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The Whistle-Blower That Everyone Is Soon To Know

Benjamin Fulford is one of the more popular alternative news sources in the awakening community. Some of his reports and predictions are highly accurate, while others seem to be way off base. As a result some have been tempted to completely dismiss anything Fulford reports, but is this a valid discernment process?

Clearly we cannot blindly accept the reports offered as fact, but conversely we can not blindly dismiss them either. Fulford seems to have access to intelligence sources throughout the globe. Reporting on data as it is received, letting the cards fall where they may. 

For our part, he serves as a valuable tool to see inside the intelligence appariti on earth - as do other news outlets - what he shares can sometimes be an indicator of what our would-be masters are planning and thinking. 

The financial system is an elaborate illusion of debt, fiat money and confidence. We never really needed any intermediary to facilitate creative undertakings. Long ago, in ages gone past, humanity forgot about the abundance through which they sprung into being. We began to focus on what we didn't have and with this scarcity thought form pandemic in the minds of men, a deceptive and manipulative third party entered the scene to rule the incompetent masses. 

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Neil Keenan's work helps reveal one part of a grand tapestry of financial manipulation. Many in the awakening community look to RV's, Global Collateral Accounts, and hidden treasures as a solution to the insanity we find ourselves in now. But all these money based solutions are only a stop gap measure. 

When a people forgets the principles of interconnectedness, when we loose faith in our fellow humans and begin hoarding material goods against an illusory storm of scarcity, money can come in and rule over the people. The Cabal know this all to well, and the so called Babylonian Money Magic system is principally focused on keeping people separate and uncooperative. 

When a people fails to work together for the benefit of themselves, posterity and life in general, then money will be needed. Consider that most people, plagued by ignorance and lack of knowledge about their connection to life on earth, would never work together to end environmental destruction, but if they are paid to do so, then they willingly comply. In our world, nearly every atrocity suffered by humanity is justified by getting a pay check, a symptom of separation and the divide and conquer tactics used for thousands of years. This is the power that we have given money, and those who create it.

The lasting solution for this worlds woes can be achieved temporarily with money, but only knowledge of the truth will set us forever free. And the data offered by Fulford, Keenan and many others can be one piece of the grand puzzle revealing what money really is: a tool for facilitating co-creation. Eventually we will remember that abundance is at the heart of all things, and on that day the need for artificial representations of value will cease to be needed. The faith in our fellows to work together to provide for all life, a service to others modality of being, will end this limited liability mindset and restore honor and justice on Earth.

In this below video you get to hear what Benjamin Fulford wants accomplished on a global scale, timelines are not as important as the overarching goal. His claims for changes to occur in global governance did not come to pass in the year 2012 but this alone does not negate that actions are being taken by multiple groups, apparently including the White Dragon Society, to spur positive changes.

We have been reading Fulford's updates for a few years now, you can see them here.
- Justin

Source - The Mind Unleashed

The geopolitical sphere of our world has been undergoing dramatic changes on every front for the past several years. In the past 2 years alone specifically, we’ve seen alliances broken, alliance made and the propaganda intensify. Reading any mainstream media reports over that time has shown us a different picture of what has really been taking place. Even most alternative media outlets are not aware of what is happening and are still bent on the belief that the “Powers That Were” or NWO are always going to retain it’s perception of power. Reality, however, has been setting in and has taken much more solid form over the past year. A whistle-blower that has been speaking of this massive geopolitical, financial and social change is named Benjamin Fulford.
Benjamin is a professional writer and journalist who was Forbes Magazine Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief from 1998-2005. Ben has written extensively on the real reason behind 9/11 (I highly recommend reading that), U.S. media manipulation and government and financial corruption. Ben quit his Forbes position “in profound disgust over extensive corporate censorship and mingling of advertising and editorial at the magazine.” He has also written that his “goal is to counter U.S. propaganda and expose the Japanese people to the truth so that they may free themselves from the colonial yoke and use their $5 trillion in overseas holdings to end world poverty and save the environment.”

For nearly four years I have followed Ben’s posts and watched as the geopolitical landscape has evolved. For me and others who have followed his writings, we have seen much of what he and his sources have been saying coming true. The list is quite extensive, but for time’s sake I will list three major events that were reported in advance of actually occurring.
The first is the Netherland’s Queen Beatrix abdicating her throne back in 2013. Queen Beatrix was well known as a member of the Bilderberg Group and Committee of 300. The second is the BRICS Alliance taking form with actual banking institutions. The BRICS created their bank in July of  2015 and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was announced with 57 founding member nations in June of 2015. These are publicly being described as direct rivals to the West-manipulated IMF and World Bank. Third, it was reported a few weeks ago that certain factions within BRICS/White Dragon Society Alliance were in negotiations with the British to buy a major newspaper. Then on July 23rd, 2015 it was reported worldwide that Financial Times was bought by Nikkei, a Japanese Company.
According to Fulford’s MI5 sources, the Rothschild family sold off their stake in the company “as a way of cashing out before having their media control confiscated by anti-trust action.”  It now seems we are finally going to start getting some real and undistorted financial news from a major media outlet.
Some of Fulford’s sources include high-level agents of KGB, MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad, Vatican P2 Lodge, the Chinese government, Japanese military intelligence and the Pentagon, which is now clearly aligned with the BRICS Alliance and is making moves to legally and financially take down the banking cabal. In my last article, 25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink, I discuss further certain moves the BRICS and Pentagon alliance have taken to bring financial, political and social justice to our world.
Though not everything Fulford has written over the past months has resonated with me, I can say that much of what he and his sources report do resonate and are being reflected in the real world. Their information has remained consistent and many things have come to pass. I highly recommend reading his last three articles herehere and here.
Lastly, I will also recommend looking into Neil Keenan. He and his team are working to open the Global Collateral Accounts, which have strong ties to 9/11, the JFK assassination and the Bretton Woods Agreement. This movement is in conjunction with the BRICS movement, which is to free our world of illegal financial and political activities by arresting certain politicians and bankers and returning to true freedom to every nation on this world. Don’t think such a coordinated move is possible between U.S. Marshals, The Pentagon, Interpol, Europol, Russian, Chinese and Japanese military intelligence agencies? Well, you’re going to soon see it with your own eyes.



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