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Self Mastery and Discernment Are Essential To Avoid A.I. Enslavement | Bio-Technology Hybrids Open the Door to Extraterrestrials AI Robots Replacing Humanity

Update - This article goes well with one we recently wrote:

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There has been many soft disclosures related to A.I. in the media recently. We just posted the article Rich People Will Become Immortal ‘God-Like’ Cyborgs in 200 years – Historian.

Dr. Michael Salla, of, found another article discussing a professor Martin Rees, the Royal Astronomer and former head of the Royal Society, giving his opinion that when we find Extraterrestrial life and civilizations, they will most likely be advanced robots. According to Corey GoodETxSG this is exactly what happened in the Secret Space Program

In the article Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV - Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury Problem" we discussed some of the deeper spiritual or scientific reasons for why external technology can be so damaging to the evolution of a society in the long term.

The Trans-humanist agenda is part of this program of egocentric identification, where we try to 'cherry pick' aspects of what IS, and protect or preserve those at the cost of everything else. We need only look out into the world today to see how this philosophy of limited and close-minded perspectives has created pandemic destruction of the environment, and ourselves. Humanity has essentially devolved into a parasitic race, which is destroying all live to service itself.

By contrast a holistic society, one similar to what is described in the Law of One, will seek to abandon any limited concept of self, especially materialism. The use of artificial technology to extend life, especially since it is due to our own habits and disharmonious actions, is an addiction. Its like a drug to treat liver failure, when the cause is alcoholism.  As we will discuss below, the reasons for slavery, tyranny, oppression, and nearly every other thing we associate with chaos is one thing: ignorance which prevents self mastery. Hence the countless messages advising humanity to go within, and empower itself, to 'raise our vibrations. 
"I warn you, whoever you are...  
Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside 
If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies? 
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures.  
Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!" 
- Phrase inscribed in the ancient Temple of Delphi.
What Rees is potentially revealing is his bias towards humanity, that we will never escape the limitations we presently have; clearly an ignorant perspective. He does not acknowledge many of the Psi abilities which are waiting to be unlocked within us. These abilities are what some researchers like David Wilcock claim we will have activated as the energetic upliftment of the solar system progresses. 

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Here is what Rees had to say:
I think it is quite likely that within a few centuries the overriding intelligence will be machines because they will have an easier time spreading beyond the Earth because they are not organic and most exploration will be by machines and not humans…. If you were to detect a SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) signal it would be far more likely that it would be from a machine and not an organic creature.
Dr. Salla goes on to summarize more of Rees statements:

Rees continued to say that he was not very optimistic about humanity’s long term survival prospects, but far more so about AI robots:
"There has been just a thin sliver of time when organic beings have existed and billions of years after machines will take over, so they will be the future."
He believes that “cyber adaptions” (commonly referred to as “transhumanism” or “hybrid humans”) where humans integrate technology for space colonization, will mark the start of a post-human future dominated by human hybrids and eventually AI robots.

Rees’ claims are echoed by Ray Kurzweil who last week spoke about how human brains could be enhanced from nanobots created from DNA strands:
Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking… We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves. In my view, that’s the nature of being human – we transcend our limitations.
As we discussed in the above analysis regarding A.I., when we seek to avoid self mastery it creates an external dependency on technology. We have already seen this to a great extent in the past 20 years. Prior to smart phones, people could generally find there way from place to place, or remember information without needing a device, but now it is common place to use navigation technology and electronic contact books to such a degree most young people can't function without them; a clear dependency. 

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Corey GoodETxSG has disclosed that A.I. is a very real problem in the Cosmos and it has already 'infected' the planet to such an extent that during his missions 'up there' they 'scrub' him and others for A.I. influences:
Question directed to Corey: 
Hey man can you make a cell picture of our earth from space when you get picked up? 
Corey's Response: 
No technology allowed because of "AI Threat". All technology is left behind and we are scanned for AI Signal Infection.
Quite possibly we are already being inundated with A.I. technology and have no awareness of it. Corey also reveals that there are many races who have taken this dependency to the fullest extent, relying on A.I. to literally govern society, and in many cases this A.I. eventually takes over the race, forcing them to flee for survival or face extinction. See this post for more on this.

Dr. Salla found that some of the most esteemed figures in materialist science agree we should be very careful about using A.I.:

Others do not embrace Rees’ and Kurzweil’s enthusiasm regarding a future dominated by AI and hybrid humans. Elon Musk, spoke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AeroAstro Centennial Symposium in October 2014 and said:
I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence…. ‘I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish… With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon. You know those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram, and the holy water, and … he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out.
Musk’s view was echoed by Stephen Hawking who warned against the danger of AI in an interview with the BBC in December 2014:
The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race…. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate.… Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.
Dr.Salla goes on to summarize some statements from Corey about the dangers A.I. and what we have already encountered in the solar system due to the Secret Space Program's activites:

The danger posed by AI to human civilization is not an abstract debate according to a whistleblower who claims to have served for 20 years with a highly classified space program. Corey Goode says that these Secret Space Programs (SSPs) have made contact with a number of extraterrestrial intelligences who have had extensive experience with AI. According to Goode, AI is universal problem that has taken over and eradicated other worlds previously inhabited by organic life forms:
Those who are AI Prophets are already working on a timeline to create a society completely dependent on technology that at one point will hand its sovereignty over to this “AI God” because it will be believed that this AI is the only thing that can rule the world from a neutral perspective and bring world peace for the first time. These AI Prophets have been shown the information of the thousands of other civilizations that have fallen for this trickster god model and were all destroyed. In true “AI Prophet Form” they arrogantly believe this will not happen to us. It appears that this AI has seen something coming up in the future because there has been a sudden rise in “Pro-AI Articles” in the mainstream media very recently.
For those wanting to avoid the dangers posed by AI and what Goode describes as an electronic “AI Signal” that has previously threatened many extraterrestrial worlds, he has some recommendations:
The best way to avoid the dangers of AI is to educate yourself on the potentials they have to cause a loss of sovereignty. Becoming too dependent on technology is something else that will make you more of a target to be controlled by AI influence or even be infected by an “AI Signal” that can live in the bioelectric field of your body. This signal can then have an effect on the way you think and behave. This is something that is screened for even currently when operators and guests arrive at SSP [Secret Space Program] Facilities and is something that other ET Groups take seriously as well.


The key aspect to what Corey warns of, and countless other researchers who deal with true freedom discuss, is the reality of sovereignty. This concept is something which has come to the forefront in the awakening community because whether we are talking about a parasitic elite, or some form of cosmic A.I. 'trickerster' gods, the effect is the same.  Loss of sovereignty is another way of saying loss of the self, loss of one's free will choice; the modality of a slave. 

To a very real degree we have already fallen deeply into the loss of sovereignty, because when we can not manage our own lives in honor and harmony, we create chaos in the world. The term used to describe the loss of self governance - due to ignorance or lack of knowledge - is incompetence. Ignorance is a precursor to chaos, and is an essential part of any externalized control mechanism whether it be A.I or the Draconian Tyranny we have on Earth under the guise of many names; Democracy, Monarchies and Corporate Governments.

We recently discussed the importance of Discernment, and gaining self mastery - what the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians call 'raising your vibration.' This is the other end of the pole to ignorance, which prevents any such dominance from taking root. What this whole discussion underscores is that the Universe is designed to honor free will, which is the highest Principle in Natural Law or the Law of One. In other words, any external force, which seeks to control us can only do so if we willingly let them. And when we remain ignorant and un-mastered, when we never seek to discern, we leave ourselves open for manipulation and control in many forms. 

Here is an excerpt from the post Cabal Defectors Assisting the Alliance, Nature of 'Travel to Meet Blue Avians', Ignorance Is NOT Discernment, Learn to Discern, David Wilcock 'Haters' | Corey GoodETxSG:

Question about Corey being telepathic:

Hello Corey, are you in telepathic contact with the Blue Avians in periods you are not meeting face to face? Cheers, Simon

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance No, they normally send the Blue/Indigo Orbs or appear in my home to communicate. One has to be careful of the different technologies out there that Intel Agencies use ("Mind of God" Tech) and also "Trickster Beings" who may try to mimic the Blue Avians. They are mimicking the Blue Avians quite a lot right now to cause people to be confused or think they are receiving a different type of message from them. If they do not appear in front off you and communicate telepathically w/the sign language then you should be skeptical of who is sending you the "Telepathic Message" IMHO.

[This is a great opportunity to discuss discernment. Discernment is the process gaining understanding and having judgement with respect to a thing. Many people confuse discernment with ignorance. They may call something "BS" or choose not to investigate a thing because of their emotional reactions towards it. This is NOT discernment as there is no understanding actually created within. 

Understanding requires knowledge, like sitting down to complete a puzzle, we have to observe something that initially does not make sense, and then with careful consideration of ALL the data possible, make a conclusion about what we think it means. We have to make sense of the data a process of absorption and contemplation into an organized thought process. If we ignore data or something in our experience - never investigating it because of some excuse, its as if we never sat down to look at the puzzle pieces; we didn't even open the box - we judge the book on its cover alone.

In the situation that Corey describes, we must focus on what is being said or done, the totality of information, not just who is saying it. Again discernment is about the whole truth, not just the surface meaning that we want to believe. The Blue Avian 'impostors' or tricksters will most likely do all sorts of things to make it appear that they are genuine. They may perform 'miracles,' they may speak with a booming voice, etc. But the totality of what is being shared is where our discernment does its work; and this requires time and dedication to investigate fully, not just rest on a gut reaction. And it also means using all of the knowledge we have within, not just putting the blinders on and focusing on what is presented to us. 

It is very much like watching a card trick. They illusionist may have all sorts of fancy things to look at: beautiful men or women, nice clothes, slight of hand, etc, and this can distract us from the whole picture. But a discerning mind seeks to see all things and in doing so must look past what they want to see so they can observe free from preconceptions, gaining awareness of all that there IS to see. 

This idea of observation of all the data is essential for discernment, and I am constantly encountering people who wield close-mindedness and ignorance under the banner of discernment. This false discernment is echoed below in relation to a comment about David Wilcock. Some think because his presentation style feels obnoxious or that he charges money for books, it is evidence his information can be ignored, or that he is 'full of it' - but again how can we make that judgement call honestly if we have not investigated anything? It is like a detective seeing a black man and saying "yep he is the guilty party" purely based on personal bias - its not logical, its not accurate, and its certainly not discernment. 

This particular topic is something that strikes a chord with me, because in my observation of others, on social media and comments on this blog, I am encountering this self imposed ignorance on a regular basis. And it is incredibly disappointing to see such capable and intelligent people sell themselves short. The following quote sums up the situation nicely:

"There are only two mistakes 
one can make along the road to truth; 
not going all the way, 
and not starting." - Buddha

I'll try and make some time to talk more about this subject, as I think it is of great importance in the times ahead. Once the big disclosure occurs, ignorance will be very difficult to maintain, and I want to do everything I can to help others gain empowerment, else suffer the trauma of their own making.]

Comment on Post about "proof" that there really is an ET Alliance:

Sometimes I wonder if the site [is] actually legit [the Sphere Being Alliance Facebook page]. Still have no actual confirmation this alliance exists, just word of mouth really. And passing on information. I want more concrete proof, not words.

[In my opinion, the above comment is an example of lack of discernment; lack of truth seeking. This person wants 'proof' as if it exists outside of themselves, as if there is some magical thing that once shown will absolutely and undeniably force them to see the truth. But this is impossible, the truth can't be forced on to anyone, and if it was that easy, many more people would be awake and the world would be a much different place. 

This is one aspect of reality that in my research is a difficult concept to grasp, that the truth is all around us, like the puzzle analogy above, it is up to us to put the piece together. Is a lie really untruth? In a sense it represents an untruth, but it is made of the truthAn illusionist uses slight of hand and misdirection to lead us to believe or accept something that is inaccurate, an image of falseness, but all of the things they use to do this are real. This aspect to reality is so simple it's easy to miss, so let me say that again: everything is real, it has its place and context, what we think of as falseness or untruth is a representation, an illusion or an inaccurate image of something. Like a black and white photo, the colors are not rendered, but the photo is real in and of itself. 

Our false ideas, lies deceptions and misconceptions are real too, they have a valid context and scope of application. The scope of application, the context is where falseness and untruth is formed. It is the subjective experience of recognizing when a thing compared to another thing reveals their differences - if it doesn't fit or is not accurate we deem it to be false. This is the Principle of Correspondence, within Natural Law.

We have been conditioned to think that proof comes from peer reviewed papers, or officials, but these are just opinions and pronouncements of true; representations. There is no such thing as absolute proof because free will is the highest law, and we can still choose to ignore something. That being said, what the question above is getting at is evidence, concrete data that what Corey says is true. 

This echos our discussion above about discernment, and is a valid question. Corey does not offer photographs, recordings, or physical objects to support his claims. We only have his testimonials to go off of. And for many it is just words; because they have not gained enough background knowledge for themselves to discern if his claims are accurate. 

This is one reason I try and lend evidence to what Corey shares, because in my experience of truth seeking, there are many breadcrumbs on the path to discovery that reveal if something is true or not. The more information and raw data we have observed, contemplated and understood, the easier it will be to discern something personally; to prove it to ourselves. This is a discernment process, that we learn how to put the pieces together. 

To someone who never investigated ET's and UFO phenomenon, it seems preposterous to consider what Corey is saying. But to someone who has, it seems much more plausible. It all comes down to how much of what IS, (reality) have we allowed ourselves to observe and investigate - to contemplate and reconcile into a holistic logical framework. The truth is wonderful in this respect, for if we embrace it fully, eventually we can see all the pieces on the table and put them together in an intuitive holistic process; we call this learning or growth of mind; the path to Self Mastery.

I can not claim Corey is speaking the absolute truth, but when I focus on what is being said, and analyze it on its merits alone, I find it to be highly plausible. This is because of all the other observation, research and contemplation I have done in my life. Just like reading a book or hearing a language activates the complete store of our knowledge of it, divining the truth of a thing uses our experience in the same way. And this is incredibly important to understand: that we must avoid ignorance as much as possible, because we literally rob ourselves of the eyes to see, we handicap our own ability to know reality. Scientifically we need as much data as possible to put the pieces together. 

Imagine watching a movie or reading a book and only having half the information to work with. The end of the story wont make sense to us because we are missing pieces. The same is true for life, all our experience and information, from any source regardless of their intent or credibility, is of value. All data has a place in the whole of creation, and ignorance is never something that will benefit us. This being said, if information is too intense for us at a particular time we can set it a side for the moment so we can regain composure and objectivity, but it is not something we can abandon entirely. 

I know this can sound crazy to some, especially those who are just starting on their path of truth seeking, but with a little contemplation and honest research, it is very easy to see that even so called disinformation can be useful. Consider a card game, how can we see if our opponent has a good hand, if we never observe them? In this sense, propaganda, dis-info and co-intel pro data is immensely valuable because it reveals the illusionists tricks, and in trying to deceive us they tip their hand,] - end of excerpt.

Knowledge Will Lead to Freedom and Harmony

In the final analysis, the solution to every problem always begins with knowledge, which can not be gained through ignorance. Dependency on technology is a result of lack of self mastery (due to ignorance), and while it can be used as a stepping stone, eventually it will cost us dearly if we do not seek to learn and grow within. I find this topic fascinating because what is being revealed within this A.I. discussion is essentially a look into our future, if we do not gain self mastery, if we fail to develop discernment and raise our vibrations. 

For many years the concepts of Trans-humanism, Tyranny, self imposed slavery and the dark N.W.O have been discussed as independent things, but now we can see the underlying unification behind them all. Ignorance and fear are what cause suffering, and the fruit of a civilization which chooses to remain ignorant, is dependence and addiction. Like any addict, the need for more and more of 'their fix' eventually creates a self destructive behavior. The use of A.I. in civilizations discussed by Corey is a macro-cosmic example of this - we would do well to contemplate and understand what is offered.

There are countless spiritual works, prophets, way showers, researchers who all warn against the loss of a being and a people to govern themselves. What we have today is a world of prolific ignorance, the natural consequence of which is slavery. This is the state of being ruled by a master instead of self ruler-ship; external monarchy.

There is another term for true sovereignty, which has become demonized in modern times: Anarchy. This word simply means the absence of rulers or self mastery extended to a societal or co-creative context. Internal sovereignty leads to external anarchy. Given the analysis above, it is clear that if humanity does not shift towards self governance, using knowledge and discernment at this critical juncture in history, we will continue to be ruled by others and eventually go extinct as a result.

Thankfully there are many who are waking up to this reality, bravely seeking the truth instead of holding on to ignorance. For once embraced fully, the truth will provide for the transcendence of any temporary feelings of negativity. We are of the creator and by the creator, who is sovereign, and if we develop these correspondent gifts within, we will move past this age of chaos, into an age of un-imagined splendor, personal freedom and harmony.

- Justin


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