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Stillness in the Storm Show July 29th, 2015: Life in Space, World in Preparation for ET Contact & Consciousness Evolution

This week: We discuss a few changes with the SITS blog, then we dive into Soft Disclosures building up towards a possible major event in the future. We also discuss our recent dialog with Benjamin Fulford, the coming Solar and Planetary shift, and more.

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Julian and I have researched a great many things over the years, and while we are not claiming to be Authorities on truth, we have gained knowledge we feel is important to share. This is part of the Great Work, a Moral realization, that once truth is found within, it is our duty to share it.

Join us Live at 8:00 PM EST and participate in the discussion; 646-478-3085!

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- Justin

This Week - Life in Space, World in Preparation for ET Contact & Consciousness Evolution. We discuss a few changes with the SITS blog, then we dive into Soft Disclosures building up towards a possible major event in the future. We also discuss our recent dialog with Benjamin Fulford, the coming Solar and Planetary shift, and more.

Our hosts Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and Sierra Neblina bring you a discussion for the Awakening Minds. The hope is to reveal data in a way which empowers the individual with practical knowledge. This is best accomplished by presenting an idea and discussing it openly, allowing the full breadth of the data to be contemplated.

General guidelines for show: We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cipher or coded "zip file" to contemplate. We share ideas that we have tested, and have a high degree of certainty and probability of being true. But, we always encourage discussion and discourse surrounding these ideas, all viewpoints are valid.

This will be a series of shows, laying a foundation to the tapestry of information we will be unfolding into the future. This will help set the context, which is helpful for developing a complete and holistic understanding. Each one of us has a unique perspective to share, discussion with others refines the truth we have come to know, and helps discern misinformation, if we have accepted it.

Truth discovery is a group effort, and best done when we are able to share all our ideas together freely, assisting in decoding and grounding process. NO idea is worthless, all things are aides in our process.

Show Content and Linked Articles:

Welcome and thank you for listening to Stillness in the Storm. It is Sunday July 26th, 2015 and you are listening to Justin and Julian. Our website is StillnessintheStorm.com

The show will start with us giving updates about the Stillness in the Storm blog.
 - Thanks to the donations and ad revenue we were able to purchase the Domain name for StillnessintheStorm.com. What that means is you can now find our blog by simply typing stillnessinthestorm.com which will redirect you to sitsshow.blogspot.com. All the blog pages will still say "sitsshow.blogspot.com" at the top.
- We also wanted to take this moment to talk about the Mt. Shasta Summer Conference being held from Wednesday August the 19th to Sunday August the 23rd. Here is a brief description of this event:
Dear Promise Friends,

IAM so honored to invite everyone to journey into the real process of Interplanetary Cultural Exchange and the ongoing revelation of our Galactic Heritage and Cosmic Destiny. We will share a very unique type of experience as family of light interacting throughout the week on a very special and sacred property surrounded by national forest. This will not be a regular type of conference so be prepared to let your self be transfigured by the healing nature of the entire event. 
This conference will be very different from previous conferences in that we will have Daily Meditations, and Yoga Classes, Musical Guests , Nature Excursions, Night Watches, Advanced Healing Technology Demonstrations , The Promise Lounge , On Site Massage and a Private Screening of “The Stranger at The Pentagon” and so much more. The Presenter list this year is very special as IAM especially honored to introduce Omnec Onec the first open to the public declared Ambassador from The Planet Venus. 
The rest of the line up is also so amazing and spectacular and will include Alex Collier my personal nominee for the Galactic Federation Medal of Honor. James Gilliland one of the most personal contactees you will ever meet will also join us along with Author of “The Seres Agenda” Scott Lemriel a Soul Traveler and beacon of light. 
We have a special guest Craig Campobasso who is a friend of mine from DR Frank Stranges inner circle group who wrote the Screenplay with help from Commander Valiant Thor his crew and DR Frank. We will be having a Screening of this wonderful film detailing the contact Valiant Thor had with Eisenhower to offer Interplanetary cultural exchange to our world and was sadly denied. 
Michael Salla one of the world’s premier experts in exopolitics and author of “Galactic diplomacy” will be presenting this year. Michael will be giving us the latest information on secret space programs revelations and ET intervention into our worlds system.
Ted Mahr intuitive Psychic and Radio show Host will share his extraordinary talents and personal journey. He has also kindly agreed to act in a Co MC position with Shamballa a dear friend mystic, poet and singer. 

We will have many music circles so bring your instruments and we will have music and a laser crystal demonstration while we watch the sky for our space family every night! Also make sure to bring your swimsuits to Castle Lake! Mt. Shasta is one of the most powerful vortexes and anchoring of light on the Planet. Beneath Mt. Shasta there is the City of Telos and one of the largest Intergalactic Space Ports on the Planet. We may be fortunate and get to see a spaceship like this one taken on the mountain not to long ago. Victory to the Light Warm Regards Rob Potter.
- You can purchase your ticket to this conference by clicking on the advertisement found on the top of StillnessintheStorm.com
- Another Event taking place, a little sooner and on the other side of the country is the OPAL Northeast Regional Interface in Wolfeboro, NH. We visited the last meet just a few weeks ago where we had the great opportunity to meet like minded individuals for a lovely evening of delicious food and enticing conversation. Read about the experience here: Our Visit to the OPAL Northeast Regional Interface - July 11th, 2015. We will have a post about the August meet soon but until then the details are pretty much the same as the last meet.
- Lets talk about some recent shows we have been on.
- Justin was on the Tony Valen show on May18th wherein Justin talked a little about his personal story and what we have been up to. Listen to that show here: Justin Deschamps on Healing from Within with Tony Valen - May 18th, 2015
- More recently we both did a recording for the No Master, No Slave, with Michael Sabo and Zack Conor but unfortunately there was a problem with the recording. We hope to do that again in the very near future.
- Ok thats all for site updates and events lets get into some of what has been going on in our world as of late.

Benjamin Fulford Notice and Our Response:
- Those of you who follow our site will know that we recently changed the way we share the weekly Benjamin Fulford newsletter. We had been sharing this information for years now, alongside countless other alternative media sources. Ben released a Notice asking us to stop sharing his full article on Mondays per the terms and agreement section of his website. We decided it would be best to honor Benjamin in his quest for memberships and support by only sharing the full version of the newsletter on Thursdays. Read about why we choose to honor Ben's request and as well as an in depth analysis on the illegitimacy of Intellectual Property here: Benjamin Fulford Notice: Our Response - Validity of Intellectual Property: Copyright, Patent and Trade Mark Claims

Financial News:
- The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates - 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis
 -  debt to GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time record high of 286 percent,
about $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet
 - 24 countries, 14 on the verge of collapse

Soft Disclosure and ET Narrative Preparation:
 - Earth-Like Planets 'Three Times More Likely' In Milky Way Than Previously Thought
 - New research has revealed that every solar system in the Milky Way has the same elemental building blocks as Earth, making the presence of Earth-like planets three times more likely.
The research, conducted with a team from E A Milne Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Hull, shows that every solar system has the same elemental building blocks as ours.

 - NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth
 - NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed the first near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone” around a sun-like star. This discovery and the introduction of 11 other new small habitable zone candidate planets mark another milestone in the journey to finding another “Earth.” 
The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the habitable zone -- the area around a star where liquid water could pool on the surface of an orbiting planet -- of a G2-type star, like our sun. The confirmation of Kepler-452b brings the total number of confirmed planets to 1,030.
 - NASA Using Fake Photos or Did Don Dixon Predict Pluto's Landscape? | Crow Report Debunks NASA’s Pluto Shots as Fakery [videos] (Pluto is Hades, lord of the underworld)
"I'd like to claim prophetic powers, but the painting was guided by the reasonable assumption that Pluto likely has a periodically active atmosphere that distributes powdery exotic frosts into lowland areas. The reddish color of the higher features is caused by tholins – hydrocarbons common in the outer solar system. The partial circular arcs would be caused by flooding of craters by slushy exotic ices. Pluto is apparently more orange than I painted it, however; I assumed the exotic ices would push colors more into the whites and grays." 
Don Dixon, Artist who produced the Pluto Image in 1979
- U.S. Government Releases Document With Details Of Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet (R)

Rewriting Human History:
- In an earlier post we talked about the site Gobekli Tepe in The Secret of Gobekli Tepe: Cosmic Equinox and Sacred Marriage (R) and its implications for our history. We also found some information released by Graham Hancock in Rewriting History: Radio Carbon Dating Confirmed 26,000 Year Old Mysterious Ancient Pyramid In Gunung Padang, Indonesia
- Since its first exploration by archaeologists in 1914 the site was thought to be a natural hill with 2500 year-old megalithic structures on top of it. But in 2010 geologist Dr Danny Hilman Natawidjaja (who earned his doctorate at Cal Tech) recognized this “hill” as a possible man-made pyramid and began to explore it using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, resistivity survey and other remote sensing techniques, as well as some direct excavations and deep core drilling.
- The results were immediately intriguing producing evidence of deeply buried man-made chambers and yielding carbon dates going back as far as 26,000 years. This was the last Ice Age when our ancestors are supposed (according to the orthodox archaeological model) to be have been nothing more than primitive hunter gatherers incapable of large-scale construction and engineering feats.
- Both of these stories provide evidence that our history has been obfuscated from humanity as a whole. The fairy tale of darwinian evolution where we slowly evolved over time with no assistance from any other civilizations has fallen apart, most people don't really see it though we are too distracted.
- What does this mean for consciousness? NASA has traditionally been a propaganda machine for maintaining the worldview that Earth is the only habitable planet. But recently the paradigm has changed and now the public seems to be being prepared for a major disclosure of ET and UFO truths long hidden from the public eye. This lends credence to the narrative put forth by several researchers.

The Shift In Consciousness:
- Many researchers and scientists have spoken about a cosmic up-liftment to occur as we get closer to a cosmic cloud in our galaxy made up of increased energy.
- All Life is Connected via EMF Entrainment | Solar Revolution Documentary (2012) - Reveals the Science Entrainment, along with the Sun and Galaxies Influence on Human Affairs
- Sun’s Magnetic Field 230% Stronger | Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System
- What Is The Schumann Resonance? | The Science of: Tesla, Free Energy, "Storms of Life", Scalar or Standing Waves, Energetic Evolution & Interconnectedness
- Living Cells Are Electromagnetic Units - A Foundation For Understanding Energetic Shifts within the Body, Mind and Planet
- Both Dr. Michael Salla and insider Corey Goode have been talking about this topic for some time now as well.
- We are researching a post related to those who dismiss what Corey is offering. The Ruiner, Bradley Loves, BP perspectives being shared. Several people have sent us this information asking for comment. We intend to put together a comprehensive analysis on this score very soon.
- Cosmic Energies Predicted To Trigger DNA Changes & Disclosure Events In September
- Sphere's Have Slowed Down Energy Diffusion, Trigger Events To Come, Cosmic Initiation Into Higher Consciousness | Corey GoodETxSG
- We have been getting up-to-date with David's series on GaiamTV Disclosure, and we watched all 4 episodes currently available of Cosmic Disclosure. There is a lot of information regarding our history you can learn about by watching Disclosure, Davids interviews act as a reeducation on Earth history. The information provided in Cosmic Disclosure has been a rehash of much of the information that has already been released by Corey with some added details on technology and his personal experience.
- You can read more about this information in our post Commentary On: Corey Goode’s GaiamTV Interview And Voice Analysis and you can also read about it directly from David Wilcock in COSMIC DISCLOSURE: Secret Space Program Insider Debut Videos!!.
- One of the major revelations was the concept drawing of the Blue Avians, which is depicted in the As Above So Below hand gesture used in esoteric symbolism. This is the first time we have seen ETs that look like this.
- How do we know that any of this is true? We receive this question all the time and our answer is always the same. We don't. We are actively searching for THE TRUTH, and as we place all the evidence, from all sources on the table, we can begin the process of discernment. Holistic discernment is the process of using all our knowledge to draw a dynamic conclusion about a potential truth. Contemplating meanings, philosophy, is what integrates new information into ourselves, the act of making knowledge empowering.
- We offered a deep analysis of the Harvest concept, as well as the Lawful basis and dynamic of the SSP Alliance and Sphere beings here: The Natural Law Basis of Harvest | The Spiritual Evolution of Gaia and All Who Dwell In the System of Sol

- With all this being we said we wanted to leave everyone with some wisdom by Alan Watts: Society Is A Hoax, Take Control Of Your Life | Alan Watts



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