Saturday, July 18, 2015

Society Is A Hoax, Take Control Of Your Life | Alan Watts

Alan Watts, accomplished Orator, Philosopher and Activist, discusses the absurdity of modern life, raising many questions about why we allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated and coerced into maintaining such shallow and ineffectual values. 

Watts refers to the present state of social indoctrination of children as a type of societal probation, that we are taught to think of ourselves as unworthy from the moment we enter the world. That we must prove our selves to parents, teachers and society at large. But since most are blinded by an ineffectual standard, that places human beings into a box where the highest pursuit in life is the acquisition of money, power, and social acceptance, perhaps it is civilization on probation

The values of our age have completely lost sight of what consciousness is, and who we are. Many people are totally unaware of that non-physical aspect of themselves which animates the body and mind. With the world an endless maze of distraction, trauma and imposed scarcity, who has time to dig deep within themselves, unlocking the mysteries of being which infuse all life? But it is the answer to this fundamental question: Who Am I? which once sought after will build a temple of knowledge within, wiping clean the limited and self serving desires of a mind trapped by externalizations. 

The choice to know thyself, will transform the meaningless rat race which most of humanity finds themselves in, unlocking an eternal destiny and experiential bliss that will eclipse any materialistic goal. And it is this transcendent ability hidden within each being, regardless of their ethnicity, cultural background or social standing, that makes our would-be masters tremble with fear. If we but had a glimpse of our true purpose in life, and what it could mean for ourselves and posterity, we would never again be duped into the endless game that modern life has become. 

- Justin

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