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Royals Told: Open Archives on Family Ties to Nazi Regime

The 4th Reich of the Nazi empire is alive and well. This aspect to our history has been very well hidden, but more are becoming aware of the fascist influences within nearly every institution on Earth. 

It is easy to see once we develop the ability for substitution or effective equivalency, to look beyond the surface to see what something made of. For example, Edward Bernays developed social engineering techniques in participation with the Rockefeller foundation during the 1920's and 30's. In the US this was done under then name Public Relations, whereas the Germans used the term Propaganda. They both mean the same thing, manipulating consciousness to engineer consent.

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Ask a random set of people what their reactions to each term is and many people will assume propaganda is bad while public relations is good. The point is that in practice, they are equivalent, and while we may have different subjective meanings of these terms, they achieve the same objective goal. The effect can be substituted within our minds, and is part of a technique for inner awakening, an exploration of meanings to help us realize that the words are different but the idea is the same. Whether we call it Propaganda, Public Relations or Mass Mind Control, the effect is the same. 

Now using this tool of substitution, lets ask ourselves if the Nazi state was all that much different from the 1st world societies of today. There is a slow encroaching of our freedoms by the well intentioned state, and many people are institutionalized into accepting the status quo. To question society is to be an outcast and at worst a terrorist. Right now, if you have enough food for two weeks stored in your home the Department of Homeland Security could justifiably surveilling your house and labeling you a domestic terrorist. So in effect, modern life is essentially equivalent to a Nazi regime. 

This recent disclosure of British Nazism is not unthinkable given the objective similarities in culture. Hopefully others will be able to recognize the truth more easily as data is held up for closer inspection. 

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- Justin

Source - The Guardian

Historian urges that secret correspondence be made public to reveal the truth after Queen’s Nazi salute footage released.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor meet with Adolf Hitler in Munich in 1937. Photograph: PA

Jamie Doward and Tracy McVeigh

Saturday 18 July 201519.09 BSTLast modified on Sunday 19 July 201500.10 BST

Buckingham Palace has been urged to disclose documents that would finally reveal the truth about the relationship between the royal family and the Nazi regime of the 1930s.

The Sun’s decision to publish footage of the Queen at six or seven years old performing a Nazi salute, held in the royal archives and hitherto unavailable for public viewing, has triggered concerns that the palace has for years sought to suppress the release of damaging material confirming the links between leading royals and the Third Reich.

Unlike the National Archives, the royal archives, which are known to contain large volumes of correspondence between members of the royal family and Nazi politicians and aristocrats, are not compelled to release material on a regular basis. Now, as that relationship becomes the subject of global debate, historians and MPs have called for the archives to be opened up so that the correspondence can be put into context.

“The royal family can’t suppress their own history for ever,” said Karina Urbach of the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London. “This is censorship. Censorship is not a democratic value. They have to face their past. I’m coming from a country, Germany, where we all have to face our past.”

The Sun was subjected to a backlash on social media, after publishing 80-year-old home movie footage from the grounds of Balmoral Castle, in which a laughing Elizabeth, her mother, Prince Edward (later Edward VIII) and Princess Margaret, were shown making Nazi salutes. Barbara Keeley, Labour MP for Worsley and Eccles South, retweeted a message that read: “Hey @TheSun, if you want to stir up some moral outrage about a misjudgement in history, look a bit closer to home.”

Many expressed incredulity that the paper had published the actions of a child. But the managing editor, Stig Abell, defended publication. “It is an important and interesting issue, the extent to which the British aristocracy – notably Edward VIII, in this case – in the 1930s, were sympathetic towards fascism,” he said. The paper declined to comment on how it acquired the footage. Legal experts suggested a police investigation was unlikely, especially given the collapse of recent cases in which Sun reporters walked free after being accused of paying public officials for information.

“On the face of it, this information has been obtained legitimately and used in accordance with what the newspaper feels is appropriate interest,” said John Cooper, QC.

“It’s really a question not so much on the law but whether it’s in the public interest for this material to find its way into a newspaper. The public interest in this document being produced is nothing to do with the royal family but how startling it is that in 1933 people were so naive about the evils of Nazism.”

Urbach, author of Go-Betweens for Hitler, a new book about the relationship between the royals and the Nazis, has spent years trying to gain access to documents relating to Nazi Germany held in the royal archives. She described the archives, in Windsor Castle’s Round Tower, as “a beautiful place to work but not if you want to work on 20th-century material … you don’t get any access to anything political after 1918”.

She described seeing shelves of boxes containing material relating to the 1930s that no one is allowed to research. She suggested that much of the archives’ interwar material no longer existed.

“We know that after ’45 there was a big cleanup operation,” Urbach said. “The royals were very worried about correspondence resurfacing and so it was destroyed.”



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