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Where Does Money Come From? - The Fraud of Bank Credit | Do you own a home? A car? Do you have a credit card or a student loan?

The question of where money comes from and why we need it is almost never asked. Yet in our modern world almost everyone agree's that one must do something to make it; we must earn a living. As we described in the below article on the Money Masters, when a people looses touch with reality, when they blindly accept illusion as unquestioned fact, then money is needed to help manage the incompetent masses. 

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Almost everyone on Earth has to deal with this unnatural creation known as money. We train for 20 years in educational institutions ostensibly so we can compete with others who need money too. We pollute the environment, pillage other nations, force those who are imprisoned to work for a small pittance so that corporations can make millions - all in the name of making a buck. 

But what if we were being duped, what if the money we slave away our lives to earn was created by us in the first place? Well get ready to have your mind blown, because that is exactly how the financial system works. 

Where Does Money Come From? Bank Credit

The answer to the question of where money really comes from, if fully understood by the general population, would incite a worldwide rebellion over night. The truth is we create money every time we sign a promissory note, a loan or credit card application. The Uniform Commercial Code as well as the Federal Reserve defines a negotiable instrument as any document, verbal or written, in which one party makes a promise to return goods or services to another. That means even unapproved loan applications can be turned into money. 

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As the below article details, banks and credit card companies, essentially any lending institution tied to the Federal Reserve System and the UCC (all of them in other words) do not lend money; they convert it. 

Here's how it works. When you walk into a bank looking to receive a loan to buy a house, car or what have you, a loan application is needed. On this loan application you list your identifying information, the amount needed, and a promise to pay back the loan over a period of time. This is a contract, and a negotiable instrument - it's money. The local bank then takes this bond, and goes to the Federal Reserve Bank to have it converted to Federal Reserve Notes. These FRN's are also negotiable instruments, they are I.O.U.'s from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the Federal Reserve. In other words they are a promise to pay, exactly like what you just filled out at the bank. The bank then gives you the loan amount (which it did not have before you signed the application) and charges you interest for the 'risk' you are burdening the bank with. 

Here's the problem with this whole scheme: it's a deceptive fraud. The Bank never lent you any money, all they did was act as transfer agent. The Federal Reserve didn't lend you any money either, they merely accepted your loan application as valid tender; money. And since none of this was fully disclosed to us, it is a contract made without full disclosure; it is null and void. 

So how did this fraud come into being? Thats a long story, but the moral is the same for nearly every other story of tyranny pushed on humanity; lack of knowledge lets us be fooled. Long ago we stopped asking questions, we stopped wondering about essential aspects of life, and we let others manage things for us. 

Ignorance is the foundation behind any fraud's success. The snake oil salesman can't let his unwitting customers learn the truth, as such, the Money Masters can't let the people learn the truth about money.

Consider that nearly every tragedy and horror suffered in our day and age is justified by either making money or protecting someone else from getting it. We work in immoral and destructive corporations, we pay taxes to a government that actively terrorizes other people, we slave away our lives to pay back interest on loans - all of which is based on us remaining unaware of the truth. 

We do not need private money from a foreign corporation to trade amongst ourselves. We could print our own debt free and honest money, we could walk out and boycott every deceptive bank on Earth. In fact it was the bogus money system used by England that pushed the American Colonialists to revolt. 

The solution is so simple most people never recognize it. First we need to learn the truth, we need to understand what money really is and why we can make a free version of it ourselves. Next we need to share the truth with others, so they can stop being duped. Its all a confidence game, and misery loves company. 

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There are billions of hapless dupes out there that think its honorable to payback bogus debt, but their ignorance is our slavery. We can't be islands of freedom in a sea of piracy, for each dupe who accepts the fraud of bank credit becomes a promoter for debt-slavery and illusory freedom. Their actions of accepting fraud have very real consequences, and we need only look out into the world to see the ramifications of this fallacious system. Every human being on Earth is affected because what we do to payback these loans is pour our creative energy into draconian tyrannical governments. The money masters know that most people would never do something immoral - unless they are paid money of course. But if people don't think they need money, if they are not stuck in a rat race of paying back interest on bogus loans, why would they justify working for dubious corporations? They won't, and that's why the bank credit fraud is needed. It's all a slight of hand to get us to do something for them.

Thankfully the truth cannot remain long hidden, and many people are now realizing this truth. 

Please, for the sake of yourself and your children, understand where money comes from and tell everyone else you know. The world can be freed from this immaterial form of imprisonment, but only if those trapped within it realize that by accepting fraud they enslave themselves and others. 

- Justin

Source - Stop The Pirates

Well, all of these different types of debt began with you filling out a promissory note (a contract). When this is submitted to the bank, and after an “approval process”, you receive that money by signing this contract. And the bank tells you quite dishonestly that you owe them a debt for that amount of money, and gives you permission to amortize the payment of that loan over a set amount of time, usually 30 years for a mortgage. But, they also charge you interest for this convenient “service”. That means that by the end of those 30 years you’ll probably have paid double if not triple what the actual loan amount was at the signing of the original contract (promissory note).

But there is one thing that the bank is not telling you. One very, very big piece of the puzzle…

Are you ready?

According to the Federal Reserve banks, and printed in their banking rulebooks, money is created when a person (you) signs a contract (promissory note) with a bank.


Let me explain…

Last year I remember hearing about a campaign to protect people from foreclosure by these banks and mortgage companies called “Show Me The Note!” At the time, I did not understand the significance of this simple but effective and protective statement. Now I do…

“Show Me The Note” is quite a valid request. It simply means that you are requesting the original contract (promissory note) that was signed by yourself and the foreclosing bank when the money was created and given to you to buy your home.

But you see… the bank cannot ever produce this note. And here’s why…

The bank sells your note (promissory note or deed) to the Federal Reserve the minute you sign it, and the Fed then gives that bank the amount that it then “loans” to you. Therefore, the bank is at a balance of $0.00 dollars at the point of inception and payment for your loan. Remember, this is how money is “created” according to the Federal Reserve banking rules and regulations.

The problem that these banks have is that they no longer hold the note (title) to your home, because they have already sold it at face value to the Federal Reserve. And in order for a creditor (the bank) to make a claim against the debtor (you), they must in a court of “law” show proof of their claim to collect your supposed debt to them. However, the only proof of their claim for the foreclosure of your home is in fact that original note (promise to pay, promissory note) that you signed, which created the money that enabled the bank to give you that loan in the first place – money out of thin air!

Remember, money is created only when you or I sign a contract to get “credit”. It is the very fact that all of this information is not disclosed to us that makes this contract null and void. Full disclosure must accompany any contract lest it be invalid and unlawful.

Your loan contract was sold to the Federal Reserve (a private corporate central bank) by the bank or mortgage company with whom you signed your contract. It’s gone… vanished… paid off! The Federal Reserve then bundles those deeds (contracts) and sells them as securities and bonds, to countries like China, Russia, and whoever else will buy them. So in essence, China may already own the title to your home, or at least it thinks it does…

And this is why the bank has no lawful grounds to foreclose on you. They do not hold a lawful lean on your home. You owe nothing to anybody! You created that money legally through the bank and Federal Reserve by accessing your trust account assigned to you by the UNITED STATES when they took your freedom and liberty and put your wealth and property at risk starting on the day you were born (birthed).

The principle and interest you pay to the bank is pure profit for the next 30 years, because you signed a contract saying that you would pay that amount with your home and land as collateral. But for a contract to be lawful, there must be full disclosure of these little facts. Since this was obviously not disclosed to you, all of these mortgage and other contracts are null and void. The bank has no contract, no proof of claim against your debt, and no rights to force you to pay them anything.

If this sounds like a copout from paying your bills, remember that the bank never risked anything, and they never gave you a penny of their own money. You did a favor to the banking system by creating new money. You created commerce. Nothing more…

And you are entitled to this money (worthless paper used for commerce) as an indentured citizen of the UNITED STATES who is used as collateral and assigned this value at birth.

And remember… due to the Fractional Reserve Banking System created by the Federal Reserve, the Fed creates 40 times the amount of your “loan” for its use, again making money out of thin air.

I hope that you are beginning to understand that this is another of the biggest scams in the history of scams, and that all bank loans, from credit cards to student loans to mortgages work in this same exact way, secured or unsecured. Again, this is how money is created into the economy, per the rules of the Federal Reserve Bank, the private corporation unaffiliated with our government or our nation, who control our monetary policy and can destroy the value of the dollar at any time the choose.

Do you really feel guilty about reclaiming your piece of the pie?

The only way to truly benefit from this freedom is by declaring your individual God-given rights of sovereignty through a UCC (Universal Commercial Code) filing. You must offset your debt lawfully as afforded you. You must become a Secured Party Creditor. [be careful attempting any such process unless you are fully aware of any affect this will have.]

I cringe when I hear people say they aren’t going to fight the system and instead are going to give up their house. They feel hopeless. They feel like they can’t win…

But the truth is that there was never anything to lose! The bank has no claim!

But, I understand. Most will not buck the system simply because they do not understand the system and how the Constitution for the United States was set up to ensure this type of unlawful action like bank foreclosure can never be done to us. It took me a very long time to come to this comprehension. This is how freedom works, and it only works if you claim it.

This is the forbidden knowledge…

I guess it all boils down to this… What is an education?

If an education is defined as simply four years of partying and getting drunk in a frat house while barely passing the exams of one of the most sub-standard collegial educational systems in the first world (I believe we are 39th on the list) of which most of the information taught is to train us on how to follow these rules instead knowing and learning the actual laws… and if your level of education is defined by the amount of money paid in order to receive a less than prestigious diploma stating grade level and accomplishment… then I am happy to say that I am a college dropout! I am self-educated to the point that normal conversations with doctorate level graduates equate to a conversation with a child who still believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny… simply because that is what they are taught in the corporate indoctrination centers that we call schools. Rational thought, self-awareness, and sovereignty is not taught in school. And Law is not the prevailing wisdom in law school.

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Then, when you realize that everything you see in the movies, television, and on the news is specifically designed to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us live in regarding our debt slavery, that’s the point where normal conversation as defined by the media driven society becomes unbearable. And fitting in at parties becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy guy… the one talking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the beauty, glory, and not to mention the fact of the information I try and relay, I am labeled as the negative one… the downer.

And so now I’m the antisocial one… the one who doesn’t go to parties. The one who cannot do small talk. And I’m the one that cannot keep normal friends simply because normal means brainwashed! And normalcy is not freedom in any way.

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The friends I have made are necessarily informed or at least curious, somewhat awake, and want to learn what I have already learned or want to teach what I am seeking to learn. When you do meet these people, you develop a friendship and a trust that is unknown to most; kinship through shared plight.

And to anyone reading this, I have only this to say. I may not know you. You may think that no one really knows you. But I hope that you haven’t reached the point in your life where you’ve given up, where you’ve lost all hope, where learning was something you did as a teenager, and where happiness equates to blissful ignorance. I hope that you wont let these corporate monsters force you to be a victim of this. I hope this reaches you with the spirit it was intended, and I wish for you the best in whatever you do.

A sheep you are not… for you have read this far!


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