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Aol Reports: Alien Human Hybrid’ Believed to be Secret Government Operative Found Dead in SUV in Los Angeles [videos]

Thank you to all the folks who sent this story to us. 

Aol shared this story on the 23rd here.

BP, of Starship Earth The Big Picture put together a nice compilation of the related news items for this story.

The fact that this story is being reported on MSM, in particular Aol, suggests that some type of effort is being made to condition the sleeping masses. Even if this is contrived disinformation, the affect on consciousness is undeniable - the average Joe will be asked to contemplate Secret Government Projects, Alien Agendas, Hybridization of Human beings, and of course the Secret Space Program. 

Related David Wilcock and Corey Goode June 28th OYM Radio Transcript and Notes: ET Alliance, Consciousness Evolution, Disclosure Event, Energetic Ascension, Cabal Take-down & More

If we assume that the narrative put forth by Corey Goode is accurate, then this could be part of the disclosure spin campaign offered by the Cabal. Or this could be part of the SSP Alliance effort to prepare humanity for the coming 'data dump.' Or this could all be an elaborate psy-op. 

Because as outsiders we have such a small amount of data to work with, I would advise not jumping to any hard and fast conclusions. One thing is undeniable however, the public is being conditioned for something. And we who are more aware of the grand truth unfolding behind the scenes can use this story as a topic of discussion with our sleeping brothers and sisters. 

- Justin

Source - Starship Earth The Big Picture

This story appears in many alternative news publications but is also featured on and KTLA Los Angeles.
“Lash’s fiancée of 17 years”… That must be a record.
And he regularly ordered filet mignon… raw.

What the heck happened to his guy when he went to University (UCLA)? He suddenly changed and dropped out. Mind control experiments? 
He must have been linked to the government with all the money, guns, ammo, vehicles—and they haven’t even reported on what they found in the storage units he rented.   ~ BP

Body found of man connected to missing woman, believed to be ‘human/alien hybrid’

July 23, 2015
LOS ANGELES, Ca. (KTLA) — A man with a home filled with guns and whose decomposed body was found in an SUV in Pacific Palisades was believed to be a human/alien hybrid secretly working with the U.S. government by his fiancée, according to the woman’s mother.
Dawn VadBunker was last seen by her family on the same day Jeffery Lash allegedly died. Lash has not been officially identified, but his former attorney confirmed his name to KTLA.
VadBunker’s mother believes her daughter has been caught in the middle of a mysterious death investigation and may be suffering from a mental breakdown. According to Laura VadBunker, her daughter believes Lash was an alien “sent to earth to protect us.”
“I can’t believe this,” Laura VadBunker told KTLA in a telephone interview. “It’s worse than a Twilight Zone movie and we’ve lived through hell.”
Lash’s body was discovered by police on July 17 in an SUV in the 1700 block of Palisades Drive. Police were alerted to the body by an attorney representing the victim’s fiancée Catherine Nebron, who also happens to be VadBunker’s employer.
Lash collapsed on July 4 in the parking lot of a Bristol Farms in Santa Monica, according to Nebron. She and VadBunker tried to help him, but Lash died, defense attorney Harlan Braun told KTLA.
Nebron and VadBunker believed Lash was a secret government agent, but not entirely human.
“He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world,” Laura VadBunker said.
Nebron didn’t notify authorities when Lash died because she thought the secret agencies he worked for would come and collect his body, she told Braun.
She left him in her SUV near their home and went to Oregon with VadBunker, whose family reported her missing two days later.
“It was craziness, it was nuts,” Braun said.
After two weeks, no one had come to get Lash’s body.
“When she came back, she was shocked that the agencies hadn’t picked him up,” Braun said. “So then she decided she’d better call police.”
Inside the home, detectives found more than 1,200 firearms — including handguns, rifles and shotguns — as well as more than 6 tons of ammunition, according [to] Braun.
There were also a number of SUV’s modified for use on different types of terrains, including an amphibious vehicle, he said.
Braun also claimed police found $230,000 in cash, which his client knew nothing about.
As for VadBunker, she has still not returned from Oregon or called her parents or her children, her mother said.
She did send a letter in which she confirmed she was there when “Bob” died and that he “fought to stay alive,” according to her mother.
Published on Jul 23, 2015
California Man found with 1,200 guns says he was an Alien Hybrid
And he’s linked to a missing woman! This is the most bizarre thing ever!
Jeffrey Lash, who lived in a home filled with guns and whose decomposed body was found in an SUV in Pacific Palisades was believed to be a human/alien hybrid secretly working with the U.S. government by his fiancée and a missing Oxnard woman who worked for her, according to the fiancée’s mother.
Dawn VadBunker of Oxnard was last seen by her family on the same day 60-year-old Jeffrey Lash died. Lash has not been officially identified as the man whose body was reported to police on July 17, but his former attorney confirmed his name to KTLA.
More info here:…

Mystery of Jeffrey Alan Lash: 5 Facts You Need to Know

July 25, 2015
Jeffrey Lash Guns
A collection of guns found at Jeffrey Lash’s home. (Twitter/KTLA)

Jeffrey Alan Lash was found dead in his SUV near his home in Los Angeles, where he kept thousands of firearms, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, and incredible amounts of ammunition. Lash had told his fiancee that he was an undercover agent for the government. Believing this agency would recover his body, Catherine Nebron didn’t report his death but went on a trip to Oregon instead. Here’s what we know so far.

1. Lash Claimed to Work Undercover for a Secret Government Agency

Lash, 60, had told his fiancee of 17 years, Nebron, that he worked undercover for the government and was under constant surveillance, according to the Los Angeles Times. Neighbors said that he just referred to himself as “Bob Smith” and told them he worked for a government agency like the FBI or CIA. He told similar stories to neighbors at his previous residence in Sunset Mesa, which he left four months ago, according to the Palisadian-Post. The apartment manager told the Post that Lash always dressed in black and acted paranoid, checking out rooms before he entered.

Lash’s stories about his covert missions ranged from saying that he did night missions, like swimming to Catalina, to telling stories about getting shot in the head and being in a coma for a long time. However, other people have more creative interpretations about the truth behind Lash’s story. Dawn VadBunker, an employee of Nebron’s who went with her to Oregon, claimed Lash was an alien-human hybrid, KTLA reported.

2. His Fiancee Did Not Report His Death, but Police Don’t Suspect Foul Play

The fiancee and at least one friend were with Lash in the parking lot of Bristol Farms in Santa Monica when Lash said he was feeling sick, the fiancee’s attorney, Harland Braun, told the Los Angeles Times. Their attempts to cool him with ice after he refused to let them call 911 didn’t work and Lash died. Thinking the government agency that Lash worked for would retrieve his body, Nebron just left the car and Lash’s body parked on Palisades Drive and went on a trip to Oregon. She was shocked to return and find his body still there. The Los Angeles said that it does not suspect foul play in Lash’s death, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In a strange twist, VadBunker, who went with Nebron to Oregon, did not return with her. The Oxnard Police launched a missing person investigation for VadBunker and found her safe in Oregon, refusing to contact her family, KTLA reported.

3. Lash Owned Thousands of Firearms and 14 Specially Equipped Cars, Among Other Strange and Unusual Items

Lash lived with his fiancee in Pacific Palisades, where police found more than 1,200 firearms and two tons of ammunition. Lash’s firearms collection was worth anywhere from $500,000 to more than $1 million, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nebron’s lawyer claimed the guns were worth more than $5 million, according to KTLA. He also had bows and arrows, knives, $230,000 in cash, and 14 cars registered to his name, The Associated Press reported. One of those vehicles was an SUV designed to be driven underwater. Other cars were modified to be combat ready, KTLA reported.

Prior to living his Pacific Palisades, Lash lived in Sunset Mesa for 10 years with a roommate named Jocelyn. The two-bedroom, two-bath apartment cost $3,700 a month, the Palisadian-Postreported. While there, he got in a wreck and damaged four cars, later paying off the damages himself. His Sunset Mesa property manager said that Lash drove a new vehicle almost every month and never had license plates.

4. Lash’s Cause of Death is Unknown, but He was Suffering Late-Stage Cancer

The coroner has not yet discovered a cause of death, the Los Angeles Times reported. The body was severely decomposed since the police weren’t notified until almost two weeks after his death. Lash was, however, suffering from late-stage cancer, according to the Los Angeles police. The property manager for Lash’s previous home in Sunset Mesa told the Palisadian-Post that his health was deteriorating to the point that he could barely get up or down the stairs, so his roommate suggested four months ago that he find a place that was more accessible. Nebron’s attorney said that Lash claimed his condition was from nerve-damaging chemicals he was exposed to on a mission, The Associated Press reported.

5. No One Knows How Lash Accumulated His Wealth

Shirley Anderson, Lash’s late father’s significant other, told the Los Angeles Times that she hadn’t seen Lash since 2010 and didn’t know how he made his money. Lash was raised modestly in Westchester by a pianist mother and a microbiologist father. Lash was enrolled at UCLA and studying to become a scientist when he dropped out of school. Additional details about his record were not available because he had requested that UCLA keep his records private.

No one seemed to know how Lash amassed his wealth. Not only did Anderson have no idea, but Lash’s property manager told the Palisadian-Post that he was tempted


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