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Our Visit to the OPAL Northeast Regional Interface - July 11th, 2015

Source - Transcendent Explorer

Paul Conant, Sam, Justin and I met up last weekend to attend the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Northeast Regional Interface, to connect with other truth seekers and spiritual activists. As part of the work, we feel it empowering to connect with others engaged in those type of activities so we can  in a sense "compare notes" and potentially broaden our knowledge base.

Paul and Justin have been contributing to the efforts surrounding the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, a global organization seeking to restore the rule of Law. On a conference call several weeks ago, we learned that Paul is presently staying in the same town we are, only a few miles way. When we originally began working with this group, Justin and I were staying in Morocco, and Paul was elsewhere in the US. We had actually met Paul in Aouchtam, a small town in Morocco, so what are the odds that we both would end up in the same small town in Massachusetts?

Julian, Justin, Paul

We heard about the OPAL meet up, and with our new found connection with Paul, decided to make a day of it and visit some other likeminded folks. Paul's friend Sam joined us on the adventure and away we went.

The Empress of Time

Our first stop was to pick up some groceries and visit Gina and Carmelle, of Empress of Time. Carmelle is an adept numerologist, intuitive and empath who has been an active player in the awakening community for years. Justin and I have done several radio shows with her in past years, but never got the chance to meet her in density, as we say.

Carmelle was staying with her friend Gina, a skilled seamstress and crafter in her own right. Gina actually did some repair work for the Teepee we were going to be spending time in at the meet up later in the day outside the Strawberry Hill Farm where the meet took place.

We discussed and journeyed through various topics from health, wealth, law and spirituality. After working up an appetite with the energetic discourse, Gina served us a love infused vegan meal. After lunch, we had the opportunity to play a card game called SET.

Basically it's a game where you have to match the various patterns in each card with 2 other corresponding patterns. It can be quite tricky but very satisfying to the mind, as we exercise our pattern recognition and logical pairing skills. It was a lot of fun to play and if you're really paying attention to your consciousness, you can actually become aware of the archetypal patterns forming in your mind. In the midst of this mind stimulating activity, Carmelle bestowed more of her abundance on us in the form of a vegan chocolate cake. We all enjoyed the delicious treat before it was time to go, else we would arrive late at night to the Wolfeboro meet-up.

The Wolfeboro Meet-up, Strawberry Hill Farm

After driving nearly 2 hours through back roads of New Hampshire, we arrived at a 1820's farm house nestled in the woods. The sun was setting as we pulled up to see a display of ornate crystals, stones and minerals at the center of a small gathering of about a half dozen people. We greeted everyone with hugs and handshakes, jumping right into a grand series of discussions. George was showcasing his amazingly beautiful collection of stones to the group and we were all transfixed by them for a short time.

After admiring the stones we entered the nearly 200 year old farmhouse. We could tell the house was from another century due to its more organic layout. The doorway stoops were formed from ancient stone, the floor boards were made of long wide planks and the dinning room was between 2 walls of windows, letting the twilight of sunset in. Just outside stood the barn and gardens where much of the ingredients for the meal came from.

From Left to Right: Robin, Sam, Paul, Julian, Justin, Linda, Rabia, Joseph

Dinner was a delight. We had home made New England Clam and Lobster chowder, a Kale salad, stir fry noodles and farm fresh tomato sauce and pasta. For desert we ate Watermelon with Strawberry and Rhubarb crisp.

After our glorious dinner we all went out to the teepee where we sat around a fire exchanging stories whilst listening to our musically talented friends explore the acoustics of the space. The space was Earthy and warm due to our host's expert fire tending skills. Justin and I had never been in a teepee before, and it was a wonderful experience. Of course the feng shui of the space was perfect for expanding consciousness, and thats exactly what our conversations did.

From Left to Right: Paul, Tess, Sam, Rabia

Our illustrious hosts were kind enough to offer a bed for the night, but we had prior engagements for the next day and needed to head back that night. All and all it was a wonderful experience.

There is going to be another event on August 1st and 2nd that we plan to attend. If you're in the area and want to say hello, come by!

2nd OPAL Summer Gathering 2015

North East Region Interface

August 1st @ 12:00PM to August 2nd, 2015 

Strawberry Hill Farm
40 Chick Road, Wolfeboro, NH 03894

A huge thank you to Tess for all the great photos!

- Julian 




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