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Clearing The Disinfo Haze: There Are NO Predictions For Disclosure This Fall, Humanity Is Freeing Itself, NOT The Sphere Alliance | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey has been active the past few days. He is taking a 10 day vacation with his family, but he did release some intel in relation to Gonzales and his recent activities 'up there.'

Corey also categorically addressed a huge number of points related to the unfounded claims of detractors. If you are on the fence about timelines, predictions, AI pysop scares or in what capacity the Sphere Beings are assisting humanity - you'll want to read and share this update. 

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey's text in black.

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- Justin

Comment on blog post about Kerry Cassidy and the "Blue Avian Psyop" (Stasis Being Videos, 'Avian' Style Crop Circles, Addressing Detractors: Ruiner, Project Camelot and Project Avalon | Corey GoodETxSG):

A question to anyone who knows. Cassidy and a few others who have come out against Corey have been adamant that the Blue Avians are AI - but I don't recall hearing that from Corey or David. I haven't seen all of the Gaiam interviews so it's possible I missed that part...? It doesn't seem accurate so could someone please clarify for me? Thanking you in advance!

My response:

Justin Deschamps Great question to ask. Corey has actually a great deal of information discussing the A.I. infiltration on Earth. Here is a few links you may want to review:

Corey's Response:

SphereBeing Alliance Cassidy is a whole other story and there is more than just her UFO Religious Beliefs and Agenda to protect in this situation. All of the skypes/emails I have between her and I when we first communicated were so bizarre that there is another component at work. If someone is being mentally triggered, manipulated or made reactionary is has not been myself. I have been thinking how to respond to much of this. I was looking over the communications with her (Including the ones where I had to get Google/YouTube Security involved because she outed my full name, used it without permission and after I had repeatedly told her I was to remain anonymous. After I politely refused an on camera interview (All she is really interested in) the 3rd time she decided she would out my name because "The cabal know who you are already". Is this what potential whistleblowers want to face when coming out? Do they want to possibly have a researcher make a judgement call and decide that the whistleblowers security measures are silly so they might as well provide all of the data publicly? A person was put in place to split up Camelot in recent years and both parties have been living off of a legacy of some good work. Now that legacy is being risked by tossing around labels that will silence many of the future whistleblowers that may have come forward. Back "in the day" when their legacy was strong they would not have acted so cavalierly. Researchers often make the mistake of moving from covering a great story to feeling the need to write themselves into the narrative. This is seen with all of the detractors. We also see that they are also quoting information that is fragmented, taken out of context (Mis-Information) or in some cases have even conspired in communications to put forth information that they know is untrue to further their agenda. That is dis-information pure and simple.

[I can not speak to the intentions of detractors, but when reviewing their commentary, in nearly all cases there is not a clear articulation of the 'facts'. The facts in this case are what Corey has actually said, whether or not these things are actually true is unclear, but he did say them. The statements he has provided, his testimony, is real, which we can agree are 'facts'. Kerry has put out an enormous amount of high quality work in a fairly objective fashion, and her recent, inaccurate, perspectives on Corey do not detract from this. 

All of this can be discussed as a process of discernment, which has 3 phases of progression; observation, contemplation and evaluation. How can we discern if a thing is true without first gaining complete knowledge about what it discusses? Can we determine if the sky is clear without actually looking outside? The ability to set aside our biases and preconceived notions about a topic is essential so we can observe it clearly. Then once we have taken stock of the topic, we can begin to contemplate it. This is where we put 'facts' on the table and compare them against each other. Once all the facts surrounding a topic have been evaluated, we can now conclude what we think it means; if it is true, if it accurately reflects reality. This is the final product of a discernment process, a possible conclusion. The quality of the discerned result depends directly on the preceding steps used. Again how can we determine the truthfulness of something without gaining knowledge of it first?

What I have observed in nearly all the detractors is an incomplete set of observed data, which in turn skews the contemplation process. In the absence of all the facts, we tend to make conclusions based on what we do know, our pre-existing knowledge and preconceived notions. I just recently came across a forum thread where some were claiming Corey is an Illuminati Agent working to promote a Project Blue Beam agenda. The basis to support this conclusion, the observed facts, were Corey's use of the word 'blue' in several updates. This is a highly dubious set of logic, similar to saying that because all people who drink water die eventually, then water must be their cause of death. Correlation is not causation, in other words, elephants are grey, but not all grey things are elephants. 

In this respect the conclusions drawn by the detractors reveals their incomplete knowledge and observation of Corey's work, which of course hinders their ability to come to an accurate conclusion.]

The "CABAL" or "Illuminati" (Who ARE AI Prophets) 1. Would NOT expose the incredible magnitude of the AI Threat to the population 2. Would NOT reveal the secret to black magic/power over us (Our Mass Consciousness) OR how WE can use it as a tool for our liberation from the Cabal... 3. Would NOT provide the details of the various SSP's and their infrastructure when they have a good portion of their Military/Intel Agencies believing that the toys they are playing with are state of the art. 4. Detailing and Listing the Crimes Against humanity that evidence and witnesses are being compiled against that weren't being discussed in conspiracy theories already (Interstellar Slave trade etc...). 5. Would NOT approve of humanity working on the power of their shared consciousness but also working to raise their vibrations and to become more loving/forgiving (Sound Luciferian yet?), Service To Others or to free ourselves from karma and past pain by forgiveness of self or of others. I could go down and list many other reasons why these detractors are not only off base but in some cases have just become compromised themselves or are jumping on a bandwagon before they do any research what so ever!

Humanity has been programmed to FOLLOW... To look for someone to save them or give them the answers. ALL who have truly looked at the information I have provided have seen that there is no catch, no hook...


The World is existing in a Cabal Mind Control Psy-Op right now that they think is reality. Those that have looked at the info I have presented have seen that I have ALWAYS asked you to use your own discernment filter. I have Never given the impression that I am a Guru, have all the answers or that the Sphere Being Alliance are "Saviors". I say stop going from website to website looking for people to tell you what to think about any material. Do the research yourself and then you will discern what resonates as truth. Skepticism is to be expected with all of the different dates and promises that have come and gone. Much of this however has been different than healthy skepticism however. 

[A skeptic, in a classical sense, was one who does not accept something at face value. Instead they research and gather as much data as possible, before making a conclusion; and that conclusion is always subject to change once new data is received. In this sense, dismissing an idea without evaluation, research or study is close-mindedness, not skepticism. In nearly every case I have come across for someone dismissing Corey, it is not based on a logical process of research and investigation, it is based on lack of knowledge of Corey's work and speculation. On the other side of the coin, accepting his narrative as absolute truth is also not a valid discernment process. Ultimately both work on feeling and emotion; if it feels good we tend to accept it, if it feels bad we tend to reject it. But without observation, without complete knowledge of the facts, we won't have anything more than blind faith in either respect. Hence, holistic discernment always seeks to know the details fully. We would know why we think something is true, and can consciously cite what that conclusion is based on; the observable evidence within our store of knowledge.]

I do think that people should be careful of what they are saying online especially when they have left such a clear trail of communications with other parties out there that will just be extremely embarrassing if they were to surface. If they are not embarrassed by the behavior displayed in some of these communication trails then it is more of an ethical issue. 

It is also wise to not do anything that will scare away those who are on the fence about coming forward with their experiences and knowledge. If your actions are based on just because you do not like a researcher (jealousy/rivalry?) they are working with or some of their info contradicts your beliefs then you may have lost sight of what is important while rationalizing it and wrapping yourself in your beliefs. 

I have no problem with skeptics, but now that anyone can open a blog and make just about any claim they wish or attack anyone they like with manufactured data and we have once respected researchers glumming onto that info without fully researching the data and then going on the attack they become trolls. There is a difference between an intellectual discourse and attack campaigns. 

[Discourse is the open and unbiased discussion of ideas so as to pool one's resources with others to gain insight into the truth. Conversely, a close-minded discussion or 'attack' is chiefly focused on pushing our conclusions on to others, regardless if they are accurate or not. Discourse is an essential tool in these waking times I think, as we all have a unique perspective, but it is incomplete in relation to the whole truth. Only by working together can we develop a more clear picture of what IS.]

This type of behavior is to be expected on all of these hate filled Internet Forums and many blogs. Serious and "Professional" researchers however acting the way that has occurred is something completely different. This not only has the potential to seriously tarnish reputations (where NO one credible will want to interview with) to even ripping apart the loosely nit group of professionals in the "Ufology" or "Truther" field. Trust will certainly be damaged and a certain amount of doubt could cloud the field for years.

We have ignored most of the attacks that were co-ordinated for the week of our show Cosmic Disclosure's release. A few people were suckered into comments during that time window but if you look at the people, dates of their "reports", the contents of the reports along with the fact that a group of them were collaborating in Skypes/Emails rules "coincidence" out of the equation of the timing.
The fact is I never planned on coming out into the open. I was manipulated and coerced into it by a couple of unethical individuals who I had great trust and admiration for at one time. No matter how they try to rewrite the history of what occurred behind the scenes between us the evidence will always speak for itself if the need ever arises to publish it amid more attacks that are based on dis-information and lies. I have no problem with genuine skeptics or people who disagree with me (I will not label them a troll just for that). We all live in our own reality bubble as it is until we are forced out of it at some point. 

In closing all I can say is do the research yourself, use YOUR OWN discernment on the info presented and not just parrott data blogged about by often unstable or just misinformed individuals. There is a LOT of disinformation in this field right now and there is also a LOT of Extreme Narcissism and Christ Complexes working high up in this field. Where we are seeking humility and enlightenment in professionals we are often receiving Egomania and battle over UFO Dogma or defending their Core Content for their upcoming books. If everyone begins to look a little deeper and question agenda's of the attackers quite a lot begins to become more transparent... I hope that response covers Patricia & Justin's questions/comments above. 

TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

Facebook Update (August 9th 7:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Let your intuition and imagination sore with you on this short video. This is not new info to many of us but it is presented in a cool way IMHO. smile emoticon
Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System


Facebook Update (August 10th 11:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance Hello, I am currently working on an update. The info for it is unfolding and as a part of that scenario I was asked to post an image of a certain Tarot Card (Admittedly Strange). 
From background chatter it sounds like right now is a good time to be either a defector from this group know as the Cabal and join the opposition or take part in the preparation of the World for a full disclosure by coming forward in that arena as a whistleblower. 
I hope to have more to report soon. 


Comment about more whistleblowers coming out:

I'd like to see so many whistleblowers that it would make any would-be detractor faint. lol

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I agree, I was under the impression that there was going to be a flood of new experiencers that were going to come forward. I think many have been watching to see what happens to me. As I stated in Dr. Salla's article, they will most likely all hide their full data out of fear of being attacked. I think until the smear campaign against MILABs has been cleaned up and people educated in the hundreds of programs that fall under that umbrella the better things will be for future whistle blowers. As long as people are going to snap judge everyone under that umbrella as a "Super Soldier" and as a cabal mind controlled stooge the better for those coming out in the future. The vast majority of people who have worked inside these programs have been apart of one type of MILAB program or another at some point in their lives. These people have been victims by the cabal and being victimized by someone from the truther or enlightened community can make one feel like their on the business end of a witch hunt, Of course there are people out there who are mentally ill or just looking for attention or money. Discernment should obviously be used with them and verify their data against that of known legit and vetted sources. Otherwise we are going to begin to miss half the story because of a huge label that few understand and almost everyone associates with a super soldier. I am hoping that some experiencers begin to come forward soon. I would very much like for the stage to become crowded with legit (Non-Disinfo or Partial Disclosure People) whistleblowers. 


Facebook Update (August 10th 4:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Here is an interesting article about EM Drives.There has been an interesting amount of soft disclosure by the establishment recently. The Secret Earth Governments (& their many syndicates) are also pursuing clemency deals with the "Earth Based Alliances". 

After the recent rejection of the last Royal White Draco/Committee of 200 (Chairmen) "Offer/Threat" there has been heavy monitoring of these groups in case they were looking to make good on the threats that were disguised as an offer. 

The Sphere Being Alliance communicated to the SSP Alliance Council that this was not a deal that the SBA were able to make. It is humanities deal to work out. It was made clear that it was going to be completely up to humanity what type of experiences we will go through next. 

Those that were at a level of the Earth Based Alliance Groups that have been getting access to various levels or versions of the cosmic disclosures that are unfolding are said to be making deals that they are not authorized to make as a legitimate organization that represents humanity.

Everyone, including the SSP Alliance is going to have to stand before a true representative body of humanity before all is said and done. As stated, even though many of these people are well intentioned and honorable in their goals, they are also people that will need a lot of healing before they can return to society.

It is becoming apparent that some of these grass roots groups to start International Courts and Tribunals based on Natural Law may be something that many of us need to get behind in one way or another. 

[Synchronistically, Julian and I have been working loosely with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) specifically because we recognize that Natural Law is the system for addressing the injustices of our age. It is the same system which recognizes individual sovereignty, seeks to compassionately stop the harm of others, without also harming them in return. And is also the same philosophy described by the Law of One Material, and countless other spiritual works. 

Related The Natural LAW | Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar / Natural Law the REAL Law of Attraction - presented on October 19th, 2013

Related Worldwide Online Event: Witness the Ratification of the ITNJ | An Overview of the ITNJ

It just so happens that the same group of bloggers and forum posters who contend the Sphere Beings are a Cabal Psyop, also claim the ITNJ is 'slavery 2.0.' But when reviewing these claims, especially from my point of view as someone who is working closely with many of the key players, there is no validity. But the common thread is the lack of knowledge of these detractors, which then leads to speculations that are held up as absolute fact. Its the same old game of social indoctrination based targeting of unaware individuals so as to lead them away from personal investigation of the facts. Why investigate something yourself, when a 'trusted expert' is telling you what to believe?]

If "WE" are going to be the ones that free ourselves using the tool of our mass consciousness then maybe we should go about manifesting that change on all levels. I say keep up the loving and forgiving thoughts and meditative focus on becoming service to others on basis. Now it is time for more people to come out of the shadows and tell what they know. Now is also the time to be a peaceful catalyst in making things happen.

A good deal of the information I have received from the BA's recently has been more of a personal and spiritual nature as well as reminders of talking about high vibrational food while eating lousy or allowing myself to hold a grudge against someone only because they do with me. It is certainly difficult to practice what you are told to preach (so to speak) and extremely difficult to walk the Service To Others Path.

[In my view, one definition of 'Service to Others' is: seeking to manifest your desires in harmony with all others, or that we should not harm ourselves or others. Its an old message, echoed in countless works, but actually living it on our world of co-dependency and socially acceptable trauma based mind control conditioning is difficult. We are taught to accept a morally relativistic stance by society, where we can harm others if they harmed us (eye for an eye). But Natural justice, the Service to Others path, seeks to honor others, even when they want to harm us. To let go of past grievances, while also taking steps to ensure we are not abused or taken advantage of. 

For myself, it requires developing an awareness of choice, between my normal pre-existing reactions and compassion. When someone is yelling, cursing or being generally venomous towards you, its difficult to stand in compassion and not take it personally. Often my past choices of reacting bubble up to the surface, and if I'm not careful, I'll let myself emotionally react, which usually leads to more confrontation, and very little resolution. When I am able to, I take a deep breath and try and clear my mind, even while being scorned by another. And the more I do this, the more easily I am able to avoid feeding my own emotional fire of revenge or reactionary thinking. But its a skill, it takes our willingness to try, and dedication to understand why this is a better way.]

It turns out that often we can get pretty good at becoming giving, loving and forgiving of others. When it comes to ourselves however we have a underlying feeling that we are still not worthy of that forgiveness. 

I will cover a few bits of info in the new update including information about the latest offer from the royal while draco being turned down as well as a meeting between the underworld groups. It turns out that Gonzales has been meeting with a sort of council of representatives from the various ancient breakaway civilization groups and non human groups that consider themselves indigenous to the Earth.

[A breakaway civilization is one that advanced beyond the need to integrate with the global community at large. Apparently the Nazi's broke away to form an off world civilization in the mid 20th century. Considering how advanced our society has become in the past 500 years, and that humans have existed on Earth for at least 240,000 years, it stands to reason that there could be many civilizations who advanced far enough to leave the Earth or go underground.]

Some of these groups have not always been the most positive groups towards humanity but after recent subterranean skirmishes against the Secret Earth Governments, their syndicates as well as their allied off world groups they have given up some of their isolationist traditions and began meeting openly with groups they once hid their existence from. 

The area's under Tibet were hit hard and are expected to be obvious targets in the future.
So far there has been no real response from the Committee of 200 faction after receiving the denial of their clemency proposal. Gonzales told me to tighten up my seatbelt but I told him the controlled demolition of this huge Earth/Space industrial machine that the cabal was going to be a bumpy ride anyway.

Gonzales stated that recent observations show that the "AI Threat" has made its way into the consciousness of humanity. The SSP Alliance considers this just one of the disclosure successes that I and DW (& Everyone who helped pass the info) were able to get out there in a larger way. There is quite a lot more work to do. We do need to make it known to everyone and to "Source" itself that we are ready for a "Full Disclosure Event" followed by a world court that would allow all of humanity to have a say. The SSP Alliance has proposed the above as well as the release of heavily suppressed technologies. There are a large number of groups on the Earth that are all saying they are better than the cabal, ready to step in and take over ruling in a similar way. These various alliance groups have been engaged in negotiations with the opposition and even being infiltrated by them. 

There are a few challenges we need to deal with right now. It is good that people are waking up and are ready to engage the world around them. The time has come for everyone to do their part.
I will get this report our before our quick Florida vacation before the kids start back to school. 

I have to admit I was more than a little overwhelmed with all of the contacts and interview requests. I am having to upgrade my web host with all of the traffic as well as a few reported glitches. 

I am not going to be able to catch up on email anytime soon. 

If you have sent me an interview request for your show I apologize for my lack of response the last couple of weeks. I need to change the site to notify me at an email address that I see more often when I get an interview request. 

I am going to try to get some interviews knocked out with a few people ASAP. If you have submitted an interview request through my web site please also do it through the email address: SphereBeingAlliance@Gmail.Com and add "Interview"/Show Name in the subject line. I look forward to doing some shows in the near future. I plan on chatting with DW tonight. I am not sure if we will be doing joint interviews or not in the future. I kind of liked how the last one went.

Thank you for all the recent support amid some interesting times. I hope to have the update very soon.


NOTE: This is sort of an old Tesla era looking device in my opinion (A part of soft disclosure). Notice the "Bell Shape" of the drive?

EM Drive | 'Impossible' rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours

There has been a major paradigm taking place in astronomy and space exploration. A decade ago, the prospect of finding ET life was ridiculed, but now mainstream science has begun to acknowledge what many alternative researchers have already come to understand.

Related 'Aliens know where to find us': Former astronaut says ET can track down humans based on changes in Earth's atmosphere

In conjunction with this, there is more soft disclosure of secret government projects coming out. Apparently we have already developed the technology to bring ET home. If this is true, then we also have a profound level of advanced technology already developed.

Related Huffington Post - November 2012: Solar Warden - The Secret Space Program

The following article discussing an EM or electromagnetic drive could be a confirmation of what several whistleblowers have claimed

- Justin

Source - Telegraph

The British designed and works EM Drive Actually Would Dramatically speed up space travel, scientists-have confirmed

The Em Drive Could allow humans to travel to the Moon in just four hours Photo: NASA

Interplanetary travel could be a step closer after scientists confirmed that an electromagnetic propulsion drive, which is fast enough to get to the Moon in four hours, actually works.

The EM Drive was developed by the British inventor Roger Shawyer nearly 15 years ago but was ridiculed at the time as being scientifically impossible.

It produces thrust by using solar power to generate multiple microwaves that move back and forth in an enclosed chamber. This means that until something fails or wears down, theoretically the engine could keep running forever without the need for rocket fuel.

The drive, which has been likened to Star Trek’s Impulse Drive, has left scientists scratching their heads because it defies one of the fundamental concepts of physics – the conservation of momentum – which states that if something is propelled forward, something must be pushed in the opposite direction. So the forces inside the chamber should cancel each other out.

However in recent years Nasa has confirmed that they believe it works and this week Martin Tajmar, a professor and chair for Space Systems atDresden University of Technology in Germany also showed that it produces thrust.

Comment by Corey about predictions and dates:

Sphere Being Alliance Where is everyone getting these dates and months of some singular event occurring? There will be a wave of events that will occur. Which of these events do you consider the event? Be very careful when you assign dates to events. When you assign a date to an event you usually change it. Consciousness is very powerful and difficult to wield. There is always an September/October event on the calendar it seems... I have not mentioned these dates as "Event Dates" nor have my sources. 


Facebook Update (August 13th 2:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance

The following is a brief summary of Episode 7 of Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. We only recently made the proper arrangements to do these, and this will be the first installment in a series of summaries. We will make an effort to release summaries for the preceding episodes in this series as well.

Generally speaking, almost all the major content presented in the Cosmic Disclosure series, thus far, is also available on Corey's websites: and his older blog What is unique to watching these talks, is subtle data communicated during the interview. In my view, Goode is answering questions from memory and recall, not invention, which is observable in the episodes themselves. There are also many other details he gives voice to that didn't make it into written reports.

The vast majority of the following summary is covered in the update Joint SSP, Sphere Alliance & ICC Leadership Conference & Tour of Mars Colony on 6.20.2015. We offered some commentary on this report here. The shows normally run about 30 minutes, but this episode was almost an hour.

To signup and watch the episode click here.

The summarized notes will be in black, with our commentary in [green brackets].

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode

  • DW - A group within the military industrial complex has branched outside of Earth and colonized much of our solar system, for the purposes of industrial growth and trade with a large number of extraterrestrials. Before the outer barrier went up, preventing anyone from leaving or entering our solar system (around 2012), the Cabal thought that they were untouchable, is that right?
  • CG - Yes, they thought that nothing could stop them. Their allies in the realm of ET's and the etheric world were too strong, that their 'god's have their back' and we were just useless eaters. 
  • DW - Why was the Cabal interested in these stasis beings?

Comment about Corey's narrative suggesting ET's are going to save us:

Corey believes that what he is saying is true.. wether it ALL really is ,is another issue... what people need to ask themselves when it comes to this info is ..what am I learning from Corey of ANY PRACTICAL VALUE, that has not been said by 1000's of others (love, forgiveness, compassion)... it's a fascinating story but there is an underlying "ETs are going to save the day" current running through many Corey followers..  even though Corey emphasizes that we need to do the work ourselves.. careful with that

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance
 The ET's in questions have made it clear that WE must save the day... They will not! Its been said over and over. Saying otherwise is misinformation. Those who DO want their UFO Religion to have ET/ED beings come and save us are the ones that are coming out against the data I am disclosing. Time to look at all of the data... Its extremely obvious one you do that we are responsible for our own rescue. NO help from savior ET's people... Sorry. 


Comment by David Wilcock:

We do see a prevalence of people wanting ET saviors, but it is much more in keeping with Law of One principles that we ultimately have to finish the job ourselves.

Comment about alleged dates given by David and Corey for this fall:

Ok so I just wanna say that from what David said in one of his radio interviews... 6 months from June I think .. Dec. We will be in a totally different place or situation ... And then will see if this info with David n Corey is bullshit ... Where's the update too... And are u don't doing any meeting with SSP or BA anymore Corey??

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance I am still having meetings and writing them up. Where the "June", "September" and "October" 2015 dates have come from I have no idea. I have asked for links to quotes from me but have received ZERO!!! I have given no dates and have made it clear that I do not give dates. The only "BS" has been the complete disinformation by some compromised bloggers who have nothing but accusations to toss my way because their UFO Religions or Book Thesis has been challenged.

Sphere Being Alliance DW has over a DOZEN INSIDERS! One was The Ruiner until DW caught him telling lies. This person went from giving good intel to giving disinfo after getting in trouble. Then he came out against someone who was disclosing data that was never supposed to be in the public mind. He gets information from them all of the time. Do not be ignorant and assign every bit of info he receives from other insiders as coming from me. This was done with a few data points that were proved to be from another insider. Slow down and use your analytical mind and stop being so reactionary and looking for dirt to dish. Those dishes of dirt usually end up blowing back on those who serve them.

Comment about David Wilcock 'bashing':

I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I think it's unfair to turn this into a DW bashing. He is definitely a figurehead for a lot of bold predictions lately, not all of which are from Corey. That takes balls to put yourself out like that.

I doubt anything is REALLY up to him though besides when to release info.. I wish it was the tsunami also, my friend. Not the drizzle we're currently seeing. Keep up the faith that it'll come, we all need you in this fight.

David Wilcock's Response:

Thanks. After the woman I live with getting rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver, having a concussion and needing an MRI tomorrow, I definitely could use a break. We had police here at the house today ID'ing six photos since she did get a pic of the guy's plate. One of them looked like the guy and was probably his father.


Facebook Update (August 13th 8:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance
 Short update: I am on the road w/the family for 10 days. We are having that vacation we so desperately deserve!

I am seeing ALL KINDS of Mis-Information (to be kind, much is blatant Dis-information) from bloggers and forum posters. I have had to laugh at some of the remarks of the Blue Avians being an "AI/Cabal Mind Control" project of some sort...

The "AI Prophets" of the Secret Earth Government Syndicates (Cabal/Illuminati) have been extremely upset at me disclosing the extent off their AI Gods, Human Slave Trade/Crimes Against Humanity and SSP Infrastructure.

[Up until recently, I didn't fully process what the term 'AI Gods' meant. But if we consider that according to Corey and several others, such as Credo Matuwa, have stated that the Draco or reptilian Annunaki are cyborgs, like the Borg from Star Trek, then it starts to become more clear. Additionally Harald Kautz Vella has shared that the AI technology used by the Cabal, various self replicating nanotechnologies, is not under their control, and is in fact deceiving them into thinking they are. Morgellons, according to Vella, is a symptom of this technology, which only develops in rare cases where the host begins to reject the AI tech. Finally, the Cabal has made contact with discarnate intelligences, that up until recently, many assumed were extra dimensional entities. But these could actually be the very ancient AI described by Goode and Vella, that 'takes over' worlds over thousands of years of time. 

Considering all this, the Cabal's 'AI gods' most likely provided technology and strategic planning under the guise of assistance, but was actually part of an AI take over agenda. According to Goode, and several other researchers, the top of the Cabal power structure are Draco ET's, who are cybernetic in nature, and are being controlled by an AI that requires fear energy or looshe to survive. 

If this is accurate, then it suggests that the Cabal is the group already dominated by an AI program; and by extension humanity. Considering how much trauma and suffering one goes through in an Illuminati family, it stands to reason they would feed an incredible amount of fear energy to these cyborg gods. And if the Cabal has become aware of this, possibly very recently, then this will give them even more reason to defect. In other words, the Cabal has been duped by their Draco/AI gods in the same way we have been duped by the Cabal; we have the 'same enemy' and much more in common than what was previously thought.]

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What has vexed me the most are these DISCLOSURE DATES!

I NEVER GAVE THESE DATES! Where did they come from?

People are trying to assign a September and November time table to me when I have never put one forth and have always stated that I will not ever put a time table forward since the time table is in the hands of humanity's consciousness awakening.

[I think the November date came from Corey's meeting he reported about on June 9th. Apparently, the 'Committee of 200' attempted to negotiate a partial disclosure for amnesty, with full disclosure happening 50 years in the future. This offer from the Cabal was rejected by the SSP Alliance, and Corey never actually confirmed any time table for this fall. But some 'cherry picked' this data, taking it out of context, and inaccurately asserted that Corey set a date of November. This is just one more example of why having incomplete observational data skews one's conclusions. And what tends to happen is these dates get 'parroted' by others, who also do not fact check against what Corey has actually reported.]

EVERY Request/Offer/Veiled Threat by the Cabal for partial disclosure, having disclosure 50 years in the future OR allowing clemency for ALL Cabal/Illuminati/ET/ED beings that have been involved in the crimes against and subjugation of humanity have been DENIED! (But bloggers say we are accepting deals on the behalf of humanity knowing this is not true!)

The Sphere Alliance has stated this is NOT THEIR DEAL TO MAKE! Once there is a catalyzing event (Global in nature. Financial?) Followed by a Full Disclosure Event involving mass data dumps... WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH will be making these decisions!

The only deals that are being made right now are to bring in defectors/witnesses/victims of these groups (Some of which are getting nasty labels from researchers ignorant of the full and true nature of these sources treasure trove of "intel" and breadth of knowledge of the full spectrum of the programs hidden from the lower level insiders) who are now bringing data in the same form Snowden has. The recent data hacks against the Cabal entities in the U.S. and E.U. have them in a complete panic.

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The odds of getting to November w/no FULL disclosure are 100% IMHO. The Cabal is in a huge panic, is extremely upset at the data about their "AI Prophet" activities being released, Their Sol System Infrastructure, Human Slave Trade, and information about some of their groups such as the Order of the Black Sun to name just a few.

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It is humorous that the "AI Prophets" are now lashing out and calling the Blue Avians an "AI Psy-op", just as it is bizarre that people are actually buying the notion that the Satanic Cabal that wants to wipe out 90% of humanity is now exposing how their magic really works (Via our mass consciousness), Luciferian/Satanists are wanting the useless eaters that they control to Wake Up to their power of consciousness, become more LOVING (these ARE beings that actually FEED off of FEAR!) and become Service To Others (These are beings that use everything to keep us against each other, religion, race, politics etc...), Raise our vibrations to make the transition to 4D (These beings are using CERN and other technologies to try to interrupt/block this process), To reveal the FULL extent of the Multiple SSP's (& their vast infrastructure) which they have been working hard for decades to convince people only a very low tech version "may exist"... Treat your body as a temple and change to a "High Vibratory Diet" while at the same time these beings have "poison" our food supply and GMO's our crops to make us ill and shorten our lifespans...

[It may have been hard to follow, but what I think Corey is getting at here is that many are saying the Sphere Beings are the AI which is trying to take over humanity. If this is true, why are they providing advice that would counter AI tech? As an exercise, review Harald Kautz Vella's presentation here, wherein he provides advise to those seeking to ride themselves of the AI influence. What he says, the conceptual content, is equivalent to the Sphere Being message in my view. This is the holistic discernment process I keep mentioning, that we focus our efforts on what is being said, the ideas, not dismissing the information because of our pre-existing biases.]

This really makes sense to people? This is the Cabal Psy-Op?

The Cabal Psy-Op is the program to discredit recent disclosures of information that were NEVER supposed to be known to humanity...

These clever infiltrators have manipulated the egos off a few researchers and taken info presented, twisted it and in some cases lied/made up things that were never a part of my testimony. All anyone has to do as spend the time to research what info I have put out "IN CONTEXT" to see the majority of the attackers have manipulated information in some cases working directly alongside Illuminati Agents, making themselves agents in return.

It makes further sense to people that a self-professed "Illuminati Insider" is being listened to when EVERY legit Illuminati Insider that has come forward and told the truth has told stories of sexual/mental abuse and heavy mind control from birth (Trained to mind control others) is now giving info with zero info about this occurring to them in their past publicly while they stated these things all happened to them in private conversations to myself and others (It happens to ALL Illuminati Members, no exceptions!)?

Researchers who jump to call any and all persons that have been involved in any of the hundreds of "MILAB" type programs "Mind Controlled Super Soldiers" or "Cabal Shills" and all their data should be flushed? Do you see the disconnect in their logic yet???

If you do not want to believe what I and others are saying, if it goes against your years of building up an esoteric belief system (Or Ufo Religions) that is fine, but don't be a hypocrite. If you feel the need to lash out and attack in a very spiritually devolved way because you disagree that only reflects on your own spiritual journey. I'm not saying if you disagree w/me you are spiritually in a lower vibratory rut. I am saying the manner in which one rebuts what they disagree with... their agenda and polarity certainly DO show how evolved/devolved they are mentally and spiritually.

If you choose to believe the misled bloggers or those intentionally misleading (Rationalizing their "disinfo campaigns" as for the greater good, just as the cabal does) the public then this is a summary of what they now believe the Cabal Message is...

Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes. This sounds to many like a “Hippy Love and Peace” message that will not make a difference. I assure you the “Path” they lay out in “Their Message” is a difficult one. Even on the unlikely chance that these technologies stay “Suppressed”, imagine what a world we would live in if everyone made these changes to their selves?

There have been some recent SSP Alliance Council Meetings as well as a few other meetings that Gonzales has been attending for the most part while I am working on other action items.
Reports are being worked on to release soon.

There is an amazing amount of activity going on with the Earth Alliance (Some rogue infighting over a new financial system) as well as some activities among ET Groups as well as a recent meeting with a council of Subterranean Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations.

There have been quite a lot of recent battles between groups not related to the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance. [Presumably infighting between Cabal groups.]

We are also compiling the vast amount of data from paper/communication trails from some of the misguided people who are attempting to discredit me using cabal resources and tactics.

I will be working on these action items as well as will be picked up for a meeting while on vacation with the family. 

Raw-Tear-Eir showed concern that many people are more interested in an entertaining mission report than they are in listening to the message and working on becoming more Service to Others.

Do not focus on the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians too much! They made it known that some date in the future when humanity has undergone acclimation to the new background energies that the Spheres would fade away and that the "Two Unknown Sphere Beings" will remain for a "time" in a Guardian Service to humanity while we are a 4th Density transitional species.

These last 2 Sphere Beings will NOT communicate with or show themselves until after we have been through a full disclosure event, a global reconciliation event, and we are in control of the Sol System and its resources (Infrastructure) as well as are opening relations with other civilizations (All of this will occur while we are in "Transition").

So, let us focus on taking what is ours from the Cabal/Secret Earth Governments and get ourselves on the correct path as a species and as individuals... It starts with each individual changing this reality one person at a time.

TY, Until my next reports...


Comment about reading the comments on Sphere Being Alliance page:

Well, I cannot disagree with anything Corey says here. It is truth in a certain sense; but I also have been amazed at the number of people that post hard earned Wisdom here.. In fact, I make it a point to read the comments as it gives me a sense of community with many like-minded Souls. Perhaps I have just gotten good at ignoring the BS comments, as that is a slice of life at this point. I feel that there are so many people that read this news that have the Highest Good of All in their hearts and minds. We are all learning more about standing in our Truth, taking personal responsibility, and becoming galactic citizens through this disclosure. I am sure that the Sphere Beings and BA are not used to these denser energies or dealing with people that have been living in this Matrix all their lives; but I see progress and growth. IMO there is much good coming form this situation.. it is just not as visible as the crass energies from those coming out of shock and deep slumber. Maybe we need to track the positive 'likes' on those wise and soulful comments to see and stand firm on a brighter reality. Just sayin...

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Sharing with like minded people is a good thing... I was not speaking of the comments here on this FB page, but of the huge campaign of disinformation to attempt to discredit the data being disclosed. The communication from Tear-Eir (Whether you agree or not) is pretty accurate. I am not saying you or even half of the people here are focused on the mission reports more than the message (And the path to STO etc...) and are infatuated with the BA's... But a very large number of people very much fall into this category. The number of emails of people wanting to be in contact w/the BA's is knocking out my inbox... Even after hearing that many 10's of thousands (100's of thousands) of people (Starseeds/Wanderers) are being visited/contacted by the Blue Orb Beings (The highest density of all of the Sphere Being Alliance) and 100's of these people are being taken to the LOC and other places for tours and conferences... People still focus on the Blue Avians.

It has been an interesting thing to observe. Almost as interesting as it has been to see people take disclosed data that is freaking the cabal out, was successfully kept out of Ufology by infiltrating and manipulating key players in the field and the MSM for years just to all be out in the open in a matter of half a year. These operatives have actually been able to manipulate hapless assets into believing that this data is a cabal psyop and are using it to divide and conquer people based on their differences, those being their esoteric or established Ufology Religion/Belief Systems. It is an opportunity for those who are objective (Don't have a dog in the fight) to observe how these disinfo agents operate in keen detail. The cabal is also doing things in this manner because they KNOW the "Cabal Defectors" who will one day testify against them (Or come out as whistleblowers like myself) might be able to be discredited if they have long term success in convincing everyone that ALL MILABS are Mind Controlled, Permanently Mind Controlled, Helplessly lead around by the nose AND are ALL SUPER SOLDIERS that are "Damaged Weapons" as Bill Ryan put it... (How could they all be possibly more mind controlled and a cabal shill than the average person sitting in front of the state sponsored TV, state sponsored/public schools and the daily mind control of the Babylonian Money Magic Slave system that they are both physical and mental slaves of??? Really?). This is the deeper level I was speaking of and not the surface information mentioned above... 


[And this is why investigating ALL data, not just what we want to be true, is so helpful for discernment. For those who have taken the time to review Corey's work in completion, the conclusions proffered by detractors and 'dis-info' agents is clearly in error. It was therefore their more complete knowledge of the facts that led to a realization of the inaccuracy of these detractors. Conversely, when one has very little knowledge to work with, they tend to accept the opinions of others as unquestioned fact, despite the fact it clearly doesn't add up.

The number of people accepting the 'Corey is a agent, and the Sphere Beings are a psyop' belief seems to be growing. And since the basis for this belief requires lack of knowledge of Corey's work in order to feel true, people tend to use social indoctrination techniques to rally more into the cause. For example, they call those who consider Corey's narrative as plausible to be 'fools' falling for an AI psyop. They resort to saying 'this is BS' or that its all a ploy to make money for David and Corey. But none of these opinions actually say anything to counter what Corey has said, but are statements of character. They have the effect of making someone who does think the narrative has validity to feel foolish or idiotic. This Groupthink technique is a form of trauma based mind control. In other words, misery loves company, and if "I don't think its true, then you shouldn't either."

Sound familiar? It should. Social forms of trauma based mind control operate by polarizing a population which fundamentally lacks complete knowledge. We need only look at politics to see this. If we are pro this or that, it also means we're anti something else. We can't be pro democrat without also being anti-republican. The experience of going to school is what sets the foundation for these systems. Arguably one of the most socially traumatic experiences of our lives is the educational one, as teachers and peers unceasingly issue judgements which trigger us emotionally. Do you see the extreme polarization and duality? The middle path is unity of mind, that we can consider many possibilities without also having to take an absolute stance. And this path is one which develops compassion for others and openness to engage them, opposed to close minded rejection and denial.

This is something we deal with on the blog as well. Some assume because we share an article, it means we are supporting whatever it says. But, could it be possible we merely want to share information so we can discuss it as a collective? We share data, ideally in its entirety, while offering our opinions and perspectives. These are not shared as things you must accept, merely our conclusions developed via contemplation; always subject to change as a result of others engaging in the discussion. Hence our motto: 'Truth seeking is a group effort." ]

Facebook Update (August 13th 8:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Please share (includes the post above).

A Good Time To Be a Cabal Defector or Whistleblower

(Below is a compilation from some of our recent Facebook posts) [Most were already listed above]

Hello, I am currently working on an update. The info for it is unfolding and as a part of that scenario I was asked to post an image of a certain tarot card (admittedly strange).

From background chatter it sounds like right now is a good time to be either a defector from this group know as the Cabal and join the opposition or take part in the preparation of the world for a full disclosure by coming forward in that arena as a whistleblower.


Further commentary by Corey regarding 'the boy who cried wolf' psyop:

Sphere Being Alliance Brian Preece Indeed... that was the whole point of all of the prior people coming forward w/dates and promises... This was done by design by the cabal so people would have the "Boy who cried wolf" syndrome when the real info came along... CG

[How do you get a lot of people to dismiss something that is valid? Simple, just have a version that is almost true released, changing critical aspects so as to deceive the public; a 'lie sandwich'. Once enough people by into the bogus plan, and no 'wolf' ever shows up, now they will dismiss anything that even remotely resembles someone 'crying wolf'. And this program has been hugely successful for the Cabal. We need only look at the 2012 Ascension 'narrative' to see the effects. While the timing of the complete energetic shift (also known as 'The Event'), culminating on December 21st, 2012 was not accurate, there is a huge amount of validity to support the notion of an energetic shift. But for those who are not capable of deciphering the science and voluminous data involved, it was a huge disappointment. And as the old adage goes: 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' 

Because the whole truth about this shift is a huge undertaking to understand, many will be tempted to throw the baby out with the bath water, so as to avoid the emotional turmoil of being disappointed. Thankfully the truth is always there waiting for us to investigate it. And if we are brave enough to let go of our expectations and resulting emotional let down, we can discover its inspiring and up lifting aspects, far surpassing any temporary discomfort that comes with challenging our old beliefs.]



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