide them with their first taste of collective activism, and furthered their drive to be the change.

In March of 2013, through the suggestion of Jeremy, they started the Stillness in the Storm Radio show. This became a venue to discuss and share all the research they had been doing for over the years, in hopes of working with others to know what IS more completely.

In July of 2013, they started the Stillness in the Storm blog, and slowly began to share all of the nuggets of research and information they had been reviewing. Julian, through his research into the truth about contracts and the financial system, was able to contest over one hundred thousand dollars of debt, and became an inspiration for people everywhere who are living under the yoke of debt slavery.

In December 2013, after a meeting with a group of people committed to be the change in the world, Julian and Justin decided to go to Morocco. At the time, they had a choice to follow their dream of living sustainably with other people, and hoped it would help them gain personal experience in new ways of living in harmony with nature.

Julian, Justin, Lisa Harrison and Brian Kelly

On February 13th 2014, they traveled to Cabo Negro Morocco as a result of an outpouring of support from the global family of the earth. Upon arriving they were filled with hope and wonder, that they would finally have a chance to test all the knowledge they had been acquiring.

Julian (taking photo) of Justin and Whitney, on their way to Café de Paris in Cabo Negro Morocco

Between March and May of 2014, they worked with a host of other inspired people in Aouchtam Morocco to make a sustainable community and bring about an era of free energy. While this noble effort did not come to fruition as expected, it gave them both life experience and an amazing glimpse into the culture of other people.

The transnational community which gathered in Aouchtam Morocco during March and April of 2014.

More on the SITS Morocco Diary soon. Check for more info. To be updated.
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Since living in Morocco I have met literally hundreds of new people. All stemming from different aspects of life and...
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They spent the next year living in Tangier, Martil and Chefchoauen Morocco, eventually meeting Ayoub a local Moroccan and fellow truth seeker. Through this friendship, they were able to make personal contact with the local culture and explore their ways of life.

Justin and I with the assistance of a few friends of ours headed out to the Blue City recently. It was a beautiful...
Posted by Julian Robles Photography on Thursday, May 22, 2014

Yassine, Julian and Ayoub in the second Martil apartment in Morocco

Julian and Ayoub discussing the symbols on the United States Passport

In December of 2014, after moving to a small apartment in Martil, they refocused their efforts for sharing knowledge and empowerment on Stillness in the Storm. Julian redesigned the header for the blog as well as creating a logo.

They partnered with Sierra Neblina, a contactee and researcher on Galactic U Radio network. Julian encouraged Justin to begin presenting the complete store of knowledge they both had acquired thus far in a new show called Practical Knowledge for the Awakening.

During this time, Julian took his wellspring of creative energy and began creating images based on the symbolic archetypes he had discovered in his research. His goal was to share with symbols, images and photographs high principles of truth to awaken the minds of others using art. Here are a handful of those images:

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He also took renewed interest in expanding the reach of Stillness in the Storm using social media. He felt that while these systems are used to manipulate the masses, they could also be used in a positive way to share truth and inspire others.

Julian also suggested to Justin that he begin to write more original content and focus on providing a context of understanding for the information they shared on the blog. It was then that Justin began interpreting Gaia Portal updates as well as writing articles that were more in depth and all inclusive. Julian felt that their years of research gave them unique insights into many topics in the awakening community, and while they couldn't claim to know the absolute truth, they could share what they did know with an open mind and heart.

The final push for Julian was to ask that they share even more information from as many sources as they could, even ones that were controversial, so they could do their best to be the stillness in a storm of data. This meant bringing works from seemingly conflicting sources together in an objective analysis and presentation, hoping to create a venue for collective discussion and understanding.

With this renewed vigor in the work, they quickly increased the reach of the blog, expanding it from 50,000 viewers a month to over 450,000. Julian began creating even more visual art in the form of images and helped develop some of the most popular articles to date.

On May 13th 2015, exactly one year and three months after arriving in Morocco, Julian and Justin journeyed back to the US, settling in a small farming town where Justin's mother lives.

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When they arrived they were tired and weary from travel, finding comfort in this beautiful area surrounded by nature.

Justin and Julian at a family dinner just after coming back from Morocco
Julian, Justin and Paul standing in the drive way of the farming town home

Julian enjoyed taking walks in the woods with Justin's mother and visiting friends locally. He was longing to go and visit his friends and family all over the country.

The last few weeks of Julian's life were more dedicated and inspiring then ever. He began helping Justin's mother with her work, while still pouring energy into the blog and connecting with others. He never hesitated to lend a hand even while in pain from his failing health.

Julian and Justin in the Stillness in the Storm 'office' a week before Julian's transition

On August 25th 2015 at approximately 10:20am, Julian's heart stopped and after an hour and a half of attempts to bring him back, he passed into spirit. This explorer, lover, healer, truth seeker and way-shower will be missed by all those who came to know him and love him.

Julian on top of a rock near the woods he enjoyed walking in.
This photo was taken right at the moment when the sun's
light peered through the clouds.


As some of you know, Julian helped found Stillness in the Storm, and was an instrumental part of my personal awakening; along with many others. He touched the lives of almost everyone he met, with his warm heart and beautiful energy.

Justin and Julian in their seaside apartment in Aouchtam Morocco

Saturday the 12th will be a celebration of his life and an opportunity to connect with our fellows in common unity. Julian's dream for a better world was centered around love and compassion. In 2010, as part of our exploration of spiritual practices, he and I took refuge with a Buddhist Lama. During that ceremony he received the name Konchog Sempa, which he understood to mean compassion. 

With this spirit of love and unity in heart and mind, we will gather to share our experiences, celebrating his life in the flesh and support his mission to the great beyond.

Excerpts From Our Second To Last Interview

In the second to last interview we did together, with Shama Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn on Gitlit, Shama asked him how we as truth seekers can avoid the traps of dualistic thinking and separation; 'dogma'. This was his response:
"If were continuously, within ourselves, able to realize the truth of, for example like what is in the Law of One, that everything is all one, everything is all in love, and that in the end there is no death, and no [true] evil. So if we can keep that in mind, then everything that is not love or the unity, must be some kind of distortion or shadow of the truth. So when we see the shadows and distortions from others, then there is they are going through, that is confusing them or they haven't figured out just yet. Because if they had figured it out, they wouldn't feel the need to express themselves in that way."
The essence of what Julian was speaking to is that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have to work with. And while we can acknowledge error and mistakes, we also must see pass them and offer love and support; to be an embodiment of compassion. Later in the talk, Julian goes on to say that before we can discuss our truth with others, we must acknowledge and accept their experience and perspective, healing any emotional charge that keeps us divided. Just one more example of the archetype of compassion, which he embodied and believed is a key foundation to a world based on truth, beauty and goodness.

Julian goes on to talk about how fear is actually a manifestation of love, and that fear is just part of our process, one end of a unified pole:
"If we really do accept the concept that everything is love, that everything is interconnected - if we really do carry that realization within us, and we step out of the duality which is love and fear, these polar opposites, then in reality they are just the same thing in varying degree's. When someone is in extreme fear, its usually because they are in extreme love for something else. For example, if someone is pointing a gun at another, they will be in extreme fear because they love themselves or someone else. So if we can try to embrace this process - and I am not saying this as some guru who does it all the time. I fall into fear all the time, I forget and I don't have that realization at times, and when I do, I try to look back and say "ok I definitely forgot in that moment, and I was more focused on victimization or the fear aspect of the situation." I can try to 'fix that' and make it so its more reflective of what I really understand, and not so much what I was afraid of."
Julian was keenly aware of this process of personal empowerment and transformation. Like many of us, his life was not perfect, and had several challenges to over come due to the pains of his past. But early on in our relationship, we both discovered that within us lies the power to overcome any obstacle so long as we accept the truth of our experience and cultivate a perspective of stillness, amid the storms in our lives. Julian would sometimes have intense moments of frustration as a result of his deep caring, and at times would lash out as a way to release this energy. But not too soon after, he would humbly apologize to anyone he may have hurt and make an effort to focus back on the love that unifies us all.

Finally Julian defined what true intelligence is, within his perspective:
"It's a lot like what Mark Passio talks about; inner generation. Its either intelligence or artificial intelligence. So if all your decision making comes from someone else, some government agency or high figure in your life, if your not understanding how to make those decisions and just being told what to do - not how to do - then you are in artificial intelligence, you are not using your intellect to generate personal knowledge."

Looking back at the time we shared together, I feel profound gratitude to have known him and walked through life together. While we were hopeful of the future, we also did our best to search for the truth even if it meant shaking us to our foundations. In this way, Julian helped me prepare for the time when he transitioned into spirit, for this is one of those truths that is hard to accept, yet is also a huge point of transformation.

Photo of Julian in 'the caves' in the woods of Harvard Massachusetts

While he spent a short 27 years 6 months and 6 days on this planet, his life was full and happy. He always wanted to travel and see different parts of the world, and got to do just that. He traveled to Amsterdam, Paris and the UK before I met him. Later we traveled together to Morocco and visited many places in and around that beautiful country. He got to meet and connect with hundreds of people, and through the work of the blog, was able to reach even more.

It was his conclusion that death is only the beginning of a new and transcendent adventure. That the universe is filled with mysteries and wonders beyond earthly imagination. Now he has the chance to be the Transcendent Explorer at a whole new level, one adventure we all will eventually step into.

Here is Julian's personal writing about what the Transcendent Explorer blog was all about. It fits his personality and vision perfectly:

My Story 

Julian Robles is my name, a human being born February 19, 1988 to a Puerto Rican family in San Diego, California. As a child I lived and traveled to many places including Puerto Rico, southern United States, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, and now Morocco where I currently am. My parents have always painted, sparking my interest in landscapes and far away lands, as well as the beauty of the dance between light and dark.

My life has brought me into a spiritual journey, broadening and expanding my perspective. Through my own experience and synchronicity, or as some would say "coincidence" (a matter of perspective), I've chosen to follow my passions for photography, travel and spirituality. In hopes of sharing my experiences with you and the world, as well as developing an avenue for value exchange I have created this blog.

One of the toughest choices I ever made, was saying yes to my passion and no to the voice of fear saying it is too risky.

by Shel Silverstein

We all come across this challenge, do we take the actions others say we should? Work at the places everyone else says is the best? Go to the school our parents told us to go to? Vote for the person most popular on TV? These questions burned inside me for years while I kept doing what I thought was right, because everyone else said it was right for me. Finally I became very sick with meningitis to the point where I felt as if I was facing my own death. This experience really made me rethink my life and is one of the major turning points in life for me thus far. It was then that I decided I needed to seriously readjust my life and belief systems. Which in turn has led to this blog, amongst the other projects I have been apart of. The work/fun I do now.

Transcendent Explorer

Transcendent Explorer is a personal blog, showcasing my photography. A place to share my travels and experiences with the world.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, FR 2006

The title for my blog, Transcendent Explorer, came from one of those synchronistic moments. I was reading the bookThe Secret Language of Birthdays, and of course I read mine. The passages were so spot on to my perspectives and feelings on life that I want to share this as part of the story of the creation of this blog.

End of Excerpt

His spirit for change and harmony will live on in each of us as we continue to walk in common unity together towards a brighter future.

We will love you Jovan Julian Robles, always. Jove, meaning father of the sky and Robles meaning great oaken tree.

Julian walking up Chefchaouen mountain


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