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Videos of Sleeping Giants In Stasis Chambers Ready To Awaken Whistleblower Claims

Corey Goode recently discussed several topics in episode 6 of Cosmic Disclosure. Apparently there are 'smart glass' devices containing information about our world and local part of the universe, similar to a wikipedia type library of information in a glass-like tablet. Whether or not the data provided therein is totally accurate remains unclear. 

According to Goode, there are several dozen sites on Earth containing so called "Stasis Beings", who are apparently in a time dilation chamber able to slow down time relative to the outside world. David Wilcock discussed them briefly in the below article. 

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According to Wilcock, some of these beings were either from ancient Atlantean era races or even ET's who came to Earth to participate in the Solar and Planetary evolution taking place. This energetic upliftment is so powerful that it apparently draws the attention of many different ET races for various purposes. 

What we do know is that this energetic shift is acknowledged by the Cabal and there is a staggering amount of mainstream evidence to support it. 

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It seems that the prophesied workings of many cultures, that point to an 'end times' are more accurate then mainstream academia would like to admit. And so called scientific institutions have covered up evidence of Giant Humans in the past.

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Synchronistically, we were working on a post detailing the Iranian discovery of these beings, as well as, the Russian news article covering this story. The archeological community made every effort to discredit the finds in Iran, and apparently changed the official dating from 10's of thousands of years old, to only several hundred. 

Clearly there is a coordinated effort to suppress this information. When one considers the science surrounding the changes in our solar system and its resulting effects on life, a very clear picture begins to form. There does appear to be a long standing knowledge of this energetic shift taking place, and if the "Stasis Beings" are here for that purpose, it only ads one more link in a long chain of evidence supporting the notion that this time in history is truly prolific. 

- Justin

Source - Exopolitics
Sleeping giant Gaiam ep

In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode on Gaiam TV, Corey Goode makes some startling claims about sleeping giants located in stasis chambers hidden all around the world. He says that during his down-time in secret space program assignments (1987-2007) he would review information on “smart glass pads.” The pads were a Wikipedia-like repository of information that personnel in the Solar Warden and other secret space programs could access about various aspects of ancient Earth history, extraterrestrial life, advanced technologies, etc. Goode described seeing information about giants that once lived on Earth, now sleeping in stasis chambers.

Goode described stasis chambers as being originally built by an “Ancient Builder Race” who used crystal technologies to create time bubbles in which the flow of time on the inside is much slower than the outside. Thirty minutes can elapse inside the time bubble, while 30,000 years speed by on the outside according to Goode. He said that these stasis chambers with perfectly preserved giants inside them had been found all over the world.

According to Goode, the smart glass pads revealed that Abraham Lincoln had seen one of the stasis chamber giants in one of the ancient mounds found across the United States. This is supported by Lincoln himself who said:
The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now.
In support of his remarkable claims, Goode discussed two youtube videos which he had earlier shared with the host, David Wilcock. Goode said he believed they were examples of sleeping giants that had distinctive red hair and white skin. The videos were released on Youtube and are in the Russian language. In the first video (below) Goode believes the stasis giant has died due to human interference.
In the next video, Goode believes the stasis giant is still alive.
The above videos show what appear to be perfectly preserved bodies lying in sarcophagi of some kind. There is no sign of advanced technology other than jewelry placed around the sarcophagi and on the bodies. How credible are Goode’s claims?

The two videos cited by Goode have been subjected to much internet discussion. One of the videos dates to a discovery in 2008 following excavations for a building in the Kurdistan region of Iran. A google translation of a Russian article about the discovery follows:
According to data obtained from the presumptive enough reliable data source photos show found the sarcophagus and find in it the body of an ancient magician. All information supposedly obtained verbally, I have not been tested. Detection time — Spring 2008. As a result of the displacement of ground tomb came to light and the cultural layer of the remnants of the ancient city.
A poster on a discussion forum was able to find a Russian article that discussed the discovery of the bodies in the videos released by Goode. The article gave a revised estimate for the age of the sarcophagus:
On the territory of Iran (formerly Persia, even earlier Perunova Rus) … The above-mentioned artifacts discovered by accident, when building a house. The builders found an underground mausoleum built 10-12 thousand years ago, with three sarcophagi. (later corrected to be about 850 years old)
The name of the ancient magician or magi was “Jaromir” who was said to be “biologically active” – i.e., in some kind of dormant/stasis state. Ancient manuscripts and an ancient map of Russia were also found in the sarcophagus.



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