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Mini Update: Corey and David Interviews Coming, Cobra Attacked On Some Blogs, Alfred Webre Has 'Gone Rogue' | Corey GoodETxSG

Update - Just as we released this update Corey posted a few more items, those have been added below.

Recently Cobra shared that due to the lack of intel being released by the light forces, dis-info regarding AI psyops is circulating widely. Corey left an interesting comment about Alfred Webre and Cobra in the comments of his Facebook share of Cobras article. There is apparently a huge level of polarization happening right now in the 'truther movement' which Corey's work is bringing to the surface. There are lots of other interesting comments below as well. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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- Justin

Facebook Update (August 14th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Ahhh, St. Georges Island Florida is gorgeous!

TY to the kind people that made this beach house possible. We would never have been able to swing something like this on our own... I hope the Universe showers them with blessings and beautiful karma.

We have had quite a lot of stressors in our lives as of late, the trip to Boulder for a week was wonderful. The trip back was not so much but we did get some excellent family time in before the nightmare drive home.

Our drive went very smoothly and the house is extremely nice. 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home not a stone's throw from the ocean. This will be a perfect week in the mountains, week at the beach grounding time for me to be able to re-center and be able to write up these reports that people are waiting on.

I expect to be pulled for at least one meeting during my vacation. I find myself behind a pile of information building up that needs to be documented. Much of it is data that is still unfolding so I am at the mercy of other people's time tables.

I should have some updates on some of the current events that I mentioned previously over the next week. There has been quite a lot going on Above, On the Surface Of and Below the Earth recently. The Tower of Babel Tarot Card ended tying in very nicely with the intelligence I was given after the fact.

It is a very exciting/spooky/impossible to predict time period we are co-creating right now.

I am also finally getting some interviews scheduled for the next several weeks. It would be nice if there were some shows in Florida that wanted to do an interview/show since I am in the area.

I will update everyone when I have the interviews scheduled. I will be doing some of the interviews with David Wilcock and others will be done with just myself.

Thank you for all the recent support and positive energy. I will be coming back with updates and more information shortly.


Facebook Update (August 15th 5:30am):

Clearing The Disinfo Haze: There Are NO Predictions For Disclosure This Fall, Humanity Is Freeing Itself, NOT The Sphere Alliance | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey has been active the past few days. He is taking a 10 day vacation with his family, but he did release some intel in relation to Gonzales and his recent activities 'up there.'

Corey also categorically addressed a huge number of points related to the unfounded claims of detractors. If you are on the fence about timelines, predictions, AI pysop scares or in what capacity the Sphere Beings are assisting humanity - you'll want to read and share this update. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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- Justin

Comment on blog post about Kerry Cassidy and the "Blue Avian Psyop" (Stasis Being Videos, 'Avian' Style Crop Circles, Addressing Detractors: Ruiner, Project Camelot and Project Avalon | Corey GoodETxSG):

A question to anyone who knows. Cassidy and a few others who have come out against Corey have been adamant that the Blue Avians are AI - but I don't recall hearing that from Corey or David. I haven't seen all of the Gaiam interviews so it's possible I missed that part...? It doesn't seem accurate so could someone please clarify for me? Thanking you in advance!

My response:

Justin Deschamps Great question to ask. Corey has actually a great deal of information discussing the A.I. infiltration on Earth. Here is a few links you may want to review:

Corey's Response:

SphereBeing Alliance Cassidy is a whole other story and there is more than just her UFO Religious Beliefs and Agenda to protect in this situation. All of the skypes/emails I have between her and I when we first communicated were so bizarre that there is another component at work. If someone is being mentally triggered, manipulated or made reactionary is has not been myself. I have been thinking how to respond to much of this. I was looking over the communications with her (Including the ones where I had to get Google/YouTube Security involved because she outed my full name, used it without permission and after I had repeatedly told her I was to remain anonymous. After I politely refused an on camera interview (All she is really interested in) the 3rd time she decided she would out my name because "The cabal know who you are already". Is this what potential whistleblowers want to face when coming out? Do they want to possibly have a researcher make a judgement call and decide that the whistleblowers security measures are silly so they might as well provide all of the data publicly? A person was put in place to split up Camelot in recent years and both parties have been living off of a legacy of some good work. Now that legacy is being risked by tossing around labels that will silence many of the future whistleblowers that may have come forward. Back "in the day" when their legacy was strong they would not have acted so cavalierly. Researchers often make the mistake of moving from covering a great story to feeling the need to write themselves into the narrative. This is seen with all of the detractors. We also see that they are also quoting information that is fragmented, taken out of context (Mis-Information) or in some cases have even conspired in communications to put forth information that they know is untrue to further their agenda. That is dis-information pure and simple.


Comment about Cobra's post mentioning the AI Psyop being unfounded (that article is listed further down in this update):

Sphere Being Alliance Cobra was attacked in one of the same blogs that I was. Alfred Webre has gone rogue in a major way. You should see the emails that he is sending to people who support myself or Cobra that are being forwarded to me. He is VERY nasty to them (Reactionary behavior once again) and always pushes his new book that has some conflicting info but also quite a lot of info to support both myself and Cobra... 

I am really spending a lot of time sitting back letting these people hang themselves. David Sweet/Earth Sheriff has been taunting me in emails (Kept them all, he looks insane in them) while I have also been contacted by a couple people who he has trolled/stalked and they have given me the few aliases he uses (Sweet is not his real name) as well as his criminal and psychiatric records (Much of which are public and are shocking)... I have received quite a lot of information on another blogger who "Loves" to attack me. Their information is also quite shocking and will quickly cause the people they have been working with to distance themselves from them... 

The list of communications/paper trails is vast and very ugly (Not to mention a mind control expert who is a "Former Illuminati" disinfo agent that Bill Ryan is calling an "Illuminati White Hat" who is the most mind controlled and mind controlling of them all, and soon to be given a larger stage by K.C. [Kerry Cassidy] who has also been duped). There are two Private Investigators that I think will be distancing themselves from this situation as well that were talked into taking a case against me based on lies (Right Todd?). When ever have you seen so many people so reactionary on such a large scale? There are dozens of people out there who claim to have been involved in the SSP's and in contact with multiple ET's... 

Why is this [or my] information being attacked so strongly? The AI Prophets and Cabal are very upset that is why! As stated prior, much of this was info that was NEVER supposed to make it into the public mind. The cabal had done a good job of controlling researchers and those being interviewed up until this point... It is now time for some of those who know these same details to come forward, including former Camelot and other whistleblowers who walked right up to the line but didn't cross it when it came to disclosing this info to humanity. 


Comment about 'professional jealousy' and the Ruiner:

Webre is jealous of Dr Salla, they had a tiff over ownership of the website. One of Dr Salla's other whistleblowers is Randy Cramer, Webre posted that Randy's memories may not be his own! He can't handle jealousy for the attention Dr Salla's articles are getting. Professional jealousy. Now he's attacking the veracity of Corey's story..... Bradley Loves is just repeating the disinfo of admitted on-the-payroll illuminati member "The Ruiner" Shane Bales. He's the dude in the center:

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, the professional jealousy in this field is bizarre and out of control!!! Kerry C. warned me Not to talk w/David Wilcock, Bill Ryan warned me Not to talk to Kerry C., SEVERAL people warned me not to talk to Bradley Loves (I sensed an ambush anyway and refused his interview requests, then he turned on me)... I was listening to a few other well known and CURRENTLY popular professionals talking about and making fun of Kerry C. & Bill R. (Just about everyone calls him "ole bacon hat") at a conference after one of them asked if anyone was going to Kerry's presentation, I was warned Not to talk to Webre by other researchers... What is going on? This field is so compromised that I often joke that the Ufology Field "Needs an Enema"... Before I started talking to these people I had a lot of respect and some of them were Hero's as well... Then you get to know what people are really like and it is quite a disappointment. People wonder why its been hard to get good info and high quality whistle blowers the last few years? Most of the big time people who have some ground breaking information are now afraid to come forward as whistleblowers... I wonder why?

[Honestly it's not surprising that these type of reactions occur. Psychologically, we protect things we think are important to us, especially our world views and beliefs. If these are also tied to how we 'earn a living' - as in a blogger, writer or podcaster - anyone or thing which even remotely draws one's work into question 'must be dealt with'. It's very rare to see anyone in this field expressing a dynamic narrative, one that ostensibly would become more accurate as information is released. Additionally there seems to be a huge number of people with 'a truth to tell' that is rarely questioned and in some cases never supported by a shred of conceptual evidence. 

I think the reason why this happens so easily in the alternative media is because we've been conditioned by society to think we aren't smart enough and we must follow the opinions of an expert or guru. As a result, there is a huge number of people that just simply lack the skills to understand things personally. It takes time and energy to research and understand some of the broader topics raised. As such we tend to follow the opinions of others, and since we have no logical reason to believe them, an emotional reason 'fills in the gap'. Hence the phrase 'if it doesn't resonate with you, just let it go', as if to say how we feel about an idea is the highest measure of its validity. But unless we eventually examine a concept with a detectives eye, our 'gut feeling' may not be accurate. That isn't to say these intuitive experiences aren't valuable, just that they can't make up the some total of our discernment process. 

With this psychological perspective in mind, it becomes very difficult to consider any idea which conflicts with another we have emotionally invested in. Right now there seems to be a huge wave of catalyzing events moving through the 'truther movement'. While it is polarized and 'nasty' in some respects, it's a wonderful way of boiling off impurities that have probably gone unnoticed for some time. As with all things, those who are on the path of truth will come out immeasurably renewed, while those who try to hold on to their past erroneous conclusions will experience more chaos as time goes on.]

Further comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Many are feeding the cabal agenda and collecting looshe without even being aware of it... It is interesting that they are compromised and "mind controlled" by belief systems and sources but jump quickly to call others "Mind Controlled Cabal Lackies"... As I said in a recent Gaiam TV interview, People accuse you of exactly what THEY would do in the same situation... They overlay their morality over what they perceive as yours... When people accuse you of something they are revealing more about themselves than they are anything else... IMHO (And experience)... People are beginning to see what I mean by Ufology being completely compromised by the negative forces and it has been so since the 1950's... Otherwise a form of disclosure would have occurred already. There are MANY people out there that know the things that I do (And know MORE!)... The Ufology environment just needs to be cleansed and made a place where these people will feel comfortable coming forward. There are more than a handful waiting now in the shadows to come forward, but this poisonous atmosphere is keeping them in the shadows. CG

Question about no disclosure this November:

I'm confused. As you say, "There Are NO Predictions For Disclosure This Fall." I understand that. However, the Committee of 200 was previously trying to negotiate a Full Disclosure Event after or around late November. So if Disclosure doesn't happen BEFORE THEN are we not "playing into their hands" and helping them better prepare for some devious counter attack, disinformation campaign, etc.? I sure hope you thoroughly answer this question. Because I know a number of people have been wondering the same thing. Thanks!

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance They wanted LIMITED disclosure in November and a FULL DISCLOSURE in 50 Years!!! I do not know why it is so difficult for people to read exactly what I wrote and have said. They tried to negotiate a partial disclosure and keep the crimes against humanity secret for another 50 years which was denied. Those who are saying that I gave a date this fall of an agreed upon partial or full disclosure are either misrepresenting the info I presented or are deliberately misinforming the rest of the community. Please go back and look over the actual data/words that I RELEASED and not data that detractors have twisted on blogs and internet forums. NO DATE AT ALL has EVER been given as a date of disclosure by myself or the SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance. We have made it clear that this is impossible since it is up to the mass consciousness of humanity. Please take the time to look over the vast amount of data I have disclosed and make sure you get the details correct. This is very important in an environment where researchers/bloggers (sad they are both working together) are putting out deliberate disinformation to discredit the data... Investigate the info yourself and do NOT rely on others to disseminate it or explain it to you. You can discern it and understand the plain English on your own if you take the time to read it all in order of the time it was released and in the context of the articles/reports. 


Sphere Being Alliance Also, NO DATES or time frames were given on Data Dumps... Be wise and make sure you look into the material yourself... Do not assume or jump to a conclusion based on wishful thinking either. This will not make things happen any sooner. The steps have been spelled out pretty clearly and there will have to be a major global event (Financial/Natural Disaster/False Flag Exposed?) that will prepare humanity to receive the data dump material before hand. 


Sphere Being Alliance DW has the 2017 time frame... I NEVER stated that time frame. I only stated that the cabal/ssp groups saw a window of 2018-2023 (Using their AI Tech) where these events would occur. I stated that things seem to be happening far faster than the AI predicted... NO 2017 prediction from myself.


Facebook Update (August 16th 5:00pm):

[This is a compilation of audio clips discussing the disclosure initiative of several prominent Ufology researchers. The recording is difficult to listen to due to an audio track in the back ground.]

Click here to listen

Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance This was a "Remix" of several interviews on SSP Disclosure that were put together. It is difficult to listen to for the first 20 minutes that is for sure. I think its from 3 or 4 different interviews and has the "highlights" or best parts of each interview edited into this audio.__________________

Facebook Update (August 16th 9:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Interesting... Who ever heard of such a thing? smile emoticon

Bizarre Sun UFO Anomaly! - Giant UFO Sphere!

[We also shared a similar report with our commentary here: Giant UFO Sphere Passes Around the Surface of the Sun?]

Bizarre Sun UFO Anomaly!
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
A new video has arisen showing a fascinating sun anomaly where it appears to have some sort of spherical object leaving the sun and creating a small crevice within the outer sun edge.
The video was taken and posted on the UFOvni2012 YouTube channel.  The uploader stated he took this video on August 11, 2015 with a SONY FDR-AXP33 4K Ultra HD camera.
To get an understanding of how big this object is, the following picture shows the planet Venus orbiting in front of the sun:
venus sun
The above video is reminiscent of the UFO that was hypothesized to be refueling itself on the sun on March 12, 2012:

Comment about correlations between Corey and Ashayana Deene's work:

According to Ashayana Deane ET/ED-Collectives can transform their manifest biological form into spherical plasma-based GESTALT-Energies. The beings are not "in" there. They ARE the Sphere! Ages ago our own Founder-Collective came down here in th same spherical GESTALT-Energy from Harmonic Universe 2 starting the first "human seeding". There is nothing special about the nature of the Sphere Beeing Alliance. Our manipulated genetics have the same potential. Actually we are one of the main architects of this rescue mission! Dont look up. Look inside. YOU are the Sphere Alliance!

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, this is what I have said as well. These giant spheres are the same as the smaller blue orb beings. The only difference is their size. These are NOT space ships. I have tried to make it clear that they are not technology but many are having a difficult time with the concept. I have also made it clear that people should look inside (The "Message") and that the Sphere Alliance are not "Saviors", but again... some are misrepresenting the information I have put out and making it sound like I am promoting them as saviors. So many are jumping to conclusions based on twisted information from some researchers and bloggers who have not (by their own admission) looked at all of the material and researched it... They have posted their knee jerk reactions to info that bruises their "UFO Religions/Cults". Ufology Religions can be compared to the history/evolution of Christianity in one way, that being the MANY "Theologies" and "Denominations". All of which think they have everything figured out and have created many Esoteric Dogma's that they defend just as fervently. 

No one should be so invested in another persons information that they create a belief system or religion out of it. The Ufology field is completely fragmented by these "UFO Religions" by design... Divide and conquer is the Cabals favorite tool and they have infiltrated Ufology completely since the 1950's. Very little information out there has escaped manipulation by this group by some degree. That is why we are to focus on our path to Service to Others, becoming more loving and forgiving and focusing on raising our consciousness/vibrations and not let the information mentioned above (Other "Channelings" or Books from Spiritual Guru's) or the info I am presenting to become cultish or dogmatic religious belief systems that will only limit your personal journey. Why follow in the foot steps of another persons journey? Be a trailblazer and make your own path. You will be able to do this on your own once you do the inner work and purge yourself of data that acts as gate keepers to prevent you from advancing in your own path/journey. Once we begin to learn how to harness our joint consciousness and end the cabal programs used to divide us (Sex/Religion/Race etc..) we can then begin to co-create our own reality free from all of the current strife that is a plague to our planet. Each of you have the power to make a difference. You just have to turn off the TV, get up off the couch and get started. Each journey begins with a singe step. 


Comment about a synchronicity and the Sphere Beings:

So, as I have been digesting the info about the sphere being alliance (which has resonated strongly for me!), I asked my inner being for a sign.... a clear one. 20 minutes later I was at a friend's house, and noticed a woven throw blanket with words on it... I felt compelled to read it... it was Isaiah 40:31, "those that wait upon the lord shall mount up as on eagles' wings....", and then I noticed a large BLUE eagle woven into this blanket. and then I noticed 2 smaller blue eagles as well. then last night, I lay on the ground and looked up at the sky and asked plainly, "is the sphere being alliance really real?", and INSTANTLY a bright shooting star crossed the sky right where I was looking. I said to myself, wow, but I would sure love to see an actual blue sphere!" the next morning something was sticking out of the dirt. i dug it out... it was a blue marble. as soon as I "got" it, I couldn't stop giggling... a blue sphere, right here in the palm of my hand. the universe is then I looked more closely and noticed it had a pattern it that resembled a bird in flight, wings outstretched.... of course....

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance It sounds like you are in very close contact with your "Higher Self". That is a connection that is to be treasured and one many struggle their entire lives to try to attain. Thank you for sharing this info. Some photo's of that blanket and marble would be very cool. The Universe is an awesome being. CG

Comment about the Tsunami Wave energies:

Corey Goode in an interview with David Wilcock said the blue avians said that more than 100 spheres came into our atmosphere so we wouldn't get so many tsunamis from the sun as our solar system is moving into this higher energetic part of the galaxy. great interview as corey reveals about the SSP secret space program

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, many thousands of spheres entered our Sol System (Not atmosphere) and are spread out equidistantly and out of phase of our physical realm for the most part.

Facebook Update (August 16th 9:00am):


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00001]
President Ronald Reagan made a startling admission in his Presidential Diary on June 11, 1985:
Lunch with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.
NASA’s Space Shuttle program at the time held a maximum of eleven people per shuttle, and only five were built for space flight. Even if all five took off together, it would be impossible to place and maintain 300 astronauts in orbit.

Finding the truth behind Reagan’s extraordinary revelation requires diving deep into the shadowy world of highly classified aerospace programs. The problem in doing so is not only that public documentation is at best scant, if available at all, but that possession of documentary evidence of such programs can be illegal. There are severe penalties for possessing and/or disclosing classified documents to anyone unauthorized to view them. It takes a brave whistleblower to come forward to disclose what he or she knows about classified aerospace programs.

A new book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances, introduces a number of whistleblowers who have made extraordinary claims regarding secret space programs that they either directly served in and/or were briefed about. In particular, the book investigates the extraordinary claims of Corey Goode concerning five secret space programs that he was directly involved with and/or been briefed about.

Goode says he completed a 20 year tour of duty from 1987 to 2007 in several of these programs. He reveals that in the course of his duty, he came into direct contact with different extraterrestrial groups and alliances that interacted with one or more of the space programs. Goode’s position allowed him unrestricted access to “Smart Glass Pads” that had extensive information about highly classified history, science, medicine and other topics related to secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

Goode further claims that in early 2015, he was made the delegate of an alliance of newly arrived extraterrestrial visitors. This included a group called the “Blue Avians,” who facilitated meetings that he attended between the different secret space programs and/or different extraterrestrial alliances. He says that these new visitors have superior technologies in comparison to anything previously witnessed, and have implemented a solar system wide quarantine, which directly impacts all the space programs and other extraterrestrial groups, in tandem with the entire citizenry of Earth.

Available public documents along with other whistleblower testimonies help corroborate many of Goode’s claims, and provide an overall context for understanding the full scope of the multiple secret space programs. His testimony provides clear answers as to what Reagan was briefed about in 1985, and why the latter’s repeated offers of global cooperation to face an alien threat led to the sharing of classified space technologies that ended the Cold War.


Facebook Update (August 17th 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance
 Mini Update: David Wilcock and Myself will be appearing on "Fade to Black" with Jimmy Church on Monday, August 24th. I will also be appearing on "Caravan to Midnight" with Ken Keeling as soon as we can arrange a date in their schedule.

We have also had several other invitations that we haven't been able to respond to yet. Many invitations were lost in the huge email response I received after the release date of the show. Thankfully some of them have began to contact me again and my awesome site admin has been locating the interview invitations and sending them to me.

Open Your Minds Radio (Ireland) has requested that we come back for a part 2 interview as well. When George Noory interviewed me for 2 episodes for his show "Beyond Belief" (Should air on Gaiam TV in the next 2 weeks) he stated that he would like to have us on "Coast to Coast" very soon.

So, after a time of quiet there will soon be quite a lot of information coming out through reports and radio shows in the near future. There is a LOT going on between the Cabal Groups and between the Earth Alliance Groups on Earth, with much occurring in Asia as I think many of you are figuring out from the small amount of info leaking out on the MSM.

Thank you for your patience. I will now go back to my vacation and walk out the door and 30 meters down to the beach. This should recharge me and get me ready for a very busy next few months.


Comment about distractions of violence:

We just had a motorcycle bomb go off in Bangkok killing 15 and injuring 70 so there will probably be more around the place these next few weeks to distract us all.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, you are correct. There will also be several other distractions to keep people's eyes off of disclosure data and to divide/conquer people. If we focus on the message and that path we will see through all of these false flags. Expect some Earthquake activity and other "natural looking" disasters in the next few months as well as serious financial scares (Or rumors of them at least). The Draco and their groups are making good on generating as much looshe as they can right now for their final push against the alliances. This is going to make data dumps tricky to impossible until after a major event (Global economic crash?) and people are angry and more open minded... Then the info will flow to the point where those who say "Where is the proof" will be hiding under the nearest rock. How long this takes is not a few months or years (Time is an illusion), its completely up to our joint human consciousness. This may not make sense to many now, but it will... Disturbingly so I am sad to say.


Comment about the Tianjin China explosion:

Was that an informal nod to the explosion in Asia I wonder?

Other commentary:

Yes, it wasn't an accident, and it a direct result of china's financial actions, which is a threat to the Western Banking System

Related BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation | Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing

Other commentary:

A few theories flying about the why's and how's, and we also don't want to give up a western slave system for an eastern slave system. I'm wary of the governments in Asia but have a little more faith in the ancient families there to do the right thing.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance This is also about the infighting in the BRICS alliance and Earth Alliance over control over the NEW Financial Slave System... China wanted the Yuan to be the new world currency and lost the battle... BRICS and Earth Alliance has been infiltrated by the cabal/western world bankers to create a NWO 2.0... There is an internal battle inside the Alliances of Earth to prevent that as well as there are some internal battle inside the Cabal groups for various reasons... Like I said, there is a LOT going on right now. When Gonzales told me to fasten my seat belt he meant it... But there will be some interesting things that will most likely occur in the coming next 3 months that include EQ's, Terrorist Attacks (In unusual places) and Financial Scares... All I can say is be prepared but do not feed the fear machine!

[We have been following the BRICS activities since first hearing of it a few years ago from David Wilcock. At the time it sounded like a great idea - oust the fiat debt-money system created by the Federal Reserve, and install an asset based currency in its place. But as more information about BRICS began to leak into the media, it didn't really seem to be the 'savior' a lot of people claimed. 

Based on our research, the BRICS bank is a relatively small ($100 billion in funding) for infrastructure and investment in the member nations. It is meant to compete with the IMF, both generally, and in a profit generating capacity. While there are apparently a 'basket' of currencies which will back it, interest rates charged are on par with the IMF. The big difference between the IMF and the BRICS bank is where the money collected goes, the member banks, which the US is not a part of. Those facts may not make the picture too clear, but essentially what can be inferred here is that BRICS is not a bank designed to replace the Federal Reserve, which has thousands of trillions of dollars in holdings. 

While we're keeping an open mind to what the future brings, it does seem that the hype surrounding BRICS is unfounded and this could be yet another Cabal distraction meant to keep us from developing our own debt and interest free money systems. 

We spoke of this deeply in the post How and Why "The Money Masters" Took Control (Full Documentary). Here is an excerpt:

The question of money, what it is, where it comes from and why we need to use it - goes largely unanswered in our modern world. We are indoctrinated into a system that is so fundamental to our way of life, with little to no intrinsic knowledge of why. There is a very good reason for this and can be understood once the context of who we are within the legal system is acknowledged.

Our Incompetence To Co-create

Our incompetence is the primary mechanism for establishing the basis of money. An inherent right of consciousness is the ability to choose - a fundamental aspect to life itself is free will. But in order to exercise the will, awareness must come first - how can we make a choice about a thing without being conscious of it?

Governments, religious institutions and society at large presumes humanity is unable to make decisions on its own; that we are incompetent to manage our own affairs. Money serves as a control mechanism, a tool to facilitate the flow of creative energy between two or more parties.

Co-creation - The Effects of Our Actions

In cultures devoid of money, each individuals creative powers and abilities are recognized and trade systems are developed to facilitate the flow of goods and services. In tribal cultures some people hunt or gather, with others staying behind in the village to maintain the shelter - everyone has their unique place in the community working as a whole to ensure all are provided for. The effectiveness of this money free system varies, but the general principle of personal creator-ship yielding goods and services that benefit others is always in place. This aspect of co-creation, that what we do affects others is fundamental and immutable. Harmony within a community is a measure of how well a people is able to recognize the effects of their actions, learning to limit harm and honor the choices of others. This has been called Natural Justice or objective morality.

Related Worldwide Online Event: Witness the Ratification of the ITNJ | An Overview of the ITNJ

But what happens when a people forget that their actions affect others? What happens when people loose touch with the co-creative nature of reality and seek to only service their own needs, even at the cost of others? If one makes clothing while another grows food, and they refuse to negotiate a trade between then, the conditions are ripe to introduce a technology to facilitate trade; enter money.

Ignorance of Co-Creation Leads to Competition Societies

The vast majority of communities today, being called countries, nations or social groups, have fallen into this irreconcilable state. Instead of gaining self knowledge and developing skills that express our passions, so we can contribute to the community harmoniously, we have been duped into materialistic pursuits that require competition. We have lost the art of honorable negotiation, and in order for this controversy to be resolved an intermediary must step in to manage the incompetent parties.

Since the tailor and the food grower cannot trade amongst themselves, a third party arbiter steps in, offering a representation of value; a banker with money. The Banker says "since neither of you wants to receive what the other can offer, why not use this abstraction called money, then you can trade that for the things you want". Now tailor and farmer can settle the controversy, they agree to work together made possible by the banker as intermediary. And with this dispute settled, the production of clothes and food can continue on.

Projecting this example onto the whole of society, money serves as a tool to manage the masses who can not otherwise negotiate amongst themselves. In and of itself this three party negotiation system is not discordant, but when the banker seeks to control others by charging interest, when they incite arguments and controversy to ensure these parties continue to use their money - a parasitic relationship is at work.

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An enlightened people who recognize we each have a well nigh infinite capacity to learn, enhance and create harmony by way of our actions, needs no 3rd party to intervene on their behalf. But when a people looses touch with these principles of co-creation they leave themselves vulnerable to manipulation.

Using Money Is A The 3 Party Relationship

The Money Masters are this arbiter or intermediary, the 3rd party who have recognized the people around them cannot work together to sustain the collective, and introduces a tool to facilitate creation, production and participation. Until we as a people regain knowledge of how our actions affect others, to discover who we are and what our passion in life is, money in some form will be needed.

A money-less society is not only possible but a consequence of self mastery and a recognition of the co-creative nature of reality. We have always had this potential and many societies in the past have realized this collective harmony. But ignorance and egoism will block us from attaining this Utopic society. Only through knowledge and the persistent dedication to share it freely with all, can we hope to reclaim our sovereignty and rid the world of the hidden hand of monetary manipulation.


Facebook Update (August 17th 9:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Part 1 of 2 of my interviews with George Noory will appear on Gaiam TV Wednesday August 19th. It will be titled "MILAB RECRUITING PROCESS". It was recorded on Sunday July 19th (Much has occurred since that interview). 

You can find the interview at this link and if you create an account via this link I get credit for it as well.

Comment about the Gaiam TV videos:

ALL the videos should be made FREE once production/personal costs are covered. Than the videos could FREELY GO VIRAL ACROSS THE WORLD TO ALL OF HUMANITY! Instead of a limited number of viewers that actually have money. If it was free, it could for example be available to people in really pour countries that OBVIOUSLY can't afford even "$10" and for THOSE OF US THAT PREFER TO AND OR DONT LIVE WITH MONEY.

Comment in response:

Tim, there's nothing I've seen in the videos that hasn't already been released for free in written reports and interviews. If you want the info, just go here, click on the links, and read for a while:

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance All of the exact same information is free on the sites I mentioned including my own. The video's are also being fully summarized by the fellows at Stillness in the Storm. None of the info is being denied to people who cannot pay for it. If someone wants to see DW and myself talking about these subjects (that are fully documented freely online in written form) on video then Gaiam TV is certainly the way to go. All of the data we are talking about is found in my online material and as stated will be outlined fully on the Stillness in the Storm web site. TY, CG

[We do intend on making any content which is available via the Cosmic Disclosure series available in written form. There are several people who simply can't access the videos due to poor internet. That being said, these videos haven't even scratched the surface of what Corey has shared on his other two sites: and]

Facebook Update (August 17th 10:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Jay Weidner is one of the producers at Gaiam TV working on Cosmic Disclosure. He was also one of the room full of industry experts that were sitting around the table firing off questions to me in Gaiam's "Vetting" process. He later stated that most of the people went from skeptical and doubtful about doing the show to believers. I went through this very thorough vetting process not only at Gaiam but also with Dr. Michael Salla and over months and hundreds of hours of conversations with David Wilcock who used his dozen or so trusted SSP Insiders to bounce data off of as well as trick questions in his process. It was quite a rigorous process with all 3 vettings...

Out of This World radio interview w/ Jay Weidner - Cosmic Disclosure & Corey Goode

Further commentary by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Jay's movie "The Last Avatar" can be found here -

Facebook Update (August 17th 11:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Tomorrow a new episode of Cosmic Disclosure comes out on Gaiam TV. It is titled Global Galactic League of Nations (AKA GGLN) and is primarily about this one of the five Secret Space Programs that I have disclosed. We are far past just talking about Solar Warden now and it is time for humanity to know what all is going on that they have been deemed to have no "need to know"... If you do not have a Gaiam TV membership and would like to sign up for the .99 cent first month and $9.99 per month membership where I get credit you can do so at the following link. I have forwarded this web URL to the link where I get credit to make it easier to remember. The site is

Thank you,


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