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NASA Using Fake Photos or Did Don Dixon Predict Pluto's Landscape? | Crow Report Debunks NASA’s Pluto Shots as Fakery [videos]

NASA's New Horizon Pluto mission has a few investigators raising some good questions. Why is it that this presumably well funded mission brought a 1 megapixel camera (according to the Crow report) all the way to pluto, considering that the latest iPhone 6 has an 8 megapixel camera? Granted the mission left Earth some 9 years ago, but one would think that access to better equipment would have been available. 

The images revealed to the public are Low-fi and hazy at best. But what makes these photos so strange, is their staggering similarity to a painting done in 1979 by Don Dixon:

On the left, a black and white image of Pluto released this week by NASA New Horizons shortly before closest approach. On the right, a hypothetical image of Pluto produced in 1979 by artist Don Dixon. Used with special permission. Click image for original art at Don's website. Image Source
Don goes on to comment about his painting:
"I'd like to claim prophetic powers, but the painting was guided by the reasonable assumption that Pluto likely has a periodically active atmosphere that distributes powdery exotic frosts into lowland areas. The reddish color of the higher features is caused by tholins – hydrocarbons common in the outer solar system. The partial circular arcs would be caused by flooding of craters by slushy exotic ices. Pluto is apparently more orange than I painted it, however; I assumed the exotic ices would push colors more into the whites and grays." 
- Don Dixon, Artist who produced the Pluto Image in 1979
Is this a case of excellent deductive reasoning producing a highly accurate artist rendition? Does Dixon possess unrecognized Remote Viewing powers? Or is this a case of NASA's infamous image slight of hand?

At this point we can only guess. But I did find it interesting that COBRA mentioned in his July 14th update that Pluto's moon Charon was or is a store house for exotic weaponry used by the Chimera group:
It is a very interesting »coincidence« that sublunar operations have started on the same day that NASA’s New Horizons space probe made its closest approach to Pluto and its moon Charon: 
Fifteen years ago, Charon was the main exotic weapons warehouse for Chimera / Draco / Illuminati secret space programs.
If the secret space program narratives offered by various insiders and whistleblowers is accurate, then NASA would essentially act as the propaganda arm of this elusive group. And quite possibly a great deal of alleged photographic material produced by this institution could be elaborate fakery. The following article by the Crow Report suggest that could be the case. 

- Justin

Source - StarshipEarththeBigPicture

Thanks to for sharing. I was unaware of this fellow, CRROW777  until now.
Are we surprised about his exposé?  He did a second, follow-up video afterwards that is also very good. I’ve included that one, as well.
I think he raises a valid point when he states that a lot of people don’t associate NASA with the rogue government. I think he’s right. Why is that? Is it simply because we WANT to believe them?
For any discerning person who cares to examine what NASA has claimed over the years, and what they continue to do with respect to taking down feed from satellite images on their website and doctoring them, taking satellite live feed offline, etc. it’s clear NASA lies, manipulates and covers up the truth—just like the rest of the government body and their many agencies.
For discerning minds, NASA has become another four-letter word.

I think it’s important for Americans to realize that as a government agency, they are taking your tax dollars, as he mentions, and giving you fairy tales. Not a healthy ROI.
Fake images passed off as the real thing constitutes fraud, does it not? A spacecraft made out of tin foil and Tinkertoys is fraud.
What would happen if they had to submit their expenses for these space missions before we would reimburse them? That’s how businesses are run.

For some reason the government is not accountable to The People at all and most people seem to be okay with that. For some reason the US government doesn’t come under The People’s scrutiny.
On a  lighter note, I love that this guy is going on a road trip through 30 states and will bring us his images of what is really happening out there—and not just in the skies. That could prove to be very interesting indeed.
He offers good advice. Question everything. And I would add, and everyONE.  ~ BP

Published on Jul 7, 2015
UPDATE TO THIS CLIP .To be clear, I do not accept ANY data from NASA. Not images, not distances, NOT ANYTHING! All information used in this clip is for the purposes of exposing fraud and I consider none of it to be accurate. NASA’s mission is to ensure we know nothing about what is outside of our world – in my view. Funding for the road trip will be open for a couple more weeks and my next article will post at THC this coming weekend. Sorry it is late posting.
If you would like to support the Crow Discovery Project, please use the link below currently funding the 10,000 mile road trip to discovery.
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Published on Jul 17, 2015
There is no reason to trust anything NASA hands us at this point. They are the government. As an example here is a link to the fraudulent Rosetta comet landing mission: . The things said about Pluto here are not based solely on this single mission but as a result of examining NASA history and the endless line of fraud they have foisted off on the world. In my view NASA’s mission is to ensure that we know next to nothing about what is above our heads. As NASA is phased out (NASA is now a bad word) we expect to see private corporations take over the space lie. They will have no responsibility or reason to divulge trade secrets. Question everything.
If you would like to support the Crow Discovery Project, please use the link below – currently funding the 10,000 mile road trip to discovery.
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