Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sphere's Have Slowed Down Energy Diffusion, Trigger Events To Come, Cosmic Initiation Into Higher Consciousness | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey's new show Cosmic Disclosure is set to premiere on July 21st. The first two episodes of this show will be free to view, and signing up for GaiamTV via the links provided by Corey will help support him in his work.

There was a shooting in Chattanooga TN this past week, which ISIS claims responsibility for, the only evidence we have available to confirm that is a few tweets after the event. The major point of question for me was the timing of this event. Jade Helm started on the same day as the Chattanooga shooting. 

There really does seem to be more catalyzing events happening for awakening consciousness. And if Corey is correct that the Spheres are ramping down their dampening efforts, there will be even more turbulence and evolution to come. 

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- Justin

Facebook Update (July 16th 6:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance There are many types of drives that are produced and used from the simple electrogravitic drives, torsion (warp) drives to the more advanced temporal (phase) drives. .

Packing and prepping for the next round of Gaiam TV shoots to have a good number "in the can" and ready to be released. I haven't seen the first episode myself yet and hope to get a look at it very soon. The release date is still Tuesday 7/21, the first two episodes will be free. The name of the series is going to be Cosmic Disclosure.

Secret Interstellar Spacecraft Use Superluminal Tachyon Drives | Faster Than Light Physics of Reciprocal Systems Theory

[Here is the write up we did for the Dr.Salla article]

There is a plethora of data available demonstrating that faster than light phenomenon are real. The work of Dan Winter and HeartMath Institute has materially demonstrated that the heart muscle reacts to external stimuli seconds before the experience itself. We literally receive cognitive data about what is experienced before it happens. 

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If the below account is true, that the secret space program employs faster than light drives, it confirms what many in the awaking scientific community already knows: main stream science has lost touch with reality.

The Cabal are masters of deception, illusion and inception. Materialist Physics, the Standard Model, Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, is founded on an assumption that the universe is primarily of matter, that all things spring up from matter only. These interactions of 'fundamental particles' play out their roles on a field of coordinate space-time; three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. In other words, this is a dualistic foundation to reality, that there is matter and space-time, but the two are not fundamentally unified in any way. And since this assumption is rarely, if ever, questioned it distorts theories into complex abstractions which fail to reflect the reality they seek to explain. 

Dewey B. Larson recognized the errors of these assumptions plaguing science, and developed Reciprocal Systems theory as a product of careful analysis, distillation and deduction. The Law of One material discusses this when Don Elkins asks the entity known as Ra if Larson's physics is correct:
20.7 Questioner: Just as a sideline, a side question here: Is the physics of Dewey Larson correct? 
Ra: I am Ra. The physics of sound vibrational complex Dewey is a correct system as far as it is able to go. There are those things which are not included in this system. However, those coming after this particular entity, using the basic concepts of vibration and the study of vibrational distortions, will begin to understand that which you know of as gravity and those things you consider as “n” dimensions. These things are necessary to be included in a more universal, shall we say, physical theory.
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Possibly this is why David Wilcock's insiders say that the Law of One material is required reading for access to certain levels of the secret space program. 

This is one topic I personally find very interesting, as the principles described by Larson and the Law of One, in my view, are profoundly accurate for describing the material, mental and spiritual realities. This model of the universe, material and extra-material physics lends credence to the claims of Goode and other researchers. 

Facebook Update (July 16th 6:30pm):

Sphere Being Alliance This article points to recent events and is food for thought as well as motivation to keep creating a new reality free of these controlling entities with the use of our shared co-creative consciousness...

There is a reason these groups are bugging out to their safe zones and are getting ready to pull some false flags that are intended as diversions to cover their escapes into various areas that they still believe to be "Safe Zones" that many Whistle Blowers are reporting on.

We know for certain that these groups plan on trying to take down the Internet and energy grids in strategic locations to buy some time if the highly dreaded "Mass Data Dump" occurs. 

The logistics going into how these thing have to be handled are mind boggling. 

Many of these spoiled children would want to break their "toys" before ever having to hand them over to someone else.

I say this to not create fear but give people an idea of the many angles that have to be covered in operations of this magnitude. There is a lot of planning and organizing going on behind the scenes for this future transition.

25 Signs That The Global Elite’s Ship Is About To Sink

[Possibly the Jade Helm activity is related to the Cabals desire to destroy 'the goodies' before we can use them. If they really do plan to destroy the worlds modern infrastructure, then this could be the ramp up to it. And in doing so they completely cement their incompetence to manage the planet and human affairs; not that they had much to begin with. Humanity is increasingly becoming aware of the incompetence of our would-be masters and this helps lay the foundation for realizing change is needed.

I suspect that a complete destruction of all modern tools, and technology won't happen, but there will probably be enough allowed to happen to further the mental evolution. When I am reconciling these possibilities, I often ask myself "How will this affect consciousness? What would the average person do if it was reported that some prominent figures in the global community destroyed infrastructure in a terrorist like event?"

Using this possibility as an example, the public has been conditioned to want an end of terrorist activities. And this meme in consciousness would back fire on them if they were caught red handed. Therefore if a Rothschild agent was apprehended trying to sabotage the Global Communications Grid, it would catalyze this program against an aspect of the Cabal itself. There really is a War on Terra (Earth) raging, but the true terrorists are not known on mass. If even one event was definitively traced back to the cabal, it would be enough to send a wave of righteous indignation and awakening through humanity. People would be mad as hell and might at that point be ready to receive the truth. 

I suspect that these Cabal related actives are allowed to occur for this purpose. In this way we need not polarize into negative definitions, based on half truths and deceptive suggestions, when one of these events happen. With the process of mental alchemy we can learn how to use our will to choose a more accurate meaning other than the one offered by the Cabal, changing our emotional expression.

Lets look at 3 interpretations of a false flag event, and the resulting emotional experience that is generated. A false flag is real in that people are hurt or injured, but the narrative surrounding it is distorted by the media using propaganda techniques. The goal is to get people to accept this false narrative. The un-awakened usually accept the prepacked meanings offered in the false narrative, and experience emotional stress. The semi-awake recognize it is a false flag, and some think it means the Cabal is still in total control (absolute domination) and that everything is part of their mechanism of manipulation. In this definition, ET's, Spirituality, anything which offers a glimmer of hope is defined as part of the Cabal's orchestrated illusion; which of course yields a sense of dis-empowerment and emotional malaise. Finally the empowering meaning is one which relates to Cosmic Initiation, that all events happen as a way to offer mental evolution, by contemplating this event against all available knowledge within our store; holistic discernment. The more esoteric knowledge we have, the more about the spiritual realities and fundamental laws of nature we have come to understand, the more easily holistic discernment will empower us. 

It centers around a total world view based on the premise that all experience is an offer from the divine to grow. Again the spirit is that eternally perfect potential aspect, the higher self unified with all things. The body is a community of other life that allows our essence to animate; the seat of consciousness. The thing created by experience, that which is undergoing constant change as a genesis of the spirit and body, is the mind. Therefore, all experience affects the mental aspect of ourselves profoundly, and using this mechanism of personality evolution as a type of seed for imagining possibilities, we can theorize as to what benefit these events could have for the awakening experience. 

These events offer awakening to the whole of humanity and can ultimately be viewed as a positive thing from a holistic point of view. If we really do agree to play parts in our lives for the benefit of all consciousness, then it stands to reason that everyone who has participated, did so at some level of willingness. Each event adds another clue to the grander truth for the whole. If Corey's data is correct, the Cabal will continue to foolishly use their older techniques for manipulating perception and it will have the affect of awakening humanity instead of limiting it. These effects have been, and are now, slowly tilling the fields of consciousness, which will one day culminate into the mass awakening. 

In our view, that is exactly what is happening, that all events from the small and mundane to the global and all encompassing, are playing their part to prepare us for what is to come. And even if Corey's data is not valid, they would still have this effect. 

The Cabal were being guided by many prophesies and plans that never came to fruition it seems, and this suggests that they don't possess a way to improvise well. Improvisation functions best in a free and loving space, where the right brain of intuition, creativity and holistic thinking works best. This is the polar opposite of how these Cabal members experience life, living in constant fear, trauma and oppression. It's likely things will get 'worse' in the sense that more contrasting events are going to come. But over the grand scale of consciousness evolution, there is nothing to fear as all is essential for the collective evolution.

To be clear, realizing these events play their part does not also mean we should be complicit. We are active players on the stage, and part of the process of personal evolution is to act on knowledge, creating wisdom. In this way it's a process of bringing the non-physical spiritual truth, gained as a result of contemplating meanings in the mind, down into physical form by acting out what we think to be true. Honoring others and practicing forgiveness is that process, as well as taking defensive actions when our fundamental freedoms are threatened.]


Facebook Update (July 17th 11:00pm):

Sphere Being Alliance Update: For those interested in the Audio of my last article that is now on YouTube. It is very cool that this person has taken the time to do this. Much appreciated... smile emoticon

I am flying out with the family tomorrow to go to do another week of video shooting with both George Noory on two episodes of his show "Beyond Belief" and then get as many episodes of our show on Gaiam TV "Cosmic Disclosure" recorded as possible.

I have been going over the amazing content at Gaiam TV and am making notes of the huge library of video's by various researchers that are directly in line with the Blue Avian Message. I will post that update and a list of those video's in the next few days.

*** Remember, our show on Gaiam TV is airing this coming Tuesday, the 21st of July! ***

The first 2 Episodes will be free to the public. Please also remember to sign up for memberships through the link that gives me monetary credit for your new account at Gaiam. That link is below;

Gaiam TV Sign Up Link (Credit to Corey):

I have another article on the SSP Alliance Meeting that had a lot of drama between a few members and myself after the security issues were allowed to occur at home. This was the incident where very tall Nordic beings who had 6 fingers invaded the sanctuary of our home. I will give some details on those unpleasant experiences as well.

Summarizing the details for that report is still very upsetting to me. Even though what occurred was uncalled for in my opinion and we have every right to be angry... There is still a job to do. Gonzales has been mending fences the best he can since that fiasco to his credit as a diplomat.

We are getting a lot more of the same kind of intelligence briefings about what is occurring down here on Earth as well as out in the Sol System. Most of the information has been so similar that there is nothing remarkable (that can be reported) to report.

In the next article I will discuss more about the increase in the high density energy waves (As reported by Tear-Eir) that we are encountering as our Sol Systems flows into this part of the Torus of our Sol System.

The "Spheres" seem to nearing the end of their purpose as they are also beginning to buffer less and less of the energy thus allowing more and more to enter into the inner Sol System and directly effect the Sun, Planets and HUMAN BEINGS that are so easily put into trigger mode by these energies.

At some point the Spheres will be gone and we will fully be considered a 4/5th Density Transition Civilization. There are of course quite a few other EVENTS that will be occurring before this last EVENT leaves us standing on our own finally.

The opening of the Earths barrier and going back to enforcing security grids and airspace has been difficult the last few weeks. It has proven to be the right thing to do however according to data received from some of the groups that were trapped here.

In the mean time, no matter what they are saying through their Illuminati and Cabal zealot followers... No One in the Draco Empire, Its Federation Allies nor any other negative groups that have been referenced as part of the Orion Syndicate/AKA Orion Group are going anywhere!

[This is in reference to certain reveals who have said the Dracos are leaving. If a Natural Justice tribunal is going to occur, they would undoubtedly need to be present.]

They are all stuck inside the Sol System that has turned out to be the biggest etheric and spiritual evolutionary honey pot around. Both the Negative and the Positive of us are being forced to deal with our karmic energies right now. There is no escaping it.

The pleasure of seeing how many are moving to focusing on being Loving, Forgiving (Stopping the wheel of karma), becoming Service to Others while not being a door mat or taken advantage of by the negative forces... Those working on raising their vibrations and honing their powers of their co-creative Consciousness.... HAS FAR outweighed the effects of the number of people I have seen succumb to the "Dark side of the force" and become triggered or eaten up by their karmic energies recently.

Its a very difficult thing to observe and the details as usual are always very sorted. Now more than ever is a time to have our guards up spiritually and be ready for anything the negative side tosses our way out of desperation.

[I suggest contemplating the definitions and meanings developed in life, and not falling into a rigid belief system. The ability to imagine a different way to see things will be a huge aid to preparing for these unrestricted waves of awakening energy.]

I have just suffered alongside my family for weeks dealing with just such attacks that have been made out of panic by opposition forces. Their goal was to make us back down. Their attacks had an opposite reaction on both us and others attacked who are more determined to see this through now than ever before.

I will be logging in and answering questions and responding to people who post in the discussion page where the shows are going to be published on Gaiam TV's website. I look forward to chatting with you there as well as here.

I do hope those who can afford Gaiam TV do give it a try. It really is like an online spiritual and consciousness university. I would recommend spending more hours on these videos and less time on the MSM Propaganda Machine. (That is just IMHO though) smile emoticon

If you decide to give it a try please do make sure to use the Gaiam TV Sign Up Link though (Credit to Corey):

As stated, More Updates and another Article on its way.

Thank you very much to everyone who has been buying tee shirts in the store (@, donating and registering memberships through my Gaiam Link. Every little bit helps. The letters of blessings and positive energy after my Aunts Diagnosis has been the most uplifting thing of all.

Thank you,

GoodETxSG (Corey Goode): : The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP Delegation Briefings Part 2

[If the dampening from the Sphere Alliance is really beginning to slow down, then it could mean a few different things. First that humanity is actually ready at some level to receive these energies, so in this way we can all pat ourselves on the back. Secondly that the offer of catalyzing events within our lives will ramp up. In this way we shouldn't focus only on global events, and there are countless more personal events unfolding which offer expanded consciousness. 

For our part, we had a wonderful over-all experience recently addressing Benjamin Fulford in his notice to us to stop publishing his news letter before the requested time. It gave us a chance to do some self reflection, release mistakes we've made, and also bring attention to the false concepts of ownerships plaguing society. 

There were many aspects of Natural Law and Ownership which I understood, but the experience had the effect of enhancing my pre-exisiting knowledge. As a result I've gained a much richer vision for what a money-less society and co-creative world can really look like. And it allowed me to gain new insights into world events which I hadn't considered before. It does really seem like we'll have more opportunity to change the status quo as time goes on.]

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