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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 7: Special Report: Mars Colony Inspection - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

The following is a brief summary of Episode 7 of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. We only recently made the proper arrangements to do these, and this will be the first installment in a series of summaries. We will make an effort to release summaries for the preceding episodes in this series as well.

Generally speaking, almost all the major content presented in the Cosmic Disclosure series, thus far, is also available on Corey's websites: and his older blog What is unique to watching these talks, is subtle data communicated during the interview. In my view, Goode is answering questions from memory and recall, not invention, which is observable in the episodes themselves. There are also many other details he gives voice to that didn't make it into written reports.

The vast majority of the following summary is covered in the update Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015. We offered some commentary on this report here. The shows normally run about 30 minutes, but this episode was almost an hour.

For Cosmic Disclosure Summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click here. To review episode 3 in this analysis series, click here. Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 have yet to be analyzed, but a transcript of the episode can be found here

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The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - A group within the military industrial complex has branched outside of Earth and colonized much of our solar system, for the purposes of industrial growth and trade with a large number of extraterrestrials. Before the outer barrier went up, preventing anyone from leaving or entering our solar system (around 2012), the Cabal thought that they were untouchable, is that right?
  • CG - Yes, they thought that nothing could stop them. Their allies in the realm of ET's and the etheric world were too strong, that their 'god's have their back' and we were just useless eaters. 
  • DW - Why was the Cabal interested in these stasis beings?
  • CG - Just like when the Spheres showed up in our solar system [this first occurred in the mid 80's, then again a year before and up through the 9/11 attacks, all the way up to present with increasing numbers of spheres] - the Cabal thought that these were their 'dark gods'... same thing with the stasis beings. [In episode 6 of Cosmic Disclosure, CG and DW speak extensively about these beings, but not what ultimately happened to those who woke up. See: Videos of Sleeping Giants In Stasis Chambers Ready To Awaken Whistleblower Claims and Stasis Being Videos, 'Avian' Style Crop Circles, Addressing Detractors: Ruiner, Project Camelot and Project Avalon | Corey GoodETxSG.] As these stasis beings started to revive, they were confused and upset. The cabal wanted these to be their dark gods, but apparently they were either another ET race or breakaway humans; the accuracy of this account is unknown. [CG was able to view some information during his official time with the SSP, before the alliance, on smart glass devices]
  • DW - This must have been a major disappointment to the Cabal, they thought that these beings were going to help the Cabal.
  • CG - Yes they were very demoralized. One of the strongest of the SSP (secret space programs), the ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), who are allied with the White Royal Draco race, tried to sell out all their human followers to the SSP Alliance, so they could negotiate passage out of the solar system. The ICC was starting to capitulate on a few things, but after our recent inspection in mid June, of an ICC Mars colony base, and the release of sensitive information gathered, this was a major PR headache for the Cabal and the ICC.
  • DW - This sounds like the Cabal was expecting that they were going to tell the truth at some point, or is this because now they have to tell the truth or someone else will?
  • CG - At this point a large percentage of high ranking Cabal and secret Earth government syndicate members had defected to the SSP Alliance, with a large amount of info, similar to what Snowden had. These defectors agreed to testify against the Cabal at some future date. The ICC and Cabal was also hearing about a large data dump set to occur in the future. With this in mind, the SSP Alliance got a 'strange' offer from the ICC to allow a 'NATO style' inspection of one of their Mars colonies as an attempt to show the SSP Alliance that these colonists were there willingly and being treated fairly. This came after I released reports suggesting the ICC was running several different slave colonies. 
  • DW - So they wanted to show you, as a sort of spokesmen for the SSP Alliance, that everything wasn't all that bad?
  • GD - It wasn't just about me, they also wanted to show Lt. Col. Gonzales and the SSP Alliance in general, that things were not so bad. [Lt. Col. Gonzales is Corey's contact in the SSP Alliance who actively deals with the Sphere Beings and other exopolitical activities. Corey has mentioned before, that the SSP Alliance is not a group of angels or ET's, it is a group of former Cabal run projects, that decided to defect and free humanity. They made contact with the Sphere Beings around 2012, a group of 5 highly advanced races that oversee our area of the universe. According to CG, the SSP Alliance has many 'damaged' individuals in it, and there is friction between the Sphere Being advice and what some in the SSP Alliance think should happen. The SSP Alliance was previously more aggressive about attacking ICC and Cabal infrastructure, but the Sphere Beings did not agree with this offensive stance, stating that these installations are for humanity as a whole, and the SSP Alliance should make every effort to stop the Cabal while also practicing forgiveness and compassion to those darkened by trauma. This helps one understand the complexity of the alliance between the SSP groups and the Sphere Beings.]
  • DW - If the the SSP Alliance's mission is so important, why are you the only one coming out?
  • CG - I was told that there would be more coming forward, but many are hesitant. 
  • DW - May be the reason some are not coming forward is the severity of pressure against them. So the ICC is anticipating that there would be more data coming forward and your trip to Mars was a way to deal with the PR. 
  • CG - They wanted to start putting a spin on the situation. 
  • DW - You said the NSA was hacking all the SSP stuff?
  • CG - What Snowden got his hands on was vast. The NSA made the huge mistake of putting all their edges in one basket. This info dealt with blackmail of top figures and other day. Snowden gathered a large amount of data in his cache, which we only recently fully decrypted. There is also tons more information yet to be analyzed that happened in several other hacks, that people may have heard a little about. 

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  • CG - This is the information the ICC was worried about, and this is why they offered an inspection of one of their colonies of the SSP Alliance's choice. 
  • DW - How many colonies on Mars are there?
  • CG - There are dozens. Industrial plants, manufacturing, etc. Many times people are shuttled to various locations to do work. It was one of these types of facilities that we were to go visit.

  • DW - Lets talk through the story, you were at home, did you get a call from Gonzales?
  • CG - I was warned it was going to happen, but I didn't anticipate the timing correctly. I was in my civilian clothing and the little blue sphere or orb flew in through my sliding glass door, right through the glass, about the size of a golf ball. [In previous updates CG discusses how the transport process works] I knew I didn't have time to get ready, so I put my hands out to my side and let it know I was ready. At that point, the blue sphere comes within inches of my chest and expands rapidly to encompass my whole body. It feels like a strange time-space blur as it takes off. 
  • DW - How long are you in this?
  • CG - Very rapid. 
  • DW - Do you sense any movement?
  • CG - Yes in the beginning, but all of a sudden your at your location. I arrived at the LOC (Lunar Operations Command), in the large conference room, with a table pushed to one end. I have spoken about this place before on my website. [Apparently this is the place CG is usually transported to when using the blue spheres] This is also the place where civilian groups meet. [In updates from earlier this year, CG says that the SSP Alliance is actively holding conferences with humans and ET's for various purposes.]
  • DW - Did the SSP Alliance ever tell you that this area is secure in some way?
  • CG - This is a shared facility, that we sometimes don't have access to because Cabal groups are using it. But the main conference table has been pushed to one side of the room for months now. Shortly after I appeared there during this trip, I am still in my civilian clothes, so I ask for something to wear from one of the personnel stationed there. In other instances when I am not prepared, they bring me used uniforms to wear, a very crisp jump suit, with a brand new pair of boots with zippers on the side. At the time I was wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. After I got dressed I was waiting for a while, and then security personnel escorted me the launch bays, where they keep our space craft. As soon as we walked into this area, we saw a circle of other people standing with Gonzales talking. I saw the ICC representative standing there with a bunch of SSP Alliance Councilmen there. They were giving well wishes for the mission, in a political style gathering. 
  • DW - Is this ICC representative an ET?
  • CG - No, he is human. He was an ICC councilmen, a higher up. He had grayish white hair, wearing a suit, like a Nehru jacket. This style of dress is very common in the programs.
Nehru Jacket. Apparently a popular style garment
for many SSP programs.

  • CG - We get on to a shuttle, between 40 and 60 feet long. They are modular on the inside. I've seen them changed out numerous times. This one was set up for VIP transport. Gonzales was doing most of the talking. He is an impeccable politician, and has many skills for dealing with these types of people. Before I knew it, we stopped right out side Mars orbit. When we did, a giant 70" size smart glass panel came down [Smart Glass is apparently very much like an iPad or tablet, but more advanced, with 3d projection capabilities]. The panel began to light up with icons representing installations on the Mars surface. 
  • DW - How many icons were there?
  • CG - I can't remember, quite a few. At least a dozen. We were only seeing one side of Mars at this point. 
  • DW - Were they in the northern or southern hemisphere?
  • CG - All in the northern. This ICC rep started pointing to the ones we should visit. But Gonzales stopped him and said, wait a minute. He then activated the map and focused on a base that the ICC rep wasn't addressing. The ICC rep became visibly uncomfortable as Gonzales said they wanted to see this other facility (not listed by the ICC rep). The ICC rep quickly reacted, using a politicians temperament, saying "this is not a functional facility, its not inhabited. Its mainly automated." Gonzales responded by saying one of the recent ICC defectors said they lived on this colony: "we have very fresh and detailed intel about this facility and this is the one we want to see." The ICC rep went into a back room and apparently communicated to get it 'cleared'. He returned and said it would be approved, but would take an hour to have the air space cleared. Approximately 50 min later, one of the crew said 'we're cleared for landing' and off we went. As we entered the atmosphere, the 'clear panels' of the shuttle revealed violet and pink discharges agains the shielding of the craft. We flew very quickly towards the ground and then cut hard, and started flying along the surface. We came up what look like a dried river bed. There was a cliff wall to our right, and out of it came a large metallic cylinder, which was air traffic control. An opening appeared along the side of the cliff wall. We slowed down and entered an opening into a shuttle bay with cat walks on either side. There were 2 craft shaped like metallic tear drops on either side of the cat walk. 

The description Goode gives for the tear drop craft reminded me of
the film Flight Of The Navigator.

  • CG - The third bay on the right, there was a craft and a circular shaped pad for our craft to land on. The ICC rep got out of the craft and ran to the security staff at the colony. He came back signaling to us that we were clear to go. We also had two IE security staff with us (intuitive empaths) who were armed. We got out and preceded to go to the check point. [In previous updates, CG says there are people with psi abilities, and highly developed intuition that act as advisers and security for various missions. They are able to get a 'read' on a situation and and also able to 'pick up' information by what we would call telepathy.] 
  • The security at the facility told our security 'no weapons past this point.' There was an exchange between Gonzales and the ICC rep, something about that this trip was already cleared. The ICC rep went to talk to the leader of the facility, who scowled and motioned us through. We entered the base and no one was present. The ICC rep said the main hall was being prepared for a presentation and that the rest of the ICC personnel were on their way. We were told that we would go see the industrial facilities first. We were put on a small train, with one row of seating. We sat across from each other. There were quite a few of the colonies security personnel accompanying us, 5 in total. As we began heading out on the train one of the personnel asked me where I was from. I made the mistake of saying Texas. Before we were told by the ICC rep, that this particular base was a part of a social experiment and that every effort should be taken not to contaminate it. Apparently the experiment involved telling the colonists that Earth was uninhabitable due to a major cataclysm. The colonists were told that they are the 'best and brightest' of Earths population and this was an program to continue the continuity of the human race; the only ones that survived were the people in the SSP, they were told. I really messed up. I had gotten a bad sunburn before the trip, and had Aloe on my skin, along with hair gel. I was told that I 'reeked of Earth'. [This 'experiment' sounds remarkably similar to the plot of the Scifi series Ascension. In the series, there is an experiment being conducted by NASA for long distance space travel. Hundreds of people are recruited into a program in the mid 60's to go on a secret interstellar flight that would last 3 generations. But it is later revealed that this 'space craft' is actually an elaborate sound stage, and no one actually left Earth at all. The people within the Ascension program still believe that they are headed to a nearby star. Additionally, the film Interstellar also has a similar plot, where Earth is being rendered uninhabitable due to solar activity, and a group of humans travels to another solar system using a 'star gate'. They are told that finding another planet is essential to ensure the continuity of the human race, and that anti-gravity technology would help move the rest of Earth's population to this new planet. Later, it is revealed that the anti-gravity plan was false, and the real goal was to colonize another planet, leaving the rest of humanity behind. Eventually the main character finds a way to communicate with Earth, and they do end up using anti-gravity to colonize our solar system. I suspect that these types of 'disclosures' happen to prevent intuitive people from 'remote viewing' genuine SSP bases. This type of obfuscation technique is used extensively by the Cabal to hide information in plain sight.]

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  • DW - So the colonists use the same hi-gene products, and they could tell yours were different?
  • CG - Yes they use all the same products. Gonzales said later on, the deodorant, the hair gel, everything made me smell 'alien.'
  • DW - What was the reaction when you say your from Texas, yet they are told the Earth was destroyed?
  • CG - The two colony security personnel I could see in front of me immediately looked at each other in awe, and started talking amongst themselves. Then the others started talking, and Gonzales' head pokes out looking in my direction, which I ignored at the time. He approached me afterwards, thinking of a way to salvage the situation. 
  • DW - Do you think the colonists were shown some Hollywood style movie of the Earth's destruction?
  • CG - Who knows, but what I can tell you is, many of these people came over during the brain drain era, and were brought in or coerced to join these Mars colonies, that they were special. [Several other insiders have come out to discuss similar programs where they were recruited to go to Mars. Laura Eisenhower and Andrew Basiago discuss this extensively here.] 
  • DW - People who have grown up with texting and smart phones may find it hard to believe that in older generations, threat of nuclear war was felt by many. Do you think they were told that nuclear war was going to happen?
  • CG - I don't know exactly what they were told. 
  • DW - Did these colonists have contact with other ET races?
  • CG - I am assuming so because these bases do engage in commerce with a large number of ET races. 
  • DW - Do you think they have some sort of subterranean transport system like what they have here on Earth? Was there an internet on Mars? Could they talk to other people in other facilities?
  • CG - The train system was made of what looked like vitrified rock [highly polished stone], that was ripped like glass. 
  • DW - That is exactly what some of my other insiders told me. The have tunnel boring machines that use some sort of nuclear energy to melt the rock. They have to stop every so often to seal and shore up the walls leaving this rippling pattern. 
  • CG - Yes it was ribbed or rippled. There were cross tunnels that could be seen as we went along, they had connections with other facilities for what ever they needed.
  • DW - Did they have any contact with other facilities or each other?
  • CG - They have limited contact apparently. In a 'need to know' capacity. They lead very regimented lives. 
  • DW - What happened next?
  • CG - We arrive at our location, and begin the tour. We meet a colonist who was showing a completed component, that was a neurological optical interface of some kind, that was very popular in various craft. 
  • DW - What does this thing do?
  • CG - This technology interfaces with someones neurology, providing some sort of optical display. They were talking about the machinery that builds it. Some were curved and strait. This was installed into vessels. 
  • DW - Were there a lot of people around?
  • CG - No, just this one foreman type colonist we met. The ICC rep kept touching an ear piece used for communication, sometimes called an 'ear wig'. He looked like he was having an intense discussion with someone on the other end. The colony security was more and more looking at us and talking amongst themselves, probably about the Texas comment. I also smelled strange, I had a sun burn, etc. Another train arrived, with a huge amount of security. They disarmed their own security force that was accompanying us. The ICC rep walked up and told us to be very careful what we talked about and to remember the agreement not to contaminate their experiment. 
  • DW - Why did they disarm their own people?
  • CG - We were told that we contaminated their experiment. The new security team escorted the old one into a train and they left. Shortly after, the train came back and we headed back to the main hall. The other ICC representatives arrived and were ready for the presentation. When we got back this time, there were people everywhere. In these types of places, they use every square foot of space, so it was unusual when we first arrived to see an empty space. But now it was filled with colonists, wearing their 'Sunday best', some wearing one pieces, some two pieces. All were doing their work, but also trying to make eye contact with us. They could have been told that part of the deal was to bring a family back with us to question them about the conditions of the facility. Moving on, we got to do a tour of where the colonists lived. 

  • DW - Could you describe these living centers?
  • CG - It looked like jail cells, they had beds within the walls. They did not prepare food there, they went to one central location to eat, to go to the bathroom and bathe. No toilet was inside the room. There were no bars on the doors, they could come and go from these spaces. 
  • DW - How big was the hallway?
  • CG - Its fairly large, about 6 men abreast, and these rooms extend far down the hall. A huge facility. They had 'sonic lighting', which is fairly common. Apparently certain sound frequencies create light, and the whole ceiling was lit up. 
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  • CG - Gonzales made a mental note of the family he wanted to bring back. We also went to a 'dog and pony show' that the ICC put on. This was in the main hall, which looked a lot like a place where people were fed propaganda. [I couldn't help but think of the apple computer ad from 1984.]
  • DW - Did you get an intuitive feeling about this?
  • CG - Yes. It had been set up with chairs around a large smart glass screen. 
  • DW - Did they have TV in their housing?
  • CG - Not that I could see. Ok now they start to put on this show for us. They start to show all the technologies that they sell to ET's. 
  • DW - Is the ICC rep giving this presentation?
  • CG - Yes, him and his colleges. They are very proud of what they were presenting: different craft, components, etc. a whole range of small devices and big 'end line' products. 
  • DW - Did anything stand out for you?
  • CG - The fact that there were actual vessels that we were engineering and building that advanced ET groups wanted to procure from us. It was astonishing that we came this far in our development. That other ET groups wanted our technology. The ICC rep later said they were actively doing trade with over 900 ET races on a regular basis, and that there were thousands more races occasionally trading. 
  • DW - Did they say how far this technology was being used out in the Galaxy?
  • CG - No they didn't say that, but considering that right outside of our solar system is a very high traffic area due to a natural portal system, called the 'cosmic web'. Most groups don't stop by our solar system because its 'messy' with all the slavery going on and what not. So many ET groups just stop at this point, do their calculations and zip off. But some of the amoral groups do stop in and conduct trade with the ICC. 
  • DW - By the time you saw this dog and pony show, were you already told that this tech was going to be provided to the people after humanity is freed?
  • CG - Yes we were told before that we needed to be very careful with any Cabal controlled technology, because this was to be left to posterity. The SSP Alliance was already having trouble working with the Sphere Being Alliance because of their 'hippy' message to be more loving and forgiving. All of this to the SSP Alliance was foreign information, but they were told to stop the violence and they did. Especially after they were told that all of this infrastructure was to be left to humanity to be a foundation for a 'Star Trek' type civilization. 
  • DW - This sounds a lot like other predictions of a golden age for humanity. This is a very interesting practical application of that idea. 
  • CG - Right, the Sphere Alliance was saying: 'stop wreaking things, stop destroying the infrastructure. Your destroying what is going to be handed over to the people.'
  • DW - Was it a surprise to Gonzales or others, that there are 900 groups with constant trade, or did they all know already?
  • CG - I seemed to be the only one that was surprised. I am actually in the dark on a lot of things, I don't get all the intel.
  • DW - There was some unpleasant stuff that happened after this pony show.


  • CG - After this point, we are now allowed to choose a family to go with us. Gonzales provides the address of the family. The IE security personnel stated earlier during our journey back to the main facility, that something felt off. My intuitive abilities are not as developed as the used to be, but I felt something too. Once the families were escorted onto our vessel, the IE's were whispering to Gonzales. When all were aboard Gonzales said to the family: "your safe, there is nothing to be scared about. You can tell us the truth, we know a family member of yours is missing." The father of the family was shocked to hear this and said: "how do you know that!?" Gonzales told them: "our security personnel, the IE's, have abilities and thats how we found out. Just tell us whats going on". The family completely clammed up. Gonzales left the craft in a fit of frustration.
  • DW - They must have told the family to put on a show of how happy they were, and that they wanted to return. 
  • CG - Yes, because part of the deal for our visit was that we could offer sanctuary to any family that requested it. At this point we're in our SSP Alliance craft waiting to leave, Gonzales is still gone doing something and the next thing I know the flight crew comes out of the compartment at the front, and says: 'we have Mars security personnel coming in fast. Our weapons are at the ready.. what do we do?' They were asking me.
  • DW - So your in this ship with the family about to leave. Gonzales has gone to try and round up this other family member, and then all of a sudden, Mars security shows up and 'assaults' your craft. 
  • CG - They were on their way up the cat walk. I asked if Gonzales was with them, they responded that they did not see him. I told them to stand down. They immediately began wiping our craft of all intelligence data. Mars security came and escorted us, rather briskly, back past the security point. As we went in, the ICC rep from before was in a yelling match with the colony leader. The ICC rep out ranked this leader by a lot, but this leader was very upset. We were walked to a wall that had doors, where there were none before, opening up to a detention facility. There were all these people, presumably colonists, shut up in cells. These cells are like cages, with octagonal holes as windows [The Octagon shape, within dark occultism, is often used to mean total domination and control; complete and utter enslavement with no hope of escape. The Cabal like to use these symbols for many reasons, and I found it interesting that this shape was overtly displayed as the prison cell windows. This in and of itself is a major red flag for the SSP Alliance to confront the ICC group on]. At the very back are Gonzales and our two IE security personnel. They shuffled us in, including the family. Gonzales said that the facility leader was a tyrant and couldn't handle being challenged in front of his own people. Things had gotten heated and out of control, so we were detained. Gonzales said things sounded like they were going to go very badly. 
  • DW - Meaning you would be murdered?
  • CG - It sounded that bad, but he didn't elaborate. We were in there for a short time, and then all of a sudden the blue orbs (the same type which transported CG earlier) came though the walls. Gonzales and I were the only guys who traveled in this manner. The security personnel never traveled this way, and were backing up against the way, a bit taken aback by what they were seeing. Gonzales told them to indicate that you are ready for travel. The spheres appeared one by one to grab us and we zipped through the walls to find ourselves back at LOC in the conference room I mentioned earlier. An intrusion alarm went off, because we weren't expected back that way. Our vessel was left behind. Gonzales said he needed to go. I took off my jump suit, changed back into my civilian clothes and was taken back home. Thats basically the whole trip. There is a much longer story on my website.
  • DW - Have you heard why this family wasn't allowed to go with you?
  • CG - No. To this day I have heard nothing about what happened to this family or what occurred. 
  • DW - Some of the attacking comments about this story ask why the Sphere Alliance doesn't 'care' about these slaves, why aren't they trying to save these people? Isn't there going to be something in the future where they are going to be free?
  • CG - Yes. This is part of a much longer conversation. There is a plan to free these people and bring them to a facility to be rehabilitated. Same thing for a lot of the SSP Alliance people. As I said, a lot of these people are damaged and need rehabilitation. 

[I do not know exactly why the Sphere Being Alliance chose to leave the family behind, but there are a few points to consider. First these beings hail for higher densities, what David calls the 'angelic' realms, and are here to oversee and advise humanity, but not to 'do things for us.' This is a confusing point for many who are trying to determine who the Sphere Beings are and what their ultimate plans entail. I suspect that the SSP Alliance is being given a major debrief of the Cabal activities so they can act as change agents, along with all the other awakened people on the planet. In this way, the Sphere Beings are not saving anyone, but they are offering wisdom to those who are. And if your reading these words, you are part of that effort.]

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