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We've pulled some excerpts from the Q and A from Dr. Michael Salla and Corey Goode for analysis in the following. Some of the topics discussed in this article are covered in the Cosmic Disclosure Series with David and Corey on GaiamTV.

Goode addresses some of the points brought up by various detractors claiming his information is a Cabal psyop. Ultimately we do not know with absolute certainty what is happening, and with our limited perception we should not fall into close mindedness based on the speculations of others. 

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Source - Exopolitics

On Sept 1, 1987, President Reagan gave a famous speech to the United Nations General Assembly where he warned of an alien threat and how important it was for humanity to bond together to face it. In his latest email interview [attached below], secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, reveals Reagan’s comment had the immediate effect of galvanizing the United Nations into forming a secret space program called the “Galactic League of Nations.”

In his 1987 speech, Reagan said:
In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.
In his latest email interview, Goode replied to a question concerning the relationship between the Galactic League of Nations space program and the United Nations:
The beginning of this program coincides with a particular speech given to the U.N. by President Reagan that mentions how quickly we would come together if there was an alien threat.
If Goode is correct, then Reagan’s speech sparked a behind the scenes effort by the United Nations to bond all nations together in a secret space program that would interact with extraterrestrials life.

In other email interview replies, Goode added more details concerning the six years he spent on the science research vessel “Arnold Sommerfeld” that belonged to the Solar Warden space program discussed in one of his recent Gaiam TV interviews. He described the propulsion system used on the “Sommerfeld.” In an earlier article I speculated that the name of the ship was due to it having something to do with Arnold Sommerfeld being one of the pioneers in developing “thought experiments” about time travel that later led to the idea of “tachyons” – faster-than-light particles. While Goode wasn’t sure why the research vessel was named after Sommerfeld, he did confirm that it uses a temporal drive based on “principles of Quantum Entanglement between certain isotopes.” Interestingly, these principles are also used for interstellar navigation.

[Quantum Entanglement is the property of particles in a system of motion to receive and transmit information to the whole. Essentially the movement of certain types of 'matter' and energy, if entangled, will affect all other bodies in that system so long as they remain entangled. Einstein called this 'spooky action at a distance' because under the standard view, it is impossible for actions preformed on one particle to be 'received' by other entangled particles, even at vast distances. The seeming non-local interactions of entangled systems defies the materialist view of the universe, that in order for one thing to affect another it must be 'local' or able to receive signals from a source. 

This type of physics is little understood in mainstream circles, but the phenomenon relates to the so called ether or time-space described by Dewey Larson in Reciprocal Systems theory. Essentially data can be transmitted to any point in space-time using time-space means. The universe, in this school of thought, is broken up into 2 regions connected via a reciprocal relationship. 

Space-time is the 'normal' everyday sector, with 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time. Time-space is the metaphysical sector, with 1 dimension of space and 3 dimensions of time. The human experience presumably uses both aspects, with the body and physical world taking place in space-time, and the world of meanings and mind in the time-space realm. Time-space interactions can affect the space-time sector in seemingly strange ways; remote viewing, precognition, past life remembrance, deja vu etc. 

The boundary for these 2 sectors of space-time and time-space is the speed of light, whereby motion and information can be accelerated beyond it to enter time-space. The human body is designed to funnel information via the senses up to through the central nervous system, into the brain which then accelerates the information centrally towards the pineal gland, where it enters the mind and the time-space sector. 

If Tachyons exist, and are capable of traveling faster than light, then it stands to reason that a craft using these drives would have the ability to traverse vast distances in a short period of time, and could even traverse time itself. According to Goode, some of these Temporal Drives have this ability, but are prevented from temporal travel so as to not disturb the timeline. This is done using what he calls 'governor' technology to prevent the drive from traveling in time.]

Finally, Goode replies to recent criticisms that the Blue Avian extraterrestrials are part of an MK Ultra Project Bluebird mind control program that he and other Military Abductees (MILABs) were subjected to. His response outlines the importance of not dismissing the testimonies of former MILABs merely on the ground they have been previously involved in mind control programs. Otherwise, this would act as a disincentive for other whistleblowers, that have also been subject to mind control in MILABs, to come forward. Goode’s point is a valid one. More whistleblowers need to come forward to reveal their personal experiences with secret space programs, not only to confirm Goode’s revelations, but also to confirm the roles played by former world leaders like Ronald Reagan in such programs.

[There are several who claim that Goode's experiences and information are all part of an elaborate mind control program called project Bluebird, specifically for MILAB and secret space program participants. While there is documented evidence that MK ULTRA and similar programs exist, the scope and specific nature of who is affected and how remains unclear. The speculations of others that Goode is not providing real intel is centrally focused on this point, but beyond the correlation, there is no direct evidence that Goode's narrative is a total fabrication

As outsiders, trying to make sense of our world and the seeming unending strangeness of what has been kept from us, it is easy to paint events with the same brush. But as the old adage goes: 'Elephants are grey, but not all grey things are elephants." The actual hard evidence to support the notion that Goode's narrative is part of this mind control program has yet to surface, if it exists at all. We are presently working on an analysis of these perspectives and hope to release that soon.]


[Message from Corey Goode] First off thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply to these questions. All of the crazy occurrences on our trip home from Gaiam were very taxing. It took us a week to recover from the experience. We got home from our trip and we couldn’t get through the front door because someone had tried to force it in. The frame was cracked and had to be repaired. This happening right after other recent incidents caused my family some anxiety.

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I have had to take a break from the Internet for a short time as I have been overwhelmed with emails and interview requests. I haven’t been able to make a dent in my inbox because new communications come in as fast as I can read them. I am very happy that there is such interest in this information. I was told there would be when I started. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of attention this information has brought. Why an introvert (INFJ) would get stuck in a situation like this has me mystified.

[Gregg Prescott recently analyzed Goode's demeanor in the Cosmic Disclosure interviews on GaiamTV:
[Prescott] My interpretation is that Corey firmly believes in what he is saying. He’s predominantly right brained and ego isn’t playing any kind of role in the words he speaks.
Goode has mentioned that major “data dumps” would be released that would reveal the numerous crimes against humanity that the controllers have committed, adding that numerous witnesses were being held off-planet for their own protection until these people can be tried for their crimes.

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Several people have cited Goode's discomfort during the interviews as evidence he is reading off his mind control programing or that he may be taking queues from David or others, suggesting he is 'making it all up'. But if we consider that Goode is human, and was just a year ago trying to navigate between sharing intel - that would normally get one killed - or not, you can understand his discomfort. He is probably not accustomed to being the center of attention, and I hazard to guess most people would be uncomfortable with what he has had to endure, if they were in a similar situation. Additionally, the means for supporting his family ended when he lost his job and he is trying to act as father/insider/public figure/secret space program delegate all at once. A heavy burden for anyone to bare. 

As a side note: There are many times during the Cosmic Disclosure interviews where David asks him a question he does not know the answer to. Goode prefers to state he doesn't know instead of speculating on an answer to maintain an image of being a guru or expert. While this isn't proof that his narrative is accurate, it does provide evidence to support his assertion that he is simply a funnel for information.]

I was told that there would soon be other whistleblowers coming out with all different sized pieces of the puzzle. I am certainly looking forward to some of them deciding to get off the fence and doing so. I think it is time for them to do so.

As you know my new Gaiam TV Sponsored link changed. I have a URL that points to the correct URL that will give me credit for any Gaiam TV memberships that people sign up with. The URL is I think David already stated that the show has broken all Gaiam TV records. I don’t know if I will ever not be nervous on camera. I have not been a public type of person before so I have some adjusting to do.

The episode on Sleeping Giants (Stasis Beings) just came out and can be found at

I will be writing some updates soon about current meetings. Because of the nastiness of some of the people coming out against this information I have pulled the article I was going to publish about the incident that involved my family. I do not want them being targeted by unscrupulous trolls that have been heavy on the job of email campaigns and manipulative skype chats. I have seen them, everything is a conspiracy against them and everything is government mind control.

I am certain that this has shown the Whistleblowers that will be coming out soon who to not approach first. With most of these whistleblowers having some sort of MILAB type of program involvement certain people are going to have to come to terms with the MILAB part of the equation or lose a lot of the full picture because new insiders may soon start keeping that part of their lives secret to keep from being labeled one of the worst things you could call a person in the Alliance.

[In other words, some people will be tempted to dismiss the intel offered by Goode, simply due to an association to MILAB and project Bluebird. But the truth is not so easily dismissed, and any valid and accurate points shared will be lost if no honest investigation takes place. How can we discern if something is true or not if we never expose ourselves to the information?]

Thank you,


[Q – Michael Salla, Ph.D]
Q1. Do you know why the science spacecraft you served on for six years was named after Arnold Sommerfeld?
I served on one of the Research Vessels. In communications the Vessels were just known by their vessel designation and numbers. There was a painting and name plate for Arnold Sommerfeld in the Galley which I am told is some sort of tradition. The crew of this vessel were often rotated off in short tours or were stationed there but spent much of their time off the vessel on other projects. I would hear the crew refer to the “Sommerfeld” in relation to the vessel but this was not used in the communications between vessels or in documentation.
[It is highly likely that the correlation between Arnold Sommerfeld's work with Tachyons and the name of this faster than light vessel have significance. Possibly the engineers and scientists who worked to develop this technology used Sommerfeld's research to produce the drives for various space faring vessels. The naming conventions employed by militarized groups often select a name which has some deeper meaning. If true, this suggests that much of the mainstream science we are exposed can be interpreted to explain much more than the small viewpoints espoused by modern science.]

Q2. What can you tell us about the propulsion and navigation systems used on the Sommerfeld?
The Sommerfeld had gone through a couple refurbishments and upgrades I was told when I first arrived. The two main propulsion systems were the Torsion Drive that works much like the Warp Drive on Star Trek and Electro-Gravitic Drives. There were also some of the original positioning thrusters that were all around the vessel that were tested from time to time but I don’t think ever really used. There were several ways they had for navigation both within our Sol System and while traveling to others. There was always some sort of redundancy in place to be able to locate the vessels that traveled outside of the Sol System in real time.
[Warp Drive on Star Trek works by distorting space-time around the ship so that it can go beyond the speed of light without encountering time dilation effects. In this fictional series, Einsteinian relativity holds true: when an object approaches the speed of light, time 'slows down' relative to 'normal' space around it. A 'Warp Field' would allow a bubble of 'normal' space-time to be protected from time dilation effects, essentially preventing temporal travel. 

In episode 6 of Cosmic Disclosure, Goode reveals that some of the work of Einstein is correct, but other portions of the equations need to be 'flipped' and that despite the mainstream notion that faster than light travel is impossible, it is actually part and parcel with universe activity. 

In the post David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco "Fear Food" & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015 we discussed several implications for faster than light travel. Apparently there are 2 general classes of tech used. One is more artificial, requiring heavy metal ships and elaborate devices, and another is more natural, using consciousness and 'solid state' technology to traverse the stars. The latter requires the mind of the user to be more harmonious and balanced, so as to navigate properly. Dan Winter covers this end of the technology scale deeply here

I suspect the more advanced a civilization becomes, the less artificial its technology needs to be. According to Goode, the Ancient Builder race, which left technology littered throughout the solar system, uses what appears to be solid devices to achieve all sorts of strange effects. Some of the items recovered from ancient sites were originally thought to be inanimate objects, but later were 'activated' using consciousness itself as the interface. This type of natural tech is also revealed in the Van Tassel Device called the Integratron.]

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Q3. You have described temporal drives for secret space drives. Can you describe what these are and the key principles behind them?
They work on a principal that allows them to travel in subspace transporting a vessel from one point to another almost instantaneously. These “Jump Drives” are used to cross over and negotiate Space/Time and Time/Space in a way that does not involve traveling in our conventional way of thinking. These vessels are closely tracked and have temporal buffers in the technology that prevents the vessel from traveling back to our own Sol System in a different time frame. The QCCD (Quantum Correlated Communication Device) is a communication device that uses principals of Quantum Entanglement between certain isotopes (If I remember correctly) that allow devices to be able to communicate with each other no matter the distance in time or space. These are also tied into the navigation systems for tracking purposes.
[The QCCD devices and tracking technology used by SSP craft most likely have the same type of properties as the DNA. DNA can be thought of as a Quantum Entanglement device, because it has the ability to 'transmit and receive' information at vast distances instantly. The human body also has the ability to receive 'precognitive data' up to 10 seconds before the stimulus is received, suggesting that we are already using a natural form of this tech everyday. 

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The key principle for how this entanglement works is correspondence or Fractal relationships using unity physics. That when 2 objects are synchronized well enough, there is a 'channel' for information to flow between them that remains active. This channel uses time-space, whereby the information received has a space-time source, and a reciprocal time-space signature, that is able to be received by any object which was synchronized. In RS theory every object has a space-time component and a time-space component, suggesting that even normal material can be synchronized so that information can be 'sent and received' using the so called Quantum Entanglement principle.

During our time in Morocco, we had several discussions with a former bank trade and finance lawyer, who claimed that DARPA and several other off the books organizations reverse engineer the human body for advanced technology. Possibly the SSP programs are using the fruit of that research.]

Q6. You have mentioned that the Galactic League of Nations SSP program included all countries, what is its connection to the United Nations?
It seems to have been born out of a United Nations agreement. The beginning of this program coincides with a particular speech given to the U.N. by President Reagan that mentions how quickly we would come together if there was an alien threat.
Q7. Was the Vatican represented with the Galactic League of Nations SSP?
I do not know if the Vatican is one of the representatives in the GGLN. They are involved with the Secret Earth Governments so I would not rule it out.
[The Vatican is a central nexus of power on Earth. It has ruled from behind the scenes for hundreds of years, and most likely is a rebirth of other hidden power structures from the deep past. 

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Given how prolific this arm of the Cabal control mechanism is, it's doubtful that the activities of the SSP's have gone on without their influence. Additionally, there are apparently many items hidden away in the Vatican vaults that describe highly advanced technology. Possibly some of the SSP tech was developed using these items which allegedly date back to the times of Atlantis.]

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Q8. Does the League of Nations SSP collaborate or coordinate in any way with the Dark Fleet in its interstellar activities?
Before the outer barrier went up the GGLN kept almost entirely to themselves. I am certain that they have fallen on hard times since the outer barrier was erected and it is more than possible that they have pooled resources or gotten in contact with the large number of Dark Fleet assets that were also trapped outside the barrier.
[The Dark Fleet is the term Goode uses to refer to many different races allied for various reasons. This fleet apparently includes humans from either a Nazi breakaway civilization or some other group with interstellar capabilities. The Dark fleet also includes Draconian races as well as insectoids, reptilian races and a 'white royal' class of Dracos. The point being that these groups are an array of races allied for reasons of their own. 

Considering the complexity of human associations, institutions, social cliques and history on Earth, I suspect that the politics 'up there' is equally complex. And we have only a small shred of data to work with as far has how these groups operate. As such, we would do well to reconsider any prior conclusions about them when new data is brought to light.]

Q9. There has been some recent controversy regarding an alleged relationship between the former CIA MKUltra Project Bluebird and the appearance of the Blue Avians, how do you respond?
There was no less controversy inside the SSP Alliance rank and file. The majority of personnel come from the many programs that fall under the “MILAB” Umbrella. There are some people out there who consider all MILABS to be “Super Soldiers”. While there are certainly programs to enhance children mentally and physically to become elite soldiers they are not the largest or most prevalent of the programs by far.

When the lower level personnel in the SSP Alliances began to hear about the Sphere Alliance they were nervous and skeptical. They had nearly all been brought up in one program or another from a young age and all had been forced to do things they didn’t morally agree with. When they heard that one of the Sphere Beings was a “Blue Avian” there was a time period where many of them were triggered and became extremely upset and there were even some isolated incidents of them acting out.
[This could explain some of the accounts shared by those who conclude Goode is a super soldier and Project Bluebird victim; although he has clarified he is not as super soldier. Considering the complexity and scope of the MILAB activities, it is reasonable to conclude that there are some groups who are heavily conditioned by mind control techniques and others that are not. I suspect that as more data is released we will be seeing others stepping forward with triggered experiences, that could add more fuel to speculations about Goode's data being an elaborate psyop.]
The fact that a fairly large number of the people in the SSP Alliance have been through a version of Project Bluebird and were then being told there was a new ET group in the neighborhood and one of them happened to look like a purple or blue bird was too much for many of them to handle. They were people that were from a project that has evolved and merged with other programs over time and each had to go through a process.

I have gone into detail in the past about the people that make up the SSP Alliance and what they came from. I was told that not long after I made it through the battering and bruising of the process of coming out with this information that other whistleblowers would be coming forward. I do think that many in the truther community that consider themselves professionals have behaved in a way that has appeared unethical to some. In other cases there is a clear paper trail of some very bizarre and reactionary behavior. This serves as a warning to future whistleblowers and to whom they choose to make first contact with.
If what I am told is correct and there will soon be more whistleblowers on some of the topics recently disclosed, then we need to deal with the blanketed “MILAB” term, create a new one or chance blocking the majority of the insiders who are on the fence right now about coming forward. We may soon get to a point to where the MILAB part of the equation is left out by new insiders or whistleblowers out of fear of being labeled as a mind controlled drone working for the “Cabal”.

Are we going to throw out quite a lot of valuable data because a small group of bloggers, Forum Owners and researchers feel a need to protect their established views (Book narratives) and particular esoteric or UFO religions? Many of them are basing their info off of misinformation or even in some cases disinformation put out by people who are working in the “Truther” community (Which is extremely infiltrated and influenced).
[In our research into some of these claims regarding Goode's narrative, there were many points of misinterpretation that blossomed into wild speculation. In our view, several of the anti-Corey proponents have only reviewed part of Goode's data.  Some have also claimed that the Blue Avains are a discarnate malevolent AI, and that the 'Harvest' spoken of in the Law of One is an elaborate plan to effect a transhumanist AI take over. But again Goode has addressed each of these points in detail, suggesting these proponents based their conclusions on limited information. 

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We have a detailed analysis coming soon on this score, but in general it reveals how as individuals we want to make sense of reality as much as possible. When we lack a complete picture it leads to speculation which usually passes through biases that suit our own ends. In other words, in the absence of conclusive evidence, something lacking in Goode's material, we tend to believe what we want instead of keeping an open mind. Especially when an aspect of the data revealed goes against a pre-existing belief. The temptation to hold onto beliefs of the past, due to how they make us feel, is ever present. Hence being dynamic in our thought processes and discernment is essential. For.. “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ― Søren Kierkegaard]
All I can say when it comes down to it is to look over the information and if it resonates with you then it is worth looking into further. I would definitely suggest that if you have been a part of this world at any level or even have taken part in some of these projects and you have wanted to come forward now is the time. I would contact myself, David Wilcock or Dr. Michael Salla.
Q10. There have been claims that the Blue Avians message of love and forgiveness, and references to the Law of One material is part of a psychological operation to entrap researchers disposed to such a message, how do your respond?
First of all the Sphere Beings and Blue Avians have never claimed to be the “RA” beings from the Law of One material. When asked if they were the RA from the Law of One material the Blue Avian present only responded “I am Raw-Tear-Eir”. People hear what they want to out of that reply but this is how the Blue Avians communicate. I nor they have every claimed that these are savior beings. The opposite is true, they say that we have to clean up our own mess and save ourselves.
[David Wilcock does state, that in his opinion, the Blue Avians are the Social Memory complex known as "Ra," and that the basis for this conclusion is the form, character and nature of their methods. The MO of the Blue Avians matches the being known as Ra to a very high degree (according to David), and while this is not direct evidence of their association, there is a strong correlation. Whether or not these are the same beings is not as important as the message or concepts shared. Who is making the statements isn't as important as what is being said, as far as our ability to receive any potential wisdom locked therein. 

For our part, we have studied the Law of One material in detail, and there is a staggering degree of honor, respect and integrity evident in these works. The way Ra answers questions, being keenly aware of the free will and life plan of the questioner suggest that Ra is very aware of the principles of honor and morality. These principles have been described in countless other works; the 'golden rule'. As outsiders trying to make sense of this, we can come to understand the principles of Natural Law and how beings can interact with each other in an honorably and trusting way. 

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These same principles are what the Blue Avians exemplify as described by Goode. For example, they advised the SSP Alliance to offer aide to Cabal undersea and off world installations damaged in a recent event. And that the upgraded tech received by the SSP Alliance, as a result of Sphere Alliance contacts, was for self defensive purposes only. This suggests beings who are keenly aware of each being's free will and the right to be honored even when they seek to dishonor others; a highly moral principle.

All of this suggests that at the very least, the principles of objective morality are real, and a race can come to know them just as surely as we can. And these principles of morality, honor and being 'service to others' is the prime message of the Sphere Beings as described by Goode; which is also the same core message offered in the Law of One.]
I am no Law of One scholar by any means. I was not drawing the line from the Blue Avians communications to “RA” until I started speaking with David Wilcock. In the beginning I was guided to work with David but at the time I was sending emails to him and two other people David was busy. The other two ended up doing some very unethical things which were heavily documented and are now a footnote.

David would always tell me that these beings communicated in the same way and used the same general protocols as RA. He was convinced early on that this was the case when I was yet still a hold out. I was raised a Christian and as many know used this belief system to get through a lot of what happened to me directly and what I had done to others.

I had a couple aversions to channeled material because of some technology I had witnessed that was used to transmit words and data into the mind of a human from a great distance with what was originally referenced to as “The voice of God”. This technology is now so prevalent that just about any high level black op’s group has access to it.
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[An excerpt from the above linked article about AI:

"Harald Kautz Vella is a physicist and researcher who has amassed a profound body of knowledge suggesting that our world is actually being 'taken over' by an AI, using quantum computers centered around heavy elements such as barium strontium and manganese. These elements, along with a host of self replicating nanotechnologies, actually implants itself into our bodies central nervous system and DNA.

The biophotonic light emitted from DNA is received and transmitted into the global spy grid using self replicating nanotechnologies. According to Kautz Vella, 100% of the population has been infected, with a very small proportion having the systemic reaction known as Morgellans Disease. HAARP and Radar technology can transmit as well as receive information from these systems. Apparently the intelligence agencies throughout the planet have been able to image the feelings and general thoughts of each individual person on the planet for decades." - end of excerpt.

According to Goode and Vella, this infiltration technology is already being used on the populations of Earth. Vella asserts that the infection rate in heavily 'chemtrailed' area's is 100%, and while this is a sobering point to consider, it matches much of what Goode has revealed in the past. These systems work by offering suggestions in various forms all designed to coerce or manipulate consciousness to accept a program. 

Apparently they can also be used to 'communicate' with channelers who think they are contacting ET's or other beings. This aspect to the puzzle makes channeled works all the more suspect, but the same principles for identifying deception in people applies to discarnate communications. We must question and investigate what is said, not blindly accept what is offered based on who we think is saying it. In this way we can judge the concepts offered on their merits alone.]
This technology has been used to push people with mental disorders into certain behaviors, torture the new boyfriends of ex-wives to targeting people to make them think they are hearing “God”, “Allah”, “Virgin Mary”, “ET’s” or channeling large amounts of information from “Ascended Masters” or “High Density Beings”.

I knew that some groups were ordered to read the “RA” and “SETH” Data while in the programs at the same time I knew many groups were working to discredit both works. For a time I just associated all of it in the same pile and ignored it. I never expected it to come seeking me in some form or another. I figured that since these Sphere Beings were from the same density realms as the “RA” that they must all believe similar things being from the same realm.
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I have ordered the RA, Law of One books but have been making excuses not to read them. My wife finished book one on our trip to Gaiam to do our last video shoot. I do think there was a reason I was directed to work with David. He is a 20 year scholar of the Law of One, lived at “L/L” for a couple of years. It has been very helpful to have his insight in these matters as well as all of the other scientific studies he has done.

Until the Sphere Alliance tells me directly that they are the same RA beings I am not going to claim that they are. They did say they have contacted humanity 3 other times and that humanity had turned the info given to them into a religion. From all of the quotes they are saying the same types of things and in the same way. David stated that he never expected that these beings would show up in a physical way like this.
[I think the reluctance to confirm any connection to the Law of One material is part and parcel with the potential for dogmatic followings to develop. This is probably why they do not contact humanity as a whole directly and 'work in the ways of mystery.' If the power and ability of the Sphere Beings is as magnificent as Goode describes, they could easily materialize a grand display for people on Earth to accept as proof of their existence. But blind belief does very little to evolve consciousness, and accepting something to be true, without going through a personal process of understanding why it is true, is the mainstay program for nearly all dogmatic religions on Earth. 

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Here is an excerpt from the Law of One discussing the 'ways of mystery:'
Ra states - “…this is our mission, to act through groups such as this one [LL Research] in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected, that it may be in a state lacking what the people of your planet choose to call proof. We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate. This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.” Law Of One intro Book I – epub file p.51, 52
Humanity is heavily conditioned by the Cabal to develop dogmatic beliefs, its part of the consciousness manipulation technology used throughout history. And by offering principles of truth, without 'proof,' it encourages a personal discernment process. If we do the work properly, not only can we recognize the truth when we see it, but it will empower us and develop an ever increasing level of consciousness evolution.]
What does it matter if they were once the RA beings or not? What matters is what is occurring in the moment. There is no real information from the detractors that supports their claims of all of this info being an “AI Psyop” or “Cabal” controlled diversion. A quick look at the full history of the information I have released compared to what people are associating me with saying is enough to verify.

If love and forgiveness is considered a weakness to you then you may want to sit in a quiet place, shine a light inward and do a polarity check.
[It is very easy to get distracted by the 'nuts and bolts' of Goode's narrative. And as a people we are conditioned to focus on sensationalism instead of philosophy and contemplation. But the meanings of what is shared by Goode, the Law of One, and countless other researchers is where we can lay claim to self mastery. 

Empowerment, in a moral sense, is being able to achieve one's goals while also honoring the free will of others. And like a good bed time story, fable or myth, it need not be true in order for us to gain insight from it. In other words, instead of trying to prove or disprove Goode's narrative, we can contemplate what is being said and undoubtedly gain empowerment. And this extends to any topic of discussion in our awakening times.]


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