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"Outside" Proof is Impossible, Time To Mentally Prepare, Sphere Being's Methods, Honoring Free Will | Corey GoodETxSG

I want to go over the reasons why the Sphere Beings interact the way they do, and how they are aligned with the secret space program (SSP) Alliance; to the best of my knowledge. There is a very real and valid reason for no "hard proof" being offered right now. This is because we are in a grand phase of mental preparation, and once this is complete, we will be ready for Full Disclosure. 

Originally I was going to do this update in conjunction with other posts Corey has released, but there was so much content to go over I think this Proof discussion needs to be its own article. And it will help provide a basis for the next article which will discuss why mental preparation is needed; because many people are still seeking revenge due to victim mindsets. This is one of the reasons why we are in a pre-disclosure preparation phase, because humanity can barely reconcile the truth available now (without wanting to wreak revenge). Therefore our task is clear, to mentally prepare and actually bravely seek to understand how everything we have been going through is meant for soul growth.

Below the updates from Corey in black, I will add my comments in green and in [brackets] for additional clarity. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Analysis of Sphere Being Alliance Contact, Recent Meetings and Why They Offer No Proof

Tomas, of New Earth Heartbeat, brought the following Law of One passage to our attention in relation to the post Big Update | Latest ET Conference, The Method Used to Travel, How to Prepare for Disclosure, Sphere Being Clarifications | Corey GoodETxSG

Tomas left the following comment:
I find this passage in the Intro to Book I of the Law of One - Ra Material very concise and relevant on the topic of Corey and the Blue Avians providing 3D 'proof': 
Ra states - “…this is our mission, to act through groups such as this one [LL Research] in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected, that it may be in a state lacking what the people of your planet choose to call proof. We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate. This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.” Law Of One intro Book I – epub file p.51, 52
[There are 2 key statements in this passage suggesting how the Sphere beings operate, and why they are not forcing disclosure inasmuch as answering the call, to learn and grow - which will include a disclosure event. The following analysis will be in relation to the Law of One or Ra Material, as well as Corey's statements in the past.

The Types of Beings in the Sphere Being Alliance

They are an alliance of several different highly evolved beings (6th to 9th density), not just a signal race; hence Sphere Being Alliance. The Blue Avians are one of the races Corey mentions, in contact with him directly via a being known as Raw-Tear-Eir. This being materializes into our density for various purposes, and then 'dissolves' back into their resident density when their short term mission is complete. This is to maintain the ways of mystery employed by this order of being, when they serve the lower orders. We discuss why below.

How Do They Disseminate Information?

They choose to use proxy groups or messengers for dissemination of data, after an initial call, seeking or invitation has been sent to them:
“…this is our mission, to act through groups such as this one [LL Research] in order to disseminate information in such a fashion that it may be accepted or rejected."
Ra is saying, that the message and information is their primary mission; the Law of One, with all its various iterations and applications in life. They are 'humble messengers of the Law of One', and can be thought of as a 'messenger service' for the Creator; but anytime a being is offering information that falls within the scope of 'the law of one' they are also messengers; and I think all of us are to some degree. 

When lower order beings seek for the Law of One, the higher 'angelic' beings receive this call as an invitation to begin contact; this is referred to as calling in the Law of One. The calling mechanism provides an open channel for the message (knowledge of the Law of One) to be received. This is a key point, and is a reflection of an Honorable Contract and explicit Negotiation, which requires a willingness on the part of the seeker to receive the message. In other words they cannot force themselves on to anyone, and must honor free will at a totality level, meaning all the choices made in relation to a being seeking contact - soul and incarnation level choices.

It is this seeking of consciousness, the desire to know why actually initiates contact with a messenger of the Law of One, in LL Research's case the social memory complex known as Ra. The phrase "when the student is ready the teach will appear" comes to mind. 
12.14 Questioner: [Would] this be the origin of what we call black magic?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct in one sense, incorrect in another. The Orion group has aided the so-called negatively oriented among your mind/body/spirit complexes. These same entities would be concerning themselves with service to self in any case and there are many upon your so-called inner planes which are negatively oriented and thus available as inner teachers or guides and so-called possessors of certain souls who seek this distortion of service to self.
This sharing of information requires a proxy, someone to actually be the messenger. Generally speaking, anyone who seeks knowledge in any respect, will find answers within the scope of how well they seek it. Ra states that those seeking knowledge of manipulation and control are provided with it, because the service to self path is ultimately a powerful catalyst for soul growth. Not just for ones seeking those ways, but also those seeking service to others, because they now have a playing field of experience to gain wisdom from. 

Honoring Free Will and Chosen Life Path

The Sphere beings operate beyond the physical densities, and do not engage directly in our affairs, unless specifically called, and even then follow a very careful process so as to not disturb the life paths of others. They have a Prime Directive to honor the choices of each being in these lower densities from a totality level, meaning they won't honor one choice if it means dishonoring another in the process

Our order of life has 2 venues for choosing a life path, either within the incarnation or in between it - but the strength of the choice is always strongest in-between lives. This is because of the time-space nature of existence, which simply means that the context of a mental choice determines its vibrational longevity, and therefore its probability of being manifested. Sometimes we make a choice that changes quickly, I suspect these in-between life choices span the entire time within the incarnation and have a very strong coherent mental image

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Ra describes that as we approach the 4th density, we begin to consciously choose experiences and lessons for our next incarnation; once our 4th ray (the heart Chakra) begins to activate:
82.25 Questioner: I don’t grasp too well the condition of incarnation and time between incarnation prior to the veil in that I do not understand what was the difference other than the manifestation of the third-density, yellow-ray body. Was there any mental difference upon what we call death? Was there any— I don’t see the necessity for what we call a review of the incarnation if the consciousness was uninterrupted. Could you clear that point for me? 
Ra: I am Ra. No portion of the Creator audits the course, to use your experiential terms. Each incarnation is intended to be a course in the Creator knowing Itself. A review [of the life experience after it has been lived out] or, shall we say, to continue the metaphor, each test is an integral portion of the process of the Creator knowing Itself. Each incarnation will end with such a test. This is so that the portion of the Creator may assimilate the experiences in yellow-ray, physical third density, may evaluate the biases gained, and may then choose, either by means of automatically provided aid or by the self, the conditions of the next incarnation
92.16 Questioner: As the entity becomes consciously aware of this process [it] programs this activity itself before the incarnation. Is this correct? 
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Please keep in mind that we are discussing, not the archetypical mind, which is a resource available equally to each but unevenly used, but that to which it speaks: the incarnational experiential process of each mind/body/spirit complex. We wish to make this distinction clear for it is not the archetypes which live the incarnation but the conscious mind/body/spirit complex which may indeed live the incarnation without recourse to the quest for articulation of the processes of potentiation, experience, and transformation.
Each being or mind/body/spirit complex chooses what to explore in the incarnation either by automatic process or by choice. Initially in the 3rd density experience, it is automatic, but eventually transitions towards conscious choice; service to others or service to self. 

What this means is our 'soul level' choices provide for experiences in life, and things that seem crazy, disgusting or unthinkable, were most likely 'pre-programmed' for a very grand purpose. This has been a major point of contention in the awakening community, with some claiming it is 'BS' or an 'archon karmic trap' - because 'I would never choose to experience... "that." 

I'll offer that everything is ultimately of ONENESS and no experience is ever wasted in the universe. Negative beings, according to the Law of One, literally choose to go down the path of darkness in between lives, and as such also choose to experience all sorts of hardships to further their path. That doesn't mean if we experience hardships we have chosen the service to self path, but it highlights that experience is filled with what the Law of One calls catalyst. There are many experiences in life that offer us growth, viewed as undesirable at the time. Often our greatest triumphs in life would only have been made possible by learning during times of hardship. But that doesn't mean its always required. There are many passages in the Law of One that explain Catalyst, and if time allows we may do a whole analysis about it. 

These choices are what prevent a higher race from stepping into the incarnation experiences of a being; 'saving us'. Free will must be honored, and these high density beings are literally aware of, and take part in, the incarnation process for lower beings; hence they can be thought of as coming from the 'angelic' realms. For example, if you choose to gain independence and mental/emotional fortitude, then your life experience may manifest as hunger and material hardship; being poor. While incarnated, it may seem very unpleasant and we may even seek to be saved from our suffering, but since this is all part of our predetermined choices prior to incarnation, its actually in harmony with our free will, and often we must 'hit the bottom' before we are willing to abandon the things that hold us back.

A race which honors free will, does so at all levels, and our soul choices are much more powerful then our limited choices during life. We may choose to become brave, and that choice can be lived out in many different ways within the physical incarnation. But there are no hard and fast experiences that must be passed through, such as suffering and victimization. The defining factor is our willingness to seek and gain knowledge, to evolve in our chosen path.

Secret Space Program Alliance Made the Call

When the Solar Warden Faction and various other groups choose to transform (apparently in 2012), to actually serve humanity honorably in truth, this desire sent out a call to the Sphere Beings, the messengers of the Law of One, and they formed an Alliance shortly after. Corey has stated before that the nature of his contact, with the Blue Avian being Raw-Teir-Eir, is very much like Ra in the Law of One series. What this means is the SSP Alliance is on their own path of soul growth, based on prior soul level choices. This could be one of the reasons the original delegate from the SSP, Lt Col Gonzales, was rejected, because his soul level choices could have been at risk. Its likely that Corey, and all of the beings in the SSP Alliance made the choice to play certain roles, and those choices needed to be honored. 

The SSP Alliance made the choice to service others, at a deep level, and this choice sent an invitation to the Sphere Beings to begin contact. Depending on the information sought after (the seeking described by the Law of One), it can be disseminated to this group as they see fit. This is a major point because it means the Sphere Beings are advisers to the SSP Alliance and work with them when it is advantageous for soul choices and growth. But they are not 'calling the shots' or taking a direct action, unless it is in concert with the SSP Alliance and soul level choices. This time of pre-disclosure, of discernment without 'proof' must be part of this process; there will be an abundance of proof soon enough. 

Corey Asked to be a Delegate

I suspect that when Corey was asked to be a delegate, some type of negotiation process was used, the central qualifier being if he actually was seeking to be of service and receive the Law of One. Again these beings honor free will always, and consider not just one point of time, but all points of time; soul choices as well as life choices. 

Explicit consent within Natural Law is a conscious recognition of what is being offered, reflected within the mind of the person issuing consent, and can be in the form of verbal or written statements. Possibly the reason why Corey was selected, is because he is a wanderer or 'star-seed' - who are beings that choose to come here for the purpose of being of service to others. Ra states that they can observe the Energy State of any being in our density revealing many things about them, essentially one of the ways these beings determine if we are truly consenting. 

Why doesn't the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Beings Offer Proof?

The Law of One is a unified philosophy (holistic knowledge), of everything, as such when we seek to know information that has a grand unifying scope, that incorporates a great deal of what IS, I think this is a strong enough call to initiate growth. By this I mean there are many ways to understand how the Law of One actually plays itself out in experience. Natural Law is essentially what is described in the Law of One. 

I recently drafted an essay for what Natural Law is, and how it manifests itself in our lives as the basis for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. In a future article, I will rework this essay to describe the concepts within a different vernacular for ease of comprehension. The point is that Natural Law is everywhere, and it so omni-present in all things, beings and events - it can easily be recognized by seeking for it; it is self evident.

This information or knowledge can not be revealed in a 'matter of fact way' because it won't be understood beyond a shallow level; being told the truth is only the first step, we must actually understand (discernment). Knowledge offered by way of experience is ultimately one thing, a unified philosophy, seeking for it within by contemplation is actually the thing that empowers the individual to understand and gain self mastery. As a result, if they just spoon feed us proof then it would be grounded at a shallow level; isolated pockets of understanding. Those who seek knowledge of Natural Law and the Law of One must be initiated into the mysteries, or must develop real curiosity so that when knowledge is offered it can be recognized and contemplated, an active process of unification. Despite the negative association of the Mystery Schools, the core technique is still valid. This is what is suggested here:
We offer them no concrete proof, as they have a way of expressing it. We offer them Truth. This is an important function of our mission—to offer Truth without proof. In this way, the motivation will, in each and every case, come from within the individual. In this way, the individual vibratory rate will be increased. An offering of proof or an impressing of this Truth upon an individual in such a way that he would be forced to accept it would have no usable effect upon his vibratory rate. This, then, my friends, is the mystery of our way of approaching your peoples.”
The term mystery is not arbitrary, meaning they are not trying to make it hard for us, just because they want to. Seeking knowledge and evolving as a result is a science, and if the right conditions are not present, the end result won't be self mastery, sovereignty and independence. What will be gained by spoon feeding is: dependency. Religious institutions on Earth are filled with spiritually and mentally dependent people. This is what we have called External Knowledge, a belief that something is true, without actually knowing why on our own. 

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I think this is also the reason why the Sphere Beings didn't warn Corey about what was going to be said by the Cabal delegates (Committee of 200) in his recent meeting. They insinuated that Corey's life and his family could have been interfered with and they had been spying on him for some time. This caused Corey to get upset and react defensively towards this subtle threat, but he quickly regained composure by an act of his own free will. As we offered in that post, this is a modality of forgiveness and compassion towards himself and the Cabal. This event acted as a catalyst for soul growth within Corey and his whole beingness was up-stepped or his vibration was raised as a result. If he had prior knowledge sourced from the Sphere beings, it would have reduced or even prevented this shift within him, and most likely caused a dependency mindset in relation to them.

Searching for The Truth is Seeking The Law of One

This is a microcosmic example of how searching for the truth allows us to transform. The Sphere Beings seem to be profoundly aware of this mechanism for soul growth and choose to interact within the ways of mystery so each being has the same chance to grow by seeking. This is why they offer no proof, so we can judge something on its merits alone. This is the process of discernment we discussed in the post Cabal Defectors Assisting the Alliance, Nature of 'Travel to Meet Blue Avians', Ignorance Is NOT Discernment, Learn to Discern, David Wilcock 'Haters', where we seek all knowledge from all things, not dismissing anything - because it all has a place in our process of growth. Our task is to understand how ALL the pieces fit together, and we can't do that if we are trying to ignore aspects of reality.

The Sphere Beings goal is to offer the Truth, to those who genuinely seek it. This explains why contact with the Cabal who wanted amnesty, or an official pardon, is not possible. Because the offer for amnesty is an attempt to side step growth and the Sphere Beings are centrally focused on that. This is also why they won't 'save us' with their 'more advanced' technology as some have claimed. It's not an arms race, but an evolution marathon. And the Sphere beings are down stepping the energy coming into the solar system to offer as many people as possible that choice. It's likely many of the souls within the Cabal structure, including ET races, are here to grow as well; whether going deeper down the path of service to self or transitioning to service to others. The SSP Alliance choose to offer aide to the Cabal, but not amnesty, and this is a way of forgiveness and growth for themselves and the Cabal; even though the SSP Alliance in general was not happy about having to do so. No doubt in time the wisdom of this choice will be revealed to them.]

Question about changing the Name of Raw-Tear-Eir:

hi, Justin, suggested to Corey(if he reads the remarks on his blog, I see he reads comments here..)- that RAW-TEAR-EIR could actually be [changed to] ROUTER(ER),,, as that router of net -2-p.c.-connector... for that is the entitys' job... it sounds better.try confirm . x


sounds even better


: )
Corey's Response:

It is not my place to change a 6th - 9th Density beings stated name (That has meaning) to resemble one that sounds like a "CISCO Router" because it sounds better or more appropriate to someone. This post/request has popped up all over the place, lol.

He states "I am Raw-Tear-Eir" in communications... "Raw" sounding like "Rawl" and "Tear" sounding like the liquid that flows from your eyes and "Eir" sounding lie "Err or Air"...



[I would love to know the meaning of Raw-Tear-Eir's name. There are many cultures that use naming systems embedded with deep meaning. More recently we have lost touch with this, although there are systems such as Numerology that decode one's name for meaning, along with Etymology. Most of us are not named with meaning in mind.]

Comments on Facebook Update about this update, specifically about why Corey won't offer 'proof':

Take photos/video of the interior of the Sphere. The view of the other spheres processing the light. The Blue Avian speaking. That would be disclosure and according to your own words, would speed up the process the more people assimilate it even if some think it's just a lie, those who don't, will see truth with their own eyes and that will speed up disclosure cause of the collective creative abilities.

Why wouldn't you do this?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance See my reply to your other post that was exactly the same as this one and to the dozen or so others that are similar. I think I have gotten my point across pretty well. One should look at the full information IMHO before making blanket comments like this [that they refuse to offer proof without any reason]. This is explained in full as well as in the posting from Stillness in the Storm that explains this very well. I recommend reading this article. (Article to read) Big Update | Latest ET Conference, The Method Used to Travel, How to Prepare for Disclosure, Sphere Being Clarifications | Corey GoodETxSG

[I'll say for the record that I don't believe what Corey is saying (or anything for that matter), but based on all my acquired knowledge, it seems highly likely of being true. If belief and proof means accepting something completely without investigation, it won't really offer much in the way of personal growth, but will instead be just another externalized fact. It's not really possible to give someone proof in the way it is being asked for because the Universe doesn't work by writing truth on the wall. It is found within because we are the ones who assemble the pieces within our experience to distill the wisdom in every moment. 

Synchronistically, I wrote the above analysis about proof before I saw this comment on the Facebook update. Given what was discussed above, any proof that forces one to accept something without seeking it, creates more dependency, and would most-likely go against any soul choice. The Sphere beings would never do this, and the SSP Alliance by extension will not either. The whole point is for us to grow and learn from seeking. But this is only for a time, big disclosure is coming.

I think the process is to seek for data and information first, then seek to understand that information holistically, as in linking it to all the other knowledge in life. At first we will form isolated pockets of understanding, and then connections will begin to form eventually leading to realizations; much like learning a language. The collective store of knowledge we have can be linked together if it is accurate and if we have contemplated or discerned completely. 

Since the truth is a singular unified reality, then our knowledge must be holistic. Any point of separation within our minds (false knowledge), hinders our ability to recognize the truth when we see it. Instead of seeking proof, so we can accept wholesale what is offered, we must try and develop the ability to understand information as a dynamic process, which becomes more accurate as time goes on as a result of constantly seeking more information and understanding. In this sense the proof we seek is not black and white but a choice to 'give something a chance' and then find reasons within our own knowledge base to access its likelihood. Any conclusion drawn is always subject to change based on new information and experience gained. In this way we are purifying and expanding our knowledge over time, gaining self mastery and raising our vibration.] 

Question about Corey's Gaiamtv Episodes, and the long awaited David Wilcock Videos:

Wonder when [the videos] will finally come out with the free video that they keep saying will come out "soon"? Your guess is as good as mine.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, I am shooting those episodes that will be edited by a professional team on June 22nd and they will be release I am told the first week of July... The video's I did with DW are completely outdated now with all of the recent information that has been released. DW has hardly been able to keep up with the new events or do a part 2 article because of the constantly updating/changing information. There is still going to be some of the video that is going to be released free and quite a lot of other info that I am also releasing for free online will be in the new video's on Gaiam TV's "Disclosure" show with DW. I will also be working with that sketch artist to do renderings of some of these beings at that time as well.

[To address any potential reactions that one will need to see the data on Gaiam TV, Corey is saying that it will be available for free online, and also presented on David Wilcock's show on Gaiam TV. How and when are not clear right now.]

Another Question about 'proof', raising some interesting points as well:

Corey, I have no reason to not believe you. At the same time, I have no reason to believe you. While I value open-mindedness as much as anyone and have done my best to cultivate my spiritual life throughout the 40 years of my adult life, you, those that support you and I know very well that thousands of people have used the internet to make claims, some very convincing, that have proven to be completely baseless. Absent something observable to set this information apart from those baseless claims, my discernment tells me, as I stated, no reason to disbelieve nor believe. If you and those that support you truly feel that this information is vitally important and are choosing the internet as your vehicle of information transmission, it would only make sense to offer some form of additional reinforcement to support the claims. I cannot believe that an alliance of beings thousands of years ahead of the human race would not both be keenly aware of this need as well as easily able to provide unquestionable evidence if only in the form of a scrap of material unquestionably of extraterrestrial origin... well, I'm sure they could do much better than I, but will they?

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance You stated the key point that is apart of almost everyone existing in our current reality/density. You "Cannot Understand Why" an advanced being(s) (6th - 9th Density) would behave the way they do or choose to abide by a certain universal "natural law" or "law of one" layer of consciousness. As explained through out these posts their mission is not to wake up or prove they exist to skeptics. Nor is this my mission. If you research all that is put forth by these beings and the information proposed you will begin to understand some of the concepts and the way the higher density beings operate. Good luck to you in your journey of awakening and the broadening/raising of your consciousness. We are all connected via a mass consciousness and this is what is most important. The full disclosure event will give you more proof than you can handle. That is why this information is being disclosed now and people are being encouraged to raise their consciousness... To be prepared to receive and handle the avalanche of data that will be dumped on the public in a full disclosure event. Those who are skeptics will be skeptics until the last moment. Nothing will suffice as true proof no matter what is put forth. Even the SSP Alliance ships that have flown in front of live feed video of NASA ISS have been ignored or explained away by skeptics. I leave skeptics to have circular debates among themselves while I work with the awake and aware community to prepare them to come to the psychological and spiritual aid of those who are skeptics and are now asleep. When these people have this proof forced on them they will be looking to the now awake people for guidance and information.

TY, Good journey... 

[Corey highlighted some excellent points, and to me it reflects his deep level of Natural Law understanding. I am going to offer an honest appraisal of this question and I want to be clear I am in no way judging the person for being 'stupid, idiotic or ignorant' - it's an honest inquiry. 

This question seems to be centered around the assumption that ET races must realize that proof is needed, because they have been around for thousands of years. But if the Blue Avians have really been guiding races at an extremely high level, wouldn't it make more sense to conclude they probably have more experience to know why handing out proof is not helpful, and most likely highly damaging to a cultures growth? The nature of free will and the desire for the Creator to know itself, as stated by the Law of One, provides a very good theoretical understanding for why they don't offer proof; as was detailed above.

Corey's message and work was further clarified for me in light of this recent discussion about proof. Granted we don't have a Blue Avian or ET race close enough to see with our own eyes ("undeniable evidence"), but we do have plenty to begin the imagination process. The whole point of this phase of the disclosure process is mental preparation - to go within and let yourself imagine. Think of the possibilities, consider how the world will look, what your friends and loved ones will think, and in doing so prepare for the shift in consciousness that will come when disclosure happens, because it will be a night and day shift in how we see our world. 

We can have faith in something long enough to explore what it means, without also completely accepting it. Matter of fact, if the way we define proof is blind acceptance, then we have missed the whole point. What if the Blue Avians did appear in front of us, and dazzled us with their amazing mental powers, causing things to disappear or shifting out of our reality? Would this instill a inquisitive and investigatory state of consciousness? To some maybe, but most would be so overwhelmed emotionally, they'll either go nuts or fall to their feet and begin worshiping them as gods. This is not their goal, and in the past that is exactly what happened to them. So there are many reasons for not disclosing incontrovertible proof right now. The Blue Avians could do all sorts of fantastic things to offer proof, but choose not to. No excuse is being made for this, although Corey has stated he can not bring a cell phone to take pictures for A.I. filtering purposes.

I think what the emphases on faith in spiritual works is secretly telling us, is not to believe something blindly, but to have faith or be open to the possibility of it being true; let that journey of discovery occur in the imagination. If we dismiss the possibility because we want absolute proof, we can't explore the mystery, and we prevent ourselves from mentally preparing. 

No one is asking that we blindly believe Corey, but we can play with the idea and allow it to be explored within us. This way when disclosure hits, we will be prepared. I think the willingness to imagine and be brave enough to follow that where it leads is the best thing we can do to prepare. And as Corey says, those who have been brave enough will be helping all those who refused to imagine after disclosure.

In the Next article, we will discuss why revenge thinking and desires for being saved are indications we have not prepared enough. This reveals it is humanities present state of mental readiness which is actually the determining factor for when these major events occur. This is why the Cabal and the Committee of 200 are not calling the shots. It really is up to us, and this is not a cop out on the part of the Alliance, we must rid ourselves of this limited thinking which plagues a great deal of the awakening community.

After considering this for more time, it occurred to me that the focus of preparation is probably the awakening community. Corey's message is most likely reaching a very small portion of the population, suggesting the focus of this campaign of pre-disclosure is on that demographic. If my interpretation is correct, it means literally the awakening community is the major shifting point that will move us into full disclosure more quickly. Considering how much division there is, it stands to reason we have more work ahead of us. But in my view, there are many people who have begun to explore this mystery of Oneness and are opening their hearts and minds for developing holistic knowledge.]

Continue on to Part 2 here.



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