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Cosmic Disclosure Episode 9: Electric Sun - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This episode was of keen interest for me, as it describes natural star gates, electromagnetic connectivity, the electric nature of our universe and much more. Many are becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all things, but how this occurs on a planetary scale is rarely discussed with specificity. David and Corey also spend time discussing the Expanding Earth theory, something that relates deeply to the Reciprocal Systems theory in my view; although they do not specifically mention this. 

I recently received some feedback about the grammar in these summaries. I do my best to clean up the dialog for ease of comprehension but it seems that it is still difficult to read. With that in mind, I will attempt to be more broad with the conceptual articulation offered, and render them into an easier to understand format. Hopefully this will help. As always, feedback is appreciated; feel free to send me comments, corrections and insights at

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The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - I am here with Corey Goode, the insider who has come out with a remarkable story of the military industrial complex colonizing our solar system and beyond. He has had extensive interactions with a multitude of extraterrestrial beings. Welcome Corey Goode.
  • CG - Thanks for having me.
  • DW - Lets start with a basic question, what is a star?
  • CG - A star is definitely not what we are being told it is in school. For instance, a giant ball of gas, on fire floating out in space. [The official theory for solar activity is that of gravitation and nuclear fusion. Where hydrogen atoms are compressed under extreme pressure and heat, fusing into helium which creates a huge level of energy. Additionally, it is assumed that the sun has a limited fuel supply of lighter elements which fuse to form heavier ones. Eventually the sun will run out of fuel and die. While some electromagnetic phenomena is recognized, how these connections work with the Earth, other planets and the surrounding stars is almost never discussed.]
  • DW - Well you just slapped all the skeptics in the face. They would say its been scientifically proven.
  • CG - It has not been scientifically proven; it's a scientific theory.
  • DW - Right. We see stuff coming off the sun that would imply that it's hydrogen. There's hydrogen atoms 'coming off, along with oxygen, and things like that.
  • CG - When I was assigned to the research vessel [during the '20 and back' program where one is recruited into the secret space program, does a 20 year tour and is then sent back 20 years in the past at the moment they left after being 'age regressed'] and , there were expeditions to the sun with probes shot into it. They would shoot these probes into sun spots...
  • DW - Well the first question I have is, how do you shoot probes into the sun with out it burning up?
  • CG - There are energy fields around the probes. [I take this to mean a type of 'force field', much like what is depicted in Star Trek. If this is accurate, then it is an electromagnetic field enveloping the probes which protects it from the highly energetic motions coming from the sun. This is actually how 'solid objects' interact in general, via electromagnetic forces which 'push' off each other much like 2 magnetic poles of the same polarity pushing against each other. For example, the only thing preventing your body from falling through the floor is the pushing force of these fields against the atoms in your body. It stands to reason that a field of great strength can be generated to magnify this effect, which would prevent heat and high energy particles from destroying the probes. Heat is an electromagnetic phenomena, along with sound, light and biochemical interactions.]
  • DW - This would be a high intensity energy shield which prevents it from being burned up?
  • CG - Right. It also collapsed due to the gravitational... [they trailed off with out explanation here. I think they are suggesting that the pressure due to gravity in the sun is extreme eventually destroying the probe, like what would happen if an object was sent into the deep ocean.] The telemetry which was received from these probes was amazing. The sun is electric. Those talking about the electric universe are correct.
  • DW - But that model usually excludes torsion fields.
  • CG - That's correct, there's some information that needs to be 'married', but obviously torsion fields are involved in the stars, planets and galaxy. And as I said before, the entire universe is a torsion field. [Nassim Haramein's work touches on this, but Dan Winter is by far the most extensive researcher into the electrodynamics properties of the universe and the shapes or geometries created. See these videos here for more on this. Simply put, a torsion field is a spinning field of motion or energy that is self organized, and with out fail, expresses itself as a torus shape. This shape can have several iterations (levels of complexity) but it is always in the same configuration, See this image] 
Torus field, with flux or flow of motion moving from south to north poles.

  • DW - Why did they send these probes into sun spots?
  • CG - Well, the telemetry from the inside of our star, Sol, revealed a core that was fairly small. They could tell the core was made up of magnesium, sodium and other elements.
  • DW - Mostly metallic?
  • CG - Yes. And the outer shell was made up of similar materials, but they acted like an anode and cathode. [An anode is positive, while the cathode is negative. Electrons move from the positive cathode to the negative anode; generally. The sun's core would act as the positive anode and the outer-shell would act as a negative anode.] It is an electrical phenomena, almost like a light bulb. The sun spots travel deep into the center of the sun, like vortex filaments, streaming into the center of the densest part of our star. [Dewey B Larson's Reciprocal Systems model was expanded to describe these filaments or what it describes as 'threadules.' The paper is quite scientific but reveals many insights which Corey seems to be describing in this episode. Click here to read the paper.]
  • DW - Similar to an energetic tornado?
  • CG - Right. Thin little tornado spirals, spinning and crossing each other as they descend into the core; the densest part of the sun.
Image depicting spiraling threadules or 'tornados' moving to the center.
  • DW - That does make sense, because when we're looking at sun spots we see actual rings burst out of the sun, tubes of energy, called Solar Prominence. And your saying that this doesn't just happen on the surface but goes right down to the core?

Solar Prominence or 'solar rings' are surface expresses of a much deeper phenomenon.
  • CG - Right, they go all the way to the core. And these are also, at times, star gates that are used by various ET groups to go in and out of our solar system. There is also a wide open empty area within the sun [found by these probes]. There is a very large region outside the area I just described that is molten and fiery. They found out that it was hotter on the outside then it was on the inside.
  • DW - That is something described in modern science as well, the Corona, the outer surface being the hottest part of the sun [the part of the sun which is revealed during a solar eclipse.]
Coronal layer of the sun, the outermost layer. 
  • DW - Electric Universe theory accounts for this oddity of hot on the outside and cooler on the inside with the idea that the sun is an electrical energy generator.
  • CG - Right. And the sun or Sol is being fed by waves that are hitting it [from outer space appose to being fueled only by its store of lighter elements]. This is what causes the outside to be so active. And also it is being fed by what I described as a Cosmic Web, connecting all stars together, through an electromagnetic filament, which can send 'feedback' from one star to another. [An example of this electromagnetic connectedness can be seen when charging a balloon with static electricity by rubbing it on clear plastic film. Even though the balloon does not make direct contact with someone, if one holds it above the hair on the arms, the hair is raised up via the electrostatic forces. In a similar way, as stars around our solar system move they affect the sun and its activity, opening connectivity points. This is a complete about face to the accepted scientific view of solar phenomena; instead of the sun blasting out energy it is actually a focal point of radiant energy, with interactions from beyond affecting a 'storm' of activity at a focus. In other words the sun is 'gathering up' energy and motion from outside of itself much like a parabolic satellite dish focuses waves to a point at the center.] Things can happen in one solar system to one star that can affect our star through this network.
  • DW - In my third book, I wrote about a pyramid researcher named Joe Parr, and he has a propeller with little pyramids on the end about an inch long. He rotates this in a series of apposing magnets - north to north, south to south, etc. What happens is at certain times of the year, where the sun and the belt of orion light up, and the Earth crosses through that like a gate, which happens in late December. The pyramids on the end of the propeller would transmute out of our reality and pop through the walls of the centrifuge embedding themselves into the wall with no visible points of exit. He theorized that some kind of energy conduit affects the nature of matter when the Earth crosses this beam between the sun and orion. Do you think it is possible that these plasma beams could do that to matter, change it's phase like that?

  • CG - Yes. This also goes back to the hyper dimensional mathematics model which was handed down to us, that we use to calculate portal travel. With every planet, star and galaxy connected to each other; you have to be able to calculate 'hick ups' like what you were talking about in that experiment [so as in to avoid any problematic alignments during space travel presumably].
  • DW - Pete Peterson has brought forward mathematics describing the whole universe is Penrose tiles, meaning everything has an intersection of 3 lines. If you count in base 6, meaning you count 1 - 6, then 2 - 1, 2 - 2, 2 - 3, 2 - 4, 2 - 5, 2 - 6, 3 - 1, 3 - 2, etc - then all these complex numbers like Pi and Phi become integers, they don't have a repeating decimal anymore [in the base 10 system, Pi is an infinite series of none repeating numbers; 3.14159265..., but in base 6 - according to DW, Pi would be expressed as a simpler value; not repeating infinitely]. Do you think these hyper dimensional mathematics operators you were given took that into account?
Penrose Tiles
  • CG - This math unifies all these different scientific principles that our mainstream science has problems with. Until they drop their erroneous theories and embrace the plasma electric universe and torsion realties, then they wont progress any further. The secret space programs uses this science in their technology. Mainstream science is essentially stuck in the 18th and 19th century.
  • DW - I am thinking about the basis of super string theory and quantum mechanics. All of the math for super string theory came from a man named Srinivasa Ramanujan, a genius who reworked a 100 years of western math in one book, called Modular Functions. He is basically saying that geometry is the key to these higher dimensions. They are still using all this stuff in super string theory, nothing has supplanted it yet. Ramanujan said that the Hindu goddess Namakkal was teaching him all this in a dream. Do you think that various benevolent ET's are trying to seed this knowledge into our society?
  • CG - I was told that our life times are very short. We basically die as spiritual children, we were meant to live much longer to spiritual develop. 
  • DW - Who told you this?
  • CG - Raw Tier Err, one of the Blue Avians. Even if we live a long hearty life, we're essentially still spiritual children. We need help in these short life times to advance. We are receiving help from higher density beings, through dreams and otherwise, to help us progress to what they call the end of the major cycle.
  • DW - Was the term 'major cycle' used by these Blue Avians?
  • CG - Yes, they said we are at the end of a major cycle.
  • DW - Hrm.. thats exactly what it is called in the Law of One, something we haven't discussed yet. Getting back to the science of time, when they sent these probes to through the sun, what happened?
  • CG - It mapped the interior out until it was destroyed. It was meant to go in and gather data for as long as it could.
  • DW - You are describing the a rocky metallic core in the sun which sounds just like what we've heard is at the center of gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn. Is there a relationship between a star and a planet? based on what you were told.
  • CG - Not exactly. There is a relationship between a star and every planetoid in its system, an electromagnetic filament. Anything that has a large enough density to twist space-time in a torsion field creates a relationship with its host star [in Reciprocal Systems theory, when matter organizes enough to become energetically active it can moves past the speed of light entering into time-space. Time-space is the reciprocal of space-time, with 3 dimensions of time and one dimension of space. Without getting to advanced, as material moves into time-space it becomes highly organized and embeds itself into the larger systems of time-space interactions around it. If this theory is accurate, it means that every major body in the solar system has a space-time (material) and time-space (etheric) component. These time-space components are linked holistically, which apparently accounts for the strange harmonies in our solar orbits, that they all fall into phi or golden mean ratio proportions.] Each planet has a core which is a driving force, depending on how active it is, and how strong that connection is.


  • CG - These are the symbols that show up in the hyper dimensional mathematics model.
  • DW - Really? They draw symbols of the platonic solids?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Oh my god.
  • CG - There are very few numbers but a lot of symbols.
  • DW - All the modern super string people are using Ramanujan modular functions, mapping them on to platonic geometry. So the geometry is already in the hyper dimensional math.
  • CG - They are focusing to much on the quanta or quantum physics, when really we've found that everything is vibration. And once you realize this, matter and space can all be manipulated using via vibration.
  • DW - One of the people I talk about is Dr.Robert Moon, one of the 'founding fathers' of the atomic bomb, and in 1987 he discovered that the protons in the atom are actually corners of geometry. I've discussed this extensively in my show Wisdom Teachings.
  • CG - Gaiam TV is an online university, because most of this information is already out there, as I found out.
  • DW - The reason I wanted to bring in Robert Moon into this discussion is because we are getting into the unified geometry model now. We have Dr. Hans Jenny, a European scientist who vibrated sand and water on metal plates to reveal sacred geometry [also know as Cymatics]. What does this tell us? Geometry is vibration. Vibration creates structure, and this is in all dimensions.
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Cymatics or sound vibrating sand and water to form highly
organized geometries.
  • CG - This is information that is being suppressed. This is not just theory I am talking about it. This is stuff actively being used in the secret space program and by ET races who are millions of years ahead of us, who have used these models and science for eons.
  • DW - It was almost 100 years ago that Rutherford shot electrons through gold foil, and some of them stuck. He concluded that they must be particles [but he was wrong]. That's the Rutherford model of the atom, which is like a mini solar system, with solid electrons orbiting a solid nucleus. Did people in the secret space program laugh at that model? Did they think he was nuts for thinking these things are solid?
  • CG - Well yes. We also know that consciousness has an effect on experiments. If you took someone that had a preconceived idea about everything being a wave, they will have the outcome that appears to be a wave.
  • DW - Robert Moon's work demonstrates that matter is a vibration.
  • CG - Yes. Everything is vibration, thought, light - all different states of vibration. And our consciousness, especially our mass consciousness, can change these states of matter around us.
  • DW - One of the things that the secret space program insider Jacob told me is that the reason why people used crystal balls to communicate with spirits is that we don't believe that spirits exist so they won't be allowed to be seen right in front of us. But we can bend the rules using a crystal or a mirror [so as to see or detect them].
  • CG - Right, getting into the whole 'there is no spoon' idea.
  • DW - Right. Have you heard that one of he greatest secret is that reality is a co-creative generation by our consciousness?
  • CG - Yes that is one of the largest secrets. They suppressed the scientific evidence for this, along with the nature of the plasma electric universe, space and time, torsion physics and the effects of consciousness on reality.
  • DW - In 1939 a scientist named Otto Hilgenberg developed a very accurate model describing that the Earth is expanding in size. Many other scientists since him have come forward with even more detail. What happens to our science if this theory is true?

  • CG - It turns everything on its head. If the planet is expanding from the inside it goes against mainstream science.
  • DW - It would mean that matter is continually generating from nothing, right? The Earth itself is growing like a living thing. [In the article The Energetic Evolution of The Solar System | At the Earth's Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution, the Reciprocal Systems theory developed by Dewey Larson suggests that at the center of every major body in the solar system is a time-space core. This core is a remnant from a long ago super nova of our binary star system, which shattered a companion star in the process. These fragments form the centers of the planets. The material of these fragments was energized in the super nova to beyond the speed of light, forcing it into time-space, becoming extremely dense and electromagnetically active. As time goes on, this core begins to 'cool' and material slips back into space-time forming the bulk of a planets material, including oceans and atmosphere. This is the best explanation for expanding Earth I have come across.]

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  • CG - And of course the Earth is constantly accumulating a large amount of dust and debris from the cosmos. [The sun is also accumulating material as it passes through the galactic disk, and eventually it will 'quantum leap' into a higher energetic state. This is the core idea behind the rapture, energetic shift of the ages and Tsunami Waves of energy which will eventually change the whole solar system. The sun will become more organized and energetic which up-steps the surrounding planets, moving them further out into the solar system. The time-space energy produced is the same energy our minds use, which means that it will be a physical and consciousness shift. Like the sun and planets, living things have a physical space-time component and metaphysical or time-space component. Which means we are energetically connected to the planet and sun as well.]
  • DW - When we go back and look at the John Martineau model of the solar system, as the planet moves there is a giant geometry that covers its entire orbital size, and this moves with the planet as it rotates. What you are describing with the star gates forming between the sun and the planets is that these geometries have an electrical charge, and when you line up the nodes you get a plasma filament.
  • CG - Yes exactly, they are called nodes. Everyone knows that about Ley lines. Constantly as the earth is rotating, depending on its relationship in space and the sun, each of these crossing points as well as the type of material under ground, create a node point of electromagnetic connection to the sun. These will appear under the surface as well as at the surface and in the atmosphere. These natural star gates open at various points as we move around the sun and the solar system moves around the galaxy. The secret space programs watch for these gates for intruders, or ET's that appear in our skies. Strangely enough they appear along the 33rd and 36th parallel north. These node systems is where they seem to be coming and going quiet a bit.

33rd and 36th parallel North, where natural star gates form periodically. 
  • DW - Ivan T Sanderson is someone I have covered extensively in my talks, the source of the Bermuda Triangle scholarship. Charles Berlitz wrote a popular book based on his research. Sanderson said there are 10 points around the Earth where all the ships on the sea and planes in the sky were disappearing. That was published in 1971. In 1972 the Russians figured out if you add the North and South pole you get an icosahedron configuration, a perfect sacred geometry around the Earth. Future scholars from there found that the icosahedron is one shape, but the dodecahedron is perfectly nested into it, and if you put them together it maps out were the continents are.
Icosahedron revealing the nodal points or natural star gates.

  • CG - In the secret space program, these shapes [platonic solids] were placed on a sphere that represented the Earth, with some of the intersection points below the surface with others at or above the surface, indicating where these nodal points would appear. These correlated with solar cycles and the Earths rotation around the sun.
  • DW - Your saying some of the geometry would intersect above the Earth, and thats were these nodal points or natural star gates were predicted to be?
  • CG - Yes.
  • DW - Is this some of the stuff the Germans were using?
  • CG - No, these were holographic depictions used during the current era [meaning in the secret space program presumably.]
  • DW - Speaking of the geometry of this grid, as described just now, why do you think planes and ships disappear at these points?
  • CG - They are at the wrong place at the wrong time. When the Cosmic Web activates at a particular node [depending on celestial alignments] and they happened to be there at that time, in these natural portals, they are transported. Depending on where they are, they could travel through time or space. Either on Earth or somewhere else in the Galaxy.

  • DW - That makes sense in relation to other data I have received from insiders, what they call 'layered time.' We normally think of time as a long continuous thread, but if we can think of time as geometry with each point stacked in on itself like an onion, time becomes nested and folded together.
  • CG - You see geometry depicted in all parts of these black ops programs and secret space programs. Geometry pops up everywhere.
  • DW - So if the past is in one geometry and the present is in another, and those to intersect, you could have a portal that could pop you through all these points in time.
  • CG - One of the scientists in the secret space program, the 'eggheads', said that figuring out these nodes and the geometry with the cycle of the sun, 11 year sunspot cycles, was like having a galactic rubix cube.
  • DW - Are any of those other geometries - meaning future or past - 'real' that are happening outside of ours?
  • CG - They are all real and happening all at once, because time is an illusion. There is no beginning, middle and end as we experience it.
  • DW - But when something happens, we write it in the history books, and it doesn't seem to be changing, as far as we can perceive.
  • CG - This is how we experience time with our 3rd density minds. Time is all at once happening. It is a hard thing to try and communicate, that time is not linear, it is our consciousness that allows us to experience it in a linear way.
  • DW - That's quite a conceptual adjustment.
  • CG - Yes its very difficult to try and make people understand.
  • DW - In the next episode we will get into one of the topics you said your most interested in, the star gate in your head, the pineal gland or third eye.
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