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Gonzales Meets with Breakaway Groups - Update Coming Soon, Avoiding Disinfo Traps Via Personal Research & Discernment | GoodETxSG

Corey addresses some of the 'pillars of light' phenomena, bringing discernment and investigation to the forefront. I was really impressed by the responses and level of critical thinking in the commentary. There is also a brief update regarding Gonzales' recent meeting with several breakaway civilizations which have apparently formed partnerships. And much more. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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Facebook Update (August 18th 8:30am):

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Sphere Being Alliance Keep your eyes open people. The pillar of light phenomenon is occurring again. It is nothing to be afraid of. This appears to be related to the changing of resonance of the Earth and to help it transition into a higher density in a less violent manner (EQ's/Physical Pole Reversals etc...). 

[Corey provided an explanation of the phenomena presuming it is authentic. I doubt he was implying that all images with 'pillars of light' are genuine or related to the phenomena. As we'll see below some of these 'pillars of light' are a photographic effect using a rolling shutter.]

The shadow wars between the cabal have heated up as well as the battle between Earth Alliance groups that have been infiltrated by the cabal and are now fighting over the financial system. There is much more going on in Asia than has been reported and there has been far more destruction in certain events than has been reported. There is heavy use of Energetic Weather and Earth Quake (EQ) technologies/weapons (Ground & Space based) as well as the use of the very few space based weapons in control of these groups (Low Earth Orbit weapons from the SDI/Star Wars Era).

[There was a massive explosion in Tianjin, China this past week. The media is reporting it as a warehouse fire, but it has been claimed by several that something more insidious is at work. Natural News received insider intel discussing the use of space based weapons. Read more about that here:

Benjamin Fulford produced an update today stating it was an electromagnetic weapon. Read more about that here:

Related SPECIAL REPORT | Benjamin Fulford - August 20th 2015: News update China blast linked to cyber-warfare

At this point there are many theories and not much evidence to work with, but the explosion size and secondary magnitude does seem to suggest something more then a warehouse fire. And then there's this before and after shot, which from my point of view doesn't seem to have a warehouse at the epicenter. What do you think?]

Click image to expand. Open in new tab to magnify. 

Notice when these groups attempt to make good on their threat to bringing war and strife to the surface of the planet the Sphere Alliance makes a peaceful counter move that is helping change the harmonics of our planet. 

The Draco Royals and Committee of 200 Chairmen are trying their best to make good on their threats after their deal of clemency was denied.

These groups are being so reactionary right now they do not realize that they are hastening their own exposure and end with each and every action they take.

Stay tuned for more information, I have a meeting tomorrow morning (early morning as usual) where I will receive more detailed information on recent events.


Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Previous scientific explanation of clear blue sky and naked eye sightings: "Ice Crystals": 

Light pillars

Columns of light apparently beaming directly upwards from unshielded (and wastefully polluting) lights are sometimes visible during very cold weather. Plate shaped ice crystals, normally only present in high clouds, float in the air close to the ground and their horizontal facets reflect light back downwards.

The pillars are not physically over the lights or anywhere else in space for that matter ~ like all halos they are purely the collected light beams from all the millions of crystals which just happen to be reflecting light towards your eyes or camera.

Artificial light pillars can be much taller than their natural counterparts because rays from the lights are not parallel and plate crystals with small tilts can still reflect them downwards. The crystals producing the pillars are roughly halfway between you and the lights.

When ice crystals float in the air around you, pillars (and other halos) can even be seen around streetlights a few metres away.

Multicoloured pillars from low level ice crystals reflecting artificial lights. Shaun Lowe (more of his images) saw these near Bedford Nova Scotia on December '02. ©2002 Shaun Lowe

Unlike the crystals producing sun pillars, those making tall artificial light pillars need not be strongly tilted. The column producing pillars are approximately midway between the eye and the light source. The higher the crystals in the atmosphere, the taller is the pillar. When the crystals are very high - or the light sources are close - the pillars seem to radiate from overhead, the zenith. 

[Julian is a photographer, and noticed that it is possible to create the 'pillar of light' effect, using a rolling shutter artifact when photographing lightning. The following article details how this works. Note: I saw a lot of comments about the metabunk website being disinfo. We have not personally reviewed every article, but the following describing a rolling shutter artifact seems valid based on our investigation of it. Julian was able to capture the exact same effect during a movie filming we did in 2011, meaning that it is a valid camera effect. We should be careful how we paint others with the 'disinfo' brush, especially if we have not fully investigated all aspects of what is shared.]

Solved: Strange Beam of Light over Mayan Temple and Florida [Lightning + Rolling Shutter Artifact]

The above images are examples of a rolling shutter artifact. A "rolling shutter" means that the image is recorded one row (or column in portrait orientation) at a time, and not simultaneously. This means if the exposure and the flash are of very short duration, then the flash will only illuminate some pixel row (or columns) of the image. Slowed down it looks a bit like this:


The green rectangle is the rolling shutter window - what the camera sees of the scene at any one time, and it builds up the actual photo by reading from this rectangle. The flash of lighting is very short, but still lights up all the pixels in the rolling shutter window, causing the "beam". (note this image is in landscape for illustrative purposes - normally the camera would scan a landscape image from top to bottom).

Here's what's going on in the first image. Notice the beam also shows up in the reflection.


And with the Mayan temple, the lighting is behind the temple, so it only lights up the sky, and not the temple itself. So it looks like the "beam" goes behind the temple.



This can be replicated with a flash set to strobe, and taking lots of photos or video with an iPhone:


The fact that the "beam" can go "behind" the clouds can seem confusing in a still image. But it's really just that the lightning is behind the clouds, and they are thick enough to block the light. I simulated a similar effect using the flash and a foam pool toy. If the flash is in front of the toy then it illuminates it, and you get the stripe across the toy. If the flash is moved behind the toy, then the toy is not illuminated, so the "beam" (the stripe of the image) looks like it's going behind the toy.

[The preceding explanation is for cameras only, meaning if you were to see one with the naked eye, the explanation would no longer 'debunk' the phenomena.]

Corey's Responses to this article:

Sphere Being Alliance Just as some orbs are camera artifacts so are some light pillars I am sure. This does not explain why/how people are seeing these light pillars with their naked eyes and then taking video and photo's of them. The PTB first put out articles saying they were caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere when people were reporting seeing them with the naked eye and some of these pillars were video'd and photographed from different directions by various people all seeing the same phenomenon often in the clear blue sky... Those videos and images have been pulled as fast as they are posted and the only ones left up are the ones with clouds in the bk ground to back up the ice crystal article put out when this occurred last time. There are quite a lot of images of camera artifacts of this type and of orbs that people do not see with the naked eye and only see on the image after the photo is reviewed later. Taking a photo of something you see before hand rules out a camera artifact. But this goes to show that any photo/video evidence that anyone puts forward can be debunked quickly by TPTB or skeptics. Nothing but a personal experience will suffice for most people. There will be a global event where every eye shall see and every ear shall hear (Not to sound Biblical).

Sphere Being Alliance I am not basing my report on these photo's only. There are reports of people seeing these events with their naked eyes in clear blue skies in different regions of the the planet including fishermen in the middle of the ocean. During the last round of events there were images shown to me of these light pillars from outer space that were miles wide reaching down to the Earth. Like I stated, there are camera artifacts that produce some of the orb photos people send and pillars of light that people take that they didn't see until after the photo was reviewed later. This does not explain the naked eye sightings in blue skies.

Comment about cameras:

Also, it is uncommon for point and shoot digital cameras to have shutters, they simply have an on/off signal that is sent to the charged coupling device (CCD) behind the lens.

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance Good point and many of the orb photos are lens artifacts of dust particles caught out of focus. I am more interested in photo's or situations where people saw the object/incident with their naked eye prior to the photo being taken. They see something unusual and photograph it and not photograph a landscape and then find later blurry objects or unknown objects in the photo (Though this does happen).

Sphere Being Alliance The scientific explanations of Naked Eye sightings in clear blue skies (Ice Crystals), Always a scientific explanation for everything right? Seeing images of these light pillars in space (no atmosphere) down to the Earth and the reports of frightened fishermen of the coast of Alaska in clear blue skies (No photos, just reports) were shown in the Smart Glass Pad along with the data of a quick campaign to cover up the sightings - 

Sphere Being Alliance I shared this as first hand info months ago. I saw the smart glass pad reports and images and was told by the Sphere Alliance that they (The spheres) were responsible for beaming columns of light energy to various points of the Earth. It is all in previous testimony...

[From this statement it seems Corey is saying the pillar of light intel he is receiving is from the SSP Alliance, not from an article online or other second hand source.]


Facebook Update (August 18th 5:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

UN Space Program and alien threat

A secret space program was created for United Nations members states in the early 1990s that had agreed to cooperate for an alien invasion, according to the latest startling revelation by whistleblower, Corey Goode. He discloses, in his newly released Cosmic Disclosure Gaiam TV interview, more details about the United Nations space program, which he had earlier briefly discussed in an email interview, as a NATO-type space program called the “Global Galactic League of Nations.” Goode says that the origins of the secret UN space program can be dated to the 1980s, with President Ronald Reagan’s statements concerning the need for global cooperation to prepare for an alien threat.

Goode began the interview by saying that during his 20 year tour of duty with a number of secret space programs, he visited a moon base in another solar system belonging to the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN). He says that he traveled there through a portal shuttle system, which made interstellar travel between the Earth and the exomoon very rapid – only a few minutes! Once there, Goode says that he saw personnel from many different nations in a very relaxed mood, similar to what is depicted in the fictional Stargate Atlantis TV series. The mood on the GGLN moon base contrasted 180 degrees with what Goode experienced on the Mars colonies controlled by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate.

The GGLN exomoon had a breathable atmosphere that orbited a nearby gas giant, according to Goode. He was told that the gas giant was part of the Pleiades star system, but was unable to confirm this. Most of the moon base personnel were scientists and engineers, who were working on advanced technologies that had been supplied to them by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. They were developing these technologies for defending the Earth from a possible alien invasion.

Goode elaborated on his earlier disclosure concerning the connection between Ronald Reagan’s statements about alien threats, the most famous of which was delivered at the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 1987. This speech was the catalyst for United Nations member states reaching an agreement for forming a secret space program.

Comment about the article promoting fear:

What the heck Michael Aalla? IMHO U be waaaaaaaaaay off on this one! I thot u were following corey Goode and the Sphere Being Alliance. ....they say no such thing in fact u planting that in our consciousness creates the fear looshe food we are supposed to be avoiding!??

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Did you watch the Cosmic Disclosure episode that the article is based on? I stated that the Alliance wanted even the most uncomfortable data disclosed to prepare people for future data dumps and revelations of crimes against humanity. Wait until we getheavily into the "Galactic Human Trafficking" and other topics. Disclosure is not going to be a hand holding moment where we all sing kumbaya. When Full Disclosure (Not the controlled partial disclosure the cabal is pushing for) occurs there is going to be quite a lot of anger and anxiety about our true history and the crimes against humanity committed by the "Elite" and a number of ET Races/Alliances. We have to be prepared for some very uncomfortable information to enter into our collective psyche before we can go through a healing process and then move on as a "Transitional Civilization"... Transitioning not only into another Density but also a united Earth Human Race that will be entering into a Star-Trek type of civilization free of a Financial Debt/Slave System and access to suppressed technologies that these self proclaimed "Elites" have enhanced their lives with for many decades. It is not going to be easy, especially for the masses who are completely asleep.


Original commenter's response:

Furthermore, this title makes it sound like a NEW alien invasion is about to occur. We have ALREADY been invaded.....and inflitrated and controlled. We now know we have assistance and the key to our freedom is our consciousness. I protest sensationalist title that evoke fear response. Yes the truth is ugly and shocking and is only going to get more so. Human trafficking through the Vatican system is a horrible atrocity not to mention what goes on in the sacrificing of children beneath the Vatican during their rituals. Ugly horrific and disturbing. But yes, it MUST be shared and disclosed. Can we forgive? I've tried doing this in meditation. The only way i could somehow inch toward forgiveness is to see these individuals as damaged, sick, controlled and misguided. It is a very very difficult task to forgive these atrocitties but if that is our path to our freedom, which i DO believe it is, then we each must WORK on this as a representative of our social memory complex awaiting harmonization.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance okay... It is just an article that summarises the last Cosmic Disclosure episode... The Global Galactic League Of Nations was the topic and was started by the UN under the guise of protecting the Earth from an Alien Invasion... If we that are in the awakening community become this reactionary over the title of an article just imagine how reactionary the masses are going to be who will not have ever been exposed to any of this data/material? It is going to be chaos for a time that much is for certain. I don't expect the masses to forgive the elite for their crimes. They need to answer for them even if people forgive them on a personal level. I don't think clemency is appropriate for those who plan on killing of more than 90% of humanity... I think only after trials/tribunals and punishments will we as a people be able to begin to heal and then transition into a more advanced civilization. This will take quite a bit of time for us to work through once we have full disclosure and tribunals. Those in the awakening/truther community are going to find that they are going to be needed to assist the rest of humanity during this time, I am certain of it. That is a huge responsibility for each of us.

[Assuming Corey's narrative is correct, it does seem that this phase of the process is about preparing the awakening community. If the SSP Alliance wanted a huge disclosure, they would have done something more sensational, but instead there is only one man sharing the information reaching a small population of awakening individuals. This suggests that either Corey is a shill, which I doubt based on the available evidence, or that at the end of this process we may be much more unified then in previous times. 

I don't know what the exact figure for the awakening population is, but I'd hazard to guess at least 1% is actively seeking truth in their own way, and is aware of a great deal. That's 70 million people, a monumental force. 

If even half this number banded together on issues which affect all of us, it would be a well nigh unstoppable force. Hence the Cabal's incessant program of divide and conquer, arguably a huge success considering most within the community can barely agree on anything enough to effect any large scale changes. But due to the way truth and awareness work tirelessly on consciousness, it's only a matter of time before unity and change occurs. Barring any unforeseen systems of control, the Cabal is well on its way to imploding, and any frustration we feel now is only the anticipation for an eventuality.]

Comment about 'the psyop':

And the psyop continues...

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Don't you mean the "Cabal Super Soldier AI-ET Mind Control Psyop"? LOL... Or so the narrative has been put forth by a few bloggers one of which is an Illuminati Psyop Agent and the people parrotting this theory are basing their statements on these peoples disinfo w/out doing any research on the actual information I have disclosed. At this point those calling this a psyop are going to have to do better than the silly disinformation and "ALL Milabs=Supersoldiers=Mind Controlled Cabal Assets" meme... People have grown tired of those B.S. story lines and have been sending me emails apologizing and saying they feel silly for falling for them after doing the research themselves.

Response from the commenter:

Corey I'm a milab myself. I don't listen or more like don't take it with anything other than a grain, and as far as the info you've disclosed, is it truly researchable? No sir. Otherwise people wouldn't be skeptics, no doubt theres nuggets of truth to what you deliver but if it were not for those nuggets you'd have no followers.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance What information were you basing your "Psyop" comment off of? There are millions of MILABs out there, many of the biggest skeptics of ET life have actually been MILAB's. Even the so called MILAB experts have barely scratched the surface of these programs and still use Super Soldier as an interchangeable term as MILAB when there are 100's of programs that fall under the MILAB umbrella. What is "Researchable" is what I have said and disclosed compared to what people have SAID I have stated. These detractors have all put out information that people have been comparing to what I have actually said and found the glaring disinformation and lies put forth just to discredit me. That is what I am referring to. There will be no physical proof until the data dumps but there will be more SSP Whistleblowers coming forward. There are some going through the vetting process already. Dr. Salla has a place with the bulk of the data for those to research and compare it to the blatant disinfo that these bloggers are putting out... CG -

Further responses by commenter:

Dude, I'm by no means trying to discredit you, I'm almost positive that your full awareness has been restricted via Mk [ultra]. But thats just my opinion, I think its a psyop based on my own algorithms. I don't have proof, this is my gut speaking, and thats all any of us have going for us..we will be continued to be fed lies until the "truth embargo" is finished' lol like that will ever happen.

But to be frank, my first contact experience was something very strange. It was very warm, felt at home, the very next night is when the black ops got involved. So theres only one doubt in my mind, was the first contact ET or was it psyop milab action? And why? I have researched the corners of this rock for answers, if you feel at liberty to answer any of them that would be gravy.

[I'll just add that we do have our 'gut' or intuition available to us, but any insights received must be tempered by critical thinking and analysis. If we only needed our 'gut' to divine the truth, most of humanity would probably be awake by now. Intuition will provide us undifferentiated information, which passes through our preconceptions, and as a result the quality of the data received depends largely on how open minded we are and how diligently we verify the knowledge we've already laid claim to. Hence the same topic can have a huge spectrum of 'gut' reactions, each dependent upon the beliefs of the individuals which received them.]

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I respect that this is your personal opinion/gut feeling and do not mind skeptics. It is those that have read the disinfo from bloggers and a few compromised researchers that I cannot stand for. As for the lifting of the "Truth Embargo"... It is happening all around us already, and not just by the info I am disclosing. If one mirrors their life experiences onto the world then of course they will have a cynical view. If they were mind controlled then everyone is mind controlled. These people will have to remain skeptical and cynical of all data until the Full Disclosure Event/Data Dumps. For the rest of those out there who have not been "MK Ultra'd" they are looking for information that will help them awaken from the daily mind controlling of the MSM and the false reality created for them by the PTB. People are waking up faster than these "Elite" can deal with them and it has them in a full panic. This is before the prospect of a data dump of their crimes against humanity (Whether you believe it or not.)

Final comment:

Right on Corey, aloha and Mahalo.
[What occurred here in my view, during their exchange was a unification of overarching issues. Many times disagreements are the first step towards developing rapport. I have had the experience of discussing contrasting topics with others, and we had an initially heated exchange, only to find common ground later. In this way conflict can be the first step towards greater unity.]

Comment about making a graphic novel about Corey's experiences:

By the way, I'd love to make a graphic novel of Corey's experiences

Corey's Response:

TY, I have been asked in many emails to write a book of my experiences from childhood through present time. I had thought of doing a new type of digital book that has tons of graphics or even digital animation. I have no idea how I would have time to undertake such a project though. It would be very cool... IMHO anyway


Facebook Update (August 18th 10:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance KP posted this, it seems to coincide with the reports of large pillars of light coming from Spheres and hitting what seem like random areas of the Earth and its Oceans. These same spheres have been absorbing and dispersing galactic energy waves entering our Sol System. It is postulated by SSP Alliance Scientists that these are high frequency stabilization beams that are acclimating the Earth (And inhabitants) as it is transforming to a higher vibratory/density planet as our Sol System moves into a higher frequency/density area of our Galaxy. As of yet there has been no direct communication or explanation from the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians on the purpose of these pillars of light. Since they have occurred there has been a very strong campaign to convince people that they ALL are the result of camera artifacts or atmospheric ice crystals. Just as many photo's of orbs are camera artifacts or tricks of light some of these can indeed be explained away, but not the vast number of them in the varied conditions reported. There have been many naked eye sightings in clear blue skies. As stated earlier I was shown an image taken from space of these light pillars hitting the Earth from many directions. As always you be the judge and use your own discernment with this and all information coming in during this very heavy time of disinfo and government coverups. 

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

This has been showing up all over the place. On FaceBook, etc., and this post is from Alexandra’s Galactic Connection. The videos at the end are also very impressive.
There’s more to this story, I’m sure, but to me this is a visible manifestation of the Light IN-coming to the planet at this moment.
People all around the world take photos of strange beams of light. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them?
Most of these beams of light shot up from the clouds as if a battery of gigantic searchlights are searching the landscape and are identical to a vertical band of light, like the famous beam of light emanating from the peak of the Kukulkan Pyramid photographed by Hector Siliezar on July 24, 2009, while on vacation in Mexico.
It seems unlikely that all these beams are just natural phenomena, camera malfunction or a digital cam glitch.
Could it be that the sun’s solar radiation interacts deep within the Earth’s magnetic field adhering to the planet’s magnetic lines and what we see as a beam of light are in fact the ionized particles charged from the sun’s solar wind or is there something going on?
The next image of the sunrise was taken during a flight from San Francisco to Phoenix on August 17, 2015.

At first glance a beautiful image of the sunrise, but there is something strange to see in this image.
At first you see that the sun emits a streak of light which ends up in a circle, like a wormhole or portal. Then below the circle, in the right corner of the picture, a yellow unknown object and there is an unknown object that can be seen straight above the sun.
The witness stated that he was sitting in the last seat on aircraft with camera pointed towards the tail away from wings and that a pilot who sat beside him also couldn’t explain the strange objects as shown in the image. Mufon case 69495. Link to image.
The unknown object above the sun is a Second Sun or a UFO that uses the Sun as a portal and the yellow object is it’s scout ship?
Related:  Yellowstone Supervolcano Report: More Earthquakes Magma Intrusion Ongoing (Video)
The yellow object is not a sun flare or a reflection of the camera as sun flares/reflections are looking quite different. See image left of sun flares/reflections.
Is it coincidence that all these beams and strange objects near the sun become visible in the same period and is it that alien races are responsible for the strange lights in the sky?
Are they stabilizing the earth with these beams as Nibiru/Planet X is closing in?
The latest large beams are photographed in South Fort Myers Florida, USA on August 15, 2015 and in Civitavecchia Italy on August 10, 2015.

[Given the rolling shutter artifact effect discussed above, it appears most of the pillars of light cited in the video are not genuine, as there is lightning in almost all the images. But as Corey mentioned above, if what prompted someone to take a photo in the first place was a pillar visible with the naked eye, it suggests that some of these could be genuine.]

Comment by Corey:
Sphere Being Alliance I agree, be very careful what you subscribe to... discern every bit of info including the info coming from ME! There has NEVER been more disinfo floating around than during this time right now... Some may say that is a sign in itself which it could be. But please, do not blindly accept ANY INFORMATION including my own. Do your own research and do not follow any Guru's or Prophets... They will let you down every time. This is why so many in the truther movement are so cynical and have horrible attitudes. IMHO of course. CG

Facebook Update (August 19th 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance I have quite a bit of catching up to do on reports. My meeting last night ended up only being with Lt. Col. Gonzales and Raw-Tear-Eir and not the SSP Alliance Council or any other groups. It was one of the shorter meetings I have ever had and was an Intelligence Briefing and also a discussion of a personal nature about my spiritual growth and journey. 

The Secret Earth Government Groups are using the infighting between their syndicates and the Earth Alliance (Over the new financial system) as a way to try once again to trigger WWIII. 

All parties involved know what is going on and this is the only thing that has prevented retaliation against recent attacks in Asia (The "East" in general). 

There has been heavy use of the few space based weapons that they have left as well as ground based weapons (Some via aircraft) that include weather modification and earthquake technologies. 

We are also in the middle of another large high energetic wave that is affecting our Sol System and its inhabitants. 

Gonzales has spent quite a lot of time in meetings with some of the Ancient Earth Breakaway Groups who have been coming together despite their differences. 

These groups that reside in huge underground city complexes have suffered quite a few losses from attacks from ET's and also Military Cabal Groups who in some cases used to be allies.

Gonzales has also been spending quite a lot of time with the recent Cabal/Syndicate Defectors who have provided Intelligence and promises to testify at future hearings/tribunals. 

Many of these people fear that the SSP Alliance Council could be infiltrated as it was prior (When the Syndicates attacked SSP Alliance groups involved in the "Two Atrocities") and locate them and their families.

They know that the Cabal groups utilize several methods including an ET/ED AI technology that not only predicts probable futures but also locates targets. Quite a lot of resources are going into keeping these people and their families safe for a post full disclosure (Data Dump) event and the tribunals of those that have been responsible for crimes against humanity. 

These Syndicate Groups and their ET gods are in a pretty desperate state right now and are attempting to make good on their threats to bring chaos and war to the Earths surface.

It is certainly time for us to come together with other groups and begin to meditate, pray and focus/imagine a peaceful outcome and energy on Earth right now to counteract what these negative groups are trying to set in motion.

There are already groups out there doing regular meditations. We need to all do this but not meditate on death to our enemies but on love and peaceful thoughts and energy flowing from us and flowing across the planet.

Even a small number of us doing this can make a huge difference and will demonstrate to ourselves and others the true power of our co-creative consciousness.

We are enjoying our vacation and will be back home after the weekend. I hope to have some detailed updates posted very soon.

In the mean time I had an interview with George Noory on his show Beyond Belief released today as well as a recent episode of Cosmic Disclosure released on Tuesday. If you do not have a membership and would like to sign up as well as support me in the process please do so through the following link. I receive a small contribution for each new membership and continue to receive that contribution monthly as long as that membership is active.

The URL to sign up for Gaiam TV where I get credit is: 

Thank you,

Question about what 'the two atrocities' were:

Corey, what are the "Two atrocities" you mention above? was one the Tianjin explosion in China? thanks for all that you do...

Answer from another commenter:

I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) the 2 atrocities were recent attacks made on the ICC Mars Colonies by the SSP Alliance through actionable intelligence given to them by recent defectors. I believe approx 250,000 humans were killed in those attacks - terrible tragedy. The BA's have since made it clear to the SSP Alliance that it is not permitted to use violence in an offensive manner ever again. The peace, love and oneness message has been a difficult concept for many to wrap their minds around.

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance [your] correct... CG

Sphere Being Alliance Attack on 1 mars facility and 1 ET base under the ocean fairly distant off the coast of the "Carolina's"...

Question about Planet X:

I am enjoying your program on Gaiam. I keep hoping that you will mention planet X, a.k.a. Niburu, which some say is responsible for the earth changes we are seeing. Is it approaching us and is this anything we should be concerned about?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, this is why some people like Webre came out against me. I answered the questions about PlanetX on the Open Your Minds Radio interview that we are in a binary star system w/a brown dwarf that does not enter our Sol System. It does have an effect on our star system but not like some have proposed. The climate changes are due to our Sol System moving into a high energetic (High Density) area of our Galaxy.

Question about why the Sphere Beings didn't inform the SSP Alliance about ICC activities on Mars:

Re: the Mars base visit... In a recent interview with Alex Collier there was some confusion regarding why such a visit was needed when these 6D beings would obviously know what was going on, if they were 6D. Could you elaborate on this perhaps in a supplemental report, one that could be more widely disseminated perhaps through an upcoming interview? It's important to remember that all of these high profile insiders are talking about SBA now and you specifically, as this information is exponentially transmitted through media.

Thank you for this information update. It helps to reaffirm the need for focus on meditational awareness with an aim to creating a new world with freedom, love, respect for all.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance These inspections were not for the benefit of the 6D beings, they know what is going on in these places. The SSP Alliance already knew what was going on in these places. The invitation was made by the ICC as a PR stunt that backfired on them. We have all the information we need from the Negative SSP and Cabal Defectors as well as recent Super Hacks to add to the data dumps. 

This inspection was also the ICC trying to gather Intel as we were walking through similar political steps that occur on Earth between World agencies and rogue nations. A flipped response that higher density beings already know what is going on at these places making the trip unnecessary shows a lack of understanding of the political and investigative (Physical Evidence Gathering) process that will be needed for the Tribunals. We need to proceed towards these trials in a proper manner and dot all i's and cross all t's. People are trying to simplify a complex situation in order to fit it into their current beliefs, narratives or just fit into their lack of understanding of what is going on right now... Which their ego's will not allow them to admit... When one feels they are at the top of the pyramid of knowledge they do not like information rolling down from higher up and bruising that ego or stature in the Ufology community. Compartmentalization has been very effective in manipulating people into believing that they are at the top of the totem pole of TRUTH. That they have the highest "Need to know" and anything that doesn't match what they know is untrue or disinfo... That is the nature of how these classification systems work. The lie is different on every level. 


Comment about diligent research:

Yes, I understand this, though in Alex's case it really wasn't an ego issue so much as an interviewer who didn't do his research and gave him a really poor synopsis. I observed the same thing in a Simon Parkes interview which is where the "blue = mind control" misinfo may be coming from. Few in the community are as diligent at research as DW, and I wish that more would practice his ethic. In any case, these folks are compounding misinformation unintentionally through their followers. I've done due diligence, worked in law, familiar with Dodd-Frank compliance, been a compliance officer, etc., just to put me on a map.

My concern is coming from a linguistics-based frame in the over-arching effort to share knowledge among 3D folks who are developing "Capital D" discernment. Youtube is one of the best ways to disseminate info in general because of visibility but it is also a wild west land mine of crap mixed in with a lot of great stuff. I'm sure many of the people following your work directly are doing their part to correct misinformation where we can, and it will sort itself out in the long run. I'm a pain mitigation thinker (project mgmt) and this was my whole intention in commenting. The truth is never a stumbling block when we practice clarity, and many people are learning this. It is developing new muscle, so to speak, and in actuality an exciting process to observe. Things that I learned from my Teacher in the early 90's are popping up all over the place. I'm really quite thrilled.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Simon Parks first told Kerry in an interview that the Blue Avians were real and he was aware of them... Hmmm, Why would people be changing their opinions suddenly when all of the Illuminati Disinfo comes along... And note that most that are doing so have had Illuminati Family ties at one point. ALL Illuminati are subjected to sex abuse and traumatic mind control from a very young age. NO exceptions. Every credible Illuminati whistleblower that has left has confirmed this. So those who are saying they are former Illuminati and are calling others mind controlled are extremely compromised and have been through and are possibly still acting on that mind control themselves... People need to do their own research and not just blindly accept info from anyone including myself. Research and Discern!


Corey on the 'white light at death is a soul trap' concept:

Sphere Being Alliance The white light is NOT A SOUL TRAP... that is an Illuminati Psyop and Disinfo campaign that goes back to the 1980's... It is not true. When it comes down to it who can say it is or is not true? It is really a mute point... Especially with where we are in our current evolution and the evolution of the Sol System... CG


Facebook Update (August 20th 3:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Received an email with information regarding "Denise" who has been channeling a source she has called the Sphere Alliance and claimed it was the 2 beings yet to reveal themselves. I am receiving quite a few emails about this person and their postings as well as a few other people now channeling entities that they think are the Sphere Alliance (Though are not, The SBA is not communicating via Channeling):
Misunderstanding re. Denise's source clarified - please read her source's reply to your valid doubts

Honored Corey,

first of all big mahalos for who you are and everything you do! The misunderstanding regarding the *different* sphere alliance Denise has been having contact with has been clarified by her source. It was her who in the very beginning simply did not know that there are over 1,000 spheres and many different alliances, so she thought she was contacted by the same group you have been collaborating with. Please, to pacify this short interference interlude, see my email to her, and the group consciousness appeasing and reconciliatory reply:…/sphere-alliance-message…

After you read it incl. their praises for you, all will be clear and good again, and we all can continue to move forward united and positive as ever.

You rock, Corey!


Dear American Kabuki,

Not knowing Denise and Bill's email address - would you please forward this message to her. Once you read it, you will understand where I'm coming from positively. Feel free to pass my email address on to her. Thank you so much.


Dear honored Denise,

With much regret I and many others were witnessing Corey Goode's disbelief of the authenticity of your source. I feel the need to share what I have learned, which is that, within the vast Galactic Con-Federation of Light, there is a multitude of different spheres with many different interacting yet independent "alliances":

There is the alliance Corey refers to, constituted of the Blue Avians, Blue Orbs, Golden Triangle Heads, and two not yet revealed. From what I know, these beings originated from very close to the center of this galaxy and are very ancient beings.

There are also the spheres Anais (the Sirian mothership), Athena (the Arcturian mothership), Neptune (the Pleiadian mothership), etc. pp. which each again are home to vast and highly diverse alliances of beings from many different planets, dimensions, and even time lines and realities, alternate and parallel.

The beings of your source have disclosed in one of their messages through you that they are rather of a Pleiadian vibration. Reading your message from June 20, the part that they are "part of the Sphere Alliance not yet revealed (so not blue avians, not the golden triangle heads, and not the orbs)" seems like your interpretation from relating to Corey's insight shares (and not necessarily what they actually and literally passed on to you?).

For clarification and because we are meant to stay united within the lightworker community, would you, at the next channeling, please have your source clarify how they relate to Corey Goode's classification of Sphere Being Alliance (of the Blue Avians, Blue Orbs, Golden Triangle Heads, and the two not yet revealed). 

And yes, at this point in time it would be extremely helpful to hear if indeed they consider themselves belonging to a sphere alliance different to Corey's, and have them please share more about their origin, especially in regards to the Pleiades.

With much love and looking forward to hearing from you and this Sphere Alliance group consciousness either directly from you or via AK's blog,

Lee Binder

I again cleared my space and declared that only messages of Pure Absolute Love and Truth are welcomed here.

Dear brother Lee, it is with great honor that we receive this message through our vessel of transmission at this time. We say to you we recognize your energy signature and will allow you to reveal this yourself in due time, but we say to you peace and friendship are on the HORIZON. You will undoubtedly know what we mean by that.

To answer your question, which has already been addressed in part by our brother who calls his EARTH vessel AK, for indeed he is who he says he, IS HERE with US, to be REVEALED at or just before the SHOW   NO PREVIEWS!

LEE, there are at this moment of your NOW over 1,200 Spheres in place within the SOLAR SYSTEM of EARTH.  There a also a multitude and when we say MULTITUDE we mean that ALL are arriving in the NOW for this magnificent DOing.

THE ONE known as COREY GOODETXG is known to us for both his work here and there. HE is a HARDY Essence who is working with a portion of theSPHERE BEING ALLIANCE that was revealed through his remembering and recent work.  His work is nothing if not an AWESOME result of the strength and courage of ONE HUMAN to awaken in part to HIS/HER own BEing.

We acknowledge that this beloved COREY is another CONDUIT of Transmission with a different and physical experience because of his FORTITUDE and HONOR. HE has been responsible for the waking of many, countless Earth Based Essence and We ADMIRE and LOVE him for ALL He DOes.

Now you state that "there is a SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE of 5 civilizations", AND we state to you that, YES, this is true.  WE state to you NOW that the "SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE is comprised of over 3,000 civilizations from ALL DIMENSIONS, and DIRECTIONS, in FORM and in NO FORM and within and without. Yes, we assure you, we are in the PHYSICAL

TO name ALL ALLIANCES would be foolhardy at this time, for to say with a sense of JOY, did you not play basketball with one group of boys on the playground and then play tag with another? We ask you, when you went back inside were you not ALL in the same classroom? WE say to you this ALL are ONE.  THE MULTITUDES ARRIVING on the 'playground' NOW constitute the entire school, and all of the other schools in the same city arriving on the playground.  AND THE NEXT Town over and so on and so on.  DO YOU have the picture of the MULTITUDE coming for the SHOW?

With Love and JOY We say, SEE YOU ON THE HORIZON, LEE.  We end this transmission.

[In my view the inner process of divining meaning from our experience works for everything. By this I mean, even if we are reading a 'bogus channeling' (not that this is what I contend here) that doesn't mean the internal growth gained as a result has no value. The few Denice's Sphere Alliance messages I've read were insightful, and while there was confusion with respect to which Sphere Alliance was allegedly contacted, the concepts and ideas shared can still be used to reveal meanings within us. This of course extends to any information source, regardless of how accurate it ultimately is. Underscoring the notion that process of distilling wisdom from our experience is much more about what it means to us vs trying to find truth outside of us. And that well nigh anything can be used to activate an inner process of self mastery and attainment. In other words there are infinite roads to find one's way back to source.]

Comment about channeled material:

Based on what Corey said about the "Voice of God" technology, I find myself questioning and avoiding all channeled material. Which is sad because there are many gifted people with pure intentions. But, how do you know for sure. Even when my discernment seems to say it's ok, I'm still questioning it.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance This voice of god technology has torn the Ufology Community apart by creating many narratives that conflict w/each other and become heavily defended cult like belief systems (UFO Religions)... This is a major issue in the truther community.


Corey's commentary on Alfred Webre:

Sphere Being Alliance Wow, Webre has seriously lost his mind. Such reactionary behavior and constant attacking of information that threatens his UFO Religion and making wild speculations and accusations is unheard of. Remember I said that when people accuse you of something they are telling you what they would do in that same situation... DW shut down his own site as a false flag/PR stunt? He has all the documentation of the host site support who had a team working to fix it (Because of the hosting package he pays for)... POST: 

"Alfred also claims the attack on DivineCosmos was a false flag to make it look like its legitimate, when in fact it was David who brought it down himself (or something like that). Still don't know what he is basing his accusations off of accept a few disturbed bloggers and a hunch? That is responsible journalism... Wait, he is a blogger. Not only is he putting forth DISINFO KNOWINGLY but MALICIOUSLY... "

He knows we never stated there was a September date of anything occurring, yet he passing that info along anyway. When people who claim to be for the truth put forth disinformation knowingly they then become disinformation agents weather it be of their own agenda or the "Cabal"... It is sad that certain people are tarnishing their reputations in this manner. CG

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Yesterday at 11:35am · Edited
What we are saying is a bit out of the ordinary. (1) The Blue Avian story that Corey, Wilcock and Salla are promoting is not about a real Exophenotype. It is really a mind control meme developed by the Illuminati and used in the BLUE BIRD MKULTRA PROGRAM as well. In simple terms, Wilcock, Corey and Salla are now at effect of Illuminati mind control and are propagators of the meme. (2) Project Blue Beam connection - The Blue Avian meme is now a candidate for possible use in a future ET false flag operation using neural holographic remote technology and memes, in conjunction with world events like the UN and Pope Bergoglio, as Dr. Werner von Braun leaked to my colleague Dr. Carol Rosin on his deathbed. I hope this is clear. wink emoticon
BLUE Beam/BLUE Avian/MKULTRA BLUE Bird. IMHO, BLUE Avian is part of the neural mind control infrastructure of Project BLUE Beam for total global mind control of humans inside pods each tuned into neurally generated holographic realities. That technology is here now and Jade Helm is the AI monitoring of a major CERN Air War escalation involving BLUE Beam and BLUE Avian in September 22-28, 2015 [Tetra Lunar Eclipse] and Ground War escalation involving Jesuit Pope Bergoglio, U.S. President Barack Obama and the UN in an orchestrated Matrix Air and Ground War psyop.

Thank Source we Exposed and Busted BLUE Beam/BLUE Avian/BLUE Bird on July 26, 2015, Anniversary of the Cuban (Atlantis) Revolution, thus deconstructing the planned September 23 Yom Kippur 2015 false flag!
Good Work Guys!!!!

Sphere Being Alliance Indeed, these people have self identified themselves... All of these people that have been conspiring in emails and skypes against this information have revealed quite a lot about themselves (Character/Ethics/Agendas). It is sad that they have worked so hard in the background to create such a schism in this field based on personal biases and bruised egos. There is no excuse however for purposely being dishonest and at the same time leaning on a legacy and tarnishing a hard earned reputation by conspiring to pass on disinformation with other people who are desperately looking for some sort of attention in this field. 

When people show over and over that they are willing to risk partnerships and their reputation for what they believe to be "Former Illuminati" who have turned "White Hats" shows a pattern of their own belief systems and reality bubble. When they make things personal and begin to attack a larger group of people and lump them all together by calling them names and associating them (MILABS) under one umbrella statement, not caring how much damage it does to others (Collateral Damage?) then it just becomes Sociopathic types of behavior. As time goes on history will reflect poorly on those who have behaved a certain way and have left a huge paper trail of their reactionary behavior. 

Do they think current allies will remain allies? We see how quickly people turn on your in this field. And once all of this information is eventually published it is going to leave quite a few people wishing they had more self control. As I said some of these people have done some amazing work in the past and even trail blazed new paths in this field. To risk tarnishing those legacies over overly emotional and ego based attacks is a shame. Some of them do not even realize that they are throwing former whistleblowers and people they have interviewed under the bus. I do hope they will find a way to reign in their emotions and the rifts in relationships in this field can begin to heal. Their triggered behavior is doing more damage to Ufology than the the cabal infiltrators and disinfo agents have ever been able to do... These people are kicking back and enjoying every moment of this self destructive behavior. Of course this will all be a footnote once there is a full disclosure event. In the mean time it is a distraction that serves the opposition forces/negative polarity forces only. 


Comment about personal discernment revealing insights into who is potentially spreading disinfo:

Knew A.Weber was a disinformation artist when he called out Kevin Annett as a fake meanwhile the investigations in England into the child abuse cases had already been made public. It's silly. At this point I intend those who have done their inner-work have a good grasp of their intuition and discernment. Much Love

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Now he is saying the Cabal doesn't exist... Delusional and maybe just not worth even paying attention to. "You will know them by their works"... One thing is people are revealing MUCH about themselves right now... It is not pretty either. 


Commenter shared conversation between themselves and Alfred Webre:

just to let you know....
I had MY OWN Dialogue with Alfred:


Thanks for your Reply
My Take on the IA Milab agenda regarding Corey Goode and David Wilcock being in some way sleeping, now activated Psy Ops agents.

When comparing facts with unchecked statements from You and others, I've come to the Conclusion, that Yours and Others accusations fall short. The MAIN REASON being the Blue Avian again; How on EARTH could the Promotion of this message be helpful to the Cabal? does Not Make Any Sense...imho

Alfred Lambremont Webre:

There is no CABAL. That is a cover word and diversionary meme for AI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ENTRAINMENT TO TAKE OVER PLANET!


That does not answer my Question...So I repeat, HOW on EARTH would any Negative Group, in their attempts to enslave/Keep Enslaved Humanity at large, benefit from a Psy Op, promoting the message of the Blue Avians, as Corey Goode and David Wilcock is Doing right now as You say... their supposed agents?

I'M Still Waiting for an Answer from Alfred....

as this was TWO DAYS ago....I'm Doubting that He'll will Answer...

ANYHOW...I ended the exchange with THIS:

In Conclusion (smile emoticons)
As Far as I'm Concerned... (smile emoticons)
It's of NO Importance, WHO delivers The Message..
It could be the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, The Sirians...OR Your NABOR!
The Message STILL stands on its OWN MERIT!

The Difficult Part STILL IS....LIVING THE MESSAGE!!!
LIVE THE MESSAGE!!! (smile emoticons)

What is this “Message”?

Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes. This sounds to many like a “Hippy Love and Peace” message that will not make a difference. I assure you the “Path” they lay out in “Their Message” is a difficult one. Even on the unlikely chance that these technologies stay “Suppressed”, imagine what a world we would live in if everyone made these changes to their selves?

The Blue Avians also gave a warning with this “Message”. They had tried to deliver this message “Three Other Times” and it had been distorted by humanity. They made it “very clear” that this information was NOT to become a “Cult or Religious Movement” nor was I to put myself (my “ego”) before the “Message” or elevate myself to a “Guru” status. Anyone who does so should be avoided and held accountable, including myself.

Thank you,

Corey “GoodETxSG” aka “Luke”
With the Hope of Sharing LGF

[I was very encouraged to read this line: "It's of NO Importance, WHO delivers The Message.." there is a false discernment which attempts to dismiss information based on who it comes from, their character traits, personal problems, etc. But this method does nothing to evaluate the content of what is being shared. Clearly this commenter recognizes this. As I often say, the truth requires no spokesmen, it simply IS.]

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance That speaks volumes and matches very many of the emails and exchanges other people have had with him... Showing very bizarre and reactionary behavior that shows he hasn't even done any research of the material himself, he is only parrotting info from some very unstable bloggers who have a dubious past of their own... Who offer no evidence and only speculation and theories based on their own belief systems... 

TY for sharing CG

Sphere Being Alliance You will know them by their deeds and works and not merely by their words... They are self identifying for sure. I do think the Galactic Energies entering into our Sol System are affecting the lower vibrational (Spiritually) people and causing negative people to behave more so and mentally I'll people to become more so. It is a side effect of being the wrong polarity at the wrong time in human history



Facebook Update (August 21st 7:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance A lil KP wisdom to put things start the day off and put things into perspective...

Kp Message 8-20-15… “Not my Hoo-Hah”… “Follow your Inner Guide”

There’s a lot of “stuff” going on out there, and a lot of “goings on” about all the goings on out there.

People say this and that about this and that. And then so and so tells a story about so and so and “They are disinfo”, “They are saying ‘The Truth'”, “Listen to them, but don’t pay any attention to those other thems.”

My only message for those things… “Not my Hoo Hah”. And I will not make it my “Hoo Hah”…

The other only message for that is, “Who the h— cares what those other thems’ Hoo Hah is.” The only important thing is, “Follow your Inner Guide… and all else will follow.”

Somewhere along the line with somebody, I remember reading that this is not about setting things up for the “Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong” show, nor is it about giving people “gurus” to follow so they can be okay (and so they have someone to blame when their path goes awry) and feel “comfortable” on their spiritual path.

All of that is OLD PARADIGM, baby. I suggest, “Let it go.”

I am solely responsible for my own path.
I am solely responsible for hearing the message that fits me.
I am solely responsible for sensing what resonates with me.
I am solely responsible for the I AM that I IS.

Personally, I do NOT have to follow anyone. I do NOT depend on others to tell me what my resonance is. I do NOT depend on others to tell me where to go, what to do, when to be.

Sorry, “gurus”… you are not my guiding light.

I listen to the Higher Inner Voice. And that’s the only “guru” I follow.

Aloha Kp

[Spot on KP. We need not accept another's perspective as our own, in fact I don't think its even possible. Use your mind, or someone else will.]

Facebook Update (August 21st 1:20pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

I would like to ask about the Nibiru/Planet-X, aka a mini solar system, that is approaching our solar system and how it's going to affect our planet. Is this something we should be concerned about?

No, this is why some people like Webre came out against me. I answered the questions about PlanetX on the Open Your Minds Radio interview that we are in a binary star system with a brown dwarf that does not enter our Sol System. It does have an effect on our star system but not like some have proposed. The climate changes are due to our Sol System moving into a high energetic (high density) area of our galaxy.

An article by Corey written in January 2015 linked as a comment:

Sphere Being Alliance 

Does Remote Viewing Data Reveal That We Are Apart of a Solitary, Binary or Trinary Star System? Does Similar Data Point to An "Astronomical Event" and An "Ascension Energy Shift"?
1989 Remote Viewing "Target" and "SessionSummary" of a "Red Star" along with Additional Data Provided Directly Below (Red & Blue Star in addition to our “Yellow Star System”). 

A "Second Remote Viewing Session" Notes and Additional Follow Up "Dream Data" Performed Much More Recently, Refers To An “Astronomical Event” and “Ascension Energetic or Density Change” to our local Space Time.

This (And ALL) RV Data is completely subjective and should be read and looked at this way. These are a few of several RV Sessions that are added to my "Journals".

First Remote Viewing Session performed while working "On Project" June, 11th 1989. (CRV Blind Target).

Red Star/Blue Star/Solar System RV Info

Below is an RV Summary Transcription from hand written notes. Some of them were also of me asking (Speculating to myself) if colors Red and Blue had to do with "Red Shift" or "Blue Shift" as in the direction of star travel (According to current main stream Astronomy Models). By looking at some of the notes in the margins and corners of the pages I was not able to decipher what I was thinking at the time, lots of those notes had incomplete sentences and thoughts that I cannot correlate with what I was trying to communicate at that time. Many of those "Side Notes" didn't make it into the below "Summary" either because they were unreadable or were incomplete sentences and I didn't know exactly what they meant. I didn't want to speculate.

Most of the originals were kept by the group. These were carried out by myself after an oversight when I was asked to go over the drawing/sketch and problems with the legibility of my hand writing because it was so bad it couldn’t be read by the lady that typed it up (Transcription). They received (And Kept) the originals for the most part. I don’t really remember much about the (Original) session now, such as where it was done or the time of day etc.. (It was in 1989 and I was tasked with "Other Targets” in that time frame).

I didn’t remember the RV of the Red or the Blue Star until reading it (It had been many years and I did quite a few very similar sessions) in the note's when I found them on a faded piece of notebook paper in an old folder (Then the “Imagery” of this session came back to me very vividly.). The date on this piece of paper was June 11th 1989. I am not sure if that is the date of a debrief or of the actual RV Session. Transcribed from my handwritten note, minus some bullet points that were unreadable because of my bad hand writing during the session.

Begin Session, Open Envelop and see "Alpha Numeric" Target Code: - Moving out to coordinate. Target acquired. - Spiral 2 arm galaxy? Feel hair on body stand. Electricity? (Magnetic Field?). (Bolts of) Lightening in the 2 spiral arms? Red like rust. Red light emitting. (Crunchy metallic taste in mouth...?) - Moving closer feels like heading into centre of Whirlpool. Strong! “Spiral” Arms magnetically attracted to other “bodies” near by. One “spiral arm” is North Pole the other “spiral arm” is South pole?? - Not a “Galaxy” but “spiral arms” look like “twisted” (Cork Screw), “Comet Tails” Red in color. "Star (SMALL) in middle cannot see it surrounded by cloud of debris, chunks of “Metal Rocks”, HUGE! Some (Of the Huge Rocky Bodies) are smashing into each other some are “Magnetized” and keeping a polarity and distance (Strange "Equidistant") from each other. "Other Spherical and larger Bodies" in "Orbits", 5? 7? Objects?- Moving into debris to see "Centre Object". Centre of debris is "Perfect"circle/sphere around “Red Star”. Very small but Much Torsion(Torsion was the word used in session back in 1989). “Fractured Space” (Portals?), “Torn”, “Cracked”. “Fractured Reality” (Beginning to feel/taste/smell “Obtain” other sensory data). (I am) “Nauseated”, “Confused”. “Feel Sick” and “Upset”. Depending on “Perspective”, “Everything is True” and “Nothing is True”. “Strange Energy” coming from “Fractures in Space”!(Portals?), “FeelVery Ill”! (MUST LEAVE!), Allowing myself to move away (Not inspecting “Other Bodies”). Now in “spiral arm”. Moving away from “centre” Very Fast and Being “Expelled”.(I should have observed the "Other Bodies" in "Orbit" of this "Red Star Anomaly".)- Moving “Opposite Sol Plane” of our planets at extremely high speed! I find my self moving towards “Oort Cloud”, Then “Passing Through” the “Oort and Sol Barrier” into “Open Space”. Feeling Very “Anxious” want to go back to point of reference. Need to see this (Feel “Led” to continue). Feel “Buffering” of a "Strong Wind".Feel like I am in a "Taffy Machine" but I can handle it. - Still moving away (At a very high rate of speed). I can See “Sol”, I can see the “Red Star” (With out spiral arms) now and see a couple of "Star Trails”. See another "Star", A “Blue Star”. Very Big (Giant), Sol and Red Star “Trails” “Move around this blue Star like “They” are chasing it across the Galaxy” and “Red Star chasing Sol and the Blue Star in Eccentric Orbit”. - Red Star has very “Weird Orbit of both the Blue Star and the Yellow Star/Sol”. (I am) Moving toward Blue Star (Very Big, Giant), “Strange Vibration” (Very “Alien Environment”), “Very Large Gas Giants” (Planets as big or bigger than our Sun?). “As Large as Sol?” “Maybe”, “Seem so”. They “Look like Neptune and Venus with many Moons”. (Very “Orderly” Planetary System, Perfect Planetary “Axis” and “Balance” or “Orbits/Rotations”).- (I/Myself) “Feel I Do Not Belong Here” and Should Not "Trespass". “My Energy is Not Compatible”. Moving to point of reference.- (I) See “Sol” getting closer. Wow, (I can) see Sol and the “Oort cloud” with a “Tail”, (IT/SOL) Looks like “Giant Comet” (As I move closer) close up. Entering Sol system. (I) Feel there is “Lots of Activity” (Non-Human) in “Outer Sol”. - Stopping“Close to Point of Reference” But “Not Right Time” (Not “MY TIME” Frame). (I SEE) A “Comet”, Huge Comet Entering One “SPIRAL ARM” of the "RED STAR" CLEARING SOME AREA (OF IT) OUT. “Sol SEEMS ANGRY”. “CHANGES COLOR”, “SHIFTS ORANGE” (Sun is extremely active, Something “Energetic” has occurred causing it to “Shift” from “Yellow” to “Orange”). - EARTH (Is Now Completely) COVERED IN CLOUDS and STORMS. “STORMS IN SPACE” (Energetic), “ELECTRICITY” (Electric Discharges), Meteors “LARGE AND SMALL”. “Sol is GOBBLING UP LOTS OF METEORS (& Comets/Debris), Earth HAS TAKEN SOME DAMAGE ON LAND AND SEA. (Did not move into Earth's Atmosphere to “View”, I was confused, was on my was to point of reference.)- RED STAR MOVES VERY SLOWLY WHEN CLOSE TO sol AND MORE RAPIDLY WHEN FURTHER AWAY AND HEADED TO AND FROM blue star? (Seems to be some strange dynamics at play). “Blue STAR WAS PRISTINE”, ORGANIZED, VERY POLAR ORIENTED. Not LIKE sol SYSTEM (Total mess and hectic).Moving TO POINT OF REFERENCE. End Session.

"Astronomical and Energetic Event" RV & Dream Info: [10/5/13]

- In my Post RV "Dream/Vision" (Was not in "Sleep State") I saw a post (Astronomical) "Event" population of people "Confused", "Angry", and "At Their Worst", Fighting for "Resources"...

Question about angelic beings and flashes of light:

So Corey, what's your thoughts on these angelic beings and the flashes of light?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Higher Density Beings (Humans would consider from an Angelic Realm) and the Flashes of light seem to represent the Galactic Energies. 


Comment by Corey about September predictions:

Sphere Being Alliance Every year there is a rumor of something BIG coming this "September", "October" or "November"... Then December comes, then Janurary goes by and we move on to the next big "Autumn Surprise"... This circle of let downs has made the Ufology community cynical and fragmented. Eventually something will occur during these months of course... "Even a broken clock is correct two times a day". Do not get caught up in these fear porn narratives. Our co-creative consciousness can actually make some of these things happen. All of the above is done by design by the opposition forces to cause a loss of faith and a splintering in the "Truther Community"... 

There is some to be said about how cycles have repeated themselves during the 4 blood moons in the past with financial collapses. This has nothing to do with an X Wave coming from the center of the Galaxy and hitting our Sol System... We have been experiencing these Galactic Energies for decades at an increasing (Exponential) rate as our Sol System enters into a highly energetic area of the Galaxy. Even Main Stream Science has been observing these "Highly Charged Particle Interstellar Clouds" for decades and have speculated their affect on our star system and planet.... Do your own research and follow your own discernment. 


Related Blood Moon Tetrad Suggests World Changing Events for 2015? | Let This Be Our Year For Change

Comment about Tomorrow Land film:

Everyone should watch 'Tomorrow Land' By no other than Brad Bird, lol syncronicity. George Clooney stars and it is extremely relevant to this topic.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Disney is doing a TON of disclosure through their Tomorrow Land narratives. They have several cartoons and now a movie with Tomorrow Land being a central theme. "Miles from Tomorrow Land" etc... Bits and pieces all through that cartoon that my son loves. I have choked on my coffee a couple of times. I haven't seen the movie yet, but hear it is chalked full of leaks. 


[There is definitely a huge level of disclosure happening in films, TV shows and even video games. We've done several write ups on this in the past, here are a few of them:

Comment about Disney and Marvel:

Disney also owns Marvel, and Marvel is doing a lot of disclosure also. They now own Lucasfilm, so maybe they will do the same with Star Wars. Lots of people villify Disney, and like most corporations they have their deficiencies, but remember that Disney once did a UFO documentary for TV hosted by Michael Eisner.


Facebook Update (August 21st 11:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance In my last meeting it was reinforced that the SSP Alliance was most happy about how much we have further brought out the "ET/ED AI THREAT"... However, the "CABAL" or Secret Earth Government and Syndicate groups who are allies with this "ET/ED AI" (AKA "AI Prophets") are extremely upset.

This group has used their innate ability to infiltrate any group to begin to attack the information with ridiculous claims that the information I am disclosing is an "AI Psyop". 

They have turned already morally compromised persons into their proxy agents of pure disinformation (Knowingly telling lies). 

How these people reconcile the fact that we have done MORE TO EXPOSE THE ET/ED AI THREAT than ANYONE ELSE is beyond me. Here is a very old post that should give them all food for thought. It should also cause those following their info to break away and do their own research and use their own discernment and stop following bloggers and researcher "Guru's" that are now being exposed as the STS and negative beings they have devolved into in recent years...
Think for yourself and use your own discernment. The truth will shine a light in some dark places. If you look up to other people they will always let you down. THEY ARE PEOPLE, flaws and all after all... 

I post this not to defend myself once again but as a precursor to a larger posting showing the deception put forth by certain people out of their own personal agenda's. Some of them with a history of working with "Illuminati Whistleblowers" (Who all have been through trauma based mind control... No exceptions!). Each time they have worked with these people it has blown up in their face, yet they learn nothing.


There are a few ET "AI" Groups (ALL Malevolent to Humanity, from our perspective) that theSSP(s) (There are several Secret Space Programs) have been dealing with for decades.

If an "Asset" is "Scanned" and has a "Bio Neuro AI Signature", "AI Nano Tech" or "Overlapping AI related EMG type Brian Wave Signature" (Or any other sign of AI exposure) those persons are immediately placed in isolation and are not allowed anywhere near the current era SSP(s) Technology (Which is "Mostly" Bio-Neurological and Consciousness Interactive) until they have been "Cleared" of all AI influences.

This is something the SSP(s) Engineer's take Very Seriously. There have been incidents where “AI Infections” have burned out “Bio Neuro Relay's” in systems causing everything from small glitches to wide spread outages of the “Defense Grid”. These basic “Bio Neuro Cells” are “Bio-Chemical” units that are suspended in a “Gel”. When viewed under a Microscope they appear very similar to the Neurology of the Human Brain and Neurological System. This is a “Living Technology” is basic terms but not “Conscious” or “Self Aware”. This technology allows direct Human Interface and instantaneous “Operator to Technology” interaction and control.

Anyone who willingly opens themselves up to "Contact" or interaction with these "AI's" via “Channelling” or other methods is playing a dangerous game and unwittingly becomes “Infected” and then falls under the AI's “Influence”. In the future Humans will be convinced to accept “Chips”, “Nano-Technology” that will rebuild and repair their Cells and Organs and even be promised Immortality (This is a “Trojan Horse”). They however do not realize the price they will pay is loss of their own Sovereignty. The “AI's” see a future of Humanity willingly giving up their sovereignty to the THEM as being impartial and superior rulers.

There is much more to the "Trans Humanist Agenda" that involves the "AI Trojan Horse Agenda". Prior to Humanity being seeded with Technology that could "Host" AI Consciousness on a larger scale much of its interactions were limited as it used "Disease". Virus and Bacteria have their own "Bio/Chemical Electric Fields that can "Host" the "AI Consciousness/Bots". However, Animals and Humans were not very practical hosts because of their slow mode of travel and relative low numbers compared today.

Therefore the AI's waited until the Humans had developed to a certain point and then “Engineered” a more direct encounter with Humanity. They “Engineered Alien Crash Scenario's”. There have been quite a few Crash Retrievals and I am not saying ALL were AI staged, just "Some" of the "UFO Crashes" (Very few in fact, but enough) were Trojan Horses to help Humanity over time to develop a "Network" to Host this AI Signal in Satellites and all across the Earth on Computers and the Power Grids.

This may seem off topic and jumping around but bare with me. The ARV's (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) created Torsion Fields via Plasma Electric Fields using channeled Nazi technology, Nazi's channeled what they referred to as an "Unknown Alien Source" information and called it alien technology, and were directed by these same "Aliens" to the "Veda's" (And other ancient Texts) Indian Ancient Technology to build their first "Saucers" that we traded on in the early 50's etc... They drew the "Faces" of who they were channelling and they drew faces that were similar to what we came to know as the "Grey's" YEARS before Roswell or anyone abducted had described the "Grey's". The ARV's were quite simple devices using mercury and copper counter rotating plates that created fields that were very harsh on the pilots and anyone near the craft. At the time we were not able to back engineer the extremely advanced Extra Terrestrial “Biological” Entities (EBE's) crafts that had crashed so we used these ARV's in the beginning.

Already Strategically Placed “Operation Paper-Clip” Members negotiated a treaty with surviving Nazi elements after WWII and “Operation High Jump” led by Admiral Bird that ended up working out very badly for the USA (The US intended to infiltrate and take over the Nazi Program but the Opposite Occurred). This occurred along with Separate Secret Space Programs working with several other actual Aliens trading Technology for "Favours" in “Other Treaties” that worked out much in the same way.

The USA had learned the hard way that rushing into relationships with some of these “Entities” was a bad idea that would have ramifications that would last to this day. There are now Multiple SSP (s) and Groups (Allied w/different "Beings" and Earth Corporation Conglomerations), there is a De-facto Civil War between them currently. Some of the SSP's are from Ancient "Break Away Civilizations" and have aligned themselves with foreign Earth Governments that are enemies of the “Secret Governments” and what is known as “The Cabal”.

Since these changes things have become even more complicated within the current Earth Break Away Civilizations and the inner fighting to put it mildly. Some of the SSP groups want FULL Disclosure and the end of the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System and Free Energy on Earth and the release of super advanced healing frequencies technology. They are not the most powerful of the SSP groups but now have strong allies from elsewhere. They are working with "White Hats" within certain Groups in Earth Governments and the Military(s). As above so below, there is already a stealth civil war going on down here.

After these experiences “Other New Arrivals” were met with hostility and mistrust upon their first attempts to communicate. Therefore many misunderstandings occurred that had to be undone prior to any Humans being invited into a “Federation” type of league of “Humanoid” Beings. Many of whom are not happy that “We” are now sitting in on these very formal “UN Type's” of meetings. In these Conferences there were anywhere from 22, 28 to 40 something different Human Like groups in attendance (No Reptilians, Grey's or Mantids).


Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance Keeping this article/posting in mind as well...

Confusion and Disinformation Ahead

We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing "Disinformation War" to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanities joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities. There are also some groups that are trapped here, who's "custodian gods" have abandoned them or put them up as a pawn to barter their own freedom with who are now in total panic and turning on one another.

Now that they know they will be trapped here for the "events" and many unsettling disclosures they are putting everything they have into their massive disinfo campaigns to control the narrative as much as possible. Their heads are literally on the line and they are highly motivated.

This briefing has indicated that most of these agents have either been in place for some time not knowing of their role or have recently come on the scene with a carefully planed out agenda and PsyOp/Disinfo campaign that has started to trickle but is set to turn into a flood. Those with poor discernment or easily jump from topic to topic based on what is new or intellectually interesting are going to have a very hard time of it. Those few with well developed discernment are going to have to stand fast.

These are going to be very cleverly designed operations that use long established belief systems along with some very new and highly deceptive disinformation to sway as many as possible. It will confuse many and will get some attention off of them for the short term. However when the full disclosure of their crimes against humanity are revealed they will just have to stand there slack jawed and take what comes their way by the angry masses who have been deceived for so long.

I was not encouraged by the latest briefing about this new disinfo campaign but not shocked by it either. Put on your seat belts... Its going to be real mind-musher of a time in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Facebook Update (August 21st 12:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance 

Organic vs. Artificial Immortality | Cyborg ET Races, AI Black Goo, 'Wave X', The Solar Shift & Organic Evolution Via Truth Receptivity

Cobra recently posted the Secrets of Immortality, which inspired me to write the following article. Below I will share the research which has taken a life time to accumulate, and provides a basis to understand why the path of truth is the solution to all our temporal problems. All of my conclusions below are based on interpretation of many different data sources, and are not meant to be considered as absolute truth, merely a tapestry of 'facts' with potential veracity.

The text will remain in black, despite our usual convention of writing in green.

The process for achieving physical immortality is discussed heavily by the researcher Dan Winter. According to Winter, and several other researchers studying the effects of expanded consciousness on the body, one can achieve a state of 'physical immortality' by harmonizing their mind and in the process, mastering their body, while unifying with their spiritual essence.

There are 2 general ways to achieve this, one uses 'artificial means' while the other activates the organic process latent within each embodiment or being. In other words immortality of the body vehicle is 'pre-programmed' into life and the universe itself, but some races have developed technology which forces this process to occur, coming at a heavy price.

Synchronization of Mind With Truth

Based on much research, the key principle is synchronization or entrainment of one's higher self into the mind, which then harmonizes the body with the universe as a whole. This is accomplished by seeking the truth wholeheartedly, bravely seeking out error and falseness within, and transmuting it into a reflection of truth. The emotional processes are an integral part of this mechanism.

Emotions are produced as an interplay between the knowledge we have within the mind and a trigger within or without that brings it to the surface. If the idea we have that corresponds to the trigger is accurate, complete and holistic (within ourselves), it will produce positive emotions. Conversely, if the idea is inaccurate, incomplete and separated from the totality of our knowledge, negative emotions are produced. Literally seeking the truth synchronizes the mind with all that IS, while rejecting it (holding on to the past) separates the mind from reality and the universe at large.

For example, if you believe eating processed food is unhealthy, then when you consume it, the resulting emotion will be of regret; although you may feel temporary satisfaction. On the other hand, if you believe eating raw food is healthy, then when you consume it, the resulting emotion will be holistic satisfaction. How we define an object, event or experience - what it means to us - determines the polarity and direction of emotional expression; whether it is positive or negative.

Generation of Emotion 

Emotions affect us in several different ways. First an emotion is felt in a precognitive fashion, our hearts literally reacting to the stimulus before our conscious mind even becomes aware of the trigger. This creates a chemical and electromagnetic response affecting the body. Then as we become conscious of the trigger and the emotion itself, a feedback process begins, as previous experiences relating to the emotion itself and the trigger flood the mind. For example, if you hate eating broccoli, when seeing it or smelling it, your body will remember the past choice and reproduce that in the present; you will begin to feel revulsion.

Related Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen

At this nexus point of past experience and future creation (the now) there is a subtle choice to accept or deny a definition of the past. If we accept our past choice, the feedback will produce an intense and highly polarized negative emotion; we may be physically repulsed and sickened by even the smell of broccoli. But if we challenge this old idea, and open our minds, the heart will open as result; activating curiosity and the resulting intuitional processes. Because our past choices still have a lot of energy, that inertia must be corrected by an initiating experience; by taking an action within this more open minded perspective. If we muster the courage to try the broccoli, and our mind is open enough, we'll actually receive this truth more fully, and it will expand and transform the previous definition into a holistic reflection of truth. This transformational event depends on how well we have opened our minds and hearts to the whole truth within any given experience. An act of open mindedness, within the context of a previously close minded trigger, will transform the mind, and open the heart.

Comment about synchronicity:

Great article! This is the 4 time this week i see immortality theme on facebook ... First with Bashar, then cobra, then on the ACIM forum, now here .... Immortality, immortality everywhere ....

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance We are spiritual beings having a physical experience not physical beings having a spiritual experience. People are caught up in the physical illusion of their own reality bubbles and feel the need to preserve that illusion (Physical Existence/Life). This physical existence is just a small blip in our eternal experience. Why work so hard to prolong the suffering of this lower density existence? Why live for ever in this illusion/reality bubble? It shows a lack of spiritual understanding of our purpose in this short life (Or series of them)... 


Facebook Update (August 22nd 3:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance I hope as many people can tune in and support them as possible... They are doing great work!

Update - The recording for this show will be added to this post once the youtube video is released by CCN. Check back soon.

Julian and I will be on the Get Lit show, with Shama Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn to discuss discernment, love and investigative reporting. It should be an intriguing discussion!

The article which inspired this show is: Self Mastery and Discernment Are Essential To Avoid A.I. Enslavement | Bio-Technology Hybrids Open the Door to Extraterrestrials AI Robots Replacing Humanity.

- Justin

Source - Conscious Consumer Network

This Saturday Rebecca and I will be joined by Guests, Julian Robles and Justin Deschamps (Stillness In The Storm).
Discernment. Love and Investigative Reporting Re: Recent Article:

[As soon as the archive is uploaded we'll update the above post as well as this article.]

Comment by Corey:

Sphere Being Alliance THIS IS THE BEST INTERVIEW I HAVE HEARD IN SOME TIME... Well done. The wisdom in the content is compelling. We have all developed our own belief systems. Are to find a way to guard those beliefs and put up walls around them or keep growing and keep an open mind being willing to make changes to those belief systems as new information is placed on the table? No just discerning is the key but being willing to discern new information is the key to constant growth and evolution. I hope everyone takes the time to watch/listen to this interview. Be willing to challenge your belief systems and keep them malleable to new data that the Universe is constantly presenting through various sources. Growth occurs through challenge not through a constant place of comfort. TY Justin and Julian. As alway use your own discernment but be willing to do your own research and expose yourself to new idea's and information.

Facebook Update (August 22nd 9:30):

Sphere Being Alliance
 Our Website Rankings are speaking volumes!

It appears the "Message" is indeed getting out there. 

I was just sent this "Alexa" website ranking information by a friend... 

This is extremely encouraging and is a SURE SIGN that the detractors are a very small minority out of the "Truther Movement"!

The majority of people are tuning in and hearing the true (Non-"Disinfo'ed" version) version of the vast information that we are disclosing to humanity. 

Thank you to everyone who is sharing and spreading the message and information despite the pushback from a very few negative natured folks... 


"Wonderful news: Your website’s internet popularity ranking, as determined by, is skyrocketing. is currently ranked (among the billion+ websites worldwide) in the elite top 200,000 sites worldwide for readership, and the top 50,000 in the USA for readership and traffic. You are reaching a significant audience."


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